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  1. A LH Starter? Why

    I miss Flanagan. And loved watching him and Scotty (used to mimic there motions all the as a kid, especially the Mcgregor knee lift with the arms going around). I do have to say I am in the get me the best possible pitchers available camp regardless of RH he LH. I just wish this japense Babe Ruth situation would get resolved so we can get moving on all this!
  2. A LH Starter? Why

    I am RH and sit 59-62. Can top out at 65 if I get closer to the plate and actually did throw one curveball that broke in my 30+ years of trying! 😁
  3. Yea and he is probably no hurry to pitch in the AL east again. But, I would be all over signing Dickey, with how much pitching we need that would seem to me a no brainer if he would happen to consider it.
  4. I am really enjoying these and the effort put into this thread.
  5. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/4514/brandon-morrow According to Patrick Mooney of NBC Sports Chicago, the Cubs have identified free agent reliever Brandon Morrow as an offseason target. Morrow put up a stellar 2.06 ERA and 50/9 K/BB ratio over 43 2/3 regular-season innings for the Dodgers and then shut down the Cubs in the National League Championship Series. Mooney says the Cubs "are also expected to monitor" the market for free agent Addison Reed as they look for new late-inning relief options. The asking price on Orioles closer Zach Britton is said to be "too high." Nov 16 - 11:54 AM
  6. Maryland vs. Butler

    Butler's Baldwin is a very nice player. He's going to keep this thing close.
  7. Maryland vs. Butler

    With some physicality. It's a good change.
  8. Maryland vs. Butler

    Lol. What is it I was thinking!
  9. Maryland vs. Butler

    Sorta lucky 3's for Cowan and Wiley there. But still a good half for the Terps and Bruno looks like the real deal. Post moves with strength how about that!?!
  10. Maryland vs. Butler

    Enjoying the MD performance so far. Well except for the last two minutes or so. Loving Huerters game tonight.
  11. Seriously? The thread start date is right there before you click to open and Wheeler going to Korea is current. Aannndddd. There is NOTHING happening right now.
  12. Maryland vs Stony Brook

    They did fully refund me thankfully.
  13. Appreciation thread? http://rotoworld.com/player/mlb/8029/jason-wheeler Apparently he had already left the organization as a free agent anyway.
  14. Maryland vs Stony Brook

    I would think Wiley would be the back up point but either way that's a good point? Sorry. Hopefully Cowen stays healthy and productive! Didnt realize they shot that bad from behind the arc, that definitely has to improve.
  15. 50 Days Until Tip Off

    Shoulda checked here before I posted...or paid to watch the game. I tried my "normal" online source and could not connect to anything. Agree completely on Cowan. Could make or break us. I agree they both let the game come to them, but I think Jackson has to be the one to take over late. Just not sure that is his thing though.....