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  1. Thanks guys. So hoping that he is the beginning of something really good. I would imagine him as a #3 in a strong rotation would be something formidable
  2. I have sympathy for him for the entire situation. I don’t think he can adjust. Having said that I so wish there was an amicable way both parties could resolve this and move on..... Edit: Full disclosure, I am no longer watching the games anymore. Made it longer than last year!
  3. Didn’t see the game. Changeup was on point?
  4. I think you are going to see a bit of a resurgence of Khris Davis, since it has been deemed so by the baseball gods that he has to end the season with a batting average exactly at .247, he should have a bit of an offensive surge coming to finish out the season....but not TOO much of a surge. Yea, that deal is not looking as good now, but we'd all happily exchange the Davis's if we could.
  5. murph

    DL Hall 2019

    Reading that seemed to take forever before I got to the line that did NOT say "elbow discomfort" or "forearm strain"....phew.
  6. Agreed. Looking forward to seeing how he does against major league hitters. If he does well out of the bullpen the rest of this year I wonder if they will give him a chance to stretch back out again next year to potentially be a starter. One can dream....
  7. Jones hasn’t been starting much either. Maybe once in the past 5 games or so. Wonder how they both do for contracts next year.
  8. No one really knows what he believes, but these guys are so driven and singularly focused it would not surprise me to find out he thinks he just one more hot streak from returning to form.
  9. I noted a lot of posters have talked about the money Davis would have to walk away from and that being very unlikely and I agree completely. But, I also would bet that deep down Davis believes he can get back to where he was, that even this length of struggles is not enough to convince him he is truly done. Every bit of contact, every driven ball, even every weak single I bet he is telling himself, that is it, I am close now. I don't see anything changing with this for quite a while yet.
  10. Little Yaz hit his 11th HR last night. Ops at .793 and has been worth 1.1 bWar so far.
  11. I missed that the Cubs released Brach. Went to look at his numbers and whoa! Those are Orioles BP numbers. Thought he started strong with the cubs, he must have fallen completely apart. Hope he does well with the Mets.
  12. Maybe this is what would have any Oriole a little tense:
  13. Right. "Almost". And your cherry picking one player and ignoring the overall age difference to the league, but whatever.
  14. Diaz is OPS's almost .800 in AA, 2 years younger than the league average age. .867 OPS in July.
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