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  1. murph

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    That is what lead me here, back when we were trying to get Vlad the first time. I was up in the middle of the night searching everywhere and stumbled on the OH and said to myself.....ohhhh, look at this, new information pops up faster here than on the rest of the internet! Or so it seemed. The greatest and still the greatest Orioles news aggregator!
  2. murph

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Snide? You made a demonstrative statement which was clearly defined in his primer. My point was that maybe you missed that. Regardless, the list is a great read and not sure I’ve been more interested in a rule 5 draft than this one.
  3. murph

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Luke explains why in his beginning overview.
  4. murph

    Terps vs Purdue at Purdue

    On the road and only listening. Johnny announcing as if the refs swallowed their whistles on a few MD possessions recently. True? it did sound like they were in control the first part of the second half, but that is all I heard.
  5. murph

    Patrick Corbin to sign with Nationals

    Yea, that reply didn't make much sense. I was shocked when I heard this deal. Imagine if Kershaw had decided not to resign with the Dodgers. He may have done very well after all.
  6. murph

    Brian Graham Out

    I am pretty sure Elias referenced that there are analytics out there just like that, for specific training for specific players in their development in his call with the Fan last night as well. I also liked how he said a lot of new analytical information is just starting to become available. Maybe the O's organization ends up being the front runner on new paths/ways to use this information. Maybe in a few years all baseball teams will be trying to copy what has happened here! Once can dream, can't he?
  7. murph

    Brian Graham Out

    It probably shouldn't be, but I can't help but feel like this may be the final exchange between Elias and Brady at some point:
  8. murph

    Elias on the radio

    Yea, but for now, I believe this one a bit more.... High Hopes, high hopes!
  9. murph

    Elias on the radio

    I like that he said his draft strategy is always the best player available.
  10. murph

    Congratulations to Luke: Twins!

    Congrats @Luke-OH! And pretty cool names.
  11. murph

    Elias on the radio

    Wonder if Jim Hunter is going to ask him how he takes his coffee next. I know they probably have a list of canned questions, but pretty boring so far.
  12. murph

    Maryland vs Virginia

    Welp. Not a bad showing. But this was a game they could have won in my opinion. And I think ultimately that is a good sign.
  13. murph

    Maryland vs Virginia

    Cowan fouled out. That’s surprising. At least he is not the one in only ball handler on the team this year. Not that it matters now.
  14. murph

    Maryland vs Virginia

    Cowan showed up a little late
  15. murph

    Maryland vs Virginia

    I’ve said before, would love to see some kind of dynamic or parallel universe I guess, wear Turg recruits and GW in game coaches. At least Maryland has made this end of the second-half interesting!!