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  1. murph

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Showcase today, but no way anyone is signed today right? Probably a few more weeks of negotiations I would guess.
  2. murph

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Since it was pretty much set for these two teams to make the postseason, I have been hoping for the A’s versus the Braves for the WS. And I would be pulling for the Braves, mostly because of Markakis.
  3. Fair enough but in such a small market for these particular jobs, A position here would almost always be at least a consideration. Even for Giradi.
  4. Reinterpretation aside, I’m not sure that everyone is even wrong. And I do think “clown“ is a bit harsh. Winningest team in baseball for several years and a few postseason appearances, a lot of franchises would take that.
  5. murph

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    The average fan probably doesn't even realize we were not actually given any cash. I do so hope they sign VVM and others, so need something positive to read on here. 😁
  6. murph

    vs. YANKEES, 9/23

    I’ll watch the ravens some until MD basketball starts up that at least helps get through some until March. But I’ll be missing baseball big time come November. No better sport in the world and I hate winter.
  7. murph

    vs. YANKEES, 9/23

    Did anyone else have TBS cut away with Carroll still pitching?
  8. And hits at 180. Does he get 20 more for his first ever 200 hit season? Probably not, but would be awesome if so.
  9. murph

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Amazingly somehow Davis is second on the team (of current players) in RBI's. I know RBI's are more indicative of what the player in front of them is doing, but still pretty amazing considering the abysmal season he is having.
  10. murph

    Cedric Mullins not in the lineup...

    What is the magic potion Brady has in his classes that allow ball players to avoid inj.......Ohhhhhhh
  11. murph

    Who is part of our next winning core?

    Or they are again allowed to throw across their body.
  12. murph

    Who is part of our next winning core?

    I don't want productive, I want superstar!!! 😁 It is going to be a tough wait through this rebuild and watching the kids will be fun, but I so want us to get lucky with a few of them.
  13. murph

    Who is part of our next winning core?

    Thanks. I was hoping he was a "cream rises to the top quickly" player (even with the Bowie struggles). Your right, we will see.