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  1. So I went to look at the box score to see who the RF was and its some guy named Feliz? But it brought up another question. Hays only had one at bat before being replaced by Feliz, is he hurt again? https://www.milb.com/gameday/tides-vs-railriders/2019/06/19/575753#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=575753 Edit: Should have just checked the minors thread first, I see he pulled up with a tight hammy.
  2. murph

    They All Break

    Is it bad that I first saw this on Bob Menery instagram?
  3. Don’t make me go all @atomic on you and tell you about my glory days in basketball when I could bump someone 50 yards off the court! Ok, that wasn’t me. But I still get why people and the umps are upset. You give a little....
  4. Yea, I guess. And an incidental bump, who cares. But does an accidental bump become more if allowed? In the major sports, probably not. But I get why some are upset. If.....he truly bumped the ump. I am honestly not even sure about that
  5. It is astonishing isn’t it? But back to Manny. I’ve watched the video, I do think he bumped the ump (with intent I don’t think....), But is that everyone’s general consensus? If so, one game does seem lite.
  6. I heard him say that ball park comment and thought he must’ve already said the hell with this let’s get started on the whiskey!
  7. Are we going to get to see a position player pitch tonight?
  8. Well part of that was probably your super human brain power with the ability to mask the pain.
  9. What do bullpens have to do with breaking bad and tennis?😎
  10. It’s been amazing. I am a huge Fed fan and even I am looking for a change.
  11. Theim had a bit of a deer in the headlights look after going down three love in the third set. I don’t think he ever recovered. But yeah he did have a fairly tough run to the final. I am not surprised at all Nadal won, I just feel confident that we do have a new top player arriving. Fun one to watch too.
  12. I looked. Yea, think I was indifferent about that episode. It was probably one that I said OK I need a little bit more and started the next one immediately when I was binge watching.
  13. And that is part of the reason to skip, general uncomfortableness, but especially the breaking of the father-son relationship. Just tough to watch. And my dad and I are all good too. That show just slowly devolved and changed everything in such an amazing way, you felt it all. Even the worst of it.
  14. Hrmmmmm. I don’t know which episode that is, but now I really want to try to figure it out. There were some episodes I could have done without as well. And maybe have skipped almost all of the family meals.
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