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  1. Didn’t see it, so does that mean he made a mistake going for it in the first place or amazing he almost got to it?
  2. murph

    LHP Sean Gilmartin coming up

    Ah. 2012. 😁 Seems like just yesterday.
  3. murph

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Good idea, but....
  4. murph

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Who is Joseph and why does he belong to Caleb?
  5. murph

    Tillman to Texas

    Well they already have Gallardo, is Ubaldo next?
  6. I know better than to even try. It would fall on phenomenally deaf ears.
  7. And certainly not fat, which is a word all too easily and ignorantly used quite often.
  8. Friends of mine on FB are showing their ignorance in spades. I echo your sentiment!
  9. Right, it could have gone that way with the O's saying they are not happy with the offer, the Braves saying its final as far as prospects are concerned and the O's ask if they would eat some salary for us in the form of O'day to complete the deal.
  10. My phone can’t refresh fast enough.
  11. Yea. Figured something was amiss, but it’s all moving so fast right now! 😎
  12. Is that real? No checkmark?
  13. murph

    International Free Agent Signings

    Wow, I had forgotten how tall he really was, crazy!