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  1. I agree. I think that was a big reason why he was so mad at himself
  2. If you are throwing 96 at the knees does it matter what side of the plate the batter is on? Disappointing to see him come out there, seemed like he finally had it going
  3. I completely forgot about Ryan Ripken.
  4. Lol, yea he does. Not sure what I was thinking....
  5. Missed the game, was wondering how Means ended up with 4 unearned runs. Davis probably not just because his glove is on the wrong hand. Mancini maybe? Regardless, Alberto needs to make a better throw there. Throws like that do make me miss Manny.
  6. He threw 80 pitches and his arm didn’t fly off, his knee didn’t explode, didn’t even get a hangnail that we know of. For now, isn’t that the accomplishment. 😎
  7. I completely understand your point of view. You may be completely right that the O’s still have set a limitation on international spending. But leaving that last sentence open ended sounds like they just gave it away. There is some value in the return. And I know you know that but if your gonna pound the gavel on this, I think you need to be balanced. JMO. And I do hope your general concern is wrong and they do plan on spending prodigiously in the international market next year. But maybe not.... Edit: Didnt realize we were all jumping on COC all the sudden. Lol. I do think it’s a worthy discussion. I just hope his premise is wrong.
  8. Missed this, pretty poor of the ump to make the game about himself. I do have to say those streams were high quality, long streams, well done by whoever did that.
  9. One outcome for the O's this year would almost certainly point to it, right? Regardless, I am enjoying the ride for now. Even the losses are entertaining at this point.
  10. I was wondering the same, for a lot of the moves we are seeing, but have they really had enough time to develop these scenarios utilizing the data they have? I honestly don't know, but maybe they (Elias, Sig and crew) came in way more prepared than any of us realized or maybe they are working 24/7 on refining the data to help with these decisions. Probably a combination of everything, but would be so cool if they found some secret formula...lol
  11. That IS where your at? 😎
  12. Maybe they want to set a record for Major League debut's!
  13. Me too, thanks for the effort @interloper
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