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  1. Col. Claypool

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    😂 If you only knew how big of a Buckethead fan that I am. I just hope we don't get stuck with the slunk.
  2. Col. Claypool

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    I appreciate Buck tremendously, and I would be happy to see him return. Hard to accept Dan remaining if Buck is gone. Anyhow, I'd like to see Mark DeRosa get a crack at it if the goal is to bring in a young and fresh manager. I'm not interested in any of the names on the list attributed to Dempsey.
  3. Col. Claypool

    Anyone else slowly growing tired with Buck?

    Yeah. Dump Buck and bring back the halcyon days of old.
  4. Col. Claypool

    In San Fran: Need not Reply

    It's no fun being an Orioles fan in "Giants Territory". I know most out there don't have an issue with them, but to me Giants fans are the west coast version of Red Sox fans. I'm still hoping KC beats them. They are the lesser of two evils for me.
  5. Col. Claypool

    Guthries shirt...

    I hope you get all the happiness and personal validation that you can out of this experience. Looks like you probably need it more than most. Good luck.
  6. Col. Claypool

    Guthries shirt...

    Win or lose, our team respects the game. Our fans are no different. It's disappointing to see and hear the way KC has decided to conduct themselves. The game deserves better.
  7. Col. Claypool

    If you could abolish one player/thing from the Red Sox...

    Florida Evans.
  8. Col. Claypool

    Interesting quotes from a beleaguered Buck Showalter...

    Perhaps we can look forward to a "if we don't sign Cano, then I'm outta here" ultimatum?
  9. Col. Claypool

    The negativity has got to stop!!! (MAJOR RANT)

    Did he bring his Prince with him?
  10. Col. Claypool

    Does It Get Anymore Unclutch Than That?

  11. Col. Claypool

    Gary Thorne Quotables Thread

    I passed by Gary in the hallway behind the field level seats leaving Friday night's game. Visiting players have to cross that hallway to get to their clubhouse and he was heading down to do his postgame. Anyway, I said a quick hello as we passed by and he replied "how you doing". It resonated. Great voice.
  12. Col. Claypool

    You can hate the Yankees as an Oriole fan...but..

    Jeter Magic? Give me a break. There is no need for that here. He gets plenty of attention elsewhere. The only magic I care to read about on the ORIOLES Hangout is Oriole Magic.
  13. Col. Claypool

    David Ortiz-I hate you