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  1. I was for the move at the time and am still for it. As OldNewGuy said, Yow ran the program into the ground financially. They needed the money and the ACC everyone loved was not the same. I think when people think of leaving the ACC, they just think of how it used to be. But that's not the ACC now even if MD had stayed. Everything changed when BC joined the ACC. Playing BC, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Pitt, and Miami wasn't the ACC and that's who MD had to play before they left. Unless we can get into a time machine and go back to the ACC of 2004, I'm still fine with MD having taken the money to leave. As far as football and basketball, the teams just have to get better. Moving conferences didn't make them get worse. They've just suffered through bad coaching. I like what Durkin is doing with football, but it takes more time to improve a football team. The basketball team would be better if Turgeon could coach half as well as he could recruit.
  2. YES! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the throws. I loved Machado's throw for that very reason. I didn't like Britton's, but I wasn't too disappointed that it made him stretch.
  3. I always wanted to make a dart board with that picture. I can't stand any of those guys.
  4. Well, this guy tries to tell others about the real Ortiz, but he normally gets shot down.
  5. Grand Slams I gave up - Jim Palmer To be coupled with the longest book: The number of times I'll mention how many Grand Slams I gave up - Jim Palmer
  6. He is a Jr. This is his chance to hear what he needs to do to get drafted. I think anyone considered an NBA prospect should do this after their Jr year. Well, that is if they have a good head and realize their actual draft stock. Someone like Layman may get stars in his head and hear the whispers of GMs and declare only to get drafted in the 2nd round. Then it becomes a huge mistake.
  7. According Stone's father, MD has upside. "All four teams were quality choices," his father, Bob Stone told IMS tonight. "Maryland, they've got upside." http://maryland.247sports.com/Bolt/Diamond-Stone-Commits-to-Maryland-36447306 I would assume that is in reference to all the seniors graduating at Wisconsin vs. MD losing 1 star and a couple of low contributing role players. If Stone is as good as advertised, and ends up a 1 and done, then he doesn't want to play at a school "rebuilding". I use that term lightly, because Wisconsin will good next year, but probably not as good as this year. With MD, there is hope of much bigger things next year.
  8. Trimble hasn't appeared in any mock draft for next year. Forget the first round, he wasn't even listed as being drafted at all. These are just mock drafts, but if he isn't even being considered as being drafted, then I highly doubt he would be drafted in the first round. In fact, DraftExpress listed him as their 36th best NBA prospect, for 2016. He'll be back and it's the right decision. Next year will be his breakout year and he will be drafted in the first round in 2016.
  9. This is the best case scenario. He has a big year, and you can trade him while his value is high. I think his inconsistency means you trade him after a big year, rather than keep him and hope it sticks. But then again, I'm just a guy who occasionally posts on a message board and not a GM.
  10. On the first ball of the game, Jones did everything right but catch the ball. When the ball was hit, he turned his back and ran. He then turned around, slowed to get under control, and then just dropped the ball. I don't think there is any other explanation needed. He just dropped the ball. The second one, there was no way he was getting to it. That was all about positioning. If the coaches don't like where he plays, they need to be moving him back. But since he continues to play shallow, then I have to believe the coaches are fine with his positioning. We will have to live with a few balls going over his head.
  11. His hands were tied tonight. When Hardy got hurt, he needed a SS. Flaherty was the only option there, so Schoop had to go to 3rd. These Hardy injuries are starting to worry me.
  12. I'm not disappointed at losing any of these guys, but it's never good when you hear 3 players are leaving the same year. I think Peters could have been better had a coach like Gary coached him. Or maybe he would have never been at MD with Gary as coach. Who knows. I've been disappointed in Faust. I always thought he would be better. He just can't shoot. Cleare, he's just another in the line of big guys who were recruited just because they are big. Steve Goins, Jerome Burney, Braxton Dupree, Hossan Fofana to name a few guys just like him.
  13. The move of Miami and VT, and eventually BC started all of the conference alignment. Some ACC schools initially blocked BC, but they were accepted just a few months after Miami and VT. The Big East then reacted to that by poaching most of Conference USA. Then more teams left and joined this conference and that conference and blah, blah, blah. Now you have many teams in conferences where they "don't belong". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_NCAA_conference_realignment
  14. Since we are going old school. "Gold Glove Catching" by Lenn Sakata
  15. "Orioles Fans Excited About the 2014 Season" - by No One "My Dreams of Playing for the Orioles" - Brian Roberts "Saving Games in the Clutch" - Jim Johnson, Special Foreword by Tony Romo
  16. In a weird sort of way, this reminds me of the BJ Surhoff trade. I remember Orioles players being upset when he was traded. I think I even remember Mussina saying that was his last straw with the Orioles. I am worried that the other players will see this as a sign of the Orioles not willing to spend money to win and will walk when they can.
  17. Well, Johnson has been a closer for 1 1/2 seasons. He was great last season, and not so great this season. So I'm not sure what you mean by saying we were lucky he's been so good so long. I would say that most closers only have one or two good seasons, then you move them on or bring up the next guy. Only Rivera and Trevor Hoffman (and you could thrown in Billy Wagner as well) in the steroid/post steroid era had any lengthy success as a closer. You always have guys come out of nowhere to put up monster save numbers for a year or two. Then you never hear from them again or they bounce to some other team. Your post is a good argument for moving on to someone else.
  18. Exactly. They could have easily let the Ravens open at home on Sunday night or Monday night. But they wanted to force the issue and maybe even drive a wedge between the O's and Ravens to prove that football always wins. Good for the O's and even better for Buck. By the way, I wish Buck had pointed out how he got his team into the playoffs last year, while Rex's team was the joke of the league.
  19. I agree. He reminds me of this guy.
  20. Tremendous execution by the Terps tonight. They still had a few gaffes, but they moved the ball well and took great shots. That's the reason they hit so many. Their shot selection was phenomenal. And Dez Wells, what a beastly performance in the first half. Doing what he did opened it up for others in the second half. Then he hit some huge shots down the stretch, not to mention free throws. Wells 10-10 and 23-25 from the line for the team! Has anyone heard coach ratface's press conference? I was curious as to how little credit he gave MD this time. I'm sure he will whine about the officiating or some other crap.
  21. They still may. It will be interesting when they release the schedule. Although, my guess is MD plays 1 game with Duke, UNC, and NC State, and they will all be on the road. Their home games will probably be against BC, UVA, Cuse, Pitt, Clemson, GT, Fl State, VT, and Notre Dame. The ACC will call this all coincidence, but we will know better. My dream is for MD to win the ACC tournament next year and just walk away with the trophy. Maybe Gary Williams can come out with the AD after the team accepts the trophy and go on a profanity laced tirade about how the ACC always screwed the team from "Alaska" and MD is just screwing them back.
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