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  1. Yeah, that makes sense. Give him a chance to rebuild his confidence against MiL pitching.
  2. Worth a shot; he's talented and was fairly productive.
  3. Time to save the season Ravens!
  4. mrpennybags

    Drake DFA

    He's had an epic journeyman-style career already.
  5. I'd be down for Iglesias. And I'm surprised to find that he and Beckham are the same age.
  6. Probably the worst record anyone will have for a while. So any time an MLB team is having a terrible season they'll be 'the worst team since the 2018 Orioles.' Davis is going to stick out on all 'worst player seasons of all time' too.
  7. He might be the biggest reason for optimism on the team.
  8. I agree. The defense overachieved this year to keep the team afloat.
  9. It has to be a one year with a low base salary. 2M at most with incentives. I see him getting a minor league contract though. It might as well be with us, given the history and that we still need, like, 7 starters.
  10. Nice to have some competition in this ponderous arena.
  11. Awesome. This sort of thing always gets me excited, even in an otherwise glum off-season.
  12. It would be sad to see him go, if that's what ends up happening. I suspect someone will be willing to give him a sizable contract next season (quite possibly us) even if he only duplicates his offensive numbers from this year and the metrics say he's bad in CF again.
  13. Nice write-up. Just on a casual glance, your first four seem likely and the other three less so.
  14. Right now, I'm liking baseball (at least compared with a week ago.)
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