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  1. howboutthoseos

    Where are the fans?

  2. howboutthoseos

    Joe Angel's intense call of the play at the plate

    Posting as a public service -- sorry quality is pretty poor.
  3. howboutthoseos

    September Scoreboard Watching Mega Thread

    They haven't scored in literally days. Wish we got them this weekend rather than next. What worries me is as we've seen with the Orioles, they can't stay ice cold forever.
  4. howboutthoseos

    September Scoreboard Watching Mega Thread

    7-4 Royals. Fantastic.
  5. howboutthoseos

    September Scoreboard Watching Mega Thread

    Tie game with 2 outs in the ninth. Tigers bullpen strikes again baby.
  6. howboutthoseos

    Manny named MVP of the Orioles

    For me it is Britton. Even one or two blown saves and thing is over.
  7. howboutthoseos

    Thank Yous for last night's win

    I second the sentiment on Bourn hitting the sac fly. Such a professional hitter. Late season pickup who is providing a spark. This year's Nate McClouth!
  8. howboutthoseos

    Skip Miley, Start Ubaldo @DET

    Ubaldo is on the type of second half run that made DD want to sign him. Here's hoping it continues for another 7-8 weeks.
  9. howboutthoseos

    Paul Simon with an Orioles cap.

    Said on the MLB Network showcase game (which was a very well done broadcast, by the way) that he makes an annual trip to 4-5 ballparks. Was at the Pittsburgh game the night before.
  10. howboutthoseos

    Tom Boswell on the Battle of the Beltways

    Boswell has written more than his fair share of positive Orioles columns over the years, even recently. If anything, this column is more positive to the Orioles than the Nats. He's pointing out that the O's have owned the Nats over the last 5-6 years even though the teams have been pretty even in terms of quality and success. What's to argue with that? The only nitpick I'd have is his use of the word "bravado" after several paragraphs of description of just how much the Orioles have owned the Nats in the series. "Bravado" has a connotation of unwarranted cockiness. Doesn't really fit in the context of the Orioles simply getting it done on the field. But overall, not really a bad or objectionable column, IMO.
  11. howboutthoseos

    Wilson headed back to Norfolk

    It was 3-0 Orioles after 3 innings.
  12. howboutthoseos

    Since Manny just asked us to I'm going to an O's game!!!!

    Have a great time. I grew up in Maryland but live in Texas now. I was in town a few weeks ago and got to go to a game with my 3-year-old son (his first time to OPACY) and nephews. Every game at Oriole Park is a special experience. You'll have a blast.
  13. howboutthoseos

    Since Manny just asked us to I'm going to an O's game!!!!

    Pretty sure he was being #sarcastic.
  14. howboutthoseos

    2012 O's 1 run W-L Record in Jeopardy?

    I think some of the difference in the way the two teams are perceived is that 2012 was the first time the Orioles were good in forever, so the Orioles being "lucky" was an easy (and somewhat understandable) position for people who didn't think they were for real. Aside from a ridiculously injury-plagued 2015, the Rangers have been a first-division team since 2010. So even though they are outplaying their theoretical record, it doesn't really "feel" fluky or lucky. Also, they seem to be getting to their one-run wins differently than the 2012 O's. They have pretty good starters, including Yu and Cole Hamels, and a dynamic offense. Their bullpen is good but not ridiculously better than the rest of their team, as was the case with the 2012 O's. It will definitely be interesting to see if they can surpass the O's' record in one-run games. Doubt it, but who knows. It's a very random stat at the end of the day.
  15. howboutthoseos

    Davis strikeouts

    Even Jim Hunter was mildly critical of him for not protecting the plate in the 9th before the trumbo at-bat. He just doesn't seem very confident right now.