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  1. Well said!:thumbsup1: I would think that Adam wouldnt face that kind of discrimination; of all the players he could have singled out, Adam would be the last on the list, imo. If he had started this thread last year when all that criticism was flying around about Pie, I'd find that more credible. Pie had the added dissadvantage of being a percieved failed prospect. The reason why that is important, in my experience, is that prejudicial folks tend to want certain races to have limited opportunities, as if that success took from thier race an equal opportunity (I wont bother you with my life examples), so that person/persons would not want Pie to have success here at all. Adam gets a pass, because he's seen as an organizational 'hope'. Simularly, Joe Louis only got a pass from that kind of criticism when he became a white hope as well when he faced up against Max Schnelling, the face of Germany, Nazism and Hitler. Now this happened during our fathers (mine), grandfathers, or great gfathers time period, and I would presume that most caucasians on this board would like to think that they have 'evolved' from those attitudes, and I'm certain noone has the same degree of double standard as then. Joe Louis/Schnelling was 74 years ago! That has given whites 74 years to work on that double standard (and certainly Ali confronted these attitudes as well). I have found that in this day, that a large many blacks have as bad a discrimination problem of thier own today as whites did in 1936. Targets of thier discrimination are fellow blacks, mixed race, foriegn born/immigrants, and whites. I hope they evolve from thier attitudes as whites have been evolving from thiers. I think Adam is more of an affectation example of this kind of discrimination, and Pie would be closer to a real example. Giving a Ryan Freel a second and third chance, for example, but not a second chance for Pie, saving harsher criticism for him. Both Ryan and Pie, of course, had struggled prior to coming to Baltimore, and in my oppinion are good examples of this kind of discrimination. If you felt your reading this and you felt that way about Freel and Pie, I'd search my own heart attitudes for an answer.
  2. Not every comment is an argument. It is okay to agree with people too.
  3. Adam should not be eliminated from criticism because he is African American. He deserves no 'special treatment', because like the other players, he is a member of the team. Huff recieved alot of criticism last year from this board because of his lack of production. I don't think anyone is singling Adam out because he is African American; its simply that some on this board expect more from certain players because they believe the team is depending on them more than others to produce. Is that fair? Maybe not--but it has nothing to do with his race. Additionally, there is nothing that iritates fans more than a ball player in a slump and his continued free swinging at balls out of the strike zone.
  4. But you did answer my question. I agree with your answer.
  5. What is your oppinion of black-Americans who presume I'm predjudice because I am white?
  6. I heard about them asking Jones of this from the broadcast booth (Thorne and analyst), but the way I heard it was that he COMPLIED. You sure you got the 'refusal' correct? I know he didnt go along with it last year, but this year he COMPLIED...or did I get that all wrong????
  7. First time reader of your critcism posts. The only (proper) discrimination I make is in relation to people's behaviour...not their physical differences.....which is what all should do, imo. Judge them on their performance no matter whom the person is. My problem is I have found blacks judge me as being racially charged when its not. They judge me because of my physical differences from them as if I was incapable of showing fairness. Are whites incapable of fairness? No. Are the capable of heavier criticism than what they would show to someone that they relate to more? sure. Its inate in all of us to be 'unfair' in this way, and takes a conscious effort to be fair. Many people are unaware of thier unfairness, to be sure. The same (maybe more so) goes for Hispanic ball players (Could Robbie Alomar have faced some of this??). Here's my criticism of Adam Jones based on his behaviour (all players face slumps, and Adam's swinging of balls out of the strike zone has earned him some criticism quite fairly): why does he not place his hand on his heart during the National Anthem? Practically the whole stadium does it, and all the ball players.......why doesnt he? It doesnt show much respect.
  8. I wonder if baseball should put top draft choices through an agility test like they do for the NFL. You'd get a better idea, I bet, about the players potential.
  9. Betcha Werth has more speed than Rowell. Betcha he has more naturall athletisism.
  10. I saw him in a couple games last year and one this year and I had the same opinion. He wasn't athletic looking at all in the field. He made a bumbling error with teammates showing obvious fraustration and distain. Is he only kept with the Orioles because of his draft position?
  11. I would fire a manager because he fails to get the best out of the team/players. I think alot of gm's think the same way. Those that do what your suggesting are failures as gm's. They ussually don't last long.
  12. See. This is EXACTLY what I mean. Lets throw the baby out with the bath water! Lets make a rash decision on an excellent coach that gets the best out of our players instead of getting him better players to work with. Great idea. The bolded letters is what needs to happen, but remember five things: 1) Weiters and Reimold and Jones are still young and growing as hitters. Thier best is yet to come. 2) Nick is in a slump. Slumps happen to the best offensive players. Remember Ortiz's and Arod's hitting slumps last year?? 3) We need more power potential or one or two excellent free agent choices. 4) Our pitching is going to improve with the growth of the young staff. 5) Closing well is a must to winning. Its not all about offense.
  13. Excellent answer! Oh.......I said that, ahem... To elaborate further, Crowley can only be as good as his talent. It doesnt make sence to expect of him more than the fabric he has to work with. Last year we had abismal numbers in home runs (and considering we are in the American East, that is a killer, unless your team shows great chemistry, i.e. timely hitting, defense, and outstanding pitching in relief/starting). Can you expect him to produce 40 home run players that have not even shown they can do that before he got them? Do you honestly think potential equals guarenteed results with the right coach? Take Bowie manager Brad Kominsk. All fans old enough to remember him as a player remember that he had incredible numbers in the minor leagues for hitting homeruns, but he couldnt get it out of the ball park in the majors. Team after team gave him a try without success. He came to ther orioles and once again proved he couldnt hit it out. Was this the coaches fault? And what about Todd Cruz? He showed some talent in the minors offensively, but when he came to the majors, same story, hit hits .220. Dempsey hit better than he did (about .240). So even when players show talent in the minors, there is no GUARENTEE, that they will be good in the majors. None. Unless they take steroids, ect. Is that what you want? You want Crowley to slide some illegals to the players? He won a pennant, (and a wold series, I believe) as a hitting coach for the Twins. He takes others failures, and makes them successes. He takes our minor league players and makes them successful in the majors. But, BUT. He can not make something of nothing. period.
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