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  1. VeveJones007

    Nick The Stick

    That Chris Davis contract looks pretty spectacular the last 3 days. Can't believe we've griped about it so much.
  2. VeveJones007

    The positives to a losing season

    I think you just inadvertently proved my point.
  3. VeveJones007

    The positives to a losing season

    If you don't find any dark humor in giving up 7 runs without recording an out, you're taking sports too seriously.
  4. VeveJones007

    The positives to a losing season

    It absolutely sucks. Just not as much as losing them for pennies. Get some value and turn this ship around faster than the 15 years it took last time.
  5. VeveJones007

    The positives to a losing season

    The CBA is different now. If they draft a below slot guy early, it's so they can add some above slot guys later on.
  6. VeveJones007

    vs. YANKEES, 4/06

  7. VeveJones007

    vs. YANKEES, 4/06

    Thought the same thing.
  8. VeveJones007

    vs. YANKEES, 4/06

    This is like a catch in football. Does anyone know the rules anymore?
  9. VeveJones007

    Santander Next Season

    That accent is very specific to certain groups around Boston. Most people from NE don’t speak like that. Just like how most people around Baltimore don’t call it Bawlmer.
  10. VeveJones007

    Adam Jones 1WAR

    Same thing was said about Trumbo last year. I hope Adam doesn’t make it a trend.
  11. VeveJones007

    2018 Orioles Wins Poll

    Bottom 3rd of the AL is absolute trash. Have to add in a multiplier for that.
  12. VeveJones007

    2018 Orioles Prediction Thread

    88 wins. WC2.
  13. VeveJones007

    TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    I know it's only short-term, but I would feel much better about that bullpen with Castro in it. He earned some trust last year to be placed in medium- to high-leverage situations. You can't say the same about half of the proposed bullpen.
  14. VeveJones007

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Cobb on O's: "They didn't stop bothering me all offseason."
  15. VeveJones007

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I love fellow O’s fans.