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  1. We have the coaching staff to fix him. And if they can't, we have Chance Sisco.
  2. The NL is an easier league. He should do well there, despite the loaded Mets rotation (after all, he doesn't have to face the Nats pitchers). I hope he does well, and I also hope our paths cross again, however unlikely it is.
  3. Right, that's why it's special. It's very exceptional, and I think he deserves it.
  4. Buck and the guys need to put a C on that man's chest. He's the heart and soul of this team.
  5. The only way one of our big guns was coming in to pitch the bottom of the 9th was if we managed to scratch out 2 runs in the top of the inning. Since we didn't, and it's game 10 of 162, you go ahead and leave Wilson in there and hope for extras. An annoying loss - oh well.
  6. I hear you. Which is why I said I hope they don't blow it. But Schoop is a Jones-caliber player, IMO. Can't let that guy get away under any circumstances.
  7. Sounds to me like Schoop is shaping up to be a pretty affordable, yet extremely important core player for us. Like Jones, Hardy, and Trumbo. Gotta have a few guys like this. More importantly, I hope the FO doesn't blow it with him.
  8. Sweeteners like two horses? LOL
  9. How applicable is Rougned Odor's new contract to what Schoop might get? Schoop has one more year of experience, but is two years older, and has yet to have the breakout season Odor had last year, though he's still been pretty good on both sides of the ball, IMO. Odor just signed a 6 year deal worth $49.5M. If we could get Schoop to sign that, I'd do it in a second.
  10. Looks like he signed a minor league deal and will play for the Ironbirds.
  11. Way to go, Rage Cage. Make it a good one.
  12. Molina needs to stop his boo hooing. They got whuped, fair and square, and stuff like this is COMMONLY used as "bulletin board material" throughout MLB. Team USA sure did, and it worked.
  13. I don't think the point of the WBC is to let Team USA steamroll the rest of the field (which is - I believe - at least a small part of why we don't always get the best of the best players) every 4 years, but I have to admit, I want this championship pretty badly. I've been hanging on every pitch for the Team USA games, and it's been some excellent, exciting baseball.
  14. I think it's safe to assume that this is more about "I'm glad the Red Sox got bit by the injury bug" from a competition standpoint rather than a "I'm glad David Price has elbow complications." Price seems like a good dude to me. Nothing stands out in my memory of him in terms of ever being demonstrative or a bad opponent, so I certainly don't have any ill will towards him individually. But yeah, I have no problem cracking a smile over the idea that the Sox have a potential major hurdle to overcome. Hey, maybe they can just throw some money at it and make it go away. Seems to be their answer to most problems. EDIT: This is the grey area that you can fall into as a sports fan, since a team's assets are generally all human capital. Nobody would give you a hard time if you were happy to find out that Jimme Johnson's car was malfunctioning, would they?
  15. Is that Angelos or Manny?