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  1. What I read was that it wasn't beers consumed only on the aircraft, but rather the post-game locker room, the ride to the air port, a six hour flight (planes were slower back then), the ride from the airport to the hotel, and more after that. No matter how you slice it, 64 (or more - 107?!?!?!) in any amount of time for one sitting is a mind-boggling feat.
  2. Sanfran327

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    I absolutely think it's both. I think he got away from it and it's been hard to get all the way back. I can't think of any other explanation as to why he fell off such a steep cliff so abruptly.
  3. Sanfran327

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    This is worth a read: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-chris-davis-sits-20180429-story.html This speaks volumes to me: If you remember, a lot of his issues started when his first child was born. I'm not trying to connect any dots there necessarily, but you have to wonder what external factors are having an impact on his play. I'd love to know exactly what Buck said to him though. We all see Buck as a players' manager, but something tells me he knows how to convey a message to a player when he needs to, regardless of said player's paycheck.
  4. Sanfran327

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    Ah yes. I'm sure he hid his face behind a fanned-out stack of $100 bills every time he struck out. Remember the scene in Dumb & Dumber when they're blowing their noses with cash from the briefcase? That's Chris Davis after every 0-5 performance.
  5. That's Chris Davis type of regression.
  6. Sanfran327

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    That would be somewhere in the vicinity of 100% for me.
  7. Sanfran327

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    Can someone remind me? What did Ryan Howard do when he could no longer hit MLB pitching?
  8. Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on a cross country flight.
  9. Sanfran327

    What a sad and dreary season this has been...

    At least we have a lot of uplifting threads to keep us motivated for the future!!
  10. Not sure if Mussina was still on a rookie contract or not, but I'd attribute that to a change in the CBA if he was. Either way, while we don't have to worry about that with Machado, I'm still not sure I trust the FO to do the right thing, or to get max value for him. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of bargaining power, unless there are multiple bidders. I expect this will go down to the wire.
  11. Sanfran327

    Chris Davis

    Still calling Chris Davis the Crusher is like a 34 year old gas station attendant still wearing his high school letter jacket.
  12. Sanfran327

    Time to put Manny back at 3rd and Beckham back at ss

    Conventional logic is that SS is the most important infield position. I disagree when you have a 3B as good as Manny, particularly when it's at the cost of switching him with such a BAD replacement. Beckham may miss a few plays at SS, but he will make plenty of them, and at least has Manny as a nice safety net to his backhand side. And if something does get by him, it's going directly to the LF or CF if he's playing SS. Right now, he's giving up doubles (and triples, apparently) at an alarming rate. Manny is a prolific doubles defender. I agree - we need to switch them back. I don't care about the mercenary's feelings.
  13. Sanfran327

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    At least A-Rod is having a good day. #silverlining
  14. Sanfran327

    This team is cooked

    Honest question: are we the worst team in MLB right now? This is horrifying.
  15. Sanfran327

    No pulse

    I did not articulate it specifically, but my thought was that fans will show up to see a winning ball club no matter who is on it more than they will show up to see a bad one with the Crusher and Adam Jones. But because Buck and PA love those guys, they're bound to be Orioles lifers, even if they strike out in 2/3 of their ABs for the remainder of their contracts. Roberts, Tillman, Trumbo, and Davis are all proof. Too bad we couldn't have been as generous with Markakis and Cruz, right? Anyway, I don't think the casual fans have much pull in our case. Like I said, there are not enough casual O's fans to have a strong voice. As another poster said, we'll draw more fans for giveaway days and Sox/Yankees games, but that's about it. And most of those fans are Sox/Yankess fans anyway, which doesn't matter because their asses are in our seats and buying our food and merch. If the O's are retaining players to appease the casual fan, when there are no real casual fans to speak of in Baltimore, it's way worse than I thought.