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  1. With Jimenez, Miley, Kim, Smith, Hardy, and potentially Tillman and Britton all coming off the books next year (or after 2018 for Britton), I would say you gotta try to lock up Manny and Schoop for matching contracts (in duration). Give Manny deferred money if you have to. Hopefully 8 years for each of them at least. Then hope that some of our other position players and SPs come up and actually make a difference in the next 2 years. I see plenty of payroll opening up for a deal this winter. But if he's not locked up by the start of Spring Training, he's as good as gone, and you probably have to dump him at the first sign of sinking next year. EDIT: Forgot Castillo, who should also be gone. That's $54.75M coming off of the books. Even if Manny is making $30M right away (which I kind of doubt; I'd try to structure it so he's making more once Britton and Trumbo are gone), that's enough to give Schoop a nice bump up, too. I know we still have to field a 25-man roster, but Hays/Yaz/Cisco/etc are going to be as cheap as they come. Maybe you have to get a veteran arm for the rotation (which might even be Tillman on a cheap prove-it deal if he shows some signs of life down the stretch), but nothing more than $6-8M or so per year. And who knows what young arms might be ready 8 months from now.
  2. Good talk.
  3. Is it really a lock that Cisco is the O's catcher of the future? If he can't throw, why put him back there? I'm starting to wonder if he ends up at a corner OF position or traded. Joseph isn't a great hitter, but he's not a terrible hitter for a catcher. What irritates me about Cisco is that the writing has been on the wall (from what I can tell) regarding his defense/arm for a while, and they never traded him when he was a prime prospect. Instead, they cut bait with a very good veteran catcher in Wieters, brought in a journeyman in Castillo, and bet their future on a guy with little to no defensive value at a position where defense is literally the #1 thing you look for. Arguably the most important defensive position on the diamond.
  4. This season really took a turn after the Friday night game in NY when we blew an enormous lead and our bullpen, which had still been very good even without Britton, really let us down. It started happening more routinely after that, because the starters were burning out the bullpen arms even earlier in the season than normal. Gausman, Miley, Tillman, and Jimenez really gutted them. I still see a major run in this team, but if it doesn't happen soon, it won't matter. Plenty of teams go from bubble to contender in July and August. This could be one of those teams - the talent is there.
  5. Still haven't moved on from that one, eh? Healthy.
  6. I think we've all been asking for this for a long time, but we, as fans, tend to be much more short sighted than a big-picture guy like Buck. Frobby, you nailed it. If he doesn't win now, winning later won't matter. So we may see some more maneuvering like this for a while. Or it could be that he's not afraid to ride his bullpen into the AS break, knowing that his crown jewel is making his triumphant return when play resumes. Adding another quality arm will make things much easier.
  7. A solid 2 turns through the rotation could do wonders for this team. 3 is a streak. Keep it going tomorrow.
  8. I am probably one of the only Gary Thorne fans on this board, but it's times like these that he really needs to STFU. Talking about the game as if it's already over, talking about shutouts, etc, etc, etc. Bugs the hell out of me when he does this crap. Let the fat lady sing, then talk about what actually happened.
  9. As soon as I heard Longoria's walk-up music, I said, "Well, here comes a 5-3 TB lead."
  10. Maybe he should get some of Brian Roberts' old contact lenses that helped him pick up the seams on the ball. They were probably illegal, but hey, so is Adderall.
  11. That blame does not belong to the organization or the fans though. That's an MLB thing. To build on the fact that I don't watch the Nats on O's off nights, I don't watch ANY baseball other than O's baseball - ever. I'm not even that much of a baseball fan (I mean, I am - I love the game) as much as I'm a hard core O's fan. I don't even watch the post season anymore if we're not in it.
  12. I just don't think there's any real reason to hate the Nats as O's fans. They're in a different league, so we don't play enough to get a real, bad-blood rivalry going. As for the opposing fan bases, there is way too much friendly intermingling going on to develop any real hatred. For the record, I don't really have much of an opinion one way or the other about them. I dislike NL baseball - kind of a lot - so I don't watch their games on O's off nights (I actually get a good night's sleep instead). But 25 Nuggets is right. If this becomes a rivalry at some point, it will happen on its own. Meeting in the World Series would be a good place to start.
  13. LOL - I think this automatically wins the thread.
  14. LOL. SilentJames is the Baltimore Inferiority Complex personified. Keep the jealousy rants coming, guy!!
  15. It's probably popular opinion around here that Hardy is still a better defender at SS than Flaherty, but by how much? Hardy has more than earned his spot for the rest of this season, but I think he should be sitting more often. Once a week at least, IMO. He's becoming hard to watch out there. He just looks so stiff, but he's still making a lot of plays. The missed grounder was surprising, even if it was a crazy hop, and the triple play was a gift.