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  1. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    I'm more interested to see how this might affect resigning him.
  2. talked to Palmer today....

    I think you have to operate under the notion that Manny is a lame duck Oriole. He's a scab. Sign Moose no matter what, and slide Manny to SS. Then when he's gone, you can replace him with Beckham, who has been playing super utility in the meantime. Manny is better than Moose for sure, but Moose isn't a bad consolation prize in the Machado sweepstakes. Bottom line: I don't want to miss the boat on Moustakas if he's signable.
  3. As the reality of Manny leaving the O's sinks in

    Definitely the worst thing since watching Mussina go to the Yankees.
  4. As the reality of Manny leaving the O's sinks in

    I'm not going to lie. I'm purely bitter over this. I'm not sure how I'll approach next year without Manny, but a lot will depend on where he ends up and what we get in return. I'm sure I'll watch every night as usual, but I'm going to be furious if he ends up in NY or Boston. Cards or Giants would be one thing, and an easier pill to swallow, but I'm pretty upset about this either way.
  5. Tillman all day. Zero risk, and I think there's still high reward. No way he just fell off a cliff without an injury. There's always the chance that this injury is of the career-ending variety, but I think that's TBD. At $2M, you can cut him any time and move on if you must.
  6. Should Austin Hays be Orioles 2018 Starting RF?

    I'm surprised to hear you say that, honestly. He seems much faster than AJ, and his routes should continue to develop with more experience. I'd also give him the nod in arm strength.
  7. Should Austin Hays be Orioles 2018 Starting RF?

    No... he should be the starting CF (if he earns a starting spot on the ML roster in ST).
  8. What team will sign Hardy to be their everyday SS?

    Raise your hand if you think JJ Hardy is a better option than Ryan Flaherty moving forward. *raises hand*
  9. Sure. I was using Bundy as my case study, but didn't look up a few things. Most notably what level he's reached in the organization, and secondly, whether he is currently on a big-league deal that would force our hand.
  10. That would be the one. I think at this point, his injury history is a bigger hurdle than his ability. If he can stay on the mound, I think that, due to his age, he will advance through the system quickly. I have to admit, however, that I didn't realize that he hadn't advanced beyond Delmarva yet.
  11. Hopefully Harvey is ready to contribute next year. Maybe not to start the year, but at some point early on. After that, I'd hope it would be two effective FA options, but I have a feeling we'll be offered a Mc Pick 2 off of a value menu of Tillman, Miley, Castro, and whatever FA attempts DD can make to try to catch lightening in a bottle.
  12. vs. YANKEES, 9/07

    Everybody relax. Manny will hit an 8-run HR to win it in the 9th.
  13. Connolly: Cruzing

    Sure. But if he was our FT DH now, and never had to wear himself down by playing defense, I would think his production would be more consistent had we re-signed him. For an aging player that's more of an offensive asset than anything, that would have been my plan, anyway. I think it's paying off for Seattle, too. The exact details of my previous post are more or less irrelevant. RF, LF, whatever. He played a good bit of OF that season, and probably shouldn't have. If we kept him and just let him hit, I think we'd still be enjoying some great offensive production out of him.
  14. Connolly: Cruzing

    Could have been different if he was our full-time DH instead of playing RF every night in the steaming hot Mid-Atlantic summer.
  15. vs. MARINERS, 8/28

    The spectators lol