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  1. I don't think the point of the WBC is to let Team USA steamroll the rest of the field (which is - I believe - at least a small part of why we don't always get the best of the best players) every 4 years, but I have to admit, I want this championship pretty badly. I've been hanging on every pitch for the Team USA games, and it's been some excellent, exciting baseball.
  2. I think it's safe to assume that this is more about "I'm glad the Red Sox got bit by the injury bug" from a competition standpoint rather than a "I'm glad David Price has elbow complications." Price seems like a good dude to me. Nothing stands out in my memory of him in terms of ever being demonstrative or a bad opponent, so I certainly don't have any ill will towards him individually. But yeah, I have no problem cracking a smile over the idea that the Sox have a potential major hurdle to overcome. Hey, maybe they can just throw some money at it and make it go away. Seems to be their answer to most problems. EDIT: This is the grey area that you can fall into as a sports fan, since a team's assets are generally all human capital. Nobody would give you a hard time if you were happy to find out that Jimme Johnson's car was malfunctioning, would they?
  3. Is that Angelos or Manny?
  4. This is the only acceptable nickname.
  5. This would be difficult to prove, but I think we probably fit that description. Lots of starting pitchers that are probably somewhat "effectively wild", I think. That would make them more difficult to frame. And all of the foul balls that we talk about that might end up as chances to frame (close pitches, after all). For my money, this is why pitch framing is an superfluous stat. I don't think it has enough context to be effective.
  6. Except for, you know, pitching on the fringe of the strike zone, like you're supposed to. And the catcher can get a couple extra calls for you when you do that consistently.
  7. I think Rickard's 2017 spring means far more than his 2016. He would have had to really bomb to not make the team as a Rule V guy, since our management group likes to do everything they can to keep those guys. Now that we have more Rule V guys in camp this year, that's probably to Rickard's detriment, because if they perform somewhat equally, I think Buck and Dan will decide to keep a Rule V guy and stash Rickard in the minors.
  8. I'm not sure anyone has ever debated the importance of spring training for fringe players. That's often the make-or-break, unless a manager has a feeling about a guy or has basically already made his mind up before camp begins. Haven't we seen this play out a few times recently, where a guy basically hits his way onto the team somewhat unexpectedly?
  9. Sure, I know you weren't. If he only costs $8M, my money is on him playing in Baltimore.
  10. Whatever. You get the idea.
  11. I agree. If he signs 1/8, it better be here, honestly. I'd hope that if he receives that offer somewhere else that he takes is straight to Dan and asks him to match it.
  12. I'd assume he wants to take away those dying quail base hits and have a better chance at throwing out a runner when one something does drop in. Problem is that he's probably not quite as fast as he used to be (he was never really a burner in the first place), and that might force him to play a few steps deeper from now on.
  13. Let's just say for the sake of discussion that he does make the OD start (he won't). If he gives up a HR on the 1st pitch of the game, wouldn't you have to think that's the first time that the same pitcher gave up HRs on the last pitch of one season and the first pitch of the next to the same team? I'd kinda like to see that. Then go on to win the OD game 12-1.
  14. LOL. I knew my time here would come to an end eventually. Quick, someone start the Sanfran327 Appreciation Thread!
  15. Should we trade ELMERO? Openly expressing his true feelings about Adam Jones has appeared to create a negative effect, in general, thus making it appear he has become somewhat of a "malcontent". We certainly can't have tension on the message board. Maybe he needs a change of scenery. Maybe it's time to part ways with him, but to whom and for what? Any other ideas?