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  1. Everybody does. But there are 160 million reasons why A will be the choice for a while.
  2. I'd add a 9th item: the infield defense has been worse than what I expected. We've turned a lot of double plays, but overall, the infield defense has been sloppy. Mental/concentration errors and sloppy play are unacceptable, even in a team that's rebuilding from scratch. Losing because 3/5 or 4/5 of your rotation is bad and because you have no middle relief is one thing, but at a minimum, we need to be able to catch the ball.
  3. Davis just won't ever get the benefit of the doubt on close pitches ever again. JBJ is just insane.
  4. Talkin more about the motion. They both have a full body run.
  5. Realistically, how could anyone? We could potentially be in a situation where literally nobody on our 25 man roster would be on our next serious contender. To think that we're 25 of 25 guys away from real contention would mean there is no meaningful time frame to offer. Any number would just be a guess.
  6. I have to think that we are just in a lull in this regard right now. I have to think that the next great GM will identify the next undervalued characteristics sooner or later. To quote Eddie Vedder, "it's evolution, baby."
  7. That's why he's up. No need to push anyone of any potential value whatsoever. The name of the game this year (and next?) is to field a group of 25 guys that can complete 162 MLB games.
  8. I don't know much about him, but my guess is that you're right.
  9. The key to ET's post was the "doesn't matter" bit. I've been saying this all year. ***ALMOST*** nobody on the MLB roster matters to the future of this franchise. You could argue for a few guys, but it's more than likely that anyone with any talent will be traded this year or next - whenever their value is at its peak. Ynoa is org filler, and we don't care how he performs, or even really if he remains healthy (at least if he stays healthy we don't have to make another roster move). We have to complete 162 games this year and next somehow. Hopefully Ynoa gets a few outs along the way.
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