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  1. I guess not every team plays a Thursday night game? There's only 30 teams on that chart...
  2. You know looking at that lineup, even if Rickard doesn't hit that much, we can probably carry him if his D in LF is as good as advertised. Would be better to have sure thing OBP guy in left, but there is so much power in that lineup that we can probably afford a below average bat there, if push comes to shove (and lets face it push has pretty much already come to shove given that he's starting on Opening Day!)
  3. Two more when it wraps back to the top - 7,8,9,1,2 All the more reason to hope Rickard hits well enough to eventually lead off (which I think is a long shot, but hey its Opening Day, anything is possible!!!)
  4. I'm sure the people at Comedy Central agree with you! I'm glad he ended up at HBO though because this show is fantastic.
  5. Strictly from a size point of view, Davis and Trumbo batting back to back could be pretty intimidating!
  6. Love John Oliver; I watch his show in DVR every Monday. If I get home early enough (before first pitch) from work, I may have to put this on earlier than normal as a pre-game. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Save me looking this up fellas; is the first pitch at 3?
  8. This is what I was wondering too. Wouldn't they have denied this at least a little? Plus the quotes from Jones saying that Fowler was 'on his way' or whatever it was. Something doesn't smell right with Fowler saying he had no agreement of any kind.
  9. Regardless of the specifics, one thing that is clear is that the O's are making a serious effort here. There can be no talk about only making a token offer to look good in the press this time. Seems pretty clear they want this done in time for FanFest. I just don't get why they bumped that date up in the first place though.
  10. Did I say anyone had? There's been plenty of talk of it board-wide.
  11. I'd like to see an OF of Lough/Jones/Reimold, w/ Davis back at first. I think Lough can give us enough with the bat and his defense is so much better in LF than Snider. I've seen enough of Snider, and of Parmelee too. EDIT: this is assuming no trades. I'd actually like to see Cespedes in LF!
  12. Never ceases to amaze me that people can't simply enjoy winning. Yes, we've made the playoffs 2 out of 3 years; but 1998-2011 is still VERY fresh in my mind. Give me 51-49 and playing meaningful games every time. The idea of selling when we are 1 game out of a playoff spot; and worrying about what DD will do because of where we are, is ludicrous.
  13. Snider batting 5th? Blech.
  14. Fiver

    vs. BRAVES, 7/27

    Good god how is it Matusz in the 8th? I know it's a lefty but color me nervous.
  15. Not sure if the stats best it out but Roe seems to struggle v lefties.
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