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  1. Thank you, Buck.
  2. This is almost exactly how I feel. I'd rather see Jones out there than Rickard, but if the kids are knocking on the door in July then he needs to be willing to reduce his time. I would love it as a Jones fan, but I don't see it happening.
  3. StottyByNature

    What I miss most...

    This is a great thread, and those videos have me chills. My dad and I had a pact that after 15 years in the wilderness we would go to the first playoff game at home whenever the Orioles made it back. That game, sitting in the upper deck in left field, was one of the loudest I have been to in any sport. Just awesome to see the Yard like that. Lots of good memories and likable players. It's going to be a long couple of years here but I feel confident we are doing the right thing and will rise again.
  4. I was also at the 30-3 game. That was one of the most memorable games I have ever attended. The Rangers just hit everything hard. I am a diehard O's fan but found myself rooting for history. Still have the ticket stub. One of the oddities of that game is that the Orioles used pitchers the whole game, no position guys.
  5. StottyByNature

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    I agree with those who believe we have seen Gausman's ceiling. He just doesn't get the K's that someone with his stuff seemingly should. I think we should trade him now as he has had decent success, durability, and still has the "potential" card. This is probably the highest his value will be, and we are not likely to be competitive before he hits free agency. I would not trade Bundy, I think he has another level he has yet to reach.
  6. Good for both of them, justly deserved. I used to fall asleep (or sometimes not, if we were playing the Jays) to the voices of Fred Manfra and Jon Miller 25 years ago. The induction of BRob makes me feel old.
  7. StottyByNature

    Will Scherzer vs. Ubaldo be a longer shot than Ashely vs. Sale?

    This is what makes baseball so great, anybody can beat anybody on any given night. I love the NBA, but it is a little silly knowing that we have basically been waiting all season to watch a Cavs-Warriors rematch. Baseball isn't anywhere near as predictable.
  8. StottyByNature

    RIP Todd Frohwirth

    Very sad to hear this. Growing up we would play wiffleball in the back yard all the time, and of course that meant trying all kinds of funky pitches and styles. Any time a pitcher went to the submarine arm action they would yell "Tood Frohwirth!" He may not have been a household name everywhere, but he was in ours.
  9. StottyByNature

    The Matt Wieters Appreciation Thread

    It took me a while to get over the lofty expectations, but once I did it was easy to see we had a really good player who brought a ton of intangibles to the team. He was tough and didn't complain about his heavy workload. He played the game the right way. He competed. I always thought his swing was a little weird - he had a funny way of imparting topspin on the ball so I always thought that sapped his power numbers. I was pretty devastated for him when he had to get Tommy John - proof to me that the O's were snakebitten. He came back strong and helped us get to the playoffs again. Godspeed, Matt, it was a pleasure to watch you.
  10. StottyByNature

    MLB Bans Rookie Hazing

    Is it fun, though? Perhaps it is fun for the veterans. There is a very fine line when it comes to hazing, and it is the line between having fun and intimidation/bullying. I have been "good hazed" and "bad hazed" before. I would happily give up the experiences of the good hazing to have never been subjected to the bad hazing. I think the public hazing that we see is probably OK, but it only takes a few tormentors to take it to another level (and which would probably never be made public.) I think this is a good rule.
  11. Why would Wieters grant that handshake deal? That would be pretty dumb on his part. Also, I think the player has to accept or decline the QO before free agency begins.
  12. I would offer him the QO. I agree that a 2 year deal as you outline would be best, but I doubt he would take it. He will either take the $17 mil for one year or cash in larger than that on the open market if we don't slap him with a QO. The question is do we honestly think that the money freed up by letting Wieters go will be enough to make up for the drop in production at C. I don't see it, mainly because one year of $17 mil isn't a ton of payroll flexibility. It's likely not enough to allow us to sign a very good OF to a multi-year deal. I say take the plunge, put Mancini in at DH then try to cobble together RF as best we can. I do think Wieters will be more likely to decline the QO offer this year to see what he can get because he's not getting younger. Or, perhaps we can work out a Fowler-like deal with him that the Cubs did this offseason. It makes more sense to have Wieters come off the books next year along with Ubaldo, Gallardo and Miley so we have a ton of cash to play with.
  13. StottyByNature

    The gloating thread

    Amen, brother. Too many folks emo-posting and wanting to be the first to declare the season over. We at least have one more game against the hated Jays. I'm looking forward to it.
  14. StottyByNature


    This is a predictable and disappointing thread. Surely, there will be time to evaluate the season, but I submit that that time is not while the season is going on. I understand the doom and gloom given the last three games, but we are still in playoff position. Baseball is about getting hot at the right time, and who knows, maybe we catch fire in the next week and it carries us through. But spare us the woe is me until the season has a definitive resolution.
  15. StottyByNature

    Is the "mortgaging the future" argument valid and/or fair?

    That's a fair point. Parra wasn't really a needle-mover and our pitching last year didn't seem like it would hold up. I think this year is a different story. I must admit, when I first heard about us dealing this draft pick my immediate reaction was negative. However, after thinking about it this might be a move to get ahead of a new trend. I would bet that most teams overvalue draft picks because of the excitement of the unknown. Perhaps Dan is testing the waters to see if he can exploit this.