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  1. Please tell me they are just butchering his name... that is going to be painful if we have to listen to Gary say that name all year.
  2. I hope I am way wrong on this, but I believe we may be trying to get Upton, because there is more going on behind the scenes with Jones. I have a bad feeling that he may be trying to play through an injury... Like I said though, I really hope I am wrong!
  3. Sorry for that post earlier... It was my son that got on my phone!!! Ben did tell me earlier today however, that he believes we will get Teheran, Hellickson, or Liriano... He seemed pretty sure of it!
  4. Substitute inciarte for markakis then its good deal!!!
  5. I was just wondering if Angelos or anyone representing the orioles is at the meetings in Arizona? Don't wanna get everyone riled up,as i know it is a longshoremen for us 2 sign prince. However i heard borass met with several owners so i was just curious.
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