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  1. I believe Ortiz was 34 in the overall 100 at some point. That guy’s star has really faded. I’m most disappointed in Encarnacion, thought he had upside. Carmona too, but wasn’t overly surprised when he was held back on extended spring training. I still have faith Pop can be a nugget but I guess we will wait and see if he can find his sinker again or if he is like Britton when he came back from injury.
  2. I wonder how many people who have opinions set in stone on a 22 year old have seen the guy play in person? How many have watched a game of his start to finish? How many have watched him play in the field? How many have drawn their conclusion based on what they’ve read and stats? My point is I reserve judgement until I’ve seen him play and I reserve ultimate judgement until i see him in person. The guy has some flaws to his game and there are others who are pushing him to start tomorrow against the Sox. I think if he played short for so many years, he could play a respectable left. I think if he rakes, he will learn to walk here and there when he matures a little. I don’t know if he will be a good, great, or average player but I’m not willing to make that call until I see him with my own two eyes. I suspect that rule doesn’t apply to a lot of people who have posted in this thread, and think they know what type of player Mountcastle is.
  3. Based in no small part to the different ways the radar now measures mph versus how it did 10-15 years ago. The gun is 3 mph faster today even though today’s gun is supposedly a more accurate measurement.
  4. That was supposed to read Red Sox "Assistant" GM Eddie Romero-I can't edit for some reason.
  5. I read that Cashner credits his better year to the advanced metric information pushed by the Elias regime. I also read that the Red Sox liked both prospects the O's picked up. Prado had approximately as many K's as BB's and has played all 3 outfield positions with an intriguing mix of power and speed. Noelberth Romero has a really cool first name has some tools too. Listed as a utility infielder, word is his arm strength should be enough to have him play up the middle. Sounds like his defensive skills are ahead of his offensive skills though he has shown a little pop but not as much as Prado. Both need to add some weight to their 6' frames. Prado tips the scales at 160 while Romero is 145. Red Sox GM Eddie Romero: "I know these guys are far off, but it hurt. When they were coming up with these names, they weren’t guys that we were hoping they’d asked for..." I like the move of rolling the dice on upside youth rather than middling older prospects who don't present much upside (ala the Homer Bailey trade)
  6. Pinch hit for Lewis (who is hitting .484) last night, Shayne is off to a hot start himself hitting .364 through 26 ab’s in the GCL. Nice to see a few guys hitting on that team so far in the young season.
  7. First 11 games, 31ab’s, .484 avg....only a couple of doubles but guy has come out of shoot firing
  8. Cashner is an extremely mediocre pitcher having a good year (Brocail deserve any credit?) and most likely going to regress to the mean. He was going to net you an extremely mediocre return. I see nothing wrong with the trade. The money was most likely the key. Wonder if Elias get carte blanche to reinvest that into the organization or if that money is refunded to the Angelos’’?
  9. I wouldn’t be so quick to remove Tate. His stuff seemingly is playing better as a reliever.
  10. Guess Verlander answered my question above and then some! Next question, will MLB change the balls back? Or will they basically do the same thing they did by turning a blind eye to dopers and completely invalidate all the stats that came before.
  11. Punchandjudy

    DL Hall 2019

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’m convinced the gun in Cleveland is a couple ticks fast. I did like the confidence DL showed in the change up. The pitch has come a long way in a short amount of time.
  12. Are the baseballs juiced? I don’t think that’s the real question. Rather, I want to know: was juicing the balls intentional?
  13. I find it funny how people made definitive scouting judgement on Mountcastle in Left from a 3 second blip. Thankfully there is Tony and Luke to keep this forum from devolving into the School or Roch message posting territory. What I saw and what I’ve read, makes me want to see more out of him in the outfield.
  14. they could change the gun like they did a few years ago and make him and everyone else look like they are throwing harder. Or maybe they will juice the ball for the pitchers like they have for this hitters. Regardless, I’ve learned in life never to say never.
  15. Remember when Means was considered a soft tosser? Now he’s “crafty.” He did hit 95 in the 5th last night. I think there is a great deal to be said for life on your fastball and ability to hide the ball. Guess analytics/trackman are better quantifying the former but not sure how you use analytics to quantify a pitcher’s deception.
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