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  1. good for him. I find it funny at this point how often he has to clarify things he says or does. Keep splitting hairs Manny still doesn't change who you are, what you said, or what you have done. My advice (not that it matters), work on the future and so you can stop lamenting the past.
  2. Yeah the sad part it was in front of the house my mom grew up in caddie corner from the house I grew up in and they still live in. The juveniles attacked the guy and put him in the hospital. Sadly they still haven’t found the punks. At some point people will channel their inner chuck Bronson and go all Paul Keasey (sp?) on them. Even more sadly, I don’t think I’d care if someone did...and it disgusts me to think I’ve grown so despondent I’d even entertain such thoughts. I’m sure some sanctimonious suburbanite will lecture me, but I could care less. It’s gotten that bad here.
  3. Luke-any comp you can think of for this kid? I’ve never seen him play but everything I read makes me think of another former Big East baseball player: John Valentin. Bit undersized, could play a few different positions and had some pop.
  4. “Also, the stigma of the city, however undeserved it is, sticks around with people to an extent” the stigma is completely deserved at this point. I’m a lifelong resident and owner of two homes in the city. A neighbor of my parents (70+ year old) was carjacked and assaulted returning home from Easter mass celebrations yesterday by 3 juveniles at noon yesterday in Guilford, a relatively safe neighborhood with its own private security. People justifiably don’t feel safe and when they look to their “leaders” they see the city being led by an unethical crook who tried to swindle the city using his home as a rental property while he lived in the county...and he is only there bc he is replacing an unethical mayor who is out on leave hoping her scandal will blow over. It’s sad and unfortunate, but calling the city’s rep “undeserved” is disingenuous, especially after all the hard work it’s taken for the criminals (both elected and otherwise) to earn that reputation.
  5. Related but on a side note, I find the new Ticketmaster season ticket site to be very unfriendly for users trying to exchange tickets. I called the ticket office and they were much more helpful. Still the interface with Ticketmaster is off-putting and may influence my ticket purchase plan in the future.
  6. Punchandjudy

    JC Escarra

    Definitely in place of Ripken (who is at best organizational filler, at worst a baseball version of crony capitalism) and Curran (who I don't see anything other than size as far as potential is concerned).
  7. I'm going to take a shot in the dark here: Cumberland: because people say he is good and yet I don't think the stats reflect that so I'm hoping the stats catch up with the scouts' take Santander: I think he has all the tools but certainly regressed last year. Hopefully, his confidence returns and is in Baltimore at some point this summer. Kind of the forgotten man in my opinion. Way more upside than a DJ Stewart. Reyes: Finally puts it all together, doesn't punch a wall, and stays healthy all year long. I don't know if he showed up in shape but turning 22, he needs to make a move at this point in his career. Dietz: someone harnesses his stuff as he makes his move to the pen. Once there, he starts moving up the rankings Sedlock: stays healthy and moves to the pen. Stuff ticks up a bit and that hard sinker plays a little better in short stints instead of flattening out when he gets tired. Sparks: year lost to injury, guy is toolsy, hoping the average and gap power mature
  8. May as well start talking politics here and the board will have fully morphed into SOR territory. I hope the guy can continue to develop. I'm not worried about his skills, but more his attitude and want to. I think most scouts agree his floor is that of an average major leaguer. What will determine how far he goes is his drive and ability to absorb coaching. I have no knowledge of the former but apparently his latter is still questionable as it was reported that he didn't take to coaching too well when he made the change to the O's coaches after the trade. Only time will tell, but I am of the theory that this guy should not be in the majors until June of next year. Start his (and all prospects') clocks as late as possible to extend O's control on him.
  9. D-3...I played semi-pro, the equivalent to Independent ball today made up mostly of ex-minor leaguers and D-1 talent till I was 27 or 28.
  10. this one isn't there either. I only saw a couple of games but I wasn't impressed. Tall, stilted pitching style-hard, flat fastball that he can't locate and something offspeed that wasn't all that great (my version of total recall). Was hoping Tony or Luke would say something postive but at #26 guess they are as impressed as I am.
  11. I'm not exactly high on this organization right now, but what does Jon Meoli know? Sure he talks to scouts but has he seen all of these players play and does he have any idea on how to actually evaluate talent? This list goes under a "consider the source" file for me. Now that being said, I will say the organization is deeper talent wise than it has been in some time, but it will be some time before there are a number of probable impact players instead of possible back of the rotation/25th man players.
  12. The last few pages read like it’s people who got tired of writing on Roch’s blog. Oh the O’s didn’t say something as fast as other teams, they have no direction, and so on and so on. People need to get ready bc this will be a long winter, a long few years, and it’s very likely the next manager will not see a winning season with the O’s. So please take a xanex people and let the process play out. I personally think if they keep Buck it’s fine and if they fire him it’s fine. I think the manager of the team is relatively inconsequential the next couple of years. As for the sense of urgency one poster is mentioning, where is the fire? I’d rather the organization be methodical and deliberate rather than rash and hasty just to appease the fan base.
  13. That’s what the city says. There’s always another reason to pay taxpayer money chasing tourist dollars. The convention center was too small than they built it larger, the my needed a hotel supposedly to attract more business, now the convention center is too small again. Same story different year. It could have nothing to do with crime, riots, and the general saftey concerns that people outside the city have toward downtown? Because since the riots, downtown businesses have suffered tremendously.
  14. It's owned and run by the city b/c they thought they needed it to lure convention business. So even though private enterprise saw no need for it, the city went ahead with it and now it hemorrhages money. Ironically, convention business has severely decreased since the hotel was built though that has admittedly has more to do with other factors such as safety. The white elephant stands.
  15. People overrate Bishop bc they see the stats or listen to Melewski regurgitate the stats in article form. I’m glad you stayed true to your assessment Luke. I wasn’t impressed and see him as a ceiling of lefty specialist and that’s if everything goes right for him.
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