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  1. I think Gentry is your late inning RF replacement and Mancini starts in RF against lefties.
  2. I like Tavarez but with Smith healthy and Kim on the roster, he has no spot unfortunately.
  3. I would think he's a lock for the RH long reliever over Verrett and others. IMO.
  4. Mancini will 100% be on the 25 man roster. There's really no other choice here with a 5-man bench. He might not stay, but he'll break camp.
  5. He's an interesting kid. Definitely have no problem carrying him if Smith hits the DL. We'd have some pretty decent speed options with Rickard, Tavarez, and Gentry. That would be something different.
  6. Folks, we can pile on Molina without resorting to these kind of childish remarks.
  7. I think Davis is a far easier target to criticize than Jones for both his lack of performance and his lack of intelligence by getting suspended. And I love Chris Davis. And yet here we are, still finding reasons to single out Adam Jones, despite Lew Ford being one of the better performers in recent Oriole playoff memory. The fact that he is, like you say, one of two regulars who appeared in all 3 postseasons is reason for praise, not criticism. THAT'S the stat we should look at, not the .413 OPS which is essentially meaningless not only because the ABs are few, but because those few ABs are from 3 different years within the span of five years. While his fellow teammates were hurt or suspended, there he was trying his best. Driving in a few runs. Get one of the handful of hits in the 2016 postseason.
  8. I'm not sure anyone in this thread has accused DD of being racist.
  9. Definitely agree here. We knew this when he got hired, too, so when he does this it's really no surprise. I still think he's a solid GM. I mean, obviously he's one of only a few who have had success under Peter Angelos.
  10. Not technically, no. But it's a very real thing that it's been used to positively describe white players over players of color. That's a fact, jack, whether you like it or not. I'm not saying the phrase is by itself racist - far from it. I'm saying it's weak descriptor with some unfortunate baggage attached to it. All the players go to work every day as long as they're healthy. When they're not healthy, they work to get healthy. Cal Ripken did something no one else has come close to doing since, and no one ever will because the economics of the game are different. I'm not sure that makes him any better than any of his teammates, or that his teammates didn't work just as hard. Cal got lucky and perhaps had a high tolerance for pain and played through some things. Instead of using terms based on class, which don't really make sense in regards to baseball, let's use better descriptors. That's all.
  11. Yeah, that's fair. I'm not really trying to hold you specifically accountable. It's just been something rattling around in my brain and I've seen a few comments about Jones in the last few days and just felt like I wanted to shine some light on it. Because I do think it's a real issue. And believe me, I've commented on Jones a lot over the years, too. Hey, he's a frustrating player at times, there's no doubt. But at the end of the day, I'm not sure he's any more frustrating than some other Orioles. For my part, I'm going to try and remember that throughout the year.
  12. I also don't think this is a particularly shocking or controversial thing to say in 2017, either. I mean if you think there are people out there who AREN'T quicker to criticize a black player over a white player, I'm not sure what planet you think you live on. Or what sport you're a fan of, even.
  13. In part, by some people, yes. I'm not trying to paint with too broad a brush because I don't really believe anyone here is doing so and there's certainly no evidence whatsoever to come to that conclusion. So before I get jumped on, I'm not saying that the OH is doing this. I'm not out here to call anyone a racist, so don't misunderstand. I want to call attention to some things is all. It's the same thing I was talking about in the other thread about terms like "blue collar" and "scrappy" being historically attached to white players. I think there's a tendency to pass harsher judgement on those who are different from us, that's human nature. We just need to keep that in mind as fans. It seems pretty clear to me, and many others as well, that Jones is unfairly criticized when compared to his teammates and I think there's a case to be made that race is part of the reason why.
  14. Check this out, it's awesome. https://www.reddit.com/r/mlb/comments/60g9pt/i_sent_emails_to_all30_teams_from_mlb_asking_why/
  15. I have no idea what "blue collar worker" means when describing a baseball player. Describe his talents, his stats, his attitude. Anything other than this meaningless collection of phrases.