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  1. Enjoy Terror

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    He’s from Southern ‘Merica
  2. Enjoy Terror

    Flaherty Looking Really Good

    I actually meant the Horse Racing triple crown. Flaherty has a better shot at that I think.
  3. Enjoy Terror

    Flaherty Looking Really Good

    The Braves cut Bautista, so there’s a window of opportunity here for Flash to attain the Triple Crown.
  4. Enjoy Terror


    I don’t know. I was implying that Andrew Miller only cost the Orioles E-Rod, and Bleier’s no Andrew Miller.
  5. Enjoy Terror


    Something not as good as Eduardo Rodriguez.
  6. Enjoy Terror

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    I was like “what is hit by pitch medicine?”
  7. Ever since I cancelled Comcast I haven’t been able to watch the games at home. I haven’t felt the need to put them on the radio either. I’m pretty much not paying attention this season.
  8. Enjoy Terror

    The Moesquito!

    Curious if you’ve seen him in person. Is it that he’s not that defensively gifted or does he just have great range that leads to more plays on difficult balls?
  9. Enjoy Terror

    Why Buck And Dan Have To Go

    No, sorry, you missed the point. If Tillman fails, shame on Brady because everyone here felt he was done except for him. If Cobb fails, shame on Cobb— Brady made a good move for a good pitcher who’s not holding up his end of the bargain. We all agreed to that Cobb was a good move based upon what we knew at the time. You can’t pile on Brady for not seeing this kind of poor performance out of Cobb. And yes, Cobb will be fine. At the moment, he is not fine.
  10. Enjoy Terror

    Why Buck And Dan Have To Go

    This board celebrated the Cobb acquisition like they won the lotto. Brady doesn’t get “blamed” for that one.
  11. Enjoy Terror

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Mr. Poche is one of the PTBNL in the Steven Souza trade between Tampa Bay and Arizona.
  12. Enjoy Terror

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    Jeff Daniels is a fine actor but Jerry Seinfeld revolutionized the sitcom. He was paid handsomely for his innovation.
  13. Enjoy Terror

    Roch: Dan Duquette - Cavalry is not coming.

    Or lying. Niether is a good look.
  14. Enjoy Terror

    Thought - Grooming the OF

    I’m sure he’d be okay with getting traded.
  15. Enjoy Terror

    Beckham could be out a little while.

    Gild this man