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  1. This a bratty, myopic take. I can only imagine what you’d come up with when you find out Dwight Smith has a longer career than DJ Stewart.
  2. Delmonico was sent down today. Struggling all year
  3. Last years team was bad for lack of effort. This year’s team is a lack of talent. I prefer this style of bad.
  4. Guilty of being on Reddit all the time
  5. I read somewhere that the Orioles haven’t used the same batting order twice this year.
  6. It's even worse when you realize there are two Javy Guerra's in the MLB
  7. Not even the first time this season.
  8. I might've missed this one, but the Red Sox cut Aneury Tavarez loose from AA last week.
  9. "Trying to break this play down is like trying to diagram diarrhea" quote of the year, tbh
  10. Over the last 30 days, Davis is third in fWAR by position players. Severino is cranking on all cylinders offensively and defensively since then. Rio Ruiz just after him.
  11. https://streamable.com/x3fi4 it looks stupider than reading it
  12. We’re gonna get Bauered tonight, anyway. EDIT: Second batter hits a bomb. Dang it frobby
  13. 11 of the 50 weren’t in the city. But it makes sense that most would be in the city. A younger more “go out” crowd lives downtown, tourists go downtown, wealthy business people maintain residences near their offices. The county is where you go to live cheaply and raise your kids in safety. Eating out is expensive for families so it gets done less. So it’s riskier to open a restaurant in a sparsely populated area where going out isn’t a priority. Personally I don’t even know how a magazine about Baltimore justifies putting anything from Annapolis or HoCo in it anyway.
  14. 2019 Orioles Games I’ve watched - Me Let me know when the games go to broadcast TV and they’re good
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