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  1. Enjoy Terror

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Quite the contrary actually. He had some great sound bites at the beginning of the season. He seems like he’s a hungry, team player. He may not be very good but I don’t doubt his commitment.
  2. Enjoy Terror

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    That’s the (115) million dollar question, isn’t it...
  3. Enjoy Terror

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    He’s not really starting, he’s only played in two of the last six games...
  4. Enjoy Terror

    Boy, do WE stink!

    In August, Orioles are 3rd in the MLB in Runs, RBI... 4th in HR, BA, SLG... 8th in OBP... 20th in K%... 28th in BB%. 19th in K/9 ... 27th in HR/9... 30th (!!!) in BB/9 & ERA and Defense. DFL
  5. Enjoy Terror

    Players Weekend Nicknames

    I would’ve accepted Jumbo, Dumbo, or Trombone.
  6. Enjoy Terror

    Zach Britton Appreciation Thread

    This makes me miss Jim Johnson. We had some really great closers over the last decade.
  7. Enjoy Terror

    50 games left - call the record

  8. I think you’ll see batters that can’t adjust go away before you’ll see shifts go away because of players adjusting. I think that makes sense?
  9. Enjoy Terror

    How we feeling?

    Feeling like... I was robbed of at least one season of baseball. It’s always been my “if nothing else I can listen to the game” thing in the summer. So I’m bummed if not disappointed that this is how it is right now. I’m curious as to what their 2019 strategy is to fill in the gaps. I’m not sure if this means more Rule 5 signings or what. Thank goodness for ‘12, ‘14, and ‘16 because if this was happening in 2012 I’d probably swear off baseball. For that reason I’m thinking that I’m really optimistic for Ravens’ season to kick up.
  10. Enjoy Terror

    The O's crash of 2018. Who's to blame?

    At the end of the day, it’s on the owner. Either he meddled too much or didn’t hire the right people. The blame is on ownership. And it’s six things they’re to blame for: 1) Poor lineup construction. Extremely inflexible players that log jammed 1B/DH, lack of speed, three true outcome hitters, players playing out of place leading to poor defensive outcomes. Inflexibility in the bullpen with using players in defined roles (ie the closer must close out all games where he is in line for a save), and of course poor starter management— not getting the right guys, leaving them in too long, not long enough. 2) Poor contract decisions. Trumbo and Davis are current examples, Ubaldo was one, Tillman’s most recent contract is another, even going back to Brian Roberts we can see that they’ve made few positive long term contract offers to anyone. Too many “why are we doing this” moments that are objectively awful before the ink dries have undoubtedly wound up being awful. You can throw money at problems as long as it hits the problems and not in the fireplace. 3) Holding them and folding them. In the last few seasons where the Orioles were not good going into August, we were unwise buyers instead of selling. And we were obviously not good— like, a “.500 ballclub in fourth place” not good. On top of this lack of foresight, even if we were All In for the post season, we made moves like trading for Gerardo Parra and that’s it. No great pitcher acquisitions, no big hitters, just rolling the dice on what we have. 4) Recycling established players for the farm system. Manny Machado marks the first time since Erik Bedard that I can remember us making a major trade for prospects. We don’t do it enough, and when tied with #3 above we really hamstrung our farm system. When we should have been selling, we wasted valuable trading commodities in players coming up into free agency, and even nixed trades to send Britton out to the Astros— don’t you think Colin Moran would look nice at 3B right now? 5) Speaking of which, our heavily documented practice of abstaining from international players has only exacerbated this problem and put us at an extreme disadvantage. I assume Dan has tried to minimize this by looking for Rule V market inefficiencies (which should be applauded rather than criticized, considering the FO’s limitations on acquiring young players), 6) and finally, it should be noted that only recent drafts have produced some decent players for us, and while not everyone can be Manny Machado, and we’re bound to have a Cody Sedlock, poor draft choices like Matt Hobgood that were cost saving, draft punting moves are just unwise if you’re an organization that wants to scrimp elsewhere. This is mostly my beef with this organization which I assume is coming from the top down starting with PA. I’m glad that the Os are putting on the appearance that these days are behind them and they’re going to join us all in the 21st century world of baseball management.
  11. Enjoy Terror

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    I’m optimistic that they will keep Trumbo at DH and minimize the logjam there next year. Mancini should be playing first, but unless Trumbo is gone altogether I don’t see that happening.
  12. Enjoy Terror

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Can I get two Victors and a Me-sa! *clap* *clap* woooo
  13. Enjoy Terror

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    The Orioles are a billion dollar enterprise. You’re “just saying” but honestly if this franchise wants to cry poor they can blame years of mismanagement. Here you are to blame the fans. You should be ashamed. If not for Stockholm Syndrome people in Baltimore wouldn’t put up with this garbage.
  14. Enjoy Terror

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    No one was heartbroken then because Arrieta was struggling. The consensus was “we did what we could, change of scenery, maybe he’s not that great”. It wasn’t until after that it came out that they had mucked about with his pitches and the Cubs immediately had a great pitcher on their hands that people started blaming the developmental squad. All the posters here knew Arrieta had the stuff to be great. He was top prospect for us. how is that not different if Gausman goes onto great things? Theyd have a better defense if it wasn’t just Mussina and Bedard in the last 25 years.
  15. Enjoy Terror

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Sorry pal. That’s not the reason anyone would be petrified. They’re petrified because the Orioles couldn’t get either to work here. It speaks to the development strategy of this ballclub.