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  1. Enjoy Terror

    The Colby Rasmus Appreciation Thread

    I kinda feel like we shouldn’t be angry at a dude that quits when the whole time we’re like “please quit” Like if Chris Davis quit I feel he should get some sort of medal.
  2. Enjoy Terror

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    As much of a non-player Jack Zoellner is, I can see myself bringing it up twenty years from now trying to be tongue in cheek about when the Orioles made a dumber move than whatever stupid thing they’re doing in twenty years.
  3. Enjoy Terror

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    Can I get a TLDR here? Looks like McGrady is being a jerk, not Ripken.
  4. Enjoy Terror

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Paste as plain text
  5. Jim Johnson is just Zach Britton in the distant future. I don’t see a reunion happening. Not the Orioles MO.
  6. Talking trash? This should benefit the Orioles... like “don’t you all realize how much better the Orioles could be with good information?
  7. This thread isn't nearly as exciting as what I was signing up for
  8. Enjoy Terror

    How can you guys not be talking more about Sano?

  9. Enjoy Terror

    How can you guys not be talking more about Sano?

    Yeah but that’s just Tuesday down there
  10. Enjoy Terror

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    I’d wager that Mountcastle isn’t going to play in Baltimore next year outside of a September call up. He’s not ready.
  11. Enjoy Terror

    How can you guys not be talking more about Sano?

    Driving in the Dominican is insane. They have three times the traffic fatalities of the United States per capita. Dudes a jerk though.
  12. Enjoy Terror

    Fall and Winter Leagues

  13. Enjoy Terror

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    Interesting tidbit of information: Sharlon Schoop was originally signed out of Aruba in 2005 by the Giants, making him the only player in AAA to have 13 minor league seasons under his belt without a call up. He was briefly brought up on a taxi squad last year but didn't actually get purchased. Only Allen de San Miguel of the Royals has more time, taken out of Australia in 2004, BUT, did not play in 2014 or this year (though he is on the Omaha roster) giving him only 12 seasons. Francisco Diaz (NYY) and our own Garabez Rosa were each originally signed in 2006 and also have 12 seasons in the minors without a call up. Joel Polanco, bullpen catcher for the Tides, was also a 2006 signing by the Birds but has not played since 2011. There are five other players signed in 2007 that haven't been called up, and four in 2008, before it opens up to 17 from 2009.