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  1. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    Speaking of Tanner Scott, his AFL numbers would lead me to believe he is not at all well. Last 4 games (of 5): 10/20 - Started, 2IP, 3ER, 2BB/2K 10/28 - Started, 3IP, 3ER, 3/1 11/9 - Relief, 1IP, 2ER, 3/2 11/11 - Relief, 1.1IP, 5ER, 2/0 He just got worse with each game. I’m not a scout or anything but injured pitchers pitch lines like that all the time.
  2. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    Someone else mentioned it in another thread but he’s in direct competition with Donnie Hart in ST.
  3. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    Orioles picked up Ryan O'Rourke yesterday. He was out for all of 2017 after TJS. Prior to injury, his numbers were all over the place... but what sticks out to me is his 11 K/9 at AAA and AA. Seems like a hard throwing left hander who needs some consistency.
  4. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    1993 Ruben Sierra would be proud
  5. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    Logan Verrett has signed with the NC Dinos in the KBO. http://m.sports.naver.com/kbaseball/news/read.nhn?oid=311&aid=0000795361&redirect=true
  6. I was thinking a prospect package including Brandon McCarthy doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.
  7. I'm just talking about why they refuse blow the team up and start with a youth movement. Sarasota is another thing entirely.
  8. I think it's tough to ask short-term contracted management and a deathly old owner to sabotage today to better a future that doesn't exist for any of them. They all want to win, they all have to win now; they're all unemployed or dead within 3-5 years at most.
  9. Top 30 Prospects Going into 2018

    Not that it would happen, but is Hays better in CF than he is in RF? What would Jones look like in RF?
  10. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    Anyone interested in having me maintain something like this? I was kind of surprised no one had done it yet. Free Agents: RHP: SP Wade Miley - 32GS SP Jeremy Hellickson - 30GS SP Ubaldo Jimenez - 25GS, 6 in relief SP Chris Tillman - 19GS, 5 in relief SP Tyler Wilson - 20GS at AAA, 1GS in MLB RP Richard Rodriguez - 10SV at AAA, 5G in relief at MLB RP Scott McGough - 13SV at AA RP Jefri Hernandez - 5SV at AA/A+ RP Franderlin Romero - 4GS at A+ RP Jason Garcia RP Robert Bundy RP Raudel Lazo RP Paco Rodriguez RP Karl Triana RP Tomo Ohka - Cut during ST 2017 RP Logan Ondrusek - Cut during ST 2017 RP Zach Stewart - Released 5/2 RP Austin Urban (DNP) RP Andrew Bellatti (DNP) RP Nate Adcock (DNP) LHP: SP Jayson Aquino* - 21GS at AAA, 2GS in MLB RP Tim Berry* - 4SV at AA RP Andrew Faulkner* RP Lucas Luetge* Catchers: C Welington Castillo C Francisco Pena - Called up twice in May C Audrey Perez C Chris O'Brien# CI: 1B/RF Pedro Alvarez* - Called up 9/1 1B/RF David Washington* - Called up 6/14 1B Aderlin Rodriguez 3B Alex Castellanos 3B/1B Chris Johnson MI: 2B Ryan Flaherty 2B Johnny Giavotella - Called up 7/6 2B Sharlon Schoop 2B Sean Coyle - Released 6/10 2B/SS Robert Andino - Suspended 5/31 SS JJ Hardy SS/3B Ruben Tejada - Called up 6/5 OF: LF/CF Chris Dickerson* CF/LF Logan Schafer* CF/RF Glynn Davis RF/1B Garabez Rosa RF/LF Seth Smith RF/LF Craig Gentry Losses RP Vidal Nuno* - 11/8 MiLB contract with TBR SP Jason Wheeler* - 11/15 Contract with KBO Hanwa RP Logan Verrett - 11/16 Contract with KBO NC Dinos Re-signed Players SS Luis Sardinas# - 10/25 Re-signed to MiLB contract Acquisitions: 1B Joe Maloney - 10/19 Signed to MiLB contract; Spent 2017 in Can-Am/Atlantic leagues, was MVP RP Ryan O'Rourke* - 11/16 Signed to MiLB contract; DNP in 2017 due to TJS
  11. You were joking but he’s not on the Cubs anymore!
  12. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    If it's so obvious why we won that year, then why did no one predict it? There's literally not one in 160 replies offering your excuses as reasons we would eventually win 93 games. And to three of your points: Point #1: We have two huge controllable pieces coming into big WAR years now-- Bundy and Gausman. Point #2: Our farm system is better now than it's been in probably... literally two decades. Point #3: We've tied up money into one contract-- Chris Davis. And at the time we had -1.1 WAR from Brian Roberts, the $40M man. Chris' contract is worse, but you're making it out to be some sort of "the Orioles can't win because of Chris Davis" which is just a really poor argument. And honestly, it seems you learned nothing from reading those threads. You're just parroting the same inane stuff they were back then.
  13. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    This thread was made exactly six years ago. Read these comments— “what would make you happy this offseason?” By and large, the answer was “nothing”. Sign Fielder, sign Darvish, win games, but mostly ... “nothing”. What about the end of the offseason? Oh man! 2012 is going to suck! The offseason turned out to be terrible, we did nothing, signed nobody... But we did win 93 games that year. Just trying to say that it all looks bleak until it suddenly isn’t. If you open your mind, you can believe that this year’s team is capable of doing great things even if the answers don’t seem all that apparent.
  14. Duquette's first BIG move (sarcasm)

    Is there a significant improvement in pay, benefits, quality of life, etc. between affiliated and independent ball? Are most independent players hoping to get back into affiliated ball?
  15. Well, I would’ve maybe had the opposite conversation about paying Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo.