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  1. Curtis Granderson

    It would seem more likely to me that he plays right field full time. Carrera would platoon with Pearce. Teoscar would be the backup plan if Granderson continues to falter.
  2. SP Openings Across MLB

    The O's said the same thing about Miguel Gonzalez before cutting him.
  3. So it's less than a Month.

    Considering Rule V has netted us Flaherty, Rickard, and Garcia... shouldn't we expect Cortes to be not much better than than an equivalent bench infielder?
  4. So it's less than a Month.

    I didn’t read down that far. Jeez. I don’t advocate making moves to “make moves”. But why would anyone take the same last place team one year older back into the fray?
  5. So it's less than a Month.

    Not doing anything is stupid.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Dude is trying to get paid, no doubt about it.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Say the Diamondbacks traded for Manny. Is one year of Manny worth straight swap for Duplantier? Too much or too little?
  8. 2017-18 Offseason Tracker

    D'Arby Myers was in the O's org last year before signing with the Bluefish.
  9. Mini Camp Thread

    Weekend at Bernie’s?
  10. Mini Camp Thread

    “More than a friend” you say? Spicy
  11. Orioles Interested in Carlos Gonzalez?

    Sometimes you get Nelson Cruz and sometimes you get Mark Trumbo.
  12. Orioles Interested in Carlos Gonzalez?

    No the Padres are still the Padres.
  13. Orioles Interested in Carlos Gonzalez?

    I choose to believe his last two months are closer to his real value and can be had at a discount. I think he’s worth pursuit for a light contract.
  14. Orioles Interested in Carlos Gonzalez?

    The Orioles can focus on both. Whether they choose to is another point entirely. Their pursuit of an everyday outfielder is still important. Hays is not the immediate answer.