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  1. I'm guessing that for this season, they'll call up Mountcastle and Akin. The other four will be selected in the offseason. I'm not convinced we don't keep Alvarado.
  2. Hmm, you are correct. I'm thinking about post World Series when they recall everyone, rather than the September call-ups. The 2018 Orioles had their 25-man plus Araujo and Trumbo on 10-day DL going into September (27). They recalled eight players in September (35). We left Santander, Harvey, and Vielma in the minors, and re-assigned Susac when he came off the restricted list (39). We also selected Corban Joseph, Ortiz, Stewart, and Means after we cut Gentry and put Trumbo/Araujo/Hays on 60DL. I can't account for a 40th player, but it's possible we only had 39 to end the season. I'm not going to do the math to find out.
  3. I think last year maybe five rostered players in all of baseball didn’t get called up, so presumably everyone on the forty man will be here in September.
  4. Not related, but the people in this thread would find it interesting.
  5. I badly want him to do well and be a great player. Things like this are just... so frustrating.
  6. Dudes been on fire lately after being consistently “average-to-good”. Rarely slumps and rarely breaks out but he’s turned it on for a change of pace this past week or two.
  7. I came to this thread to post that video and talk about a new term, “tricky league”. I dunno how I made it this far in this forum without ever hearing that term.
  8. “I managed 3,400 games in the big leagues, and never once did I put on a full shift on anybody. Not once. And I think I won a few games without having to shift.’ This is the quote that makes me think “old man yelling at cloud”. That’s not a big picture quote. Lou Piniella lost plenty of baseball games. The shift will not necessarily win you a game.
  9. There’s no doubt they wanted and needed outfielders. They claimed every outfielder that hit waivers early this year.
  10. I’m more of the opinion that he’s a scenery change kinda guy, the Giants saw something the Orioles didn’t and this “surge” would never have happened with the O’s. The good news is that occasionally the Orioles will get mileage out of players like Chris Davis in similar circumstances. I’m not sure Davis has a career in Texas like he had here.
  11. I think it’s more like “there’s plenty of room to work him into the lineup, why not bring him up?” Its not that he necessarily earned his shot, but none of these people we’re trotting out here have either...
  12. That’s where I disagree. Odds weren’t that good.
  13. We could’ve drafted someone else. If money wasn’t an issue than this isn’t a problem.
  14. It’s like in fantasy sports drafts though; you don’t take players based on how well you think they’ll do, you take them based on where you think you can draft them. Hobgood was a headscratching first round pick and wasn’t mocked anywhere near there. He could have been a supposed first round talent acquired in the second round, or later.
  15. I’m looking at comps: 2008 Kevin Youkilis .312 / .390 / .569 621PA 29HR 91R 115RBI, 146 wRC+ 2004 Adam Dunn .266 / .388 / .569 681PA 46HR 105R 102RBI, 142 wRC+ or 2010 Paul Konerko .312 / .393 / .584 631PA 39HR 89R 111RBI 158 wRC+ 2007 Ryan Howard .268 / .392 / .584 648PA 47HR 94R 136RBI, 135 wRC+ or 2005 Michael Young .331 / .385 / .513 732PA 24HR 114R 91RBI, 136 wRC+ 2008 Adam Dunn .236 / .386 / .513 651PA 40HR 79R 100RBI, 130 wRC+ So in these three cases the high average batter performed better by runs created. I will stand corrected.
  16. 15 years is not an insignificant amount of time for all of baseball history, 99% seems aggressive. I agree it makes sense when you can’t get a starter to consistently get outs because he can’t dial it up for long enough, but in cases where you don’t have enough pitches or no singular amazing plus plus pitch, it could be that your stuff isn’t enough for the show. We drafted Gausman because he was a complete collegiate pitcher with the pitches to succeed immediately. His lack of success is perplexing and I used to blame the Orioles for screwing him up... I can’t blame the Braves too. Sometimes the best and brightest don’t always pan out.
  17. If you look at all of the pitchers in the minor leagues from the last 15 years, and then look at all the ones that made the majors, it’s split almost 50/50 between minor league relievers and starters. It’s contrary to the theory that the majority of relievers were failed starters. EDIT: i glossed over the fact you said drafted. Nevermind.
  18. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/reds-release-david-hernandez.html Wish he had been a lifelong Oriole
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