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  1. I didn't think the Orioles were as good as their start and don't think they are as bad as the last few weeks. I'll wait a month or so and see where they are then. But I agree the possibility exists that a lot of hard decisions might be coming.
  2. I'm the positive guy and it's getting hard to stay that way. Find someone that can get a few guys out.
  3. They blew a 5 run lead. I blame Gausman and the bullpen. And Buck, get him out of there.
  4. So the starters can throw 100 to 120 pitches and the bullpen guys can't go two games in a row? If you keep treating them like sissies that's exactly how they will act.
  5. I think it's ridiculous. I've seen the Orioles win a WS. A few of them. I'm not going to ride the coattails of a team having recent success. That's the definition of a bandwagon fan and I'll never be one of those.
  6. I've said this before and got shouted down. If Buck knows something we don't, do something about it.
  7. I wouldn't trade being a fan of the Orioles for anything. Period.
  8. Does anyone play this? It's a Facebook game. My Coalition is looking for new members. I'll promote you quick since you're a Hangouter.
  9. Wow.
  10. I see the old Zach as a starter that threw hard. I'm not seeing the new Zach that had the sink. I really hope this is a temporary thing.
  11. Two appearances and Zach has no sink? And I'm an optimist.
  12. Yeah it has been a wild road trip.
  13. Britton to work the bugs out.
  14. Unless he rubbed it on his own shoe.
  15. Maybe. I was surprised his signature pitch wasn't working though.