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  1. I'm an old guy. Saw Frank and Brooks play when I was a Kid. Saw Eddie and Cal come up. I have probably forgotten more than I remember. And it's still good to see someone like Adley come aboard. Best of luck.
  2. I'm very happy Adley and Gunnar signed. As for the rest. If you want to play Pro ball sign. If not, go to school or work at McDonalds.
  3. Because 25 games does not make a career. Or a season. Jim Traber comes to mind.
  4. If Gunnar is holding everything up, make him one last offer and move on.
  5. This keeps getting stranger. A contract for a hit? Can't wait to hear the rest of this story.
  6. The higher levels will tell more. A week between starts may hamper what you can discern.
  7. I don't have an issue with drafting position players after all the pitchers the O's have drafted recently. As for the guys we drafted after the 3rd round, I don't know enough about them to have an educated opinion. I'll rely on Luke and the guys that follow HS and College players closely.
  8. I agree. 7 to 8 days between starts is ridiculous.
  9. This year and next year are development years. And lots of losing. That's the way rebuilds go. To expect the O's to be competitive or starting certain players service time isn't going to happen. The players that do get called up better perform or they won't be here the next time the O's are winning.
  10. Staying up to watch now really doesn't matter. It's the 2 to 4 years of development.
  11. I disagree about the netting. If parents and adults pay attention they should be able to protect the kids. I have been to hundreds of games and have never been hit by a foul ball. Get your eyes off the phones and watch the game. You can't protect everyone from everything.
  12. Let me see him use a wood bat, then I'll have a better idea of his power.
  13. If they draft Adley I don't care who the back up is. Len Sakata, Earl Williams, whoever. It will take him a year and a half to make it to the Majors so there is time.
  14. I have to agree. That's the definition of stupid. Let these guys make all those decisions then fire them? The Owner should be fired.
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