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  1. Satyr3206

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    It's like the Godfather scene. If we wake up and there's a Manager, fine. If not, I know we don't.
  2. Satyr3206

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Developing a Rookie QB while trying to make the Playoffs is not an easy thing to do.
  3. Another fun fact. I moved to Virginia in 1989 for a few years because of my Mothers health problems. Caught on in a League. I very rarely pitched. I wasn't bad, just liked hitting much more. Got to pitch to Julie Croteau who was in a League of Their Own. Walked her on 4 pitches. Got the other 3 outs. To this day I think my male ego wouldn't let me throw a strike so she wouldn't get a hit. I didn't do it on purpose and had no other control issues that inning. I'm blaming it on my subconscious.
  4. Satyr3206

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I hope not. He can't cover.
  5. Satyr3206

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Just read that the Ravens have never lost in KC.
  6. I've lost a few. Like most people.
  7. I didn't know that about Harrisburg. You have to do some research and invest where the Government entity is financially stable and pays their bills. There are numerous areas of the Country I would never consider, no matter what interest rate they offered.
  8. I could talk about this for days. If you are a novice invest in tax free Muni's.
  9. Givens was my first thought. Just a guess though.
  10. I totally agree. I could handle most College, Rookie ball and A pitchers. When you get to the guys that had played AA or AAA it got significantly harder. I remember a guy named Mickey that had played AAA in the Pirates organization. Mid 90's, vicious curve, and a good change. I could hit him but it wasn't easy. The fact he slightly tipped his curve was what helped me and probably kept him out of the show.
  11. There is no category for Semi Pro so I hit the closest one. Definitely could have gone in the minors if I didn't discover women and drinks. Had scouts watching me from 13 to 17 when I went in the USMC. Got out and played Semi Pro for years. With a lot of former Minor Leaguers. Mostly Rookie league and A ball guys. but a few AAA guys. Had to quit in my mid 30's when I tore up my knee.
  12. Satyr3206

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    I always laugh when I see players that never choke up, never hit up the middle, or adjust their stance. And as a hitter it is actually easier to hit in a certain direction than hit for power because you have more bat control. My thoughts and outlook on hitting is derived from the Rogers Hornsby, Ted Williams approach. Which includes strike zone awareness and the ability to hit the ball where it is pitched at times. Although Hornsby did that more than Williams. And yes when I played guys threw 90+ and had curves, sliders, and changes. They even had splitters, aka a forkball, screwballs, knucklers, etc. Back then there were no analytics per say. They were called stats then. We even had cars to get to games, lol.
  13. Satyr3206

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    All the talk about analytics and professional hitters can't figure out how to go the other way.
  14. Satyr3206

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    Back when I played if they shifted like that my reaction would be, thanks for the free hit morons.
  15. Satyr3206

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    If a hitter doesn't like the shift they can always hit it somewhere else. If they understand the least little thing about their craft.