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  1. Satyr3206

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Not impressed at all.
  2. Satyr3206

    Top Manager Candidates

    Is that the second or third time he has met with a Team then withdrawn his name?
  3. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    He would be on my short list.
  4. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    As for hiring Kim Ng I have numerous doubts. For President or GM. Her experience on the Player Personnel side is limited and that is a key element of what The Orioles need. She also has never built an Organization from the ground up. I also don't think the MASN dispute should have anything to do with the decision for President or GM. They are separate issues and need to be addressed as such.
  5. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    You are probably close to right but it's going to have to be settled at some point. If both parties walk away a little dissatisfied it's probably a fair deal for both sides.
  6. Satyr3206

    Machado: Hustling is 'not my cup of tea'

    I have to admit I find it shocking that any big pending FA would come out and say hustling isn't their cup of tea. Not exactly increasing your value.
  7. A decision is coming soon supposedly. Glaciers move faster.
  8. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    I'd say last too. That is why the future hire has to get certain things in writing.
  9. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    I agree. I think about it this way. The Draft and International signings are very important in the next few years. Focus there if possible. The FO staff need to have someone that has developed an Organization. They may not get one of the people that are the hot hires, but they can get someone capable.
  10. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    Here's my hire's. Bill Veeck as President, Larry McPhail as GM, and Leo Durocher as Manager.
  11. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    I usually agree with you. If you're a young ML Exec how many opportunities will come your way? It's not like they are asking on Craigslist. This all depends on how they want things to run now. A clear FO structure, or more of the last 20 years.
  12. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    My Brother always did that. If you start at the bottom there's only one way to go.
  13. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    Let's get a few things straight. There are only a few of these jobs available. If you are a Baseball person then you want one. It really doesn't matter what Division you are in. Either you think you can do the job......or you don't.
  14. And people still love to yap about it.
  15. Satyr3206

    Top President Candidates?

    I thought the same thing. I read she had interviewed 5 other times. Made me wonder.