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  1. Satyr3206

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    They aren't Orioles anymore. Have a great career, but I really don't care.
  2. Personally I wouldn't trust ESPN to watch my cat, but that's me.
  3. Satyr3206

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    He hits for power. The ball is bigger. You never know.
  4. Satyr3206

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Trade him to Berkshire Hathaway for the write off.
  5. Fire everybody? That seems a little extreme.
  6. Satyr3206

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    Extend DD and let Buck go. I respect everything Buck has done for the Franchise but he plays "his guys" way too much and fixates on things that aren't that big a deal.
  7. Satyr3206

    D.L. Hall 2018

    Your front hip is flying open. Stride to the target. Don't overthrow and relax. To be fair, I'll post one of my old butt throwing soon.
  8. If it's true. The Duke Lacrosse scandal makes me wonder. One story that everyone is quoting from. I will say no more until the investigation is done. And I know exactly where that is headed.
  9. Satyr3206

    D.L. Hall 2018

    So how do you rate your stuff? J/K but I wanted to ask.
  10. Do you really think that any Coach would intentionally "work a kid to death"? I find that hard to believe. Unfortunately, in today's world all people need is someone to blame and then here come the Lawyers.
  11. While I feel for the McNair Family, I'm not sure about the other things stated in the story. Have they been verified? Playing any sport at a high level is tough. And demanding. I'll wait and see what happens.
  12. Satyr3206

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    I'd be buying too. Nice way to join the Bigs. Speed, OBP, who would have thought that might work?
  13. Satyr3206

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I'm channeling my inner Ozzie. Best player on your board. No matter the position.