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  1. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    Does he have any chicken and beer?
  2. I didn't vote because I don't really care about the Conference. Find a way to make the Teams better.
  3. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    It's simple. If his price falls enough and the Orioles offer the most money. Done.
  4. Orioles to offer free UD seats ALL season to kids

    I really like this. You fill the seats, sell more Concessions, and develop a new generation of Fans. I remember the first time I walked into Memorial Stadium. Now if they can show this kind of foresight for the actual Team.
  5. This is a joke

    I've been watching this for a while and I have a comment. I long for the 70's and 80's Front Office. So glad I haven't bought a ticket in years. Of course, I live in South Carolina.
  6. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    That's what I was thinking too. I was joking about it the other day but now.....
  7. Pace of play in Baseball is funny anyway. How long does the last 5 minutes of any Football or Basketball game take? 30 to 45 minutes? Give me a break.
  8. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Excellent research. I personally don't have the patience for it but that's just me.
  9. It should be. This is the first season I have had almost no interest at all.
  10. Buck Showalter seems agitated....

    I'd be pissed. After all he has done they are leaving him to twist in the wind. Try a new thing, a cell phone call.
  11. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    A week ago I was pretty down on this season. While I don't think Cashner and Tilly turn us into playoff contenders, at least it's progress. I'd like to see them add another starter. And I am a little surprised by all the negative outlooks. The Orioles have never been in on top of the rotation pitchers. Ever. To expect anything like that is to set yourself up for disappointment. It's Spring Training and I'll be slightly optimistic until I have a reason not to be.