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  1. Spitballs might work. If they knew how to throw one.
  2. According to that article the fastball is still thrown a majority of the time. I was merely stating an opinion. If I wanted to argue I could talk to my wife, lol.
  3. I just think a lot of evaluators are in love with power pitchers. Guys that change speeds and primarily use offspeed stuff to get people out are under valued now. By using a different type pitcher it would be different timing, and maybe less HR's.
  4. My theory is that if you had a fewer pitchers that threw 95 the Homers would go down. The harder you throw the further it goes. Calling the correct strike zone would help a bit too.
  5. It's all deck chairs on the Titanic right now. He's churning the roster to give the higher level prospects more seasoning time. That's my take.
  6. I thought Rickard and Martin would do better. Not shocked about the latter two.
  7. I'm not a big Golf guy, but sort of shocked no thread about Tiger's win. He could hardly walk 2 years ago. I thought it was a great win for Tiger and a good thing for Golf.
  8. 60% of the lineup is under performing. Wait a year or two.
  9. I still get a kick out of people that think analytics can help with a slump. Even one as pronounced as this. Stats will never help you hit or field or pitch. They are numbers that might help you in very limited circumstances.
  10. I did notice that Hyde has gone from, bullpen is doing fine to we need to stop giving up HR's. Wait a few weeks. The message will change. Stop blowing sunshine up their butts and tell them it's the Majors.
  11. To be fair. Considering the starters we have. Forget the Norfolk shuttle. We need a mag lev train that gets them to Baltimore in 20 minutes or so.
  12. First time Manager. He's going to need time to learn. That said, I'll call him out when he screws the pooch.
  13. Are you talking about the contract or the crab cakes?
  14. I agree. Each position has it's quirks. I'd rather see guys proficient at 1 position instead of getting moved around.
  15. I have a sneaking feeling we're going to see a fair amount of the kids this year, whether they want to bring them up or not.
  16. Anybody but Wright. Anybody.
  17. If they don't get approved as Owners they'll probably sue, lol.
  18. And I thought they were trying to solve this. Doesn't sound that way.
  19. If Turgeon resigned I'd have a week long party.
  20. They suck. Drink Heavily for the next year or so.
  21. This is why I hate hypothetical questions. You can answer anyway you want and you'll still be wrong.
  22. You're right about that. Adley's swing is quick and compact. Good hip turn too. I don't think Witt or anyone else is close to 1:1 right now.
  23. If I were the Owners I'd be on a Beach somewhere with a drink with an umbrella in it.
  24. I'll defer to you on where in the draft he would go. I wouldn't go overslot for someone that needs major form and swing changes.
  25. The weight transfer would alter his swing plane slightly. Might quiet his hands down because his power would be coming from his hips, not his arms and hands.
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