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  1. Don't try to talk baseball common sense. It gets faded out by all the statheads.
  2. I don't know. Ya keep changing the rules the old timers are going to get pissed. I wouldn't go to a game now if the tickets were free. Screens all over the place, no beer after the 7th, can't slide into anyone. Not my cup of tea.
  3. I get a kick out of reporters asking why he isn't in the line up. He sucks. Simple as that.
  4. My take on this is that writers say things to get clicks and views. Years ago it was circulation. The internet had made the sensationalism much worse. Second, I seriously doubt the Angelos brothers, who were raised in Baltimore. would consider moving the Orioles. They talk about social conscience, etc. Moving the O's would fly right in the face of that.
  5. I agree. It takes patience. Things that are worth waiting for often do.
  6. Well? Is he sick? At that age I could have rolled out of bed and played.
  7. I think it's GM speak. He is under contract and he is here. I've heard GM's say the exact same thing in multiple sports and 2 weeks later the player is gone.
  8. I have always been amazed over the years by how many young hitters don't have strike zone awareness. That's the first thing any hitter should have.
  9. I agree that some of the newer stats are useful, OPS+ and ERA+, like Frobby said. Others I have no use for and don't think they are accurate at all. Like any defensive stat. Also not a big fan of spin rate or exit velocity. Even back in the stone age of baseball we knew if you spun the ball more, it broke more. And if you hit it hard it went further, faster.
  10. I doubt rankings are possible unless someone has seen them in person. Then add in the fact they are young? Basically take your best Scouting guess and hope a few make it.
  11. Elias and the Angelos brothers said they would jump into the International market and they did. I realize these kids are really young and most won't pan out but it is very encouraging.
  12. I may have to add a year or 2 to my estimation of when competitive Baseball returns.
  13. If you gave me a full season plan, would have to be for 2, I'd consider moving back to Baltimore.
  14. Throwing 3 innings at full bore may be just as stressful as 6 or 7 as a starter. Who knows? Let him make it through the Season and decide then.
  15. Maybe, maybe not. The majority of revenue comes from MASN, TV, Extra Innings, Streaming, etc. You get more people interested maybe those numbers go up. The bottom line is the Team needs to win. And that's a few years away.
  16. Years ago at Memorial Stadium when the O's were very good the Ushers would check tickets and enforce the seating for the first 2 or 3 innings. After that you could pretty much sit where you want. They seemed to enforce ticket seating at Camden Yards in the 90's but the crowds were pretty big. I haven't been to a game for quite some time now so I have no idea how it is now.
  17. I'm an old guy. Saw Frank and Brooks play when I was a Kid. Saw Eddie and Cal come up. I have probably forgotten more than I remember. And it's still good to see someone like Adley come aboard. Best of luck.
  18. I'm very happy Adley and Gunnar signed. As for the rest. If you want to play Pro ball sign. If not, go to school or work at McDonalds.
  19. Because 25 games does not make a career. Or a season. Jim Traber comes to mind.
  20. If Gunnar is holding everything up, make him one last offer and move on.
  21. This keeps getting stranger. A contract for a hit? Can't wait to hear the rest of this story.
  22. The higher levels will tell more. A week between starts may hamper what you can discern.
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