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  1. https://www.mlb.com/video/2019-draft-kyle-stowers-of-c2520575883?t=mlb-draft He's pitched out of the bullpen so maybe that means he's got a better arm than some of the guys we've been running out there recently...
  2. I'll take Rutschman. If not him.... I'll take Witt. If not him.... I'll take tequila.
  3. Someone needs to teach these OFers how to blow a bubble while catching a fly ball.

    Manny signs with Padres

    Nice try. That recipe has zero reviews 😉

    Manny signs with Padres

    San Diego is a much better market for Manny. Nobody puts salsa on a cheesesteak.
  6. Brandon Erbe came "close" to the majors. Born Christmas Day in '87 in the most charming city.
  7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/09/victor-victor-mesa-free-agent-mlb-cuba.html Finally.....
  8. I just can't seem to replace my Jeff Reboulet jersey.
  9. I was born in '84, so I never got to enjoy the '83 World Series. My family moved to Maryland in '95 and I found myself regularly watching the O's. The 1998-2011 seasons were rough, but I can't see me jumping ship over a rebuild. I'll probably just start paying more attention to the minors again.
  10. I'm reading that they sent Mejia for Hand. Wow. Price for Britton might be higher than expected despite being a rental.
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