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  1. I believe that Can of Corn was stating that IF you throw another GM under a bus you probably should crawl under with him because of the lost respect from the remaining 28 GM's
  2. 5 runs scored after 2 outs. One by Wild Pitch and one by a BALK.
  3. thezeroes

    Gunnar Photo

    With the new trend in MLB he probably never will purchase any razors just beard trimmer.
  4. The Orioles have 6 State Side affiliates plus two DSL Affiliates Plus Extended Spring Training Site. That would make the need for 225 Players to fill out 9 - 25 Man rosters. It also does not account for those on the Sixty Day IL and the 10 Day IL. Injuries happen all the time, replacements are needed at the different levels ALL THE TIME. As players progress upward, players get demoted. Those that are demoted because of performance or lack thereof are the trad able players BUT you get nothing much back'
  5. thezeroes

    Lotta moves

    One has options, one does not.
  6. I didn't think so. It is just odd that you would agree with that poster 😉
  7. Most of the shifts still have two fielders on each side of 2nd. One may be an infielder and the other an Outfielder but there they are.
  8. Are you offended when reminded that the Orioles had won and The NYY lost??? Probably just don't care.
  9. Tate has had his Options Clock ticking since he was placed on the Forty. He will have used an option Year in 2019 with just two remaining. His clock as far as service time can be manipulated by being Yo-yoed on the Norfolk Shuttle and not allowed to gather much service time. If they are on the Forty, the clock is ticking.
  10. The Shift and Chris Davis's inability to get hits because of it and his inability to adjust to it all go hand in hand. IMO.
  11. Just wanted to be sure. Some on here would rather 1:1than a yearly improvement in W/L.
  12. They gave us fire, accidentally cooked raw meat, and togas made of animal skin. Why should they feel slighted when I mention that they even did a little thinking.
  13. Why??? Would you also make certain pitches illegal since they get an out when they are thrown properly??? Are you for doing away with Pitch Framing?? Are you for not allowing more than two pitchers in a game??? Do you think Switch Hitting should be banned?? They shifted against Ted Williams and he still made the "HALL". It is up tho the Neanderthal Thinking one style hitting players to adjust not to legislate against it.
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