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  1. I have issues with the Internet Provider (Verizon Land Line) that I use. It is a weak connection but the only one I have. With this weak connection, it usually does not allow the advertisements to load on the page. I have disabled Ad-Blocker for OH only and have had no issues as my computer cleans my footsteps upon shutdown.
  2. Last year he had above .801 OPS total for July, August, September. There is that possibility still this year. (.299/.346/.455/.801) His best CAREER OPS is August. (.760)
  3. This is why he is playing as much as he is. If he is replaced the Orioles will need to eat his contract ($14 Million base) and pay his severance pay (option buy out) of $2 Million. He is untradable because if he is the option year is automatically renewed by the receiving ball club which if the Orioles would have to pay a share of that. the base is $14 Million.
  4. Jim Palmer has always stated that the ball used in MiLB is different than the ball used at MLB hence the change in the pitch-ability of some players as they adapt back and forth.
  5. Why would you be interested in J J Hardy clearing waivers???
  6. Sounds better than a "Brain Cramp", which I do not think is either defensible or Disable-able.
  7. All hits in score books are line drives. Just saying. Nobody writes about seeing eye base hits, humpbacked liners, flairs. All are line drives unless they are ground outs or pop ups.
  8. Top of 9: Orioles ninth. K.Herrera pitching. Schoop grounded out, shortstop A.Escobar to first baseman Hosmer. Mancini struck out. J.Hardy lined out to second baseman Merrifield. Runs: 0, Hits: 0
  9. They are on MASN or MASN 2.
  10. Out of Options. At 26 years of age he still has potential. He would get claimed.
  11. Now you want to quibble over ONE AT BAT
  12. With the whole PH situation in a possible game winning situation we are talking about THREE PLATE APPEARANCES. The following are those appearances. Hardy has had 12 At Bats in the ninth inning in 2017. Of these 12 at bats 6 had the Orioles ahead. Of these 6 remaining at bats the Orioles were down by 4 Runs, 3 times. Of the three remaining at bats the Orioles were down by 1 run 2 were against Herrera (Flyball to deep center on a 2-2 count, Lineout to 2B to end game) 1 was against Romero in which he had a RBI single and Gentry scored the tying run. Some are of the opinion that Kim would have done better in these three at bats against a closer. I doubt it. .333 Average with and RBI seems OK for such a weak hitter.
  13. 12 At Bats in the ninth inning this year 2 hits 4 At Bats in extra innings this year 2 Hits 1.250 OPS
  14. You PH for Hardy and they change to a Leftie pitcher so you PH for Kim, FOUR players burned up in one AB (Hardy, Kim, RHPH, Flaherty) plus the Replacement in the fiield (Flaherty) for Hardy hits Left Handed ALSO. Entire bench GONE in one AT Bat. BRILLIANT.
  15. But its Christain Walker, the Ex-Oriole.