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  1. I do believe that the new approach in analytics will take some time as they need to first get a baseline, analyze said baseline, approach player to change, have the changes implemented, adjust the changes to the changed baseline, repeat. It;s not like changing spark plugs in a car.
  2. Posting at the same time. Sorry.
  3. Unless it is scheduled as a stand alone Double Header on a mutual off day.
  4. Millwood's two significant seasons were : 1999 third in Cy Young voting, second in ERA 2005 sixth in Cy Young voting, first in ERA
  5. I get up at 5 A.M. and have since I was 12 years of age. On a dairy farm, cows do not carry clocks around with them. Currently I need to be at work at 6:30 AM, hence the early rise that has been instilled in my system as a youth. I have seen many a worker dimissed because they want Banker Hours. Go work at a bank if you need to Sleep In.
  6. Says someone that is not on record for their true thoughts. Not a bookie so I don't give ODDS Serious things can happen.
  7. As it stands TODAY Rutschman is supposed to be the Number One Pick. The June Draft is June 03, a lot can happen to make him fall out of that number one spot. You have your injuries, youth stupidity, accidents and incidents that seem to follow humans around. This eleven page thread would be better served on Memorial Day.IMO
  8. Blier, Cobb and Karns are all on the IL. If/When they are ready to be activated may be the time to make a Straily move.
  9. Anytime you get "Lumped In" with Atomic would give me a cause for concern. So Yes, you are on record as changing your vote with me.
  10. Who needs him? How much is he worth to them? How many other pitchers of equal or higher value are available? Just so many questions to be answered before a value can be placed on him and his contract.
  11. I think that if he was with a team such as Tampa, he would be an opener. With the Orioles and the lack of using an opener, he would be best suited as Finish the fifth inning and maybe pitch the sixth as a middle man.
  12. His first 25 pitches and the firrst time through the order is when David Hess is at his best. Would that not scream "OPENER".
  13. I was more or less suggesting/speculating that "IF" he does stay down there is this added side bar. I get it that there has been very little on this site that you can scrutinize so I will post some stuff to allow you to get your shorts in a bunch over.
  14. If he is held in the Minors until July I think it moves the arrow towards Free Agency until 2026 instead of 2025 and Arb Eligibility to 2023 instead of 2022
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