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  1. SSS, Service Time, Defensive Metrics, etc...
  2. If Mullins goes 2 for 2 and 2 walks in four plate appearances, his OBP goes from .244 to .311. If those two hits are Doubles , he goes from .605 OPS to a .758 OPS. In small sample sizes one good or bad day changes the stat line dramatically.
  3. I stand corrected as to the elimination of ALL collisions at first base. It would make some of the flagrant calls a lot easier to make as far as interference and running out of baseline. The highlighted part is preference by the Batter/Runner. The running lane is not from batters box to first but only the last 50 feet or so. With just a little training ALL Batter/Runners should be able to get into that lane. IMO
  4. They do have a double first base in some of the other types of baseball. (Softball/Tee-Ball) which enabled the batter-runner access to the foul side and the fielder access to the fair side. If this was used along with the batter runner path to the base, the "Interference" call at first by the Batter/Runner would be easy to call and the Batter/runner and fielder collisions eliminated.
  5. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=radiso001dan
  6. It would seem that "Everyone" in response knows exactly what Bruce Springsteen meant so that should be the end all of this conversation. Pick away is what we do. Have at it.
  7. From a Roch Blog: “The reality is, the way that the market works down there, a lot of these players are spoken for and sort of committed to signing with certain organizations long before the July 2 signing period. So the types of preparation you need to sign players takes place sometimes two years in advance but usually one year in advance, and you start to have an idea of where a player is going to sign. So we are in position right now where we have a lot of money and the simple reality is it’s going to be difficult to spend a great deal of this money in a smart way. “We don’t want to just blow it and say, ‘Hey, we spent a bunch of money,’ and we have nothing to show for it. That’s not smart. It’s real money, we can use it in other areas to improve our operations and we’re prepared to do that. Now, that said, we are ready to react to anything that comes along that’s a worthwhile investment, large or small, in this signing period and the next one. So we’ve got activities going on right now, some players that we’re looking at, but we’re not going to just run around signing people for the sake of it.” http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/02/more-on-minor-league-staffs-and-an-international-note.html
  8. Didn't Mike Elias say that most of these International Players were already have a handshake agreement with other clubs. For the Orioles to get them would be an over pay.
  9. Jul 29, 2018Outrighted to Bowie (AA). Mar 03, 2018Optioned to Norfolk (AAA). Oct 02, 2017Recalled from Norfolk (AAA). Mar 25, 2017Optioned to Norfolk (AAA). Nov 04, 2016Missed all 162 regular season games (strained left shoulder). Sep 15, 2016Recalled from Bowie (AA). Sep 15, 2016Strained left shoulder, 60-day DL. Mar 18, 2016Optioned to Bowie (AA). He may still have the fourth option because of missing the entire 2016 campaign.
  10. Cedric Mullins has had a Grand Total of 487 Plate Appearances as a Right handed Batter over 4 Years.(25% of all his PA's) He has trended slightly upwards over those four years. .550 OPS to the current .645 OPS from 2015 to 2018. Now knowing that I guess the assumption is that he can not switch hit when he has such a small sample size per year. As a comp, the 2018 Orioles had a .681 OPS against LHP as a RHB. In my opinion, let him have a year to either "Get It" before we relegate him to a platoon player.
  11. To take this to a different spot, How would it have looked to GM's and Fans IF after the trades of Manny, Schoop, et al were made he went public and demanded a trade immediately??? The writings on this board would have a different slant then they do now.IMO.
  12. This article from Cubs Central states that LeBron had TJ Surgery his senior year of High School. That would definitely push his age back from a normal College Draft Pick. https://cubscentral.wordpress.com/2018/03/19/cubs-central-draft-prep-beyond-24-david-lebron-can-hit-some-spots-and-miss-some-batsp/
  13. That should have been moved also so then I would not have to "mark thread as read " on every visit.
  14. He will OPT OUT and void the deal at His earliest convenience. Hence it will not be a $300 MM Deal. Also Manny IS NOT an Oriole and this should be in the MLB Section.
  15. Showing last years stats should only be used as a measuring guide as to IMPROVEMENT and COMPARISON. That is all.
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