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  1. The best I can find is Tyler Wilson against Boston on May 04. He had 84 Pitches through Six Innings Pitched.
  2. You forgot Schoop, Jones and Trumbo. Of late they are using the bigger part of the field and hits have started to fall in.
  3. Not a qualifying comparison.IMO Joe Walsh can still play a better guitar than most members of any of todays bands. Musicians can change the venue of what,where and how they play. Actors can get roles that fit their age set. Just look at the roles that Walter Matheau, Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford had changed to as they aged. Baseball is for the younger players as age lessens the skill set.
  4. This is about as short and to the point of Frobby's original post as you can get. Thank You NashLumber.
  5. I think you are not getting the point of what Frobby is trying to convey. Nothing I can add will help in that regard. You seem to make players a commodity that can be exchanged, cut, demoted the same as a broker does with stocks. Some of us fans make players into the humans that they are and therefore have a certain amount of feelings for them when expectations are not reached. We are the ones that would like the player to play to their full potential until they retire even if we know that the aging process will not allow that to be. It is a factor into being a fan off players on a team along with seeing their faults/warts. We tend to place these player that have has some longevity with our favorite team into a different category than rental/free agent players because we have seen what they were and want that from them again. If that is nostalgia, I am guilty as charged.
  6. If you are trading Manny, you go to the "Buyer" with a definite need and with a contending counterpart in the same Division. You play them against one and the other because one would not want the other to get a pieces/part that would make them a much better team. Yankees need a 3B, Current OPS of .660. Boston need a 3B, Current OPS of .562. Play them against each other. If you want to sell Manny as a Short Stop Cubs SS, .674 OPS, Brewers SS, .746 OPS Arizona SS, .734 OPS, Rockies SS, .721 OPS
  7. They may have thought that all the other slots were at the "suggested retail price" and that the 10% of drafted players would be unsigned leaving that amount remaining. Steve Melewski has a very good article on the recent and future signings.
  8. Yeah ANgelos was probably worse than the Orioles getting Jefferey Loria. "In 1994, Loria lost out to Peter Angelos in his bid to purchase the Baltimore Orioles. Say what you will about Angelos, but right now it sure seems like he rescued Charm City from the baseball apocalypse. Loria went on to buy the Montreal Expos and essentially sold them back to the commissioner’s office in 2002 which led to the franchise moving to Washington."
  9. According to "Baseball America" the most the Orioles can spend on him and not lose a draft pick compensation next year is $3,719,535.00.($827,135.00 over slot)
  10. If the pitcher in question is to dense to allow the coach to help him, it is not on the coach. Tillman was not good at the end of last season and McDowell was not here. Gausman was not good until the end of last season with two years worth of tutoring from the old regime. I do not see McDowell as the problem when the previous track record of McDowell was stellar while in Atlanta until they gave him nothing to work with his last year..
  11. I have seen zero quotes attributing to Jones wanting to be moved hence I do not think they move him. He has a favorable contract for the production the Orioles are getting from him and as I mentioned he has the Five/Ten status. He will be an Oriole trough the 2018 season if the management of the Orioles stays the same win or lose.
  12. Yes, both contracts expire after the 2018 season. Both will be "Lame Ducks" after this season.
  13. He has another year remaining on his contract so yeah, I will agree he won't be here in the foreseeable future as this team is constructed but that is only for one more year after this. Knowing how Jones like Baltimore and the community, I do believe he rides out Buck's tenure. Now if Buck and Dan both leave after this season. Jones may demand a trade. That also is right under the Five/Ten rule.
  14. See Detroit Tigers 2014. Compare to Detroit Tigers 2015. It was not and is not a good thing to just change GM's when they have had poor track records such as Dombrowski.
  15. He does not have a no trade clause. He has the ability to refuse to be traded to teams he does not want to go to. He also is a FA after next season. Why would he allow himself to be traded to a team he does not want to play for???