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  1. What does no announcement of a Buck extension mean?

    Buck could/should put into his contact the same type Opt Out that Maddon had with the Rays. Contract becomes Null and Void after a GM Change if he so desires.
  2. Baseball-Reference has the total at $125.3 Million with the suggested arbitration rates for several players. I see no mention of the Hardy and Miley buyouts and they also have Castillo as a free agent. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/BAL/baltimore-orioles-salaries-and-contracts.shtml
  3. Tell me again why we didn't claim Verlander

    I was speaking to the "Leverage" that the Orioles did not have. By making a claim, they accept the terms and agreements of the contracts that they are claiming. Houston traded for the contract and accepted the $8 million added to the contract payoff per year. The Tigers could have allowed the Orioles to take on the whole contract if they had made a claim and not been compensated with a player in exchange. Basically the Orioles could have had him in a salary dump by Detroit. The Orioles had zero leverage if they made a claim.
  4. Tell me again why we didn't claim Verlander

    Exactly the point. The Tigers could have just said he is yours (if he had waived his no trade clause) for $28Million over the next two years and have a good day.
  5. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Agree to disagree then.
  6. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    If the opposing pitcher is below 1.5 seconds with his TTTP and the catcher has a POP time of under 1.85 then the battery can/will throw out all but the elite baserunners when the average time to second base is 3.3 to 3.4 seconds for baserunners. Given that the management of the Orioles know the speed to second of their baserunners and the TTTP + POP times of the opposing battery , why would you give any baserunner a green light when the numbers say they will be thrown out by a wide margin.
  7. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    I think he puts emphasis the TTTP when a pitcher is out of the norm (more than 1.5 seconds) with theirs. The pitcher in question was not with the ballclub in ST which is when these things get worked on. I believe it should have been handled better but I will bet that Castro now knows that an improvement in that area is needed as does the entire number od pitchers within the organization.
  8. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    The Cubs with Lackey, Arrieta, and Lester had one of the worst SB% allowed league wide. In games which had two or more stolen bases in them against their pitchers the Cubs had a record of 12 Wins and 21 Losses. Coincidence, I think not. If stolen bases had nothing to do with the wins and losses than why the difference in the Cubs win % when allowing 2 or more SB's in a game??
  9. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    It was actually 7 stolen Bases in one game which ended up in a loss for Jake and when the catcher complained "Publicly" about Jake's lack of TTTP, he (Montereo) was released.
  10. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Jake had 19 stolen Bases against and 4 Caught (83%) Lester had 19 Stolen Bases against and 12 Caught (61%) You explain why the difference in the CS%.
  11. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    But his TTTP is better than Jake Arrieta which does give the catcher a chance.
  12. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Brian Matusz in 2010 gave up the stolen base at a 85% Rate Jake Arrieta gave up the Stolen Base at an unprecedented 92% rate for a starter. That was worse than Ubaldo Jimeneez this year and Ubaldo stunk up the joint at 82%.
  13. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    I agree on the Public Dress Down and i would hope that a top drft pick would either be able to correct this flaw or that as a team you would not draft them. To me, the difference in TTTP is a very slight deviation from the normal delivery and hence correctable. If it is so hard to learn the slide step then why do most of the pitchers have it and only a few can not seem to master it?? Is this not a flaw in the pitcher that would also lead to the fact that a desired repeatable delivery can not be accomplished. Why do Bsase stealers not run on Tillman, Bundy but do on Ubaldo, Gausman?? TTTP and the slide step.