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  1. I've read on another board from someone who's son played with Blohm that the Orioles were negotiating with Blohm to be their 5th round pick. They were offering him 500k at that spot, but he wasn't willing to sign for that number. So the Orioles decided to take him in the 17th and put the same 500k offer out there to see if he'd really turn it down. Also hearing that the offer was "sweetened", but don't know how or by how much. I can't say if the information is correct or not, but I do know for a fact that the source is the father of a teammate of Blohm.
  2. Murray#1

    We are screwed

    KC has played very well, but I have never seen so many broken bat, bloop and infield hits in my life. I think that's what he means by horseshoes.
  3. Murray#1

    Who says we don't have an ace?

    In 2001 Pettitte was the 2nd or 3rd best pitcher, 2003 the 3rd best pitcher and 2008 the 2nd best pitcher, but miles behind Mussina on the Yankees. In 2006 Pettitte was the 3rd best pitcher on the Astros. In 2001 Mussina was the game 1 starter for the Yankees in the world series. In 2003 Mussina started game 3, but David Wells started game 1 and Clemens started game 4. Not really sure why it lined up that way, but I don't think anyone feels David Wells was a better pitcher than Clemens or Mussina.
  4. Murray#1

    Who says we don't have an ace?

    Mussina's first year in pinstripes was 2001 and he was the best pitcher in the American League that year. He even pitched better than his teammate and the guy that won the Cy Young that year. Mussina pitched more innings, started more games, more complete games, lower ERA, higher k/bb ratio, less hits, less walks etc... He was the ace of the league that year. Mussina was also clearly the best pitcher the Yankees had in 2003 and 2008 and arguably, in fact I'd argue he was, the best pitcher for New York in 2006 as well. So I guess it's not really beyond dispute because I just disputed it.
  5. Murray#1

    Gotta get help at the black hole at 2nd base

    Wrong hypothetical. The Orioles drafted Bundy instead of Anthony Rendon. If you feel like kicking yourself over the decision to draft Hobgood, the Orioles had the opportunity to draft Mike Trout instead.
  6. I don't care in the slightest bit what someone chooses to put in their body. I only care if they cheat. If the professional league, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL stopped testing for PEDs it would not concern me one bit what anyone chose to take. These sports are entertainment. The better the play is the more entertained I am. I don't even care that it would be considered unfair because an athlete would almost be forced to take PEDs in order to compete at that level. Life is unfair. Being in the steroid era puts a huge stigma on people in all walks of life. When you write "Anyone that thinks NFL players, you know the guys that are 6-3, 270 pounds running 4.5 40s are not using some questionable things out there are either lying to themselves or unable to accept reality." it's painting with a really broad brush. The last time I was timed in the 40 yard dash was 7 years ago when I was 31 years old. I was 6'4" 275 pounds and ran a hand timed 4.56. I was also able to dunk a basketball on an eleven foot rim and throw a baseball 300 feet with relative ease. I have never at any point taken anabolic steroids. So while most of the people fit your description, not everyone does. I'm sure I could be wrong, but I have never heard of anyone being prescribed anabolic steroids by a doctor for recovery from injuries. In any of my multiple injuries a doctor has never prescribed anabolic steroids to me. I've gotten prescriptions for corticosteroids, but that is completely different. They have far different effects. I'd love to find one of these doctors for myself if true. I would like to take anabolics, but I don't want to break the law.
  7. Murray#1

    Game Thread VS. Washington

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think for all intents and purposes the Ravens clinched a playoff spot by virtue of the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati loses yesterday. The steelers and bengals still have to play each other and that will give the loser their 7th loss. The Ravens will have the tie breaker over the loser of that game because of a better division record. Technically the steelers and bengals could tie, but that isn't very likely. Am I missing something? Maybe the Jets throwing a wrench into the mix? No one else in the AFC has a shot at that last playoff spot, I'm giving wildcard 1 to the Colts. So while I expect the Ravens to lose the remaining games on their schedule they'll still make the playoffs.
  8. Murray#1

    Maryland To Big 10?!?!

    The people that are upset with this clearly don't understand what's going down. The money both academically and athletically that MD will receive from this move is huge. The ACC is about to become the Big East. Florida St. and Clemson are the next to go. It's quite possible that UNC and UVA join the Big 10 down the road too. Maryland had no choice, but to go. They would have been foolish to stay. MD was able to move to a major power broker conference and set up some security during this tumultuous time in college athletics. If they stayed in the ACC they very well may have ended up holding the bag. Plus from and operations standpoint the Big 10 is the major leagues while the ACC is the low minors.
  9. Murray#1

    It's official- Maryland to the Big Ten

    It had to happen. The ACC I grew up with died a long time ago. No more home and homes throughout the conference killed the basketball rivalries. The conference is getting lapped by the other large conferences too. The ACC has no national network. I won't have to watch a MD game on my computer anymore. Heck, even the press conference is going to be televised nationally on the Big 10 network. This is a massive academic windfall as well. The Big 10 shares research and grant money with the conference members. That's 10's of millions of dollars more for the university annually. Football is the moneymaker athletically and the ACC is about to become the Big East. Florida St. and Clemson are going to bolt out of there next and then the ACC is going to be in rough shape. MD had no real choice. They are going to be able to dig out of their financial hole very quickly now that they are in a super conference. As much as I wish it was still the ACC of my youth, it's not even close. MD made the best choice for the university and it's future.
  10. Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. You'll see a lot more GSD when the primary work isn't bite work. GSD have the same issues as a lot of other working breeds. They just aren't bred for work as much anymore. There are a lot show breeders that are obviously breeding for other traits. There are still some good ones out there, but the numbers just aren't as high as Mali's. My decoy work is with dog sports competitions. I have worked with police dogs, but not in an official capacity. Police departments do there own training. One way of training is with a hidden sleeve under clothing. Dogs can fixate on the suit. They know they're biting the suit and biting the suit becomes a game. A hidden sleeve tests to see if the dog will bite the man since the dog has no idea protective equipment is being used. The suit is enormous and goes on over top your clothing. Essentially you look like the stay puff marshmallow man, but the suit isn't white. I wouldn't know about your dog's actions with guys in hoodies. It could be from training or it could be something your dog does naturally. A trained professional would have to evaluate your dog to know for sure. Sorry I couldn't add anything for you.
  11. Good working dogs are hard to find in general. Very few people are working with dobermans now making it even harder to find them. Most lines are now pet or show lines. You could certainly find a good pet. There is a lot of time and money invested into these dogs so you want to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible. So you go for proven dogs form proven lines and it's still more miss than hit. So people tend to stick with Malinois or Dutch Shephard. Sure, you could pull the athletes off the field and then do your thing. I'd be very nervous of the possibility of actually having to do a live bite in front of all those people still. You always need to expect the worst and hope for the best. Say the idiot on the field is high or mentally unstable and he doesn't go down. The spectators might be pretty freaked out watching some dudes arm turned into hamburger. I've never taken a live bite, thank God, but it hurts through a bite suit. The first bite I ever took was an amazing eye opener. I had no idea what I was in for. I thought the bite suit was so thick that it would barely register, Wrong. A real committed bite from a trained dog is no joke. I've been bitten by a random neighborhood dog before, but that is at the complete other end of the spectrum. A dog bite like that is normally not a full mouth bite, it's only with the front teeth and they don't hold, they release almost immediately to get away from harm. I've never been tased, but given the choice right now between dog bite or taser and I'm choosing taser.
  12. The dogs bite anything they are told to bite. The handler would send the dog toward the intruder with the bite command. If the intruder dropped to the ground the handler could recall the dog or change the command to a bark and hold, but on the field with the athletes that would be a pretty scary proposition. You are dealing with animals that aren't robots. They don't always listen. Also a dog wouldn't necessarily be able to discern between Adam Jones just standing in center where he belongs and the idiot running behind him. That's the handlers job. He needs to deploy the dog in a safe manner for the dog and for everyone else. It would be irresponsible to send a dog in that situation. Also no one would ever use dobermans. Getting a good dobie is next to impossible. The dogs would most likely be Malinois.
  13. Dogs wouldn't work unless you are only using them for a visual deterrent. With the person running around the field, around and through players there is no safe way to deploy the dog. It's just not in any way safe. Also for all those saying that tasing is excessive force so use dogs instead, have you ever seen a trained dog bite for real? I do decoy work, the bite force is incredible. I could show you what my arms look like and that's through a bite suit. A live bite in front of tens of thousands of people and 100's of thousands more on tv would be an absolute PR nightmare. Lawyers would be lining up to take the case.
  14. [video=youtube;TVXqJ3A6NWw]
  15. Oversliding on first doesn't matter at all. You can overrun, overslide, overwhatever first base. As long as the runner doesn't make a move toward second he can do whatever he wants. Tex was clearly safe and it's not debatable. AWESOME! Screw Tex and screw the Yankees.