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  1. baltimoreO's22

    Free Agent Tracker

    If I had to guess I would put it at 62.5, which means you are betting rather they lose 100 games or not
  2. baltimoreO's22

    Free Agent Tracker

    The casino's will never 1000-1 odds in the preseason because in sports anything can happen. The Golden Knights are a pretty good example from last year. Had they won the Stanley Cup that would have cost the Casino's millions of dollars, because realistically an expansion is most likely going to be the worst team in the league and Vegas assumed there was no chance they would win it. It's not worth the risk for them to offer those high of odds. For some perspective the 49ers are 1000-1 odds to win the SuperBowl right now their current record is 1-7.
  3. baltimoreO's22

    Bruce Cunningham talks about the Orioles for 15 minutes

    I think you're missing the point. He was saying that Jones is more focused about stuff off the field than play on the field, which as a team leader sets a bad precedent and is not going to result in a winning team. Nowhere did he say that Jones was a a bad guy, which is what you are insinuating.
  4. baltimoreO's22

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    This signing period teams can acquire up to an addition 75% of their initial starting pool money, and the bonus allotments must be traded in 250k increments. Starting next year teams will only be able to acquire up to 60%. So I would guess the max amount you could trade would be dependent on how much your trading partner can afford to take on.
  5. baltimoreO's22

    OFFNY's Original Big Ten from 2009

    And with that all of the original big ten are gone from the organization.
  6. baltimoreO's22

    Orioles "No one is untouchable in rebuild"

    Thanks, I forgot about them. Even if you include them in, the total sum is still less than 2 WAR, which reflects in our record.
  7. baltimoreO's22

    How long will this take?

    I think that is a pretty realistic time frame as well, which is why I hope we take Bobby Witt Jr with the first pick (pending we have it) over the college bats that will be out there. It's also why I hope that we sell off any valuable assets that we have now for prospects and completely tank the next couple of years. If we do this rebuild properly, when 2023 comes around, we should have a lot of really good young prospects.
  8. baltimoreO's22

    Orioles "No one is untouchable in rebuild"

    None of the position players on this team have been good this year. With Machado now gone, we have Jones, Schoop and Trumbo as the only guys who aren't negative WAR, that's pretty pathetic.
  9. baltimoreO's22

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I don't expect the team to be any good then anyways, so if it increases the prospect haul, it's fine with me. I'm also of the mindset that we should take the Astros path and be terrible for a few years, while securing top draft picks, in order to have a really good young core.
  10. baltimoreO's22

    Big time talk from Dan

    Thanks for the info! Is Mesa expected to sign a contract like Cespedes and Puig, and are the O's expected to pursue him?
  11. baltimoreO's22

    Big time talk from Dan

    Is that for this year or 2019? I'm not exactly sure how the international slot money works, but if it is for this year are any of the top guys still available?
  12. baltimoreO's22

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I think we've already exceeded the amount that Manny will get. Highest to date is 325 million, and I don't see Machado breaking that mark.
  13. baltimoreO's22

    Where does Keith Law rate the O's farm system?

    23. Says were at a disadvantage because we won't spend on international FA, but we've drafted better and a Machado trade could get us in the top half, where he believes we need to be in order to stay competitive.
  14. baltimoreO's22

    Bridwell Or Hellickson

    Hellickson has the track record. He's pitched in big games before and has been successful in the AL east, which is one of the toughest division year in and year out.
  15. That was him last night after the trade deadline. Today he is saying that a trade was vetoed by an owner.