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  1. baltimoreO's22

    Where does Keith Law rate the O's farm system?

    23. Says were at a disadvantage because we won't spend on international FA, but we've drafted better and a Machado trade could get us in the top half, where he believes we need to be in order to stay competitive.
  2. baltimoreO's22

    Bridwell Or Hellickson

    Hellickson has the track record. He's pitched in big games before and has been successful in the AL east, which is one of the toughest division year in and year out.
  3. That was him last night after the trade deadline. Today he is saying that a trade was vetoed by an owner.
  4. baltimoreO's22

    Please do not use adblocker on our site

    Do you accept papal for plus memberships?
  5. baltimoreO's22

    Chris "Mad Dod" Russo on the Orioles

    Hard to argue with what he is saying. If we can somehow manage to come out of this 8 game road trip above .500, then we are going to be sitting really pretty. 15/18 at home immediately following it, where I think it would be safe to assume we could win 8-10 of the 15 games. Even if we drop 2/3 in Houston, that would put us with a record of something like 38-20, which means we would only need to play a little better than .500 the rest of the year to win the division.
  6. baltimoreO's22

    Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    The one thing I will give them is they are DC sports fans all the way through for pro sports, they all like VT in college. I always call them bandwagon fans, because had the O's been good at the time the Nats came to town, they may not have jumped, except my wife's grandfather he was a senators fan growing up so I can't say much to him.
  7. baltimoreO's22

    Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    Most of my friends and family who are Nats fans used to be Orioles fans, and talk so much trash about the Orioles. It has made me resent the Nats.
  8. baltimoreO's22

    Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    I really hate the Nats, they rank right behind NYY, Boston and Toronto for my most hated teams.
  9. baltimoreO's22

    The Reds Series

    Could be, but Roch said Gausman as well. Also vegasinsider still shows Gausman for tonight. It also would be a normal rest start for Gausman, when can we expect an official announcement?
  10. baltimoreO's22

    The Reds Series

    I edited my previous post, but Roch implied that Gausman will be starting and the sportsbooks are saying Gausman. The sportsbooks are usually pretty reliable since a Gausman start would shift the line a lot more than a Ubaldo start.
  11. baltimoreO's22

    The Reds Series

    Looks like Gausman is getting the start tonight. I wonder if Ubaldo has been shifted back, or if he will be skipped over? based on this quote from Roch's article "Kevin Gausman will have to bat tonight with the Orioles losing their designated hitter to National League rules. He’s 0-for-6 with a walk and five strikeouts. Gausman has faced one member of the Reds, with Arismendy Alcantara going 0-for-3 with two strikeouts."
  12. baltimoreO's22

    25 greatest games at OPACY

    Safe to assume that Delmon's bases clearing double in the 2014 ALDS is going to be in the top 10?
  13. baltimoreO's22

    FanRags: Machado number three under 25

    Mike Trout HAS to be #1, he is far and away he best player in baseball, IMO. He's been worth nearly 10 wins a year for his 5 year career.
  14. baltimoreO's22

    What Will Happen to Wieters?

    I think the Wieters ship sailed once we signed Castillo. He is on the wrong side of 30 for a catcher and he doesn't hit well enough to play anywhere else.