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  1. Could be, but Roch said Gausman as well. Also vegasinsider still shows Gausman for tonight. It also would be a normal rest start for Gausman, when can we expect an official announcement?
  2. I edited my previous post, but Roch implied that Gausman will be starting and the sportsbooks are saying Gausman. The sportsbooks are usually pretty reliable since a Gausman start would shift the line a lot more than a Ubaldo start.
  3. Looks like Gausman is getting the start tonight. I wonder if Ubaldo has been shifted back, or if he will be skipped over? based on this quote from Roch's article "Kevin Gausman will have to bat tonight with the Orioles losing their designated hitter to National League rules. He’s 0-for-6 with a walk and five strikeouts. Gausman has faced one member of the Reds, with Arismendy Alcantara going 0-for-3 with two strikeouts."
  4. Safe to assume that Delmon's bases clearing double in the 2014 ALDS is going to be in the top 10?
  5. Mike Trout HAS to be #1, he is far and away he best player in baseball, IMO. He's been worth nearly 10 wins a year for his 5 year career.
  6. I think the Wieters ship sailed once we signed Castillo. He is on the wrong side of 30 for a catcher and he doesn't hit well enough to play anywhere else.
  7. I don't think he's ever won a batting title. I could be wrong though. I think this is a solid organizational depth signing.
  8. What is the point of banning smokeless tobacco? I don't even see how that's relevant to anything.
  9. I have a couple of parking passes for the Yankees 9/2 and Redsox 9/21. The passes are in lot F/G/H anyone interested can PM me.
  10. 9/1 for me and I have the Bronze plan as well.
  11. This is super impressive, Kenny Lofton is the only other person to appear in both.
  12. For this Orioles team, I would rather play the best team in the league at home before playing the worst team in the league on the road. So I think those projections are skewed a bit, if they aren't including how well teams play on the road vs home.
  13. If he is batting in the bottom 3rd of the order, it more than likely doesn't change how he bats but it changes the amount of bats he gets. I think it also sends him a message and hopefully would light a fire under him. I think he should be in the lineup due to his defense, but he should be moved down in the lineup.
  14. At this point, you have to think the only thing saving Davis from riding the bench is his GG defense. He should be batting the lower 3rd of the lineup though.
  15. I have a hard time believing that, who in their right mind would DFA Bundy? You could have easily traded him for a veteran pitcher, with an expiring contract. edit: I'm not questioning you rather someone said it or not, just mean I have a hard time comprehending someone wanting to do that