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  1. Stupid to leave him in even if he says he's OK. Don't mess around with that.
  2. We were definitely spoiled with Manny's arm at 3rd. I always think every 3B makes those throws.
  3. Hess lookin' like Roy Halladay out there.
  4. Gary T. sure is having himself a good time.
  5. Somebody knows what's up!
  6. It's entirely possible that Elias actually likes Brady, thinks he's valuable to the team and wants to keep him. I know that's not the general consensus here, but we really don't know anything. He could also be fired later today lol.
  7. I'm pretty sure we all know that. We're reacting to the deal knowing the situation that the team finds itself in TODAY.
  8. I agree in principle, but wins and losses do affect the bottom line. If they want anyone to attend the games they have to try to improve the product on the field.
  9. Yea... Caleb has sucked all year. This is exactly the way things are supposed to work.
  10. We are just snake bitten this year, on top of being really bad. They're gonna need to lower beer prices quite a bit if I'm going to use all of my season tickets this year.
  11. Yep that was the one.
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