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  1. jrobb21613

    Dean Kremer 2019

    If Kremer continues to dominate as he moves up through the Minors how soon do you think it’ll be before we see him with the Orioles?
  2. I don’t think it would be dumb not to take but instead that it wouldn’t be dumb if we did take him over Adley. I tell ya must if not all the scouting right ups I see online were written before he started playing ball this year. I’d be curious to see some more up to date reports that are more recent taking into consideration his senior year. I can’t seem to find it but I’d read it might of been on Twitter that one area of concern was swing and miss and that he had done less of that this year. Regardless I think he would be a great pic for us and so would Adley personally I’m a fan of Witts and would like to see us take him but sure as heck would not be disappointed with Adley
  3. I’ll try and find the article but it didn’t say he currently had a plus hit tool but instead it was a 45 and this was months ago but that if he continued to hit like he was those concerns would be alleviated leading to a plus hit tool and he’s done nothing but rake this year and has cut back on his swing and misses.
  4. I’ve never seen that listed anywhere everything I’ve read says he has a plus hit tool. Do you have a link to a scouting report that supports that his hit tool is questionable?
  5. When the development is all said and done who do you project to be the better player and would say is most likely be in the hof one day?
  6. This from an article on Mlb.com. The younger Witt is a shortstop, described by Baseball America as a five-tool talent with plus skills both offensively and defensively.
  7. Doesn’t history suggest that high school short stops drafted high in the first round go on to have better major league careers than catchers? Do we think Adley is going to change that Narrative? I mean Bobby Witt JR has been pretty darn impressive and he has a good bloodline/pedigree plays position that allows for him to play everyday if healthy is also a 5 tool player with all the intangibles. Does history suggest it’s more or less of a gamble to take the high school ss or college catcher?
  8. That’s one and sure if we look hard enough you might find somebody else but I think it’s fair to say the odds are quite a bit less favorable when it comes catchers.
  9. I have a tough time getting excited about a drafting a catcher high in the draft let alone 1-1. I mean what do they play 120 games? The position itself isn’t exactly known for producing true difference makers that justify a 1-1 selection. When I think of drafting a guy 1-1 I want that guy to hopefully one day be in the conversation as being the best to ever play the game. When has a catcher ever been in that conversation? I’m not talking best player of all time but in his generation or just the league for the year? Has there ever?
  10. Roch just replied to me on Twitter confirming Knight is starting for the Keys tonight!
  11. I imagine Peralta will be next.
  12. That’s awesome. Is he pitching tonight?
  13. I was was curious to know how Rutchmans high school stars compared to Witts. They are listed below Adley’s on top Witts below. Games Played 53 Batting Totals Batting Average .405 Plate Appearances 191 At Bats 148 Runs 50 Hits 60 Runs Batted In 36 Doubles 13 Triples 1 Home Runs 2 Sacrifice Fly 2 Sacrifice Bunt 2 Base on Balls 35 Strike Outs 15 Hit by Pitch 4 Reached on Error 8 Fielders Choice 2 Left on Base 5 On Base Percentage .524 Slugging Percentage .547 On Base Plus Slugging Percentage 1.071 Games Played 45 Batting Totals Batting Average .521 Plate Appearances 171 At Bats 144 Runs 74 Hits 75 Runs Batted In 60 Doubles 17 Triples 9 Home Runs 16 Sacrifice Fly 2 Sacrifice Bunt 0 Base on Balls 24 Strike Outs 12 Hit by Pitch 1 Reached on Error 4 Fielders Choice 5 Left on Base 54 On Base Percentage .585 Slugging Percentage 1.097 On Base Plus Slugging Percentage 1.682 Im not sure how much weight it carries or any but Witt sure had the much better High School career and I’m sure some will use his age of being older then peers as an excuse but the high school numbers aren’t even close. Witt head and shoulders above.
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