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  1. I really like how Stewart Hustles and I just like how he approaches/plays the game. Hopefully he can find significant playing time in the second half and he starts to put it all together. I belief he could be a solid contributor for years to come.
  2. As a manager there is only so much Hyde can do he doesn’t make the roster decisions. I mean he has input but the roster that responsibility falls on Elias. Hyde just has to coach up the guys he has to the best of the ability of him and his coaching staff and not beat them down imo. The players need to accept personal responsibility for their actions and show some accountability. When they see they are making mental lapses do what they need to do to re focus whether thats spend extra time taking fielding drills, more time in the cage, etc. I don’t think benching guys to make a point is going to work, if you feel its reached that point I’d much rather he communicate with Elias that its best to go ahead and cut bait with this guy because its become obvious he’s not making the most out of the opportunity he’s been given, When they consistently start showing they cant do the little things right and are not putting the work in or making progress it’s time to cut bait and get some fresh blood up here, find guys that can at least play fundamental sound baseball. I don’t think its smart to string guys along that you know aren’t going to cut it. These are men being paid to do a job and when your not meeting the standards of your job you deserve to be let go don’t delay the inevitable by putting them on the bench. If you feel there is till hope for the player continue to coach them up and put the work in with them and send them out there everyday to do the job they’re paid to do, but if not fire their butts.
  3. Nice bunt. Great job advancing runners.
  4. This team is so freaking predictable.
  5. When on the dl does a player count against the 40 man?
  6. As far as Mancini I know its not the popular decision I just like the guys bat hits for avg. and has decent power along with his character he’s a good club house guy. I personally don’t think he’s that big of a defensive liability, but i do understand the sentiment of not wanting to keep him but sure as heck wouldn't give him away for peanuts. I’m sure that wouldn't be the case and that we probably would net a decent hall for him.
  7. True if he’s still hurt. I know he hasn’t played last couple days but has it been announced that he re aggravated an injury?
  8. I see no urgency trading either Mancini or Bundy. They are both young, under control for a few more years and I believe producing positive war for the club and I believe are pretty expensive a matter of fact before shopping them I would look into extending them, now if a team offers the right package bye bye.
  9. I think he’ll release Trumbo within a week.
  10. Not looking to and willing however are two totally different things. If the right offer ones along best believe he gone.
  11. I share the same sentiment in regards to Dias very Discouraging especially after the good spring provided hope but only to struggle so much so far hoping to see a turn arooynd the second half.
  12. I think that’s a great deal for the O’s unfortunately I think Bundy!s camp might feel it’s s little light. I think if the avg annual salary was equal to the 12.5 over 4 years making it 4/50 I think that would get it done but before we did that I’d like to see him finish out this year strong and approach him in the off season with it and if not acceptable move him at the winter meetings.
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