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  1. The way rosters are going to be contructed the Tides if in the big leagues would be predicted to win more games than the Orioles . It’s obvious to me we are tanking this season. Our best roster is not heading north.
  2. Could Sisco be in store for a position change?
  3. My thoughts exactly, Elias likes the kid values his Defense realizes that there is a good chance he would go unclaimed and we outright to the minors. I’d rather have his arm and defense than Stevie Wilkerson. Dfa cat and mouse game has started.
  4. My gut tells me he Severino will be the next to be dfa’d with the hope he will pass through and we can outright him to Norfolk.
  5. I’m certain he breaks camp as the starting 1st baseman but his long is his leash before released or he is riding the pine?
  6. I don’t know the cost of building infrastructure in Latin America and other areas where I understand ares is very poor, along with the cost of implementing all the latest and greatest technology all across are system but I’m thinking that maybe these other expenses that are before us now to update are whole system top to bottom are taken into consideration. Does 3 million for Gio or million here or there take away from us being able to build the infrastructure and moderate technology etc that I understand we desperately need? I’m thinking there are much better ways to invest 3 million dollars inside this organization that will have better long term value then signing Gio Gonzalez or others.
  7. I think this is a great deal for the Angels and for Trout even though Trout probably left some money on the table. Well deserved!
  8. Before camp started I thought Mullins was a lock to be the starting cf but taking into consideration is poor showing last year and poor spring I think he could benefit from some more time developing in the minors. That would also allow us to get an extended look at Smith and EY Jr.
  9. With it being this late in the spring and Sisco catching the presumed starters tells me he’s making the team.
  10. What are the chances are opening day outfield consist of EY Jr, Rickard and Smith Jr. with Jackson as fourth outfielder?
  11. With a k/9 of 9.49 and bb/9 of 1.46 both of which are among the best in the team especially among guys that have thrown as many innings. Even though he’s giving up a high number of homeruns 5 Yefry Ramirez should stick. If Hess is still competing for a spot in the rotation so should Ramirez. He’s looked better than Hess this spring.
  12. Forget the stupid clock Hays based off what he has done this spring has earned the job! I hope to see him starting on cf on opening day!
  13. Bundy doesn’t just need a few more ticks in velocity he needs a jump to the high 90’s for his fb to be effective because it’s so straight/flat or he needs to develop some movement on on it.
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