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    O's and MLB, George Mason, GTown and NCAA Basketball, old school/true school/underground Hip Hop, 80's rock, classic 70's grooves - collecting records, and poker here and there.
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    I used to work in sports, now I work in the medical field. I still take on sports management projects on the side.
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  1. 3 game winning streak, I forgot how they felt, O's make it 4 tomorrow!
  2. Wow, that was one of the worst at bats I've ever seen, swung at two pitches that nearly hit him then one around neck level.
  3. I have no scientific proof to back me up, but I'm nearly 100 percent certain the world is a better place when the yanks lose.
  4. Yes, I am aware of that as I read a story on foxsports last year where DD said it is Angelos decision to not be involved in the international draft. With that being said, there is no evidence that Angelos stopped AM from matching the Twins offer to Sano.
  5. MacPhail wouldn't give Sano another 600k or so but gladly gave 6mill to Atkins.
  6. Ubaldo is bad enough as he is, he needs all the actual strikes he can get, this ump is pathetic.
  7. Knee contusion I believe.
  8. O's could have traded Chen, O'Day, Davis in 2015, instead, Parra time.
  9. Real discouraging listening to the Brewers GM talking about the importance of signing Latin American players and the international draft while the O's seem to be non existent in that matter. He was talking about the importantance of tapping into all markets to build your farm systems and develop a foundation to keep building talent.
  10. A's released him recently, was having a bad offensive season, couldn't tell by that swing.
  11. WTH, did Jones actually go back to tag!? My goodness this team is a mess.
  12. Yacobonis is a machine.
  13. "and that ball is foul!" Ugh, we really needed those 2 runs.
  14. The recount will be in soon.
  15. I'll be rooting for the O's tomorrow as usual, everyone have a good night.