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  1. Davis is striking out looking at 88mph fastballs. In reality, he isn't hitting anything. Olney: Hitters who can't beat the heat getting left behind
  2. O's are Legends

    Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    It was going to happen at some point, a crusher tonight for sure. It's the way it happened, I'm just, ugh, time for sleep I guess.
  3. O's are Legends

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    His clubhouse speeches especially during World Series game 7's are said to be worth 21.6 million.
  4. O's are Legends

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    You may want to check out this long thread. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse Tony also wrote a excellent article recently, there is a brief mention about the clubhouse as well. ORIOLES GAME OF THRONES AND THE WAY FORWARD
  5. O's are Legends

    Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    The other thread should probably be merged into this one.
  6. O's are Legends

    vs. RED SOX, 5/18

    Don't care what the record is, winning in Boston is always sweet. Let those sawx fans cry in some chowder.
  7. O's are Legends

    vs. RED SOX, 5/18

  8. O's are Legends

    vs. RED SOX, 5/18

    They aren't saying boo-urns.
  9. O's are Legends

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    Only a matter of time the Manny vs Lunch Lady Doris hair thread is created.
  10. O's are Legends

    It's all about the fans

  11. O's are Legends

    vs. PHILLIES, 5/16 (12:05 PM Start)

    Nothing good ever happens after a bunt attempt.. well that is if you're a O' haha Jones having a nice May, 16 for 50, .320 clip with 3 home runs and 2 walks
  12. O's are Legends

    It's all about the fans

    Today's game was originally scheduled for 12:35. Sun
  13. I also saw Hunter Harvey listed as the O's starter for today when I checked rotoinfo on Monday.
  14. O's are Legends

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Because Davis collects big paycheck.