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  1. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    This isn't the worst for me but it's the most disappointing. If the O's simply had average starting pitching they would be in the wild card game. Add in the fact, the offense has gone completely MIA during the month of September after a nice 7 game winning streak in August is another major disappointment. Everytime I had to sit through a atrocious outing by Ubaldo, Tillman or Miley aka Mr. 3-2, I was reminded of how horrible the Davies for Parra trade was. A short sighted trade by DD which has hurt the O's in the department they need the most help. Bridwell having success with Anaheim leaves a sting as well. Regarding Trumbo and Davis, not much else needs to be added that hasn't been said this season. Horrible at bats after another, and Trumbo the DH disguised as a rightfielder was exposed as he can't catch routine fly balls. On the plus, Bundy, Mancini, Castro, Bleier had good seasons and Schoop became a serious threat at the plate. Beckham trade was real good as well.
  2. vs. RED SOX, 9/20

    It's disgusting isn't it, worst part a lot of those Sawx fans live 10-20 miles from the Yard. Red Sox nation should have been named bandwagon nation, they are everywhere and unbearable.
  3. vs. RED SOX, 9/20

    Had a friend who was playing the penny slots, told her to bet the max. She didn't, she hit a bonus for 2,500, if she had played the max she would have won 250k. On another note, the O's knit caps from yesterday are nice.
  4. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Davies for Parra, the ultimate horrible trade.
  5. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Team could always trade for Davies, Bridwell, and sign Arrieta. Might as well get Neshek back also, bring everyone back.
  6. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    That's what is real disappointment to me regarding this season. If they simply had average pitching would be in the playoffs. Tillman, Miley, Ubaldo, Hellickson, opposing lineup pleasers.
  7. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Nice winter O's knit hat giveaway tomorrow.
  8. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Was he seen in the pre-game refreshment room with Thorne? Good things always happen when Jones walks.
  9. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    I really could care less about finishing .500 or above, you either make the playoffs or don't. I would never root against the O's but if they get a better draft pick because of their losses I'm not against it.
  10. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    What about the veteran pitchers, do they not get scolded as well? If anyone needs a taking to it's Ubaldo, Miley, Tillman, Hellickson, and who knows, behind the scenes they've probably tried everything but may figure it's a lost cause. I simply don't understand Buck sharing this with the media. If I'm a young player, I'm thinking, but if my name is a well paid starter I could stay in the rotation even if my era is an embarrassment to all. Guys like Davis and Trumbo could use a lesson to use the whole field as well, but you know track record, and once again who knows what has been said behind the scenes. That's the point though, don't blast the young guys in public while your expensive vets can't pitch, some of them can't hit and Trumbo can't even catch routine fly balls. You know what else costs money and victories, not putting in the best pitcher of 2016 in the AL wild card game. As others have mentioned, I rather they learn to pitch well first at the MLB level, once they feel more comfortable then maybe start working on the sacred TTTP. The Cubs allowed Arrieta to go back to his routine and placement on the mound which made him successful at TCU, we all know how that turned out.
  11. vs. YANKEES, 9/14

    Tigers owner Mike Ilitch wanted to pay $200 million for Chris Davis but Al Avila stopped him https://www.blessyouboys.com/2016/10/8/13214702/mike-ilitch-chris-davis-200-million-contract-detroit-tigers
  12. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/12

    Now 9-0, they are doing what they need to do.
  13. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/12

    When Gentry went down, so did the team.
  14. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    Gibbons with the slow waltz like he's 30 minutes late to pick up take out Chinese and the restaurant has already been officially closed for 5 minutes. I know, I know I'm late, just give me my food.
  15. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    It was, 20 in a row.