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  1. O's are Legends

    Buck Accuses Sabathia of Throwing at Davis?

    It seems Sabathia is always hitting players on purpose , especially Nick Markakis. CC
  2. Some serious gems in this article. If DD isn't retained, I'm sure he could write a tell all book during his time with the O's. This is probably barely scratching the surface. I don't mean to throw Roy Firestone into this but I believe he said the O's don't have many head scouts or something along the line. I believe it. The fact DD is stating the O's haven't invested as they should in other important aspects that are necessary to run a MLB franchise speaks volume. Ownership looks worse if that's even possible. I'm throwing in these tweets by Britt as well even though they weren't part of the article. FiveThirtyEight
  3. http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33141-heyman-manny-walked-away-from-an-864-mm-deal-with-the-o’s-over-a-1-2-mm-difference-early-in-his-career/
  4. O's are Legends

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    The O's have put themselves in this situation. This is what happens when you resign Davis instead of Cruz, sign O'Day instead of attempting to do the same with Miller, gift up a draft pick to sign a injured Gallardo, dump comp picks to rid of Webb and Matusz salaries, trade Davies for Parra when you really had no shot at the playoffs, don't participate in the big players in the IFA for years, could go on and on with this. The board will be angry more so because we have been angry, tired and upset for sometime. Not signing VVM will reopen those wounds and yes, people's heads will figuratively explode.
  5. O's are Legends

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    I wrote this in another thread and will put it here as well as these are my thoughts on the situation.
  6. O's are Legends

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Time for the O's to put up or shut up. After failing to acquire any top prospect(s) from the Braves for Gausman, it's even more critical they acquire Mesa. Their record is abysmal, attendance is non existent; it's very important the O's make a huge splash in the International market both for the future of the club as well as a sign to the fan base that things will change. Enough with the lip service.
  7. O's are Legends

    Could the Orioles Move Out of Baltimore in 2024?

    Smallest September Camden Yards crowd in history.
  8. O's are Legends

    GMs Available

    Upon seeing that picture, I thought Ron Perlman had aged about 25 years too quickly. On a side note, Albert Brooks should of won a Oscar in Drive. . Some of my good friends are Mets fans, they have essentially lost all hope.
  9. O's are Legends

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Expansion is going to happen at some point, not sure when but it will happen. When it does, I hope they get rid of the divisions, have balanced schedules and go back to 154 games. The Indians don't have a winning record outside the AL Central and may finish with a worse record than the 3rd best team in the AL East but will be in the postseason. The whole just win your division saying to me has gotten real old.
  10. O's are Legends

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    At the end of the year, the World Series champs pop champagne and cheap bud light. I wonder if the O's FO will be doing the opposite and popping O'douls and welch's sparkling juice. What a sad season, thanks for keeping this up. I expect we may be bumping a similar thread both next season and the one after.
  11. O's are Legends

    Could the Orioles Move Out of Baltimore in 2024?

    According to this chart, the O's don't even exist anymore.
  12. O's are Legends

    O's 2019 schedule

    Thanks for sharing. The O's are going to be horrible next year as well but this schedule is ridiculous. Without looking at all the other MLB schedules, will say with ease that this has to be one if not the toughest schedule in all of MLB. I've given up on hoping for even balanced schedules.
  13. O's are Legends

    They All Break

    I remember when Manny Ramirez deliberately went missing during a series with the yankees at the old stadium. He apparently had pharyngitis only to be spotted at a hotel bar hanging out with a bench player of the yankees. (can't remember who) What a teammate. Good to be in the AL Central when you need time to recover.