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  1. That is where I am. I feel like the "swing for the fences/good bullpen/hope-we-get-lucky-with-starting-pitiching" plan has remained the same for the entire run. Not addressing the last part, or at least correctly addressing the last part, has led to stagnation. Don't get me wrong, I endured every dreadful year of the "dark stretch" and appreciate this current run. But it is a bit frustrating that we seemingly aren't going get any more than an ALCS appearance and one AL East pennant out of it.
  2. We can argue numbers, but the bottom line is that Jake and Kevin both have talent and potential, but neither has/was able to harness it over a sustained period in Baltimore. Yes, Gausman had a nice stretch last year. But he had struggles before that and is massively struggling this year.
  3. Does he really though? He has had some nice stretches but I don't think Gausman has ever had enough sustained success to say he has a positive track record. I remember Jake having a few nice stretches too, but, like Kevin, the bad kept coming back. Gausman has slightly better numbers overall than Jake (as an Oriole) but I think the two are quite comparable.
  4. Yes. It's time. The window on this "run" is closing rapidly, we can't afford to be wasting games just to justify one of the worst contracts in Orioles history.
  5. So tired of KG. I barely had time to savor Jones HR and he is already sucking.
  6. Not sure what etiquette exists for basebrawls, but throwing the helmet did seem a little cheap, and unless he was intentionally trying to distract, it missed horribly. I'm not a Harper hater, but he looked pretty bad there. Though I agree, Strickland looked like he flipped his lid having to be dragged off like that.
  7. Yeah, I don't know if they are "done" in the AL East race, but apparently they are most certainly NOT done being the least likable team in MLB.
  8. Last AB in tonight's game seemed to be a case in point as to what the OP was addressing. Need a base hit, swinging for the fences, and missing.
  9. Yep. Bad call, but he had pitches to hit and missed them.
  10. 2 good ABs and 1 bad. Come on AJ!
  11. If we are going by just the results of the last 20 years, Royals for sure. As much as I have loved this O's run, the playoff highlight is beating the Tigers in an ALDS series. That is more than a couple steps down from a WS win, and another WS appearance.
  12. I think it is a huge factor with Gausman. He gets flustered very easily and the bottom falls out. When he is confident, he dominates.
  13. Great win! Best of the year so far candidate.
  14. Considering how rough the NY and Boston series seemed, I will take 6-4 all day. Nice bounce back from all the drama.
  15. I'm not a big believer in karma, but if there is such a thing, the Sux should have a rough May. The deserve it after how their fans and manager acted over the last couple weeks.