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  1. Tbone83

    Our Own Jeff Maier?

    Exactly. The consequences to the game, the series, and the 96 Orioles were bad enough. But watching the kid celebrated for days after, for cheating, was too much. You've got someone like Steve Bartman, who didn't even do anything wrong, made into a pariah and getting death threats, but Maier is the "Angel in the Outfield" according to the media. Screw Maier now and forever.
  2. Tbone83

    Our Own Jeff Maier?

    The Maier ball would have hit about a foot below top of the wall. Maybe lower. This looks to be two or three feet over the wall. I still say the O's win that game and perhaps the series if that little turd didn't interfere and/or the umps made the right call.
  3. Tbone83

    We Can Still Win This Thing!

    We are winning the second wildcard! We are going to extend Manny! Davis is going to hit 50! We are going to Oregon! Then we are going to Michigan! Then we are going to Washington DC to take back the White House! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  4. Tbone83

    Rock Bottom

    Embarrassing. I suppose the only small consolation is that they "burned out" over the course of a little over half a season, rather than "faded away" over several years. Though you could argue the fading started in 2015... I dunno. This is so bad even the warehouse must notice. Right???
  5. Tbone83

    Six Years Ago

    Probably my 3rd favorite game of the last run. It was bonkers, and lasted forever. I'd only put the Andino game 162 and the Delmon Young game ahead of it. That 2012 season had some wild ones. Even though they went farther in 2014, I will remember 2012 most fondly. Orioles magic!
  6. Tbone83

    So I stopped wearing my Orioles ballcap.

    The only time I've been hassled on the street for wearing an Os hat was in Boston in the mid 00s. It was during the Sux "cowboy up" renaissance, and the Orioles were irrelevant in the East. I just chalked it up to being Boston. Nobody is friendly there.
  7. Tbone83

    Who's most to blame for this mess?

    Uh yeah MacPhail is THE guy I will associate with the 2012-2014 years. DD did some nice work to push those teams over the top and into the playoffs, but AM built it. Post 2014 DD has been largely an epic failure. AM>DD, and it's not particularly close.
  8. Tbone83

    Who's most to blame for this mess?

    Good post, I have often wondered the same. The thriftiness after the 2014 season was totally contradicted by the spending not long after. Sadly, all that money was given to the wrong players. Definitely a head scratcher.
  9. Dumping Davis, Trumbo, and Tillman would give me more hope than signing Manny. This ship IS rudderless, but it needs to be scuttled, not righted. As long as all that dead weight is pulling the team under, nothing is going to change, with or without Manny. Seeing the front office and, more importantly, ownership finally admit that this run is over would do wonders for my fandom.
  10. I agree it is dumb, but if it means we can get 7 balls instead of 6 in the bag of balls we will get for Manny in a midseason trade, stick with it.
  11. Tbone83

    This team is cooked

    I agree, I'm just ready to move on to the next phase. I like Bundy, Schoop, and Mancini and some of the farm guys. Will it be enough to compete with the stacked Boston, Toronto, and NY farm systems? I dunno. Right now I have to use this cheesy metaphor- when you break up with your significant other, but are still living together while you figure out what to do next. You don't hate them, it is just time to move on, but you can't right away for financial or logistic reasons. This is how I feel about the Orioles. I love all these guys from the last 6 years, but 2018 is shaping up to be an abyss before we start anew.
  12. Tbone83

    This team is cooked

    Yeah this squad is populated by defending (but aging) last place finishers. I don't want to jump the gun, nor am I seeking any "I told you so" enjoyment, but I fear this may be the end of "the run" of the past half decade. The end of last season has bled into the start of this season, so I don't think the sample size is too small. I will be overjoyed if I am wrong, but I think the "run" is going to have a very definable beginning and end date. Game 162 2011- Wild Card Game 2016.
  13. Tbone83

    The 2018 season is far from over

    Davis and Tillman/Wright are major problems I see no fix to. Beckham looks really bad at the plate too, I'm hoping last year was not a fluke. Joseph looks like...a backup catcher. Hopefully Sisco continues to improve. The starting pitching is a bit better. The bullpen is a bit worse. The hack-away, homer-or-strikeout offense is getting really old.
  14. Tbone83

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/10

    I guess the price charged by the baseball gods for that double play Sunday was this series.
  15. Tbone83

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/09

    GREAT outing by Bundy.