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  1. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    I just can't see the starters all stringing together a bunch of quality outings. 3/5 are garbage, 1/5 is Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde, and 1/5 is solid but still not lights out. The odds of them all overachieving simultaneously for a month are pretty long. And that leaves the only hope being the offense going crazy and scoring lots and lots of runs. Which it is capable of, but I dunno if they are capable ENOUGH to overcome garbage starting pitching. But remember April and into May? They somehow got it together then. So not impossible.
  2. vs. TIGERS, 8/04

    The last hour of this game has made me angry in multiple ways.
  3. vs. TIGERS, 8/04

    Looks safe.
  4. vs. TIGERS, 8/04

    Jeeze. Awful luck.
  5. vs. TIGERS, 8/04

    Welp, at least I had a few days of we-aren't-rebuilding-so-let's-go-for-it optimism. Two winnable games wrecked by bad starting/bullpen pitching respectively.
  6. This feels disturbingly like the Twins series of 2015

    Yup. Thought of this thread as Upton was crushing that pitch.
  7. Hyun Soo Kim appreciation thread

    Kim didn't fit in. Not enough Ks, didn't swing for the fences. He wasn't what made the Os good/bad offensively. I think there was a lot of untapped potential there, but who knows. I agree it is one of the black marks on Buck's record here. I wish Kim the best of luck and hope he finds himself in a situation where he can play more.
  8. Buffalo Built It, but the Major Leagues Never Came

    One thing to add on to The Natural link- Roy's Hospital, aka the Buffalo Psych Center, has been remodeled and opened as an upscale hotel. Despite its dubious past usage, it is a classic piece of architecture built by HH Richardson.
  9. Buffalo Built It, but the Major Leagues Never Came

    That would probably make Covington and Cincinnati the geographically closest MLB teams if it had happened. The Great American Ballpark is a ten minute WALK from Covington. I live in Buffalo. No way we could support an MLB team IMO. The weather is not great for it- April Bisons games often see crowds in the hundreds. We are very loyal to the Bills and Sabres, but the Bills only have 8 home games a year and the Sabres arena only holds 18k. Plus, as Jofalfa said, too many very loyal Yankee fans here already. Most O's fans from WNY- including Jofalfa and myself- stem from the Rochester days. Ironically, the ballpark here in Buffalo was kind of hurt by MLB aspirations. You can tell it was built to be able to add an upper deck, and the overall design is boring because of it. It was also built pre-Camden retro style and it shows. Compare this with, say, Rochester that has a lovely small scale, AAA-from-the-start park.
  10. The Reality about the Showalter-Duquette Era

    That is where I am. I feel like the "swing for the fences/good bullpen/hope-we-get-lucky-with-starting-pitiching" plan has remained the same for the entire run. Not addressing the last part, or at least correctly addressing the last part, has led to stagnation. Don't get me wrong, I endured every dreadful year of the "dark stretch" and appreciate this current run. But it is a bit frustrating that we seemingly aren't going get any more than an ALCS appearance and one AL East pennant out of it.
  11. How has Gausman gotten this screwed up?

    We can argue numbers, but the bottom line is that Jake and Kevin both have talent and potential, but neither has/was able to harness it over a sustained period in Baltimore. Yes, Gausman had a nice stretch last year. But he had struggles before that and is massively struggling this year.
  12. How has Gausman gotten this screwed up?

    Does he really though? He has had some nice stretches but I don't think Gausman has ever had enough sustained success to say he has a positive track record. I remember Jake having a few nice stretches too, but, like Kevin, the bad kept coming back. Gausman has slightly better numbers overall than Jake (as an Oriole) but I think the two are quite comparable.
  13. DFA Ubaldo

    Yes. It's time. The window on this "run" is closing rapidly, we can't afford to be wasting games just to justify one of the worst contracts in Orioles history.
  14. vs. YANKEES, 5/31

    So tired of KG. I barely had time to savor Jones HR and he is already sucking.
  15. Strickland-Harper Battle Royale

    Not sure what etiquette exists for basebrawls, but throwing the helmet did seem a little cheap, and unless he was intentionally trying to distract, it missed horribly. I'm not a Harper hater, but he looked pretty bad there. Though I agree, Strickland looked like he flipped his lid having to be dragged off like that.