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  1. I was being facetious, thought that was clear by liking your post 😁 Will say, I don't agree on promoting Hays, Díaz, Mountcastle already. Might as well get as much service time out of them as possible, we can wait on those three while we figure out what we've got in Stewart, Mullins, and Santander. Do agree that Smith we can feel pretty comfortable discarding as a future piece, that is I wouldn't even disagree if you were lobbying for him to get the boot.
  2. He's got a lot of RBIs though.
  3. What's the tweet about Sedlock's elbow issue? I didn't see it. Agreed that Lowther is a special case but until he's dominating AAA hitters or at the majors and succeeding I can't help but see Garrett Olson, whose deceptiveness or great fastball movement (forget if it was one or both) was supposed to make up for his lack of velocity.
  4. Time to start taking him seriously as a prospect? If he's at 92-94, hitting 95-95 occasionally as reported, with good mound presence/pitchability and decent deception, should people like Lowther really be ahead of him? He's putting up similar/slightly better numbers than Akin did at Bowie at 23, at age 24, doesn't that put him somewhere in the 8-15 spot on our prospect list? Experts like Luke, who would you take, Sedlock or Zimmerman if you had the choice?
  5. Trying not to overreact on the last few months. Harvey still has a great arm which is the important thing, I'm confident he'll find his way sooner rather than later results wise IF (massive if, which is why he's 7th and not 4th or even higher) he can stay healthy. I think it's too soon to be dropping him much on prospect lists. Same with Díaz, no need to overreact on the last few months. Still like his median outcome better than the one for Mountcastle which probably looks something like Trumbo (I said median outcome, before people get on me). I know some people think Mountcastle has a special bat but in general I just don't like his profile, as someone said already in this thread. I don't like low OBP hitters in general and I certainly don't like low OBP 1B. On bat alone does Mountcastle project any better than Adam Jones or Francouer when they were top prospects? I'm not sure, and Adam Jones at 1B certainly isn't a valuable piece. Just my very un-expert opinion, trying to balance everything I've read.
  6. 1. Adley 2. Hall 3. Grayson 4. Hays 5. Díaz 6. Mountcastle 7. Harvey 8. Kremer 9. Baumann 10. Akin
  7. Flash- bd

    Dean Kremer 2019

    Not defending DD, far from it, but c'mon man, talk about a hot take off of one start by a young pitcher in Bowie who is coming off an injury. 😂
  8. Flash- bd

    Zac Lowther

    Erbe was definitely a strike out machine before his injury. 133 Ks in 114.2 IP in Delmarva at age 18, 111 Ks in 119.1 at age 19 at Frederick, 151 Ks in 150 IP in Frederick at age 20. Was a big fan of that kid, gotta defend his rep. ✊
  9. Flash- bd

    Keegan Akin 2019

    To be fair, I'm not sure the argument is really about actual value as so much as it is about how much value we could've gotten. Schoop is a good player who had a terrible time of it in a short sample in Milwaukee who is, not so surprisingly, performing close to career levels this season (1.0 WAR so far). I really don't think it's unfair at all to criticize the trade. Perhaps from both sides.
  10. Sorry I wasn't more clear, I mentioned pitchers that have suffered serious injuries (Bundy, Harvey) and drops in velocity (Bundy, Tillman), for that reason, but I could've been clearer.
  11. As silly as it is to get worried over one outing, after being burned in experiences with people like Bundy, Harvey, and Tillman to a lesser extent (at the beginning of his career), I can't help being hugely relieved by a tweet like this. Thanks for posting it!
  12. 88-90 to 91-95 is a big jump...what's the catch? Don't wanna be too much of a cynic, but if it were that easy everyone would go get their 3-4 mph hike.
  13. What's the thought on Scott here now (this post was made 5 months ago)? I tend to agree with this line of thinking and would imagine the new regime would, but I don't know nearly enough about Scott to know if it's viable.
  14. Yeah, to be fair, I figured this was probably the case, his FIP there isn't that impressive. Still, I would've liked to see Gausman under a more forward-thinking organization, like the one we should theoretically have under Elias. I don't know if Atlanta fits that bill or not, but the point remains, I would've liked to see him under a different regime and have gotten something more substantial or potentially far more substantial back for him.
  15. Still can't believe that *expletive* Gausman trade. Would've liked to see what a competent organization could've done with his value. Well, I guess we already saw some of that in Atlanta. What still pisses me off about the Duquette regime is how little value we got from Gausman, Arrieta, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Zach Davies. We actually produced a decent amount of pitching talent in those year but got so little from it. Inexcusable from a low-mid payroll franchise that by definition must punch above its weight.
  16. Flash- bd


    Brady clearly wants the OA on his side.
  17. Wow, this guy is less than 5 years older than me and went to a school right nearby from which I knew quite a few kids...kinda makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life.
  18. Haha indeed. Is it a good enough return in general though? Better than a D or a C?
  19. Even if they spend it on Víctor Víctor, is it even a good enough return?
  20. This one's pretty clearly an F, isn't it? Not sure what we were doing. Baffling especially because the returns for Machado and Britton were quite good compared to what could be expected, IMO.
  21. Yeah, it was tongue and cheek. Mods can feel free to remove that part if they don't see any humor in it.
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