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  1. What happened to all those prospects we brought in last year?
  2. Yes it looks like this is still the all time MLB record.
  3. In case anyone is curious, Nelson Cruz is now 38 years old........and DH'ing for Minnesota with an .896 OPS thus far. Eventually he will start to suck.........right?
  4. He has a .731 OPS in Minnesota, that's not too terrible. It's actually right in line with his career numbers. He might prove himself to be a valuable player for his salary.
  5. Aglets

    2019 Los Angeles Dodgers

    Colorado being so poor seems like kind of a shocker. Guess it's still a pretty SSS.
  6. I think what weams is saying though is would you apply this logic to simply ANYONE who is promoted from AAA and starts off terribly? Should they all get 500-700 PA before we make a decision? I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict you say no. So then how do you discriminate?
  7. Probably until we have a better regular CF to run out there every day. I think Rickard is a known commodity at this point so I wouldn't be too eager either to play him over Cedric. That probably means that Mullins is mostly safe until Hays is ready.
  8. We have allowed 41 HR so far in 2019. More than anyone else in baseball. Bundy has allowed 7 of them. If he stays on turn and makes 32 or so starts this year that would be 56 total HR allowed, significantly worse than his league leading 41 last year.
  9. Newsflash: We have a poor pitching staff. I hope the shock doesn't paralyze too many of us. Interesting to see the data though, thanks.
  10. Let's hope this is the start of something great. I don't think it's even up for debate.
  11. Agree that this is not a good team. What I still simply cannot understand is why you continue to make things up, particularly when it comes to misrepresenting the posts of other people. We have all been saying this will be a terrible team for literally MONTHS. Stop inventing different realities. This is what we are in for for at least the next 2 or 3 years..........are you planning on whining and complaining the entire time?
  12. It worked for the best reliever in the history of the sport. Usually a move to the bullpen DOES result in an increase in velocity at least. You're right it probably won't help location. I'm not saying it definitely will work. But it does seem like this whole starting pitcher thing is likely NOT going to at all.........so................isn't this the time to try?
  13. Man this thread is gonna be misleading in about 12 hours.
  14. Good article on Thomas up on ESPN right now. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26491252/all-pro-thomas-rule-retiring-seattle Interesting behind-the-scenes look at what FA looked like for him. He was about to agree to a 1 year $12M contract with the Chiefs when we swooped in and gave him the big multiyear deal. So either we will look amazing or terrible for blowing away that offer, I predict.
  15. What metric do you use to judge how bad a team is? Other than just your personal feelings that change on a whim of course depending on the point you need to make.
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