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  1. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Interesting. Perhaps the first recorded incident of a player leaving a game to catch a flight.
  2. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Edgin apparently. He does a perfect 9th........O's win! O's win! Next Thursday can't come soon enough.
  3. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    O's bullpen getting it done. Bleier and O'Day both crushing it, and Brach just threw a scoreless 8th. Wonder who comes out for the 9th.
  4. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Not wanting to be left out............Mancini hits a 2 run bomb in the bottom of the 6th. 6-1.
  5. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    So now that's Jones and Bundy who both seem to have left the game earlier than expected...........hopefully Roch will put on his investigative journalism hat.......maybe ask one question........ and then let Buck get away with an evasive deflection and change the subject.
  6. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    6 K's for Bundy through 5 innings. Looks like he's probably done for the day. Caleb Joseph gets a 2-RBI single and then Chris Davis hits a 2 run bomb. O's have a 4-1 lead after 5.
  7. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Bundy really doing his part. 3 up 3 down against the Rays in the top of 4. O's bats need to look alive.
  8. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Weber continues to shut us down. Rasmus has the only Orioles hit after 3 innings.
  9. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Nothing from Roch yet on why Jones was removed from the game. Bundy is at 43 pitches after 3 innings, one run allowed. Good guys are down 1-0 after a Mallex Smith triple and then infield hit.
  10. Jags release Allen Hurns

    NVM. Looks like he'd rather be a Cowboy.
  11. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Bundy allows a double but then gets another K to end the top of the 2nd. Scoreless game.......middle of 2.
  12. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Bundy gets through an uneventful 1st inning. 1 BB and a K.
  13. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    I don't think this game is televised at all. I'll do my best to provide occasional updates from mlb.com / twitter.
  14. Seth Smith?

    Mark Reynolds hit 30 HR and had an OPS over .800 right? Seems like that should be worth some kind of major league deal. Jose Bautista is older and didn't hit super well last year (.674), but I'm surprised no one is even interested in a flyer there either.
  15. vs. RAYS, 3/23

    Note that Ryan Weber (R) is starting for the Rays and this is a SS game for them.