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  1. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    It is an interesting question. There's no doubt that the 'talent' we're running out there on offense is simply......offensive. So is that Harbaugh's fault? Ozzie? Flacco? I think Ozzie probably has to get a good chunk of the blame....but idk. All the injuries I guess make it a bit more complicated.
  2. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    When was the last time our offense scored a touchdown?
  3. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    Mike Wallace in the concussion protocol only a few minutes into the game. Doubt he'll be back. So Campanero and Moore are now our top receivers? Today I also learned that we have a WR named Griff Whalen so I guess it is true that you learn something new every day.
  4. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Just so we get the whole set...... Can we say that maybe Girardi has lost the Yankee clubhouse? I don't have any evidence but when a team loses critical games apparently that's why.
  5. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    There is definitely some truth to this point. I would say though that the Ravens had some resources to give him better players but didn't always spend those resources wisely. (see this off season where we heavily invested both FA dollars and draft picks in the defense). And of course there's the classic Ozzie bashing line of how he's only drafted one decent Wide Receiver in 20 years.......etc..........
  6. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Eh, just figured that points is kind of a flawed metric because then you're potentially giving the offense credit for Defensive TDs, return TDs, and 'gift' field goals. So let's change it to yards / game as our metric: Top 5: Pats, Chiefs, Broncos, Steelers, Chargers Bottom 5: Dolphins, Bills, Ravens, Colts, Browns Note that all of the Bottom 5 have 7 or more drops. For the Top 5 they definitely trend towards fewer drops, with New England being a pretty fascinating exception. Brady leads the AFC in pass attempts so I guess that will lead to more drops by default.
  7. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Looks like FoxSports tracks receiver drops. So let's look at some other AFC teams and compare to the Ravens: 2017 Offensive player drops by team: Titans: 1 Texans: 3 Broncos: 3 Steelers: 4 Chiefs: 5 Bengals: 6 Jets: 6 Bills: 7 Colts: 7 Chargers: 7 Dolphins: 7 Raiders: 7 (3 by Amari Cooper) Browns: 8 Jaguars: 9 Ravens: 9 (3 by Perriman) Patriots: 10 Best offenses (points / game) in the AFC are: Chiefs, Texans, Pats, Jags, and the Titans Worst offenses are: Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Bills, Jets (Ravens are 6th worst fyi) So at first blush the correlation doesn't look particularly strong with drops vs points scored. But I probably need to convert these into drop percentages. Let's see if I can whip something up.........
  8. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    See the quote in my post that complains about Joe's performance in the Bears game. I will concede that after looking at the numbers our offensive line is apparently performing much better than I thought previously. We are running well overall and it looks like they've done a pretty good job with sacks allowed and qb hits allowed as well. So that definitely puts more of the blame on Flacco's shoulders (as well as his weapons, which I still think is a big deal).
  9. Duquette's first BIG move (sarcasm)

    Roch had a pretty good quote today about all the fans who like to jeer stuff like "I'm buying my playoff tickets now!" every time the O's make a minor depth move. I'd recommend checking it out. You could bet against just about every MLB team making the world series, and you'll be right nearly every time. The O's have a ways to go, and Duquette has certainly made some bad moves while here, (as do all GMs of course), but I recommend we wait until actual bad moves (that deserve criticism) are made before we throw him under the bus.
  10. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    Battle of the purple teams. Methinks this will be ugly.
  11. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    It's quite easy if you actually watched the Chicago game to defend him. At least defend him from accusations that he blew the game. Was he perfect? Certainly not. But he had multiple drives going into Chicago territory that then fell apart because of turnovers......none of which were on him. Two dropped passes into INTs and one fumble on Williams. It's quite simple. Flacco is an average-ish QB who is really only going to look good based on his supporting cast. It's my belief that bad QBs are very unlikely to win Super Bowl MVP. Now if you give him a BAD supporting cast (which I maintain the Ravens have right now on offense) then he definitely starts to implode and then everything looks awful. The Ravens either need to drastically improve his weapons or OL or we need to get a new QB. I'm starting to warm up to the idea that it might be easier to replace the QB position.
  12. Where Can The Orioles Find A Left-Handed Starter?

    Sabathia makes a good deal of sense, but will he leave NY?
  13. Is Joe Flacco?

    I'm coming around on the idea that it may be time to look towards a QB of the future. So you're advocating we start Ryan Mallett the rest of the way? Or should we at least keep throwing Flacco out there until the end of this season? I think there's a 0% chance we cut Flacco during the year, but if things get real bad I could see a big overhaul come January / February. Still think the odds of that are fairly slim but I could be wrong. I think Harbaugh is more likely to go.
  14. Is Joe Flacco?

    Yea this was definitely not Flacco's worst game and I don't think he even deserves most of the blame for the loss. If your receivers can't catch the ball you're gonna have a bad time. If your defense puts 7 or 8 in the box and they still run the football down your throat you're gonna have a bad time.
  15. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Flacco definitely messed some things up today, but I cant blame him completely for the loss. Two picks off of receivers hands........Weddle couldn't wrap up Howard when he needed to.......our defense seemed to show up only after half time. A better QB probably wins that game, sure......but some of those drops were awful.