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  1. Aglets

    Baseball...has a problem.

    I think this is all solid advice. Yes the NFL is probably going to have a rough time now with declining ratings and various scandals............the CTE stuff probably being the most serious. Baseball should be trying to take advantage of that anyway they can. What will they do next year? Sit back, and watch their revenues go about another half billion or so........if I had to guess. When push comes to shove.....what is going to force change? Money. Sure owners would prefer to have more butts in the seats. No one likes to see empty seats at their stadium. But what do owners hate even MORE? Losing money. Savvy owners will try to lower ticket prices or do more promotions (like the O's are doing this year) to try and boost attendance........but I'm tired of hearing about the death of baseball literally every single year when the sport sets revenue records every single year. http://www.bleachernation.com/2017/11/28/baseball-probably-not-dying/
  2. Aglets

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    Step 1 - Brady as GM Step 2 - Cal as manager Step 3 - Raffy at 1B The "new look" Baltimore Orioles.......... "Come back and see the team you love(d)!" Man the marketing ideas would be endless at least.
  3. Looks like we have a decent idea who gets most of the 'credit.' How often does Peter Angelos himself speak with the press after a big signing or trade? I can't remember that happening much at all before. yet he did so here.......
  4. Aglets

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    Javy Lopez or bust! catchers make great managers! Anyone know if Chris Hoiles is busy?
  5. Aglets

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Sisco was a pretty high OBP guy in the minors though, right Tony? Is he just not ready yet at this level? Part of me thinks that having him play regularly up here might be the best thing for his development but idk. Just doublechecked yea his career OBP in the minors was .390.
  6. Aglets

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    In a perfect world I would hire Brady Anderson to do it just so that he has some accountability in the organization. But that won't happen. Realistically the best option is probably Girardi. As much as we loathed the guy when he was with NY I felt like he really helped those Yankee teams achieve more than they should have.
  7. Aglets

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    Sometimes things are just really simple when our brain tells us they are too complicated to understand. I think Brady just really likes doing fun things. And it's fun for him to hang out with MLB players and sorta pretend that he's still one of them. I think it's even more obvious when we hear about how he has no interest in being GM because it would be 'too boring' or 'restrictive' for him. So we have a guy who just wants to hang out and do fun stuff..........who happens to love the owner and enjoys praising him in public and is incredibly loyal to him. Very inspirational to see how all things are possible if you just are good buds with very rich and powerful people.
  8. Aglets

    Baseball...has a problem.

    Ah, baseball, the sport that's been dying for 20 years or so already. And the same epitaphs keep getting posted year after year. Man is it still managing to hold on somehow. I bet the record revenue increases every year probably help. https://www.statista.com/statistics/193466/total-league-revenue-of-the-mlb-since-2005/
  9. Aglets

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Baez has had two 3-WAR seasons in back to back years. He's on pace to exceed that this year so far. He's definitely someone we could be interested in but imo you need at least two more difference makers as well to make it worth it. Montgomery is decent I guess but i'm not sure how I feel about adding bullpen help.
  10. Aglets

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    We got another one folks! Can't stop the train now..................choo choo!!!
  11. Aglets

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    Absolutely. People pay for tickets to see the circus. I think the national coverage would be a lot bigger than just one game. Look at what the Mets are doing with Tebow.......not a perfect comparison but they are seeing a big boost at their AA games just because of him.
  12. Aglets

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    I don't really want him in LF either yet there he is.
  13. Aglets

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    Julio Franco retired at 49 as the oldest position player in modern MLB. Raffy would be a much bigger story / draw ........plus think of all the drama you could bring up with the pictures of him wearing earplugs etc.
  14. Aglets

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    Why do we have to choose between having cake and eating it? Hays hasn't earned his promotion.......you can argue the other 3 either have or will extremely soon. Move Trumbo and Jones, bench Davis or work him out in the bullpen. He's played some 3B historically too I suppose. LF - Stewart CF - Mullins RF - Mancini 1B - Mountcastle DH - Raffy!