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  1. Maybe if we sell low on Trumbo now we'll be able to get some high quality cash considerations (+ or - a PTBNL).
  2. I guess it all depends if you think he was being sincere or if he was just putting on a 'show' or whatever. Personally I think he was being sincere. And I don't think very many guys would (even indirectly) call out their manager for crappy behavior, and it was crappy. I value that kind of honesty. So yea I'll give him a bit of praise, especially for the nice things he said about Manny too. How often does that happen when a guy gets injured by another player?
  3. .314 / .415 / 514 through 11 games. Good for him, no hard feelings and I'll always look back on his time here with fond memories.
  4. I predict this movie makes a lot of money.
  5. Alright so I went and pulled the data, because I like to look at these things. Average attendance was still above 30,000 in the mid-2000s, until after 2005. After that there's a clear downward trend through 2011. We bottomed out actually in 2010 at 21,662 (2011 was just slightly higher). There's a clear uptick in 2012, for probably obvious reasons when we suddenly became relevant again. There are increases again in 2013 and 2014 (we even broke 30,000 again in 2014)! Definitely good news, we had the 13th ranked attendance in MLB in 2014. In 2015 there is a decline to 29,000, and then last year we declined again to about 27,000. Considering that the Freddie Gray riots/protests were in April 2015, I don't think it's possible to say that the figures were coming down before the incident. I think it's pretty clear that the declines in '15 and '16 are at least partially because of that. In '15 we even had the '0 attendance game.' I think as time passes and if the O's are competitive things will bounce back.......this year may be telling.
  6. Sure, and those arguments would be valid if there weren't human beings with full lives that paid to go to see the other 19 MLB teams in person that beat us with average attendance. I understand why people watch games on TV (I am one of them). It's not just big cities like New York and Boston that are beating us in attendance either. St. Louis, Toronto, San Fran, Texas, Colorado, Kansas City, Detroit, Washington DC, San Diego, Milwaukee, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Seattle all outdrew us last year too.
  7. The city clearly embraces both teams. Lots of people wear orange, especially during baseball season.......and lots of people wear purple. During the 14 year drought, it was definitely more of a football town, and it wasn't even close. Since 2012, I think the gap is narrowing, but I haven't seen any metric that would suggest to me that it's flipped. We ranked 20th in MLB in terms of average attendance last year....that doesn't exactly scream rabid baseball fandom. On the other hand, the TV ratings data is really favorable; i've seen numbers that put us in the top 5 in terms of TV ratings. So people definitely care about the Orioles, maybe they just don't care enough to see them in person.
  8. Since leaving the Ravens after 2012 he's missed two games (total) in four years. That's a pretty cool thing. Will be 37 for this season.......unfortunately as Ravens fans we know it's impossible for 37-year old WRs to be productive. Can anyone speak as to what role he had in the Lions offense recently? looks like he wasn't used a ton but he did lead the team in touchdowns!
  9. Just win baby?
  10. He has agreed to reduce his 2017 and 2018 salaries to $2.5M and $3M respectively. I'm sure there are also incentives involved. Have to think this is a positive thing for the team (if not exactly Earth shattering) since Pitta led the team in TE receptions last year and seems to work well with Joe. Really curious to see what happens with Watson now.
  11. All these years later......the Ravens are still extremely gun shy with off the field stuff with "Ray Rice syndrome." I don't think they'd sign even a safe bet talented player with off the field baggage like AP. Throw in the fact that he looks done and there's no way this happens here imo.
  12. Definitely starting to feel a lot better about defense. Now just the minor details need to be worked out over who is going to help keep Joe upright and who is he going to throw to.............
  13. As much as people seem eager to criticize Zuttah I seem to remember his predecessor being absolutely awful (AQ Shipley?), so i won't be too happy until I know who his replacement is.
  14. Are you excited at the idea that Buck and Dan might both be gone?
  15. Yea, stopgap means that you either are bridging the gap to a prospect in the minors (like Castillo to Sisco for example) or it means you just look at the FA options again next year. I don't think anyone can really predict with any degree of certainty what 2/3 of the Orioles OF will look like in 2018........let alone with all THREE OF positions in 2019.