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  1. Kid turns 18 this weekend. I have a feeling he will remember this birthday for a long time. Hopefully the tools at 17 still translate.
  2. I'll be disappointed if we don't have him signed by a week from now. Let's git er dun.
  3. Aglets

    Manny Machado 2019

    I wouldn't boo him. He didn't do anything to turn his back on the city, I believe that Duquette and Angelos (mostly big Pete) never even considered extending him after 2015. I think Manny's account above is completely accurate. It's a shame. I hope some day we are in a place where we can actually afford to keep Hall of Fame type talent around for a long time.
  4. Aglets

    TB-Montreal Rays ?

    I'm not sure. Would it allow the Rays to have a team payroll over $60M? Money tends to talk.
  5. Great. Sounds like he is great at taking instruction and willing to tweak things to improve his game. At least Davis had some good years before he refused to change his approach at the plate.
  6. From Melewski's blog: https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/05/hes-pitching-great-but-os-in-no-hurry-to-move-grayson-rodriguez.html
  7. It's good enough for me. And thankfully Elias has already commented on this. Rodriguez is not being promoted anytime soon. Is that ok with you?
  8. Man I wish we had signatures on this site. I don't think I can think of a better metaphor than this to sum up the 2011-2022 era of Orioles baseball. This is exactly right.
  9. Definitely true in 2018 where we actually tried to compete until we realized how awful we were. For this season though being bad was much more of a conscious choice.
  10. It's as blatant as you can get while still telling the players to go out and play their best every game. And we've all known this was going to be the case since Elias took over. And it's going to happen again in 2020..............and quite possibly in 2021 but hopefully there are signs of progress by then. Most of us have accepted this as the planned course of action (atomic notwithstanding).........my question for anyone who is upset by this strategy is.......... what do you think you are accomplishing by complaining about it? You think Elias is going to change course? You think ownership will 'punish' Elias for doing what he said he was going to do? I've gotten more enjoyment from following the minor leagues this year. I understand the long-term goal. This is a proven method that has worked with multiple other teams. If you don't like it..............you don't have to watch the games? This is a fan strategy that has worked for me and I plan on following at least until there are a few more future pieces on the ML roster. This is a process. Elias has NOT hidden the ball from any of us. We know what is going on. honestly the constant refrain of "I know you have heard this in the past but this time it will literally come true" used to upset me a lot more. I much prefer this method.
  11. Pretty sure Elias has basically said that Rodriguez isn't being promoted this year. He is only 19 years old, and has never pitched a full season of professional baseball before. Wouldn't surprise me if they shut him down at some point in the summer. Now if we are applying that standard consistently, it seems like Rom should also fit that exact same mold. So they might have to wait for '20 for their promotions.
  12. I'm pretty interested in how the whole Armstrong thing happened. We were able to offload one of our worst arms (Mike Wright) to Seattle for peanuts. They cut Armstrong to make room, and we were able to scoop him up. I'm wondering if Elias has discovered a new potential market inefficiency? Trading crappy bullpen arms to crappy teams who want to cut their underperforming bullpen arms?
  13. 142,900 in savings for a 147,900 slot. Seems pretty.........pretty...............pretty...................pretty good. Wonder what the record is.
  14. So we were able to sign him for 5000 / 147900 = 3% of his slot allotment? Is Elias some kind of wizard? Or does the kid have wealthy parents or something? 3% of slot seems crazy.......although I'm glad it certainly benefits us towards signing the higher picks.
  15. It's fun to go back and look at some of this stuff all these years later. So in 2012 we went a bit overslot on Gausman. Here are the rest of the results from that year: http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/team/draft.jsp?c_id=bal&year=2012 Just looking at the rest of the top 10 rounds, we did miss on signing our 5th rounder, a high school LHP named Colin Poche. Who knows exactly why. Fast forward a few years later......................... He was drafted again in 2016 by Arizona, but in the 14th round (post TJ surgery), so it appears that his gamble didn't exactly work out. Then he was a PTBNL in the Steven Souza trade with Tampa in 2018. His WHIP and K numbers are pretty outstanding in the minors, and the Rays just promoted him this year. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/p/pocheco01.shtml So let the hand-wringing begin! The next time you see him come out of the pen against us.
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