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  1. Not sure if I posted on this thread before..........but to answer the question posed: -forever. If you are waiting for this to happen you will be waiting until Brach's retirement.
  2. Unrest in Patriot Clubhouse and sidelines

    Definitely annoying. Some day these guys will break up................right?
  3. Ravens Realiity or Fantasy? Flacco For Eli?

    Seems dumb that the Titans let him go for losing to the best team in the AFC, but there might be other factors here that we are not privy to.
  4. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    Very true, we usually win these cases. But sometimes we lose....like with Brach last year. The word out of the warehouse though was that they were hoping to agree with all seven players by the deadline.....that's why I said they 'failed.' The Manny situation is probably the most dangerous, depending on how you look at it. OTOH, if you are 100% convinced that you're gonna either trade him or lose him for peanuts, I guess who cares how ticked off you make him during this process.
  5. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    According to Roch we failed to come to an agreement with Manny, Brach, Britton, or Joseph. So we failed with 4/7. Go us!
  6. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    Sigh. Maybe Duquette will be more 'pro-active' now..........
  7. Make Harbaugh Resign and Allow Him To Go To Detroit

    Yea seriously. If I were the Ravens I'd be doing everything I can to try and get Kubiak back. Oh well. If they actually try to improve the offense this year we may actually have something in 2018.
  8. Don Martindale Promoted to Defensive Coordinator

    I read that for the past decade or more every time we have needed a new DC we've promoted from within. Seems to be just how the Ravens do business. I saw he had one terrible year as a DC in Denver but I don't know what kind of roster he had. Probably will end up being a meh move. Seems like a lot of our defensive strength depends on how many games Jimmy Smith misses each year.
  9. Is Davis Done?

    Doing some magic to combine bb-ref with fangraphs....... He sees over 2,000 pitches per season. 2,134 last year, 2700 in previous years. Last year 43% of those were 'true strikes' (pitches within the strikezone). So he saw around 918 pitches that were in the zone. A decrease swinging at strikes % of 10% means close to 100 more 'free' strikes you're giving the opponent........which will obviously lead to many many more outs.
  10. Is Davis Done?

    The weird thing to me is the big increase in strikes where he isn't even swinging. That to me implies there's something either with his eyes or maybe confidence? idk His K % last year was 37% of all PA..........the highest of his entire career so far. His career average is 32%. Credit fangraphs for the following stats: For his career Davis has swung at 71% of all pitches within the strikezone. In 2017 he swung at only 60% of pitches in the strikezone. That's definitely worrying.
  11. Is Davis Done?

    Ah, the old......."Player X isn't playing well right now.........must be because he just doesn't care!" argument. Have to admit that's one of my least favorite logical fallacies that gets trotted out 5,649 times per season.
  12. If the Ravens Lose to the Bengals, <BLANK> should be fired.

    Absolutely not surprised at all. And for the record, I'm ok with it. Mornhinweg has a pretty solid pedigree, and he's only been our OC here for 1.5 seasons. During his first full season, he was dealt an incredibly crappy hand, with Flacco being hurt/awful at first, having no talented WRs, and not really having a RB until whenever they switched to Collins as the starter. Flacco has had what...........5 offensive coordinators since 2012? The fault is probably not solely on all of them.
  13. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    No. Never been done before, no reason to expect them to break precedent now. The most likely scenario is that Britton gets a very small raise.
  14. Roch: Bundy Likes Working with the Spitter

    Very misleading title. I guess I can appreciate the Seinfeld reference though.
  15. Something that some of us have been predicting the entire time...... Looks like Harbaugh is under contract with us through 2019 at the moment. That implies to me that there will be a lot of pressure on him next year...........as there should be.