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  1. For the 4 Lamar Jackson starts this year, we have averaged 376.5 yards of offense per game and 27 points per game. For the previous 9 games with Flacco we've averaged 366.6 yards per game and 23.7 points per game. Normally I'd wait to post this after atomic goes off saying how terrible Lamar is and how much better we are with Flacco, but consider this a pre-emptive strike.
  2. Davis, Cobb, Cashner, Trumbo and I guess Givens because that would help us maximize trade value return.
  3. Aglets

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    The answer is no btw. At least....not as the starter.
  4. Officially announced today. React!
  5. Aglets


    Adam Jones received an $85.5M contract from us. How soon we forget..........
  6. Aglets

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    Will Joe Flacco throw another pass in a Ravens uniform? Tune in this Sunday to find out!
  7. Aglets

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    If it helps, Roch was very clear in his morning blog today that Hyde is going to be the new manager. So I think he's done his job very well in this situation. Obviously he has to report what the GM is saying. He could then side with the team and say that the national media is "fake news!" or whatever, or he could confirm their reports. He seems to be confirming that the media is right and Elias is fibbing......at best. Can't say I'm thrilled about that but it's not like Buck or Dan were bastions of truth and openness during their time here. Crabcakes, football, and operating in shrouds of secrecy, that's what Maryland DOES!
  8. Aglets

    New manager

    Really not impressed with Manny Acta's track record. He had losing years every year he's managed. Both Washington and Cleveland improved after he left. I mean, not that we're gonna be competing for the division. Maybe he's better at maximizing the utility of losing than some others.
  9. Aglets

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    So far in his NFL career (an entire four game sample size) he is a more accurate passer than Tebow and a better runner than Tebow. Jackson has completed 58% of his passes to Tebow's 48%. Having said all that, it would be pretty cool if Jackson actually does pull a Tebow by carrying us into first place and winning a playoff game. Man are you gonna hate 2019.
  10. Aglets

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Sounds like there are plans for Flacco to be in uniform and active this week.
  11. Aglets

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    I would imagine it has no impact at all on what position we take first in the Rule 5. Elias will go BPA. If he has any bias towards any positions it's infielders, which makes sense.
  12. Aglets

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    Baseball-reference says 4th rounder.
  13. Aglets

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    Career .748 hitter in the minor leagues. .743 in AAA. He's been in 72 MLB games, hitting a pretty paltry .189/.282/.302 . About to enter his age 25 season. Can't see much to be excited about here but hopefully Elias knows something.
  14. Aglets

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I don't want to put words in your mouth. But it sounds like you want the Ravens to just have him run as aggressively as possible until he breaks? Or am I misinterpreting here? If you believe the world is going to end after the 2018 season I guess I agree.
  15. Aglets

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Um........you know what happened to RG3 right? Pretty sure 'running with abandon' is not a sustainable strategy for your franchise QB. Even Cam Newton seems to be much less effective now because he's banged up...........and he is built like a tank.