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  1. Hitting .277/.288/.385 so far this year thru 20 games. Had decent defensive metrics in 2015 and 2016, just replacement level (altho again SSS) so far in '17.
  2. But other than that we're basically the same, right?
  3. And they lose 2-1. Talk about a gut punch. The Nationals may be the worst super team in the league.
  4. Nationals now trail going to the 9th inning. Poor Scherzer.
  5. Positive spin time! More evidence at how awesome Buck is. We have the worst pitching staff in the American League, a below-average offense, and are still playing .500 ball!
  6. We are scoring 4.56 per game so far this year. Looks like that puts us as the 11th ranked offense in the AL. That's a regression from last year (7th).
  7. Average innings per start for our SP this month: Ubaldo: (1 start that went 7 innings, w00t) Asher: 5 per start Bundy: 5 per start Gausman: 5 per start Miley: 4.5 per start Tillman: 4 per start So yea that's a lot of bullpen innings, basically half of every game.
  8. If you look all the starting pitchers in the AL............Bundy is #9 in ERA out of all of those qualified. so 9th out of 70+ potential starting pitchers.......I think he definitely should be in the conversation. Who knows, maybe he improves even more in the next few weeks.
  9. Make that 6 straight! Even more impressive: They went 1-6 in the past week and actually moved UP to #2 in the ESPN power rankings. Great job to the folks over there.
  10. Since 2014 (the year he won the Cy Young) the O's are 2-2 vs the Indians when Kluber starts. But yea he's done a pretty darn good job of shutting our bats down during that time. Bundy will need to be aces today.
  11. So to be clear, you're predicting that we will have more than 14 consecutive losing seasons if and when Brady takes over for Dan? For the record I actually do think it pretty likely that Brady will be our next GM whenever Dan decides to leave (or is let go).
  12. Yet he was right in this case. Good for Bordick. And I say that as another person who would really prefer to not listen to him on the broadcast if possible.
  13. Not to mention the original criteria he asked for was a 'regular major leaguer.' Look, I don't think anyone is going to look at our system and say it's just busting with talent. That's a real problem, and Dan definitely deserves a good bit of blame for that. And we've also won more games than anyone in our division since 2012 or w/e. That's kind of a good thing. If anyone can find a perfect GM out there that's never screwed anything up, I trust they would send the person's name to Angelos and Co. asap. I may become much more critical of Dan when we see how he handles this upcoming trade deadline though.......curious to see what his approach will be.
  14. Darn, I was really trying to keep my fortune telling powers to myself.........but you got me. He'll play 3rd and make 12 All Star games. You're welcome.
  15. Ryan Mountcastle is playing pretty well in Frederick.......hopefully he gets a bump up soon.