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  1. Will Castillo opt out?

    What if I told you guys that Caleb Joseph was 6th in the AL in terms of total WAR for catchers? And Castillo was 12th? Would that surprise you? And that Caleb has done it in fewer AB?
  2. So I was looking at our lineup...

    I don't know I can imagine quite a bit.
  3. New Star Trek Series

    Good News: Episodes from Star Trek: Discovery are going to be sent to Netflix after they air on CBS All Access*! Bad News: *Only if you don't live in the US.
  4. DJ Stewart 2017

    Man this team is going to be STACKED in 2020!!!!
  5. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    Fun fact: Wade Miley leads all of MLB in walks allowed (72). That's over 126 IP so far. Next on the list is Justin Verlander with 63.......in 151 IP. To be fair, Chatwood also has 63 and is pitching poorly for CO. Miley has never had over 75 walks in a season. What the heck is going on here.
  6. Name this season

    There And Back Again - From The Best Team in Baseball........To Last Place........To The Playoffs!
  7. Maybe if he just gets Scott Boras............... Worked for Matt I guess.
  8. Welington is the same age now as Wieters was last year. Wieters had a 1.7 WAR season in 2016, and turned it into a 2 year, $21M deal, with a player opt-out. Welington is on pace for a 1.5 WAR season or so this year (in fewer games) and has a better recent track record. (Prior to 2016 Wieters hadn't put up more than 1 WAR in a season since 2012). Shouldn't the Beef be able to top Wieters on the open market?
  9. By comparison btw, JJ Hardy (through 64 games) has been worth 0.2 dWAR at SS. So roughly 0.5 dWAR over a full season (162 starts), whereas Beckham would be around -1. Over the remaining 30 games or so (I think we can all basically see here that Hardy is not going to be ready until September) that difference defensively is really small. And the difference offensively is huge.
  10. According to bb-ref, Tim Beckham is top 8 on this team in WAR. After playing in 14 games. Simply incredible. They have him as roughly replacement level defensively (-0.1 dWAR) so that will certainly play for the time being with the way he is hitting.
  11. Kaepernick-Gate is now a national story

    I would hope that cutting Pitta gave us something.
  12. Actually, Rickard is good at defense

    Rickard has saved the 10th most runs in all of baseball? Yea, about those advanced stat metrics..................... Not meant to be a knock against Rickard......good for him.
  13. Man, what are we gonna do with all this pitching depth!?!!?!?
  14. Waiting to hear Can of Corn's take on that Facebook piece so I can form my opinion.
  15. Interesting comment by Beckham just now

    We all know Brady is the next GM right? Guess the only question is will it be in 2019 or not.