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  1. Possible Candidates For Next Orioles Manager

    My point is his WS veteranosity didn't show up in the W/L record when he was here.
  2. Possible Candidates For Next Orioles Manager

    You are kidding about the knuckleball thing right? I heard that "advice" thirty years ago.
  3. Jim Thome for Hitting Coach

    I think he already has two jobs.
  4. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    But a lot of these are his guys right? *Not Beckham obviously and maybe not Sisco but a lot of them
  5. Time to worry about Cody Sedlock?

    Even in the NBA and NFL you get top 5 picks that bust.
  6. Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    Tillman's pitching?
  7. Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    "Lucky" fan pitches the 8th night!
  8. Time to Make the Coaches Wear Skirts

    It's 49 right now in the Highlands, so it's Kilt weather.
  9. Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    "Choosing From a Multitude of Suitors" by Pedro Alvarez.
  10. Our 3B Defense is Atrocious!

    NP. I think he's pretty average overall. Nice range but lacks concentration. Will make a great play then boot one. I was pleased enough with how he did last season for the O's despite the errors.
  11. Time to fire Buck.

    So if Buck went over Dan's head to ownership to get Davis that would fall on Buck right? A lot of us think that is what happened.
  12. Time to fire Buck.

    By choice I wouldn't start from the ground, I'd start from the warehouse.
  13. Time to fire Buck.

    I already had a discussion today with someone that thinks that even if Buck wanted a player that turned out to be poor it's Dan's fault for not overriding Buck's judgement. Do you also feel that way?
  14. This team is cooked

    Before than. No way draft picks should have been used on Davis and Gallardo. Britton should have been traded before last season even started.