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  1. I'm hoping Davis shows up at camp thirty pounds overweight and just dares the team to do something about it.
  2. Maybe? It is theoretically possible that since the Angelos family owns both that them making more money would lead to them investing more in the club. Remember not only does the family get more gross income coming in, the MASN profits aren't subject to revenue sharing.
  3. But the Angelos family would get substantially less.
  4. Sorry, I didn't read what you wrote closely enough. I never saw anything saying they were only try to sell off the Nationals part of MASN. I'm not sure how that would fix any problems. What I remember seeing was that they were trying to get the whole of MASN sold to a third party.
  5. Wasn't MLB trying to get the O's to sell MASN to a third party? Pretty sure that was a thing.
  6. I'm not sure why you repeated yourself.
  7. It's your opinion. You might be right. But you made it sound like it was a requirement, which it isn't. What if they sold MASN and then sold the team? Would no one be interested because they can't buy MASN?
  8. Why would that be a requirement? As for 148M in revenue? I find that very hard to believe. MLB generated 10.3B in revenue in 2018.
  9. You are right, he'd run to KLaw.
  10. You can hire a farmer to farm for a lot less than you can a Michelin chef.
  11. Wasn't he being booed by those fans the other night? For being injured.
  12. Welp, the team, with MASN is valued at over 1B so I'm guessing MLB isn't sweating the 360M. I don't have figures on hand but I'm guessing the O's could have zero fans in the stands next year and would still exceed 130M in revenue. The game has grown a lot since that deal was made.
  13. How much guaranteed money is he leaving on the table?
  14. Guy I was stationed with in Norfolk was from WV, he said he'd crack the skulls and deep fry the brains.
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