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  1. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    I'm starting to think the team as a whole isn't very good.
  2. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    It's against the Mets so they have a shot.
  3. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Please, I hate everyone. I just think you should look at what a player can do more than just harp on what they can't do.
  4. Who is to say they had exclusive rights to the area to begin with? I never thought Angelos had a compelling case. I think he made out like a bandit with the MASN deal.
  5. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    And the Mullins nitpicking has begun. How dare they not be all five tool players. I'd be very surprised if someone be in BP, Fangraphs or whatever hasn't done the research you are looking for.
  6. Can_of_corn

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Some, not much.
  7. Can_of_corn

    Brady Anderson's feat has been equaled

    Guy at work drafted Acuna on my recommendation for his keeper league. I thinking he might owe me a lunch.
  8. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

  9. Can_of_corn

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Better numbers exist to prove your point.
  10. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    How about his Golden Sombrero?
  11. Can_of_corn

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Champions never let up.
  12. Can_of_corn

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Is it tell me things I already know day? Go listen to what I just posted in the cover thread. It's a Magma cover and boy, it's something. I'm 10 minutes in and grabbing the desk trying to hold on.
  13. Can_of_corn

    Austin Hays off to slow start with bad approach

    Anyone got video of him standing on second looking pleased?
  14. Can_of_corn

    It's a rocking cover Friday!

    The above was nice. This is interesting.
  15. Can_of_corn

    It's a rocking cover Friday!