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  1. At least Davis didn't strike out looking.
  2. Guys, we are missing the big picture. What was Schoop doing swinging at the first pitch?
  3. It's also not a very good song.
  4. But the Ubaldo contract is only four years. Davis is going to be blocking defensively challenged hitting prospects for years and years.
  5. It seems the periods of hot Davis keep getting shorter.
  6. Isn't scoring up from last year? Have to factor that in.
  7. I don't watch ESPN.
  8. Why would talking about pitchers remind you of Ubaldo?
  9. Offseason workout plan for Ryan.
  10. When did we stop using this guy?
  11. As of a couple days ago Judge had been worth -.4 WAR since the all star break. He's regressing hard.
  12. Going to be a dental floss tycoon?
  13. They do both only occasionally resemble major league players.
  14. Would explain Sabathia.
  15. Well, I'm certainly not. Where are the 198 folks to even us out?