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  1. Can_of_corn

    Thank You, Mark Daniel Trumbo

    I'll take salary relief and a piece of low grade organizational filler.
  2. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    885 OPS. Stupidly small sample size. Two very good reasons to not say "massively struggled against".
  3. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    Oh sure some of them could throw, Dempsey was a beast. Hoiles on the other hand had four seasons between 20-23 percent.
  4. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    He had 13 PA against LHP, how can you say he massively struggled against them? (BTW he had an .885 OPS against LHP)
  5. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    So the past only means since Buck? Ramon Hernandez had a season at 20% and a season at 23% as an O, before that Javy Lopez was at 25% and 18% I can keep going back.
  6. Can_of_corn

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    He's got the Schoop sound. Love that sound.
  7. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    Nothing? I bring up Joseph because some folks think that Sisco's throwing is a deal breaker when the O's have had some really poor throwing catchers in the past and it didn't impact the team all that much. No one worried about Caleb throwing out 18% last year and yet folks were all worked up over Sisco's throwing. It isn't rational.
  8. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    Joey thinks that throwing like Caleb is a severe defensive question. Yet he's noticably silent when Caleb throws like Caleb.
  9. Can_of_corn

    (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    I find it hard to believe that with a brand new ballpark they can't afford the 100M payroll they had in 2014.
  10. Can_of_corn

    TIllman to DL

    Because the player has to go along with the story. You can't DL a guy and have him go "Wait, I'm actually fine!"
  11. Can_of_corn

    A lot of player movement coming

    Bring him back put him in center until his hips give out again.
  12. Can_of_corn

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    25M in career earnings. I think I'd be OK retiring at 30 on that.
  13. Can_of_corn

    They All Break

    87 with little movement and less command, that doesn't even play in Aberdeen.
  14. Can_of_corn

    TIllman to DL

    Maybe they haven't got a full roster yet and need Tillman to eat some innings? And yea, I'd feel bad for Chris if he hadn't done it to himself and I was capable of emotion.
  15. Can_of_corn

    Fangraphs: Buck Showalter on the changing game

    We aren't lucky.