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  1. I'd rather watch three years of this than 14 of the other.
  2. And AR will drop right into the top half as soon as he's eligible.
  3. A lottery system sure stopped teams in the NBA from tanking.
  4. I take it he's a starter that was working out of the pen? 98 2S/slider sounds like it would work out of the pen.
  5. Someone needs to check the sell by dates.
  6. What happened to Means?
  7. They did win 90 last year despite numerous pitching injuries.
  8. Hopefully he's hurt but not injured.
  9. My theory is that at some point in the off-season his internal poles got reset and he's now left handed and trying to pitch with his non-dominant arm.
  10. Not the response I was hoping for but thanks anyway.
  11. Thankfully those type of hits don't generally result in IL trips.
  12. Is that a good thing? Is ten points a lot? What's a Gryffindor?
  13. I was wondering why it suddenly got dark overhead.
  14. You win the one against Boston when Givens blew the save.
  15. You forgot about the National League again didn't you?
  16. As argumentative as I can be even I gave up months ago.
  17. Buck didn't play Davis for 95% of the games last year. He only played in 128 games last year.
  18. It's the hardest part. So sayeth the Petty.
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