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  1. The way I look at it, why give the employee the leeway to leak something when you can trade that right to a national guy?
  2. I read it as The owners won't let Elias cut him so they are trying to get him to actually prepare for the season.
  3. Roch probably got word first but waited until Heyman put the info out.
  4. Or what they release him and have to pay him? Pretty sure Davis can show up looking like Bro Thor and the O's can't do anything about it.
  5. I don't think scouting pays well enough.
  6. More of a Wilkerson fan?
  7. Just a few years ago we were talking about how shutdown bullpens were turning games into six inning affairs. I'd give this phenomenon a few more years before I draw any conclusions.
  8. I think he's still have to put work in at this point. And buy the good stuff.
  9. I'm not suggesting he would do the work, heck I was leading the he's not doing the work charge. I was just stating that I think his realistic, no little Yaz universe, ceiling is replacement level.
  10. If he put in all the work maybe replacement level.
  11. Sure. Certainly don't want him swinging at junk.
  12. I'm grandfathered in. I was afraid I'd lose it when I had to switch cards but they reached out to me to continue it. I was just letting you know it is possible. Tell you what, I'll check my back emails when I get a chance and see if I can find something from them, if I do I will PM you.
  13. Probably being pitched around.
  14. Maybe the casual fan doesn't realize the importance of what is at stake between these two teams. O's should have hyped up the battle for the second overall pick.
  15. Maybe Norfolk. I think he needs the juiced ball.
  16. Not really since he'd lose walks and extra base hits. I'm not sure what the cutoff would be but it has to be higher than 210. I'd rather they just bench him until they need him to pitch.
  17. You left off Straily, 22 HR in 47.2 innings. What? That has to be wrong! Geez.
  18. Why steal ever when everyone is a threat to go deep?
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