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  1. His hot streak might be over. Should be able to tell by his third at bat of the game.
  2. Sucre has 4 IP under his belt.
  3. I'm sure I've posted this before but I don't care. My favorite version of the song.
  4. Can_of_corn

    Adam Hall 2019

    So you don't think he can stick at short?
  5. What are you going to do to make Stewart to make him that bad? Make him wear an eyepatch? He'll walk enough that he could bat 0.00 and put up more than a -19 OPS+.
  6. Can_of_corn

    Adam Hall 2019

    I might pin my hopes and dreams on him this year.
  7. It's been discussed. Some posters like it, think it's "tough love". I think Frobby asked if the pitchers be allowed to make gestures when Sucre has a poor at bat.
  8. That equals out one of the caught stealing right?
  9. But does he publicly berate pitches who miss their spots? That's the type of on the field leadership a young team needs.
  10. If they couldn't the O's could just send Davis down, not like he wouldn't clear waivers.
  11. He doesn't seem to be that talented a bunter.
  12. I'd rather they hit better. Edit- Ask and ye shall find!
  13. Heat the Raise --->Hate the Rays His autocorrect got the best of him and he can't edit.
  14. Wasn't it twice in the last week? I think he popped one up to third base recently.
  15. There was a big deal made about it in Toronto a few years back. They can mention it, I don't think much will happen.
  16. He saw all the other teams extending young talent and the fool thinks the O's will open their wallets. (I don't think Mancini is a fool)
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