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  1. Out for the season. Ugh. This is bad. West is a JAG as far as I'm concerned, and Woodhead is a complementary piece. I don't even know where we go from here.
  2. Duke is like a poker player that does really well as a short stack but as soon as he gets a lot of chips he starts throwing them into pots he shouldn't.
  3. If he could play 16 games I think he'd be a quality slot receiver. Every time he gets the ball something good seems to happen. Unfortunately he just doesn't have a body that can withstand the abuse of NFL ball like Tony said.
  4. Hindsight is always 20/20 but the fact we picked up Williams in the 2nd round and Buck Allen in the 4th when David Johnson was available in the 3rd... oof.
  5. I feel like we have so many roster spots tied to TE's we'd need another injury before we could spend more money on the position. Just have to hope Watson/Boyle/Gilmore does the job.
  6. Seeing Manny have to play for John Farrell would be hilarious.
  7. It's honestly starting to become a bit of an embarrassment. Granted a lot of the players aren't starters, but it's not a good look.
  8. Orr seemed like a solid player but certainly part of the appeal was the price he cost. There is no way we can add on salary right now for anything but a offensive lineman.
  9. Lock it up: Next Jake Arrieta (for another team).
  10. If we are to get anyone decent it will probably be someone that hasn't been cut/released yet. Anyone that is still on the market is obviously still on the market for a reason. Even Mangold... you have to wonder what the deal is there.
  11. Ak ok I just looked at that, I'll admit I'm not a expert when it comes to the cap numbers. I still don't see us cutting him though, even before Young got hurt.
  12. Jimmy Smith is 12.3 million in dead money against the cap. The best you can do is rework his deal.
  13. Given the injury history of everyone we have plus Decker himself, it's probably reasonable to believe someone will be hurt for a significant part of the season enough to warrant having all four (Wallace/Perriman/Maclin/Decker).
  14. Interesting, given there are only so many targets to around much less salary cap/money.
  15. According to various sources we signed him to a 2 year deal. I like the signing, though I still question who we go to on a 3rd down or goal line situation. Decker is a better fit for that.