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  1. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Langford was terrible in Chicago. Dixon is the only real talent we have at RB. West and Buck Allen on a good team are backups.
  2. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    I look at like this. Woodhead was probably going to miss time this season eventually. Might as well get it out the way.
  3. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    If we don't turn the ball over I think we can sneak one out. We will probably only score about 17-21 points, but I think we can keep them under that.
  4. Jones' ejection

    Reminds me of the story of a game back in the early 1900's. Player needed to get on a train (or maybe plane?) to make it to his destination, but wouldn't make it if he played the scheduled game. So in a pregame arrangement with the home plate umpire, he argued the first called strike in his at-bat in the top of the first and was "thrown out" of the game.
  5. It's a tough choice but I went with Bundy. I just feel his development is of the highest priority for us, given our lackluster pitching both in overall talent/depth and development history.
  6. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    I don't understand how you make the moves Duke has so far this year and now a few games out NOT make a trade for a pitcher.
  7. Over/Under

    I think it will be one of those years where we are like "Man... if only we had ANY sort of offense". I expect this offense to be pretty bad. Ten years ago this offense could be middle of the road. It's just hard to imagine these days an offensive featuring a couple 30 year old former star receivers with a patchwork offensive line and basically zero talent at RB/TE will get you anywhere. I view Flacco (healthy) as neither a plus nor a minus. He goes how his weapons and system goes.
  8. Schoop and Mancini

    I think it comes down to Altuve and Trout. If Trout ends on a hot streak in September, he picks up his third MVP.
  9. Roster Updates/Injuries 2017 Training Camp

    Hindsight is 20/20 but Wormley seems like a unnecessary use of a 3rd rounder. Not sure how many lineman were out there at the time, but given how deep we are at D line seems like we could have gone in a different direction. I understand Humphrey/Bowser/Williams.
  10. Sign him.

    Money shouldn't be a question with this guy. You pay what is necessary to keep that kind of talent around. Kind of like the Magic with Shaq. They pondered "100 million? I'm not sure anybody deserves that" and let Shaq get away. Their franchise was a mess for almost a decade because of that disaster.
  11. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    Way too much money left for us to eat it, or for Angelos to allow it. The Phillies didn't even eat Ryan Howard's contract when he was putting up NEGATIVE WAR year in and year out.
  12. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    I'll always wonder what kind of contract Davis would have gotten if the Orioles hadn't offered.
  13. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    I thought Tim Beckham was like the third Upton brother or had his own brother already in the majors until I looked it up. I feel dumb.
  14. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Would be pretty awesome if Beckham is legit. If he is, having him on the (relative) cheap for the next three years can make Davis's contract somewhat easier to swallow.
  15. Kaepernick-Gate is now a national story

    Backup QB is the last of my worries. Kap should be employed though. He's better than most backups. But I can't blame owners not wanting to invite that chaos on their bench. If he was a starter, someone would have bitten the bullet.