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  1. After The Bye

    Is anyone really confident we would do anything in the playoffs even if we get there? I would rather be there than not of course, but I just don't have the level of confidence I usually have with this team.
  2. If the Astros make the trade for Britton do they still make the trade for Verlander? I'm not so sure. I think it's reasonable to think that they are better off with Verlander than Britton.
  3. Drafting offensive players for the last decade

    I don't think we are bailing on Flacco anytime soon. I wouldn't be against drafting a QB in the 3-5 range as a multi year/long term project though. If things look promising we can go with that QB in 2020/21 where the construction of Flacco's contract begins to be manageable to get out of. Flacco would only be 8 million in dead cap after the 2019/20 season, and we are completely free of it after the 2020/21 season. Perhaps someone like Josh Allen of Wyoming will slide and give us the opportunity to let him sit for a couple years (as he should based on his performance this year).
  4. At some point we have to avoid these 3-40 or 4-50 deals we hand out to aging players that come back to bite us. We are already stuck with Davis for half a decade and Trumbo for 2 years.
  5. Is Joe Flacco?

    I really don't know how to defend him anymore. Great quarterbacks will make plays, regardless of their line or WR or coordinators. This guy just doesn't make plays. I can't think of many QB with his amount of experience who looks as bad as he does when a play breaks down. If he doesn't get the ball out immediately after dropping back, he is a fish out of water. He has no pocket presence what's so eveInsert other media r.
  6. No help for the OL?

    PFF has us as the 4th best offensive line thus far. The most encouraging thing about it is how well Jensen has played, and how well this bodes for the future with Yanda and other returning next year.
  7. No help for the OL?

  8. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    I can't be the only one that notice the pass rush really fell off in the second half. I assume it's related to Brandon Williams being injured.
  9. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Langford was terrible in Chicago. Dixon is the only real talent we have at RB. West and Buck Allen on a good team are backups.
  10. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    I look at like this. Woodhead was probably going to miss time this season eventually. Might as well get it out the way.
  11. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    If we don't turn the ball over I think we can sneak one out. We will probably only score about 17-21 points, but I think we can keep them under that.
  12. Jones' ejection

    Reminds me of the story of a game back in the early 1900's. Player needed to get on a train (or maybe plane?) to make it to his destination, but wouldn't make it if he played the scheduled game. So in a pregame arrangement with the home plate umpire, he argued the first called strike in his at-bat in the top of the first and was "thrown out" of the game.
  13. It's a tough choice but I went with Bundy. I just feel his development is of the highest priority for us, given our lackluster pitching both in overall talent/depth and development history.
  14. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    I don't understand how you make the moves Duke has so far this year and now a few games out NOT make a trade for a pitcher.
  15. Over/Under

    I think it will be one of those years where we are like "Man... if only we had ANY sort of offense". I expect this offense to be pretty bad. Ten years ago this offense could be middle of the road. It's just hard to imagine these days an offensive featuring a couple 30 year old former star receivers with a patchwork offensive line and basically zero talent at RB/TE will get you anywhere. I view Flacco (healthy) as neither a plus nor a minus. He goes how his weapons and system goes.