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  1. Notice that about 50% of the pitchers had serious injuries. That's not including guys like Dan Klien, Beau Hale, Brandon Kline, Hunter Harvey, Dylan Bundy, Brad Bergesen, Zach Britton(shoulder). They all break at some point. This is the problem with grow the arms and buy the bats. 50% of the guys are going to have major injuries at some point and that doesn't even count the attrition rate of guys that just can't succeed at the MLB level.
  2. Lol Jones leadership. He was always the leader with Markakis here. Plus look what he did with the WBC. He can't help that Manny has been a bum this year, Trumbo isn't leading the league in HR's, Kim isn't hitting .320, and the SP has been historically bad.
  3. One thing to remember with Castro is that he's 5 months younger than Tanner Scott.
  4. This draft is looking really good so far. Hays is all the way in Bowie now. Akin has turned it around in A+. Myers and Haniffee have had impressive debuts. Palmeiro is close to an .800 OPS in Delmarva. Bonilla had a good debut. Jake Ring has been mashing in Delmarva. We still haven't seen Torres yet. Only Sedlock and Dietz are the letdowns so far. Wish we would've signed Blohm away from UMD.
  5. Back to back good outings by high school pitchers from last year's draft. Haniffee, Myers and DL Hall could be a nice little 19-20 yr old rotation next year in Delmarva.
  6. I'm way too sober to read this.
  7. What to take away from Mazzone and Mcdowell being great pitching coaches in ATL for 30 years and then having not so great results here? You can turn Chicken crap into chicken salad.
  8. Take out the Pirate comebacks and that looks really bad. We're not exactly losing close games either. Givens is 6-0. I think he might end up leading us in wins this year. 8 probably does it.
  9. Exactly. I don't know who is going to be traded in this big fire sale everyone wants. The impending FA's are playing terrible. Maybe you get something for Seth Smith or Miley. Maybe. Machado, Britton, and Brach aren't going anywhere. I think we're just going to look to retool the rotation with the money coming off the books and fill SS, RF with cheap vets.
  10. Ynoa should be put in the rotation once we stop this false hope. I know he's done nothing to earn it in AAA, but the guy is a Power arm with a good sinker. He is the one guy that I have hope for.
  11. I think it's going to be pretty simple in the offseason. There isn't going to be some major rebuild. We need 3 SP's. A SS/3B Starting OF Util The team will be Bundy, Gausman, ?, ?, ? Britton, Brach, Givens, Oday, Bleier/Hart, Asher, ? Castillo, Davis, Schoop, SS/3B?, Manny, Mancini, Jones, OF?, Trumbo Joseph, Rickard, Santander, Util? I think we'll just chalk this up to having a terrible rotation and it just not being our year. We'll use the money coming off the books to go after some mid tier SP's and a SS/3B. I'm hoping that a guy like Ynoa can earn a rotation spot for next year. Our bullpen will be dominant again if healthy. We will just have to replace Hardy and Smith in the lineup. Hopefully we can upgrade. Santander will be on the OD roster as he will have some days left to complete his Rule 5 criteria. Prospects like Scott, Long, Sisco, Mullins and Hays could impact the team early next year.
  12. This is the worst we've been since we started winning in 2012. We're not even "in" a lot of these games. The rotation has always been shaky. The great bullpens have allowed us to prop up the rotation for years now. Plus we're just not having those "magical" seasons by guys this year. Last year Tyler Wilson was pretty decent for about 10 starts. Vance Worley was lockdown out the pen. TJ Mac and Jason Garcia were good as rule 5 guys. Luis Ayala. Etc... We're just not getting that unexpected performance this year. Except for Mancini. This team doesn't have any Orioles Magic this year.
  13. In reality how many of these guys were regarded as top 100 prospects? Most of them were just our top prospects, which isn't saying much.
  14. I'll take it. Plus he's been on fire down there.