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  1. Idk how Stewart didn’t get the call? We just DFA’d Wilkerson. Obviously, we aren’t too high on him.
  2. Mountcastle shouldn’t be an option until after the trade deadline. Trumbo will be traded or DFA’d. Maybe Davis will be gone as well. Let him play 100 games in AAA. No sense, starting his clock on this terrible team.
  3. Any word on Smith Jr? Hard to send Mullins anywhere when we have a lack of OF options. Stewart could easily fill in for Smith Jr if he needs to go on the IL but we don’t really have a CF option. Mason Williams? Letting go of Drew Jackson is looking like a bad move. Jackson could’ve gotten ABs in CF and 2B, but we couldn’t DFA Wright for a fresh arm.
  4. It’s probably been discussed but what about the third base coach not sending the runner in Gm 1 of the DH on Sat? It was late in the game, we had a Ruiz coming up and facing a LHP. For a team that is going to lose 100, can we at least be aggressive out there?
  5. 7-6 road record at least shows we have some fight. Buck had lost the team pretty early last year. Plus OPACY, is a terrible fit for the roster we have right now. We give up a ton of homers, and don’t hit a lot.
  6. Well true, and Wright was known as kind of a hot head. He must have something going for him other than Brady, he stuck around 3 years longer than Tyler Wilson. They were both in the same situation in 2016.
  7. Guys that have done well with their chances, Smith Jr, Nunez, Ruiz, Alberto, Means, Hess, Phillips, Yac Guys that haven’t done well with their chances, Mullins, Davis, the C’s, the rest of the pitching staff
  8. He’s going to clear waivers and be outrighted to AAA. Hopefully, he could at least be a veteran presence to the younger guys down there. Who knows? Maybe without his “good” ST stats, they could convince him to try the analytics out.
  9. He’s been a bright spot so far, especially considering he’s even going multiple IP in his outings. This season is all about getting chances. So far we haven’t had too many guys so far step up and take a spot. Phillips has, for now.
  10. Well this year is about getting a shot and having to perform. It’s time for Ynoa to produce or he gets DFAd too. We can’t just hoard these guys in the minors. Gotta take the ball and run with it when you get your opportunity.
  11. My suggestion is to always park at horseshoe casino, then take a $5 uber/lyft there and back to the stadium. You get door to door service, your car is safe, and you don’t have to walk anywhere at night. But that’s my move...
  12. Broken record, but he’s better to have on the team than Mike Wright.
  13. Yeah this whole idea of babying guys and that they need set roles to succeed, just can’t happen on this team. We need outs and Givens is our best high leverage reliever. Plus Givens should be used to this role. It’s the same role he had when he broke in.
  14. I like it. Pitchers are way too soft nowadays. The problem with our starters isn’t Sucre, it’s their own lack of talent. Has anyone read the Bundy thread? I think we’re all frustrated with him.
  15. Can’t make chicken salad out of chicken ...
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