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  1. Has ths ever been done before

    More impressive are the OPS's in the everyday lineup. Everyone is mostly over an .800 OPS. If only we had some SP this year.
  2. Austin Hays 2017

    I know we have a bit of a 40 man roster crunch, and we're still "in it," but I wish we could get this guys some AB's in September.
  3. Santander

    Does Devin Jones for Brad Brach count?
  4. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    I think his problems are correctible. A whole ST with Dickerson should fix a lot.
  5. Orioles Acquire Miguel Castro Designate Gunkel

    Big outing by Castro tonight. He stopped the bleeding and kept us in the game.
  6. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Castillo should never catch Gausman. They just don't click.
  7. Name them all

    That's not Cal. It's Steve Wilkos.
  8. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Probably the best 9 we could throw out there. That's nice lineup. Let's put 10 up.
  9. Santander

    Agree with all of this. With our young OF's coming up, there is no reason to have Mancini in the OF. Maybe we can trade Trumbo. We're stuck with Davis. Just gotta hope he performs. This might be crazy talk but maybe we could trade Mancini for a SP.
  10. Very tempting to DH Santander vs righties

    What playing the guys that give you the best chance at winning? Pretty sure that still works. Just not the way Buck works. He's too loyal. I know it's a 162 game season with ebbs and flows but looks scared in big situations. The bunt in a close game weeks ago. The called 3rd strikes. He can't hit the inside FB right now and all the Pitchers now it. He needs to make some adjustments. Maybe back off the plate like Baines and Hardy. Fix your mechanics. Do something. People say Cal should've taken games off, but at least when he was struggling he'd invent a whole new batting stance. Davis up there like it's going to eventually happen so why change? This is the year to try some stuff out. We're out of it.
  11. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    When facing RHP, Trumbo and Davis should be batting 8-9. When facing LHP, Davis shouldn't play.
  12. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Look at it like this. In 2014, Boston wanted Ed Rod, who was a top 50-75 prospect at the time, for Andrew Miller. Boston wanted Harvey for Lester. Harvey was untouchable pre TJ.
  13. Very tempting to DH Santander vs righties

    Point of the thread is that Trumbo stinks. Add that to Davis, and there goes our top notch offense. We'd be a better team next year with Mancini 1B Smith DH Santander/in LF Hays in RF Rickard as 4th OF
  14. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Now that Harvey's healthy. Let's get into the way too early speculation.... I say don't waste too many of his TJ repaired elbow in the minors. In 2018, have him start in Frederick for 5ish games, earn a quick promotion to Bowie, and let him accumulate around 100 innings there. Come 2019, be should be ready for the majors.
  15. Roster moves in the next several weeks

    When is Flaherty going to be activated and Tejeda DFA? Tomorrow