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  1. sportsfan8703

    Parker Bridwell DFA’d

    What type of backpage transactions has Bridwell been doing? I thought that site was shut down?
  2. sportsfan8703

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Sounds like spin. Brocail is at least on board with the way of thinking or they would have just removed him from the organization completely. It’s going to take some time before Elias gets guys he really wants.
  3. sportsfan8703

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Idk I thought a lot of us really liked Wallace and Chiti. Brocail is a guy that Elias knows. He’ll follow what Elias wants. He might just be a placeholder for the year. Everyone got a late start at all this. People know we’re going to lose a lot. It’s lead to a very hodge podge staff so far. People are probably here for two years and they’ll be fired. Bo Porter says hi.
  4. sportsfan8703

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Davis does have some value. He will put in a lot towards the cause in obtaining the first pick in the 2020 draft.
  5. sportsfan8703

    Who's gonna be the pitching coach?

    He left the Cubs for “personal reasons”. Who knows if he’d want to come back. I’m sure he’s had a bunch of offers. He’d be a great hire
  6. sportsfan8703

    The other way to build a 1st place team

    We have to hope that in 2021 that Bos and NYY have gotten old, and TB couldn’t afford to keep their team together. TB may have one the other 5 divisions in baseball last year if they played their schedule.
  7. sportsfan8703

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Instead we have $35 million tied up in Davis and Trumbo. Plus, we play in a division with the NYY, Bos, and TB. Having a surprise season in 2020(optimistic as hell) and winning 88 games likely means we’d finish 10-12 GB in the division.
  8. sportsfan8703

    Tanner Scott Prefers the Bullpen

    Plus there’s only so many innings in an arm. If he goes through the year as a dominant reliever then we should consider it. Once we have some coaches and a full front office, maybe they could sprinkle some analytics dust on him next offseason.
  9. sportsfan8703

    Tim Locastro

    From the below dodger site last season after the Machado trade, 33. Tim Locastro, SS Age: 26 (DOB 07/14/1992) Previously #31Locastro continues to put up solid numbers in AAA. Like many Dodgers prospects, he simply is in the wrong organization. He is the ideal utility man that can get on base and steal bags. http://prospects1500.com/top-50-lists/los-angeles-dodgers-midseason-top-50-prospects/ He has two options left. Two birds with one stone for us type of move. Improves our MLB ready IF and OF depth. Has speed. We have 23 pitchers on the 40 man. I’d say the bottom 5 of the 40 man is, 40. Alberto 39. Brice 38. Wright 37. Hart 36. Wilkerson or Ruiz I have a hard time seeing Wright and Hart to make the pen out of ST when we have to carry Arajuo for a few weeks. Givens, Fry, Scott, Castro and a the LRs should be clear favorites over them.
  10. sportsfan8703

    Who's gonna be the pitching coach?

    I think whoever we hire for Pitching coach, along with Hitting coach Don along, could just be here for a year. Elias was a late hire as a GM and then Hyde was a really late hire as a manager. The coaching staff is looking like we just need to fill it out for a year and then give these guys a full off season to bring in their guys. So I could see a pitching coach version of Don Long. Hate to say it, but I think we’ve been turned down by some people.
  11. sportsfan8703

    Tim Locastro

    He has a .402 OBP in a full season in AAA. 471 PA. Rickard played 20ish games in AAA before we got him. I don’t think any of these guys are superstars but when you lose near 120 games it’s all about small improvements.
  12. sportsfan8703

    Tim Locastro

    Having the first dibs on anyone DFA’d in the AL is huge. We should be trying to make small incremental improvements wherever we can. Elias got a late start but it’s time to start working it. This guy could be a RH OF and 2B option for this season. We could DFA Alberto or a P, or make a small trade. Teams rosters are getting a full at the point. A team like the Yankees are going to have to DFA good players every time they add someone.
  13. sportsfan8703

    Tim Locastro

    Looks like he’s better than the IF we just claimed from the Yanks. .402 OBP in AAA. Tim Locastro. 26. CF, 2B, SS,1B. Two options remaining. We could DFA Hanser Alberto. The newly claimed IF from NYY. They kept Locastro a week longer than Alberto. “Locastro also offers some of the same versatility of Chris Taylor and Kike Hernandez. He can move all around the field, and he proved that in 2017. Locastro played five different positions in 2017, including all three outfield spots. With the versatility that the front office has come to expect, he fits right in with their plans. The Dodgers ranked 19th overall in the league in stolen bases for 2017, with just 77. This added threat can only help an offense that thrived immensely last year.” per https://www.google.com/amp/s/dodgersway.com/2018/01/20/dodgers-tim-locastro-fit-2018-lineup/amp/
  14. sportsfan8703

    The other way to build a 1st place team

    Milwaukee is in the NL central. We’re where the big boys play. The AL East.
  15. Things you should be excited for; Bobble head nights for Alex Cobb, Mychal Givens, and Trey Mancini. Donnie Hart leading the MLB in GS. The Villar trade sweepstakes. Celebrating 5 seasons since Delmon Young’s double