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  1. This year was all about him getting through the season healthy. He started the season on the short side of a “piggyback” situation and is now a full fledged SP. We just have to see how he responds next year in Frederick. He would be a candidate for a mid season promotion.
  2. I’m with you. Wouldn’t mind seeing us throw some of the good organizational guys a bone like Alvarado or Carlos Perez. Hays is a must call up for me. We need to just see what we have. Mountcastle would be fun. I’m going to lose people here, but Trumbo too. Mancini mentions him as a great mentor. I don’t know what his hip has left, but he could show hitters how to prepare each AB, and have good ABs. Pitchers: Who is left? Throw Alvarado a bone. Hitters: Hays, Mountcastle, Williams, Perez, Trumbo, Wynns We have plenty of guys to DFA on the 40 man. We could almost do a hockey style line change with the pitchers. What would change?
  3. Not a surprise to see Means back to himself after the injury, and having to face two really tough teams. He aight.
  4. I don’t think he’s careless. He’s aggressive, but he does have that “cool” attitude that whenever a guy makes a mistake, people will point that out. SS is kind of a stretch for him. We’re a last place team, they’ve asked him to be aggressive on the bases. People say the homer/strikeout stuff is boring. Then we get a guy that puts pressure on defense and he’s careless. Can’t have it both ways. The station to station stuff is lame, and really for good teams only. Why stand at a base when Davis, Martin, etc..., are coming up behind you? I’ll take the 35+ steals he’s on pace for.
  5. Up to a .731 OPS vs RHP. Not great but that won’t kill you. Alberto would be the perfect platoon buddy if we had a 2B.
  6. A solid game for DJ Stewart. Hopefully, this gets him going.
  7. Weams, I’m usually with you 98% of the time. This is that 2%. Villar isn’t going to get $7 million in arb. His $4.825 salary could go as high as doubled, $9.65 million. Still at that price, it’s not a bad 1 year deal. The whole no team wanted him at the trade deadline doesn’t matter come offseason time. 20+ teams will think they have a shot at the playoffs versus the 8-10 around the deadline. This trade deadline season was one of the weirdest in recent history. There wasn’t a real need for middle infielders. Teams chose to not go overboard with stocking their teams for playoff runs, and to hold onto pretty much all their prospects. I’m fine with bringing Villar back just on the fact alone that he helps everyone else slot into a comfortable spot in the lineup. His speed and being on base, has to be helping Mancini a bit. It’s a trickle down effect. Plus we have zero options at SS next year. Watch a guy like Jose Isglesias bag a 3/27 deal. Villar would be in that ballpark.
  8. I’d be thrilled if the he was Brach 2.0.
  9. Here’s why we tender Villar, 1. He helps out the lineup. Who wants to see Mancini get pitched around? He helps everyone slot into their correct spots in the lineup. It takes a lot of pressure of other players. 2. Offseason trade potential. There wasn’t a demand for his skillset at the break. But teams like Clev, Oak, LAA, Cinn, Cubs, and SF, might want a MIddle IF, top of lineup, vet bat, on a 1/$9 million deal. Low risk. Plus in the offseason, teams think they’re contenders. Looking at you SEA.
  10. You might be right but our SS options are embarrassing. Plus how much does Villar setting the table help out the hitters behind him?
  11. I saw Strasburg gesture to his manager, and verbally tell him to stay in the dugout his last start. Then he argued with the C in the dugout for the C saying he was done, but Strasburg got labeled as a tough competitor.
  12. I like Sig, but maybe slow down on the smartest guy in the room talk until we aren’t the laughing stock of baseball. Heck, I could’ve drafted a bunch of 23 y o NCAA pitchers and stuck them in the GCL to dominate.
  13. Oh man back in the good old days when Delmarva was one step away from Baltimore. I cant believe we’re going to make Davis go through another ST. He’s going to cost us a 40 man roster spot all offseason. That could go to a guy with real talent like Ryan Eades.
  14. When does his statue go up?
  15. I like this. Gunnar holding strong at an .817 OPS still.
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