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  1. Isn’t there some 4A guy we could trade for?
  2. We’re likely going to be in the same exact situation next year. Record wise. The pitching won’t be ready. Maybe Akin. On the offensive side, maybe Hays and Mountcastle are up. 2021 is looking like a pipe dream. Maybe even 2022.
  3. Zimmerman now has 118 IP at the AA level. I know this happens after every time a guy has a huge game, but promotion time?
  4. Big start for Zimmerman. Bowie has 3 SP in the top 10 in ERA in the EL. All LHPs. So there is some hope.
  5. I want to know what the heck Yefry Ramirez did to get DFA’d. Was he smoking crack in the clubhouse or something? Elias is all about having a baseline of AAA stats to go of off. He had a 3.30 ERA with good peripherals over three AAA seasons and was 25-26 y o.
  6. I finally saw it and it wasn’t that bad. Maybe he was just being a leader and getting his team fired up. Haha
  7. We’re never going to get pitchers to sign “prove it deals”, or MILB deals with opt outs. We play in OPACY against the AL East. Not the best place to rebuild value. Could he have acquired some guys for cash considerations like DD did with Ynoa, Asher, Lee, etc.... Yes, but we still have Ynoa and Lee. Haha. They aren’t helping. Look at Cobb. If he could at least be as decent as Cashner this wouldn’t be that bad. We needed to evaluate all these guys in AAA to see if they could pitch. Most of them are on the 40 man. Only Means has emerged.
  8. He’s been Givens-esque this year. At least that means improve. It wouldn’t take much to upgrade this pen.
  9. Straily isn’t too far off of Matusz’s historic terrible season.
  10. Does the Aug. 31st waiver trade deadline still exist? We might have 5 save opps through then. He could go 5/5.
  11. Allen has essentially been Mychal Givens this year. That isn't a good thing, but there is still some talent. I have zero hopes that he will have a magical 6 week run and be a trade asset, but he put up a decent ERA and be a stabilizing force in the pen. It's not like guys are beating the door down with their results in Baltimore or AAA.
  12. At least with Sisco we can tell ourselves it's growing pains, getting used to the speed of the game up here.
  13. I like Santander a lot but Smith has earned PT. How about releasing you know who?
  14. Austin Wynns was a 10th rd pick that signed for 10k. Tyler Wilson was a 10th rd pick that signed for 20k.
  15. This is just the problem with the depth of the system. Maybe after the draft picks sign, some deadline deals, our top 30 might be average compared to most MLB teams. The problem lies in the depth through rankings 31-75. I know we’re not big fans of mlbpipeline but it’s a useful tool to illustrate this exact point. Teams like the LAD, or NYY, can trade 5-7 top 30 guys for in season improvements, and they have guys inserted into their top 30s that are on a whole different level than us. This is where the lack of international signings have just killed us. Ex. The Yankees traded a guy for Edwin Encarnacion. The guy that then moves into the #30 spot on their top 30 signed for $1.85 million from the Caribbean. That’s pretty much the same slot value that Gunnar Henderson will sign for, and we’re arguing that he’s a top 10 prospect for us.
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