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  1. sportsfan8703

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    This is what I think. Coolbaugh covered for Davis to the press, but now the truth is coming out. Not only will we not be able to find anyone to take over the day to day GM stuff. We are running through Pitching and Hitting coaches that will work for Buck.
  2. sportsfan8703

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Maybe Palmer broke away from the narrative and slipped up and let it out that Coolbaugh and Davis didn’t work with each other this winter.
  3. sportsfan8703

    Wellington Castillo suspended for PEDs

    100% chance he was doing it last year. Contract year. 100% he was.
  4. sportsfan8703

    Are the O's Tanking?

    We’re never finding that. Next year Trumbo and Davis will both be regulars again.
  5. sportsfan8703

    Zac Lowther

    I’m just glad he’s healthy.
  6. sportsfan8703

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    It’s hard to get all of our DHs in the lineup at the same time. Trumbo, Davis, Valencia, Alvarez, Mancini.
  7. sportsfan8703

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    Why not just get Cal to be President or operations. Then let him hire a GM. Why the Brady love?
  8. sportsfan8703

    Davis Signs With Baltimore (7/$161M, incl $42M deferred)

    Davis doesn’t like to DH. I guess it could get worse. Now that would be entertaining. A .290 OPS.
  9. sportsfan8703

    Davis Signs With Baltimore (7/$161M, incl $42M deferred)

    Worst thread ever. Burn this. Lock it.
  10. sportsfan8703

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    I haven’t read through all this, but Baez and Happ would be a huge get for us. Montgomery isn’t the type of player you target when you trade a Machado. I’m sorry, I don’t buy the JD Martinez comp. Martinez was basically a DH. Plus he is always hurt. Machado plays a premium position and is having an MVP type season.
  11. sportsfan8703

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    It’s tough to go right back to Givens after pitching last night, but we have 13 wins. How many times has Givens had to pitch in b2b high leverage situations? Castro should’ve been an option, but he has to be a long reliever/pitch when we’re losing guy. We’re just wasting developing him. He’s getting innings, but in what situations? Either pitch him in high leverage, or send him to AAA to convert to a SP.
  12. sportsfan8703

    Brenan Hanifee 2018

    He believe he was a HS guy when we drafted him. He’s not even 20, and he has a 2.5ish ERA in 112 IP in pro ball.
  13. sportsfan8703

    Cedric Mullins 2018

    Especially since he’s not tearing it up to start the year in AA. He’s at 500 PAs at one level. That means time for a promotion.
  14. sportsfan8703

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    When you’re at a .500 OPS you start to bring in a lot of crazy statements. Such as, Could our best hitting Pitcher do better? Could Tim Tebow do better?
  15. sportsfan8703

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    He really might be better than Chris Davis right now.