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  1. They talk about pitchers throwing non competitive pitches. This guy has non competitive outings. You know it's bad when the guy cries after his only good start of the year and gets pied. It's time for him to go. It's embarrassing. Start Asher until Tillman is back.
  2. Tell me your real name, and not your stripper name. Haha. Why the change?
  3. Run differential doesn't matter. Who cares if we let a 5-1 game become a 9-1 loss by bringing in a Tyler Wilson type. Run differential says we've been lucky for 5 years now. Plus don't we have all that momentum coming off the biggest game of the year?
  4. Yeah. Gotta make him work his way up the ladder again to the majors. Heck; let's demote him to Delmarva. Lol. Craziness.
  5. You're right. Pitchers can be on rehab assignments up to 30 days. Only 20 days for position players. This is Tillman's ST. He really doesn't need to post numbers to get called up. He needs to be healthy, have his mechanics sound, and have good velocity. If he goes 6 IP in his next start that would tie Bundy for the most IP by a SP in ST for us. Bowie has a home game at 11:05 am next Tuesday. That'll probably be his next and last rehab start.
  6. Puts him at 11.1 IP. Here's what the other SP' had in ST: Bundy 17.0 Ubaldo 16.2 Gausman 13.2 Miley 13.0 Does he need one more rehab start? Should we waste innings of that shoulder in the minors? This is basically his ST. I don't care too much about results. I'd rather call him up and get all the MLB innings I can out of him before that shoulder could get more injured.
  7. We've been missing that guy to fill in the Hunter/Worley role so far. Drake, Wilson and Chricton haven't been successful. Johnson could be that guy eventually.
  8. Not looking so good so far. 2 IP 3R 1ER 5H. At least our hot start means we don't have to rush him back.
  9. Tillman starting tonight puts him on schedule to start for the O's on Tuesday. Friday- Gausman sat- Ubaldo sun- Miley mon- Bundy Tuesday- Tillman
  10. Especially after Palmer starts telling us how Hart has pitched in every darn game the last 10 days. He talked up that meltdown.
  11. We will have some internal options to fill LF/RF next year. Mancini and Rickard are already here. We'll figure out a way to keep Santander, we kept Jason Garcia. Mullins, Stewart and Hays will all be in the upper minors at the end of this year.
  12. Sounds good, but depending on L/R matchups, and performance, it might be Gentry DFA. If Rickard and Mancini hit well against these LH SP's we're about to face, then it's going to make it real hard to send one of them down. Especially considering that Gentry is going to just be a pinch runner and defensive sub with Rickard back. I think Gentry would clear waviers. We make a big deal about him hitting lefties, playing defense and his speed, but Bourn does all of those better and he's on the mend. Losing Gentry is no big deal.
  13. Hays and Mullins have nobody in front of them to worry about. They'll move up when they're ready. The OF looked like it lacked long term options not to long ago. Mancini and Rickard are already in the MLB. Mullins, Hays and Stewart will all be in AAA/AA by the end of the year. Plus we could still keep Santander somehow.
  14. I agree that we should hang onto Gentry for a bit. We can bring Rickard back and keep Gentry for a 7-10 day span. With the off day and bullpen options we can maneuver around this until we get past all these LH's. If Rickard isn't hitting then he goes down to AAA. If Rickard is on fire then Gentry gets the DFA. That also means about 6-7 corner guys on our team are healthy in 7-10 days.
  15. Davis has to play because he's a GG level first basemen now. Plus he does have a .820 OPS. I don't see Buck benching Trumbo just yet. We're about to face a bunch of LH's. What are we going to do, bench Trumbo for Gentry? Buck is going to give Trumbo every chance to hit and not risk messing with the clubhouse and starting Mancini over him. With that being said, Flaherty should be getting more AB's vs. RHP.