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  1. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    If you ranked them based off of MLB/AAA success they’d be, Asher Wright Ynoa Castro Cortes i could see Castro legitimately winning a SP spot out of ST. Not just having him handed one because of no competition. Now that he has an option though, I could see him as an up/down guy if he starts to fade. Wright at 28 could finally put it together enough. Early on with a fresh arm, he could dazzle. Asher is what he is. A guy that has suspect stuff that is a 4-5 inning SP at best. Ynoa looks good, but what the heck happened in AAA? Was he working on things? Bad IF defense? He was the Tillman of Norfolk for a while.
  2. Luke's 50!

    I know you’re down on Liranzo, but quite frankly our system isn’t good enough to have an arm like that in the 40’s. Especially if you rank a guy like John Means in front of him. I respect your opinion but come on.
  3. So it's less than a Month.

    Garcia looked every bit as good as Tommy Hunter a few years ago at the deadline. We’ve been toying around with Garcia as a SP rather than RP. Now Hunter is signing for 2/19.
  4. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Considering we spent 40 million last year on 3 terrible SP’s, maybe the analytics guys are saying we can similar production from our guys, rather than spend on FA’s. It’s not like we need “name” players. Mom predicting we sign Vargas and Dickey.
  5. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    Didn’t Dickey have like 18 QS last year? He’d be a good sign.
  6. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    Just go do a couple of lines of asbestos and show up at the firm. That’ll get you “in”.
  7. Miguel Castro has a fourth option available for 2018

    I don’t know about that. Castro is like our 5th best arm on the team. Behind Bundy, Gausman, Brach, and Givens. If we have any chance this year we need to have our best arms up here. Options are always good to have. Givens might be the only other guy in the pen that has them. Always good to have in a pinch and you can roster manipulate. Especially if someone is expected to go on the DL.
  8. Orioles youth movement

    A few seasons of losing turns into 14 around here really quick. That’s too fresh in everyone’s mind for a complete rebuild. Plus the Nats exist.
  9. Orioles youth movement

    Haha. Manny is only 2 years older than Hunter Harvey. Really puts things in perspective.
  10. Mini Camp Thread

    Thanks for the updates. Any word on if Chris Lee with continue working as a SP in AAA or a BP role?
  11. Finally someone brings up Sisco. Gold star for you. People are sleeping on him because he didn’t put up big numbers in Norfolk(shocker). The guy can take. He did much better in his cup of coffee in September last year than Hays did. Mancini consistently has good AB’s which sticks out on this team. People underrated Mancini last year because a so-so year in Norfolk. We might be doing the same to Sisco. Let’s see what our OF prospect crop does in Norfolk. If you can hit there, you can hit anywhere.
  12. Gallardo hit 94 this year. I was watching highlights of Machado homers and he crushed a “94” mph FB off him this year. Probably just how the new guns read Cashner’s year was kind of flukey too. I’d avoid him.
  13. Mini Camp Thread

    Tillman will probably be a Buck signing. It’s crazy to think that we have a system where there are 3-4 guys that get their guys in here and that the GM doesn’t have to agree.
  14. I like that he's AL East tested. Unfortunately for us fans, I don't see these types signing until after the big names. So it's looking like February until our offseason begins.
  15. If this guy is in big league camp we might just have to start him. If he gets any type of look in ST, he's going to look real good compared to Ynoa, Asher, Wright, etc.... Can we hold him back?