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  1. Pedro Araujo makes the major league roster

    Plus Buck is the scout that found him. Buck was watching AFL games and saw him. That’s why we drafted him.
  2. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    Terrible news for Wright. Bad news Castro and Joely. Looks like one spot between the three of them.
  3. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    Go back and look at what Flaherty did at 3B during 2014. He gets a little over exposed playing SS. He’s definitely better than Beckham defensively at 3rd. He’s more steady than Beckham as a SS. He’s not a bad guy to have back. Especially if Beckham is just a .720 OPS guy at 3rd.
  4. I see him as a ROY candidate.
  5. He has a ROY type bat for this upcoming season. We’re already a glorified softball team, now we just have a softball style C. I do worry that we open the year vs two teams that actually steal bases. I say throw him out there. Pitchers can control the run game. Start beaning guys in the legs if they steal bases. Hard to run with a deep thigh bruise.
  6. Go Get Greg

    Is this thread about Kevin Gregg?
  7. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    I agree that Wright, Cortes, and Castro, have “earned” nothing this spring. Joely is on a milb deal but if we ask him to go to the pen he will probably leave and sign elsewhere. We need to see what that guy has. The 40 man is workable and he has an option. Sisco has the backup C spot locked up. I like Santander but I’d love to see Sisco as the OD DH as well.
  8. Seth Smith?

    Smith seems like he might be a Wilson Betemit type option. Break glass in case of emergency. DHs are just out of style right now. A guy like Trumbo might be done after these two seasons with us.
  9. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    The knock on Sardiñas in SD was that he wasn’t the best teammate, but he’s still pretty young. So that could’ve just been a youth thing.
  10. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Any word on where Cobb is at thowing? Timeline for him?
  11. Sisco vs. Mountcastle

    Good thoughts. Plus Sisco is more polished at the plate. Mountcastle could flame out in AA.
  12. Beckham injury

    Flaherty ASAP
  13. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Put the tin foil hat on baby: So a player has to be in the minors for 10 days before being recalled right? Is that the reason for the early send down. I mean they didn’t even wait for him to start the Orioles v. Norfolk game. Maybe because it wouldn’t have been 10 days since he was sent down. Harvey was sent down before his scheduled ST start vs NYY. When is the first time we need a 5th SP? April 6th @ NYY. Maybe Buck didn’t want them getting a look at Harvey. Wright has pitched his way off the team. Castro maybe has too. Cortes has been “ok”. The Yankees have a real good book on Cortes. Why not have Harvey come up for that one start?
  14. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-baltimore-orioles/ they have Joely with 0 options. Arajuo, Joely, and Cortes make the team because of not having options. Wright might be in DFA land. It’s looking like Brach, Givens, O’day, Bleier, Joely, Arajuo, Cortes Castro-AAA Wright and Ynoa DL or DFA.
  15. Sisco puts up a ST with a 1.300+ OPS. Barely any mention on here throughout ST. Sisco makes a mental and throwing error in a game. 10 page thread. Why so much negativity towards the dude?