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  1. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    Best solution for Util next year is Flaherty. Give Flaherty the min. Develop Wilkerson in AAA. If we hadn't stunted Flaherty's development, he might have been a starting 2nd base option for some bottom tier team. LH. Has good AB's. Some pop. Played a heck of a 3B in 2014 when Machado got hurt. Has filled in admirably at SS for JJ. Don't do the same with Wilkerson. I'd let him play all over the IF in AAA next year. We might need him to replace Machado or Schoop. Develop the guy. Why have him sit on the bench for 120 games up here?
  2. Was ERod too much for Andrew Miller

    People forget how good that 2014 team was. Even with the injuries/suspension. KC beat us in 4 one run ball games. They got every bounce/break that postseason. Would Ed Rod have changed anything about our 2015-2017 seasons? We still miss the playoffs twice and make the WC game once.
  3. Tell me again why we didn't claim Verlander

    Real simple reason why we couldn't claim Verlander. We already had 50ish million tied up in useless pitching. Tillman, Ubaldo, Miley. Plus if we weren't locked into Davis and Trumbo. We already had too much dead weight, too much in bad contracts going forward, and players getting big raises in arb.
  4. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    Bingo. I think he's a pretty safe play in FA. Plus the guy was huge for us in the playoffs, if we ever get back to those things.
  5. Orioles Catchers, 2017 season

    If Castillo opts out, this is why I think Pena might make the team over Sisco. I want Sisco, but does Buck?
  6. Roch's "Various improvements needed from these six Orioles"

    I have a feeling we're going to see Hunter Harvey a lot sooner than expected. I could see us start him at Bowie and work his starts from 3IP to 6IP. Give him 10-12 of those and hope he's ready. I see us signing Jamie Garcia and bringing Tillman back on a 1 year deal. Castro and Ynoa battle it out for the 5th spot. I don't see us making big splashy moves for SP. Bundy and Gausman are so close to being so good and we don't even know it. To quote our former boy Arrietta.
  7. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    So glad the Nats lost. I was willing to have to root for the Yankees or Sox in a WS against them. They aren't just the cute, cuddly, NL team. They're our direct competition for revenue. Any success by them cuts into our money. Now it's time to root for anyone but the Yankees.
  8. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    Chris Davis is the only LH in baseball that doesn't like middle to middle in FB's. Slow bat plus poor pitch recognition. On top of that he's got so many holes in his swing to worry about. Davis is an easy out if you avoid throwing the ball up and middle away. He needs to adopt the Harold Baines or JJ Hardy approach and just admit he can't turn on inside FB's and stand way off the plate. Just sucks for us that we have to pay a guy another 5/100 that should have that approach.
  9. My 2017 second half grades and overall report card

    Not only did Davis have a terrible year, but most of the season he was hitting in the big RBI spots in front of Mancini. It's not like Davis had a bad year in the 7 hole. He was a black hole in he middle of the lineup.
  10. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Back to the OP, kind of, how about Wade Davis coming on and getting 7 outs in an elimination game? The 2016 version of Britton should have been put in the WC game, and should been counted on for 3+ outs. If there is any reason that Buck "lost" the clubhouse, this decision would be a he biggest reason I think. But I think the lost clubhouse stuff is nonsense because we started out the season on fire the first 35 games then came out with some life after the ASB. I think our players were just not interested in September. Most of this group has played meaningful baseball the last 5 years. Including the WBC hype before the season. Having to play those last 20 games looked like a chore for them. Plus I really think the Trumbo "don't hit me with a pie" thing was a wet blanket on our September push. Let's face it, stuff like that can piss teammates off. What about how it took Buck 100+ games to move Mancini in front of Davis and Trumbo? He had way too long of a leash with them and the batting order.
  11. My 2017 second half grades and overall report card

    We're just a boring team with only 2 MLB level SP's. Hard to stay motivated to talk about last year.
  12. Roch has been told the O's need 4 more starters

    I heard tv ratings were at a 7 season low last year. I think the SP is mostly to blame for that. Is there a way to see ratings for each game and then compare the ratings to which SP started that game? I am betting that no one tuned in to watch Ubaldo pitch. Even the hardcore fans had a tough time watching Tillman and Miley last year. Right now, we're just a boring team. We're hard to watch 3/5 nights because of the rotation. Our station to station HR offense was down and got exposed. In order to see dominant pitching for the O's, you have to tune in at like 9:00 during games that we are winning. That's to see Brach, Givens, Britton.
  13. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Yup. Machado decided he was going to hit all of those hard hit balls right at people to spite Buck.
  14. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    DD has had a terrible run at spending money. The O'day, Trumbo, Hardy, Davis extensions have been terrible. Then Ubaldo and gallardo were disaster of FA deals. DD's best deals are the low risk, not to be counted on, type of deals. Problem is, we need to spend some money on guys we can count on and we keep missing. The payroll savings isn't all what we thought it would be. Seems like we have like $20 million to hit on two SP's if we plan to contend next year.
  15. Luis Sardinas

    I thought I read that his defense isn't as good/consistent enough to carry his bat. Good depth for AAA but Beckham is out SS for the next few years.