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  1. joe42

    2017 AL East Standing Predictions

    Would agree with your order of finish!
  2. How about Brad Brach for Jay Bruce and Gavin Cecchini. Our new right fielder and Cecchini takes Flaherty's spot? Brach alone get that deal done?
  3. joe42


    Wow ! I did not know that.
  4. joe42


    No chance for the Bundy path then? And I kinda considered him already elite.
  5. joe42


    Is it posible that Givens could follow the same path as Bundy did last season? Or, is he our future closer? Or, he he used the way that Andrew Miller was used last year in Cleveland?
  6. joe42

    What Will Happen to Wieters?

    I would predict 2 and 18 to the Angels.
  7. joe42

    Dan's options to fill out the team

    I realize that this will not be popular, but Enwin Encarnacions price has come way down. 3 years 60 mil. he would dh. Same with Jose Bautista, price has come way down. 2 years 30 mil. rightfield. sign Matt Weiters. 2 years and 18 mil ? Would also try again on the BB for smith trade with Atlanta. We have a 2 year window to get too the promised land and it aint my money.
  8. Gausman should be in the rotation.
  9. joe42

    The Stopper

    I'm hoping that guy is Brian Matusz this year.
  10. Same here. Like our team, and like our chances. Would have loved to have resigned Miller and will miss the production that Cruz gave us. But definitly not disappointed. Very optimistic.
  11. joe42

    Orioles trade Michael Ohlman to Cardinals

    Does this indicate that a trade is coming? Room on the 40 man.
  12. joe42

    Toronto looking for New President to be Duquette.

    This has turned into a laughriot. Thank you Weams
  13. joe42

    J Upton...(Traded to SD)

    Will not be Smith. Maybe Cargo ?
  14. Anyways, was just a thought. Kinda thinking outside the box.
  15. I am sure that there are many that believe that he could still play shortstop. Would be very surprised if there were not.