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  1. OriolesMagic83

    Orioles Win with Stellar Pitching, D.J. Stewart 9/19

    D.J. seems like a great guy. I have to admit I have mostly written him off as a spare part, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I hope he has a mlb career somewhere. He just looks like a dirt slow guy (reminds me of Cust), but is surprisingly speedy.
  2. So you're saying there's a chance? How about about Frobby for manager and Luke for pitching coach? Who would be your hitting coach? 😜
  3. OriolesMagic83

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Yes, the whole point of the showcase could be to get more attention for his brother. I assume that all the major league teams would give Victor a multi-million dollar signing bonus if they could. I hope the O's are scouting unknown cricket players as a fallback.
  4. I can't see a contender wanting Jones as a starting OF. He'll either get a one year contract as a place holder on a rebuilding team or have to take a platoon/bench role on a contending team. I doubt he'll be back with the O's because of his refusal to be traded.
  5. OriolesMagic83

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    He's still going to get paid. See what has happened with David Wright's retirement. I can understand him being brought to spring training next year. If he doesn't put up an impressive spring, which I give him a 0.001% chance of being above average, the O's should make him a bench/role player. I can understand releasing at the end of the season too. Running the worst mlb player out there every day and batting him 5th has to kill the spirit of the team.
  6. OriolesMagic83

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    If he can get back to having 2 plus pitches, maybe the O's should keep him. The rebuild needs to start w/ somebody. Archer type extension?
  7. OriolesMagic83

    Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Derrick Rose of baseball. At this point I'll be surprised if he ever makes it to the majors for more than a cup of coffee.
  8. OriolesMagic83

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    I wish a lot of the O's vets would show they are major league players.
  9. OriolesMagic83

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    Yeah, its like firing the captain of the Titanic 5 minutes after you hit an iceberg. It's a little late now.
  10. OriolesMagic83

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    "I’ve never seen sports teams survive seasons like this without people losing jobs, period” I am really disappointed in Joseph, doesn't he know these players have been "grinding" all season long. He going to need a 4 hour long pep rally with Bordick until he gets it into his little head that this is just a "slump",
  11. OriolesMagic83

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Its time to think outside the box.
  12. OriolesMagic83

    Rosenthal: Orioles are in a state of confusion

    Wouldn't a replacement player have 0 WAR?
  13. OriolesMagic83

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    At this point, it probably doesn't matter if Mancini play SS.
  14. No! Buck says we're going to fight for every last win. No one gets in the life boat!
  15. OriolesMagic83

    Time to Follow the Rays SP Theory

    I I think the idea of an opener is as valid as a closer. The first 3 hitters in a lineup are usually 3 of the best 4 hitters on the team. If you can shut the other team down the first inning, you have a much greater chance to win.