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  1. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I would rather have Mark Reynolds than Mark Trumbo. 30 HR & 97 RBI & 2.8 WAR is a lot better than Trumbo produced. Do the O's have any international slot money they can trade? I'm predicting Trumbo + international slot money + cash for a mediocre 5th starter and a non-prospect.
  2. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    None of the top 4 teams in the majors in steals went to the playoffs. The Angels, Brewers, Rangers and Reds. Admittedly, the Brewers were in the playoff race till the end. I would say that high steal rate is more helpful than stealing a lot of bases with a poor steal rate. The O's were predictably in last place by a wide margin.
  3. Projected contracts for FA starters

    I'm pinning my hopes on the O's signing Cobb. Of course as an O's fan, I'm used to having my hopes dashed. If the O's were willing to give Ubaldo 4 yrs/$50 mill, there's no reason they shouldn't give Cobb a slightly bigger deal. I think the highest rated pitchers the O's will be after are Cobb, Garcia, and Vargas.
  4. I hope its not true, but if he goes, he has to take DD with him.
  5. Projected contracts for FA starters

    Free agent contracts are always bigger than I think they will be. I would be willing to bet that Arrieta and Darvish both get $100 mill contracts. Cobb might get one too. If these contract values are accurate, the O's should sign 2 of Darvish, Cobb & Arrieta. The actual scarcity of good starting pitching always drives contract amounts into the stratosphere.
  6. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    The O's should trade Davis to the Red Sox for David Price. The Red Sox would have to send $10 mill/year to equalize the contracts. Mancini becomes the O's 1B. Trumbo is full time DH (if he can't be traded). At $21 mill/yr, Price would be reasonably affordable as #2 starter. Price just seems like one of those guys who can't stand the media scrutiny of Boston and will improve once he is out of there.
  7. What will $40-50M get you?

    The O's are more likely to sign both Darvish and Arrieta than extend Manny.
  8. I hate to see the O's mortgage the future for a small chance at the 2nd wild card next year. I would put our chances at less than 10%. Without major additions and a lot of luck, this is a sub .500 team. Even with a good free agent starter and bounce backs from hitters and bullpen, this team will be lucky to win 85 games.
  9. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I remember reading an ESPN article in Davis's career year, 2013. The article emphasized how Davis had changed his swing to be shorter and more compact.
  10. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I've thought of that idea too, but figured it was too crazy to mention. If the Red Sox would send cash to bring their salaries closer to equal, I think it would be a good move. Price seems to be one of those players who does poorly in a high pressure media environment like Boston. Even Randy Johnson couldn't handle playing in New York.
  11. You Don't Finish Last...

    The Yankees outscored their opponents by 198 runs & the O's were outscored by their opponents by 98 runs. I don't see Girardi making up a 296 difference in run differential. The O's and Yankees weren't even in the same neighbourhood as far as quality of team. The Yankees are better in every facet of the game and have more young players than the O's (never thought I would say that).
  12. They were spot on regarding the O's starting pitching. If anything they were not pessimistic enough. Looks like the O's mediocre starting pitching, great relief pitching, and hit lots of homers model is played out.
  13. 2018 draft order tracker/reverse standings

    11th pick I believe. A's would win a tiebreaker by virtue of having worse record last year.
  14. Jones To Talk With Ownership In Offseason

    Maybe Davis will talk to Angelos and insist that his yearly salary be lowered to a level he deserves. An O's fan can dream.
  15. Any chance of some real dramatic Warehouse shakeups?

    He's Peter's BFF