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  1. Josh Donaldson got traded with I believe 4 seasons left before free agency. The main pieces coming back were Brett Lawrie and Kendall Graveman. I believe Graveman was a top pitching prospect at the time. That's the kind of trade that gets a GM fired, unless you're a "genius". Donaldson was only 8th in MVP voting, but whether he was considered top 3 is questionable. Top 10 is reasonable. Its debatable whether a lot of teams would consider Manny a top 3 talent after how he's played this year.
  2. This year might be one of Buck's best managing jobs. How has he kept the team with the worst starting pitching in the majors around .500. The O's have one above average starter (Bundy), and he seems to be running on fumes. Several of our relievers have spent time on the DL, and the offense has looked more 1 dimensional than ever. It's home run or nothing for most of our hitters in key situations. Players like Davis and Jones only think of HR, never of going the other way or beating the shift (Davis). SELL! SELL! SELL!
  3. Sisco would bring back a middle of rotation starter (think Bud Norris when the O's traded for him). He wouldn't even be the #1 piece of a trade for a cost controlled young starter like Quintana with ace upside.
  4. According to Dan, this is still a playoff team. He'll probably trade a few of the O's better prospects if the O's are within 5 games of the wild card at the deadline, even if they are under .500. I wish the O's had let Mercenary Dan go to the Blue Jays.
  5. I remember one year Eddie Murray had something like 2 HR at the end of May and ended up with around 30 HR. Hopefully Manny can go one a similar run.
  6. Are there some advanced pitching metrics I don't know about that make our pitching look good? I feel like Dan must be watching another team. The one I'm watching only wins when the all or nothing batters hit a bunch of home runs. Sorry, an overworked Bundy, a declining Miley (to his career norm), and a journeyman Asher isn't a playoff rotation. But of course Tillman and Gausman are going to turn it around. I'll be sick if the O's even give up one prospect for this team's "playoff" run.
  7. I would definitely try to trade Trumbo. Mancini is better and obviously a lot cheaper. It's true our best trade chips have underperformed a lot. If Britton comes back healthy, the O's should try to trade him. I can't see why a rebuilding club needs a $15 mill closer. I think Miley and Smith might bring back something decent.
  8. I'm just doubting that Duquette is interested in selling. I don't think he will care what the O's organization looks like a day after he leaves.
  9. The O's have really horrible starting pitching, and now their "ace" is just as bad as the rest. The O's should only hang onto players w/ 2 or more years of control.
  10. Time to start the fire sale. This is a last place team. The badness of this team is only masked by the good start they had.
  11. I adjusted his stats to as many PA as Trumbo. He would have about 18 HR and 57 RBI at the same rate he is generating HR & RBI. Who knows if he would have that many, but his counting stats would be much more impressive with daily playing time. I want the O's to trade an OF so he can play daily.
  12. I wonder if all the media attention has gone to Manny's head. He's was projected to be in the race for MVP, some experts were saying he might be the best player in baseball, and now he's "the face of baseball". Maybe he's already counting his megamillions from his next contract. I'm afraid what's going to happen next year. Dan will say they need to keep Manny if the O's are going to make a run at the playoffs. O's will either be in the playoff race or Manny will get hurt, and the O's will get a 2nd round pick for him.
  13. I saw Bowie play last night. Mullins was 2 for 4 with a sac fly. He did bunt for a hit and it was perfectly placed. Could be the O's first legit leadoff guy since Brian Roberts was healthy. Bowie's defense is terrible. I believe there were only 2 errors, but there were many plays that weren't made that should have been made. Backup catcher couldn't throw anyone out--I guess that's why he's the backup catcher, and middle infield defense was swiss cheese.
  14. What does the O's rotation look like if Gausman is moved to the bullpen? Bundy Miley Tillman Asher Wright/Ubaldo Unless the O's plan is to get a top 10 draft pick next year, that's a terrible rotation.
  15. Dan won't sell one or more of our top prospects for a marginal upgrade if the O's are under .500 at the trading deadline.