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  1. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    I have a question about Tillman. Is it possible to release him in spring training and only owe part of his salary (like Gonzalez). I know the O's "only" owe him $3 million, but I wish that money was put towards a real, dependable ML starter. If I was running a team that had the worst rotation in baseball last year and the worst rotation in franchise history, I wouldn't make bringing back the worst starting pitcher on that team a priority. I think this year will be a "rebuilding" year regardless of what the O's have planned. I just can't see a reasonable chance that the O's rotation stays healthy and effective all year.
  2. Showalter: O's "Lying in the weeds" in AL East

    Unfortunately the "weeds" are poison ivy. Looks like fans will getting a bad rash.
  3. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    If Tillman can't get out major leaguers, what's plan B? What scares me about this starting rotation is that there is no room for injuries. If a starter is hurt or ineffective, their replacement is someone who isn't exactly dominating in AA or AAA or whoever is the long man in the bullpen. Is this game televised?
  4. Catchers

    I think you have forgotten how bad Dempsey was with the bat. He had a lifetime .666 OPS with a .233 average. He didn't have a 24 year career because of his bat. I'm happy with Joseph as the starter and mentor for Sisco. I much prefer Joseph to Sisco.
  5. And then there were 2 FA

    I have zero faith in the O's current starting rotation. The O's are expecting everything to go right. Bundy and Gausman to be healthy and effective. Casher to not show regression. Tillman to pitch like he was never injured. A minor leaguer or rule 5 pitcher to pitch like a #5 starter (at least get the (O's through 5 innings). The O's need to make their best attempt at signing Cobb or Lynn, or the fire sale could start in May. 2 year deals with an option year or God forbid a 3 year deal. Both Cobb & Lynn are better bets than Ubaldo.
  6. Gausman Leaves Game After Collision (Update: He's OK)

    DD was worried he might have to sign another major league starter.
  7. vs. Red Sox 2/25 (Spring Training)

    I want him to suceed based on facial hair alone.
  8. Most important player for 2018?

    Lew Ford. Bring back the mojo. His presence in the clubhouse is worth 5 WAR minimum.
  9. Boras Speak

    Does Nolan Riemold still want to play baseball?
  10. First ST game! Televised! Yeah!

    Yeah, I was talking spring training. Its usually like March 10th or so for the first ST game.
  11. Cashner, Presley, Tillman - are the O's done now?

    Maybe they're just having the same meetings every day, like a lot of middle managers. 8 am meeting The cost of pitching is too damn high 10 am meeting Chicks dig the long ball 1130 am 2 hour lunch 130ish pm International market-do they speak English? 3 pm Golfing!
  12. Cashner, Presley, Tillman - are the O's done now?

    Looking at real estate in other cities. Working on his resume.
  13. Opening Day Lineup

    Dilly! Dilly! To the pit of misery!
  14. Time to get creative

    I still think some team give Cobb 4 years. What are the other pitchers still available other than Cobb, Lynn, and Arrietta?
  15. First ST game! Televised! Yeah!

    What date is the first game?