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  1. OriolesMagic83

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I'm looking at that too, since Comcast seems to raise my cable + internet price every couple of months. They seem to have a stranglehold on the part of central Virginia I'm in.
  2. OriolesMagic83

    Interesting FAs

    I would prefer Markakis to Jones. The first reason would be because of Jones' trade protection that was mentioned. The second would be that I don't see Jones handling a cut in his playing time for a rookie very well.
  3. OriolesMagic83

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    I think he should get a statue regardless. Babe Ruth didn't go in the Hall of Fame as an O.
  4. OriolesMagic83

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I just have to say I resent the veterans that want to be paid for past performance, for example a 10 yr/$300 million deal, but the player can opt out after 2 years to make even more money. Smaller market teams are frozen out of these top players too, because a team can't tie up 1/3 of its payroll in one player. The solution involves a limit on length of deals, say 5 years. Also, there should be a salary cap and salary floor tied to league revenue. The NFL has a hard cap and the NBA has a severe luxury tax and both of those sports have better revenue growth than MLB. I think a big key of the NFL's success is that the Ravens, Jaguars, and Packers can compete with large market teams on close to an equal footing. Would the NFL be interesting if the same teams w/ $200 million payrolls went to the Super Bowl every year? What if the Ravens were stuck with a max $80 million payroll and their goal was .500?
  5. OriolesMagic83

    Anyone Following Manny?

    How is someone supposed to survive on a mere $175 million? How do you feed your kids? I dare someone to disrespect me by offering that disgustingly small amount. Don't try me!
  6. OriolesMagic83

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    I agree. I don't see the point of starting the service clock on McKenna, Hays, and Diaz. Why use up a year in 2019 when the O's will probably lose 100 games. If one of them destroys AA and AAA pitching, then of course bring them up. The O's need cheap and good players to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox.
  7. OriolesMagic83

    Interesting FAs

    I wouldn't be surprised if the O's bring back Joseph for a cut in pay, about 1 mill. I could see either Gentry or Markakis being signed on 1 year deals. I think Markakis would come back to the O's on 1 year deal (if there were no multi-year deals). I can't see Jones coming back. If Jones is benched for a rookie, there will be drama. Any low priced RP options?
  8. OriolesMagic83

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    I'll be happy with a Billy Hamilton type who can get on base.
  9. OriolesMagic83

    Britton Staying In NY

    If the O's had won the World Series in 2008, we would still be bragging about it. The Yankees fans are no doubt fixated on the fact that Boston has World Series since 2000 and the Yankees have 1.
  10. OriolesMagic83

    Britton Staying In NY

    $13 million/year is an awful lot for the pitcher we saw in 2017 & 2018. That version of Britton had the habit of imploding at the wrong time. Yankees are going all out, I expect them to sign Manny too.
  11. OriolesMagic83

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    It doesn't matter if a player is 6'8" if he can't hit the ball.
  12. OriolesMagic83

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    I voted for Loewen because I was sure he would be a TOR starter. I even went to his first start at Aberdeen. He is much more disappointing than Bundy because Bundy at least became a rotation regular. Loewen is worse than Hobgood because I never expected much from Hobgood.
  13. Mullins, I want him to show plus defense he is capable of. Trumbo, have a big first half so he can be traded for a decent return. Cobb, bounce back so he can be traded. Hays, would like him to return to 2017 form and force a callup by the trade deadline. Bundy, somehow unlock his potential, so he looks like a TOR starter or at least mid rotation starter instead of looking like he should be in AA every other start.
  14. OriolesMagic83

    2019 Winter Meetings

    They are definitely worried about the luxury tax. The Dodgers have been heavily linked to the Reds in trade talks, and while Yasiel Puig has prominently featured in these rumors, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman (Twitter links) hears that Puig hasn’t been involved in one of the latest proposals. This version of a deal would see Matt Kemp and Alex Wood go to Cincinnati in exchange for Homer Bailey, which would shave roughly $13MM off of the Dodgers’ luxury tax payroll calculations since Kemp’s contract has a higher average annual value than Bailey’s deal. Given Bailey’s struggles and injury problems over the last few seasons, one would imagine L.A. might pursue something more substantial back (i.e. a prospect or two) rather than pure salary relief, though it’s worth noting that the Dodgers acquired Kemp last offseason in a deal that certainly appeared at the time to be simply a bad contract swap. Clearing some luxury tax room would likely also allow the Dodgers to make another big-ticket addition. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/los-angeles-dodgers
  15. OriolesMagic83

    2019 Winter Meetings

    The Dodgers want to free up money under the luxury tax. They are trying to trade Kemp and Puig.