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  1. Trade value! He's a cornerstone for the team. 😜
  2. Not sure its a good idea to push Bundy to 118 pitches with his long list of arm problems.
  3. At least Trumbo can handle the DH position defensively--barely.
  4. Winning series is not part of the master plan for 2019. πŸ˜‹ 3-4-1 is impressive. It took a long time for 2018 O's to win 3 series.
  5. With his arm, the best he can hope for is Trachsel 2.0
  6. Wasn't this Manny's hairstyle last year? Now I see the inspriation for it.
  7. Well, if the O's go 15-42 against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays, they would have to win 48 out of 105 games out of the balance of their schedule (a .457 winning percentage). The O's could be a better team than say the Royals and still end up with a worse record due to much tougher competition.
  8. I believe in this team (being really bad). Other than the improvement in fielding they are a worse team than last year. Playing the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays 57 times this year guarantees 100 losses, IMO. The only team I can see competing for the #1 pick is the Marlins. The O's need to keep the prospects in the minors until the All-Star break and trade anyone of value before the deadline. Might get something nice for Villar and Givens. Maybe Trumbo will come back healthy and be traded for salary relief. πŸ˜‚ It would take a good prospect no doubt--from the O's. That #1 pick is ours!
  9. Where have gone Parker Bridwell, a lonely O's Hangout turns its eyes to you, Woo, Woo, Woo
  10. I think Davis gets a hit today too. Line drive to left in 1st at bat.
  11. Baby steps! I can't wait to hear about Davis' 2 for 15 "hot streak"
  12. I hate to see the O's waste resources trying to "save" Chris Davis. He's probably around a .100 hitter. That would be like dumping major resources into trying to make a 26 year old A ball player into a major leaguer. Of course its not my money. I had hopes (probably unrealistic) over the winter that Davis could be a replacement level player, but he's just done. Its like trying to watch a guy who should have retired a couple of years ago, try to "save" his career.
  13. You would think there was a determined amount of time for Davis to show he's a major league player. I'm guessing sometime between the All-Star break and the end of the season. Its dispiriting to the fans and I would think the other players to see a player who probably can't hit AA pitching, sent up there every day to fail.
  14. How about the O's hire Canseco as a 24/7 hitting coach for Davis. That would make a good reality show. Hilarity ensues!
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