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  1. I'm predicting Davis makes the team, because dollars.
  2. This might be the only thing most of the O's roster is good at.
  3. The O's are going to need 12 pitchers easily. The starters have been pitching like crap for the most part. I foresee lots of games where the bullpen needs to pitch the last 6+ innings.
  4. I would wish that on myself at $23 mill/year. If you want to throw things at me, I'll just wear a helmet.
  5. With Davis and Trumbo seemingly healthy for opening day, I think the O's only have room for 2 out of Mullins, Hays, and Santander. It looks like the O's are leaning towards Hays over Mullins. I would like to see Mullins get a chance, but maybe the O's don't see him as a mlb starter.
  6. Maybe last September was Stewart's time and now his time is over. Stewart was a long shot to make the team as more than a 4th OF (but he's defensively limited too). Really poor pick by the O's, IMO. Shouldn't pick a player who has to make a lot of changes to have a chance as a regular player in the first round.
  7. I think that's the problem with Jones finding a contract. He sees himself as an All-Star player who has declined slightly like a McCutchen. Teams that would consider signing him, think of him as a 4th OF like Rickard and want to pay him accordingly.
  8. This whole free agent saga by Harper and Boras has made me like him even less. I didn't know that was possible. I hope he goes to a losing team and stinks. The Giants remind me of last year's Orioles. They would be a good fit. Other than his MVP season, Harper hasn't been much more than a solid regular.
  9. It seems that he wants to sign anywhere but Philly. What exactly can you buy with $350 mill that you can't buy with $300 mill.
  10. I'm just praying that when Elias signed on as GM, he got final say on how long this wretched show by Davis would continue. I'm hoping he;s benched by mid May if he doesn't start hitting like a major leaguer.
  11. You would think Iglesias would come here for a major league deal. I was thinking it would take at least 6 mill to sign him. Not very positive about the O's infielders other than Villar. If Nunez is a flash in the pan and the rule 5's hit like minor leaguers it could be ugly.
  12. I think that's where Manny lucked out. Could you imagine how the New York media would tear him up? One on field incident and he would never hear the end of it. And if Manny chose to respond on air on in person, it would get ugly quick.
  13. It only takes one owner with lots of money and bad judgement.
  14. Boras negotiating one on one with an owner is not really a fair competition. I'm sure he's appealing to his ego and telling him not to worry about years 6-10+. No doubt talking about abstract things like increasing the franchise value and viewership of cable.
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