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  1. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    This team's problem isn't urgency, energy, or want-to, it's pathetic starting pitching. Giving up 4 or 5 runs by the 5th inning is not going to win many ball games.
  2. Duquette Future

    I think you are overestimating Angelos' baseball IQ, He no doubt has/had a brilliant legal mind, but he seems to be in a special ed class for baseball knowledge. No interest in international talent (over 1/3 of MLB players and top 8 prospects), emphasis on HR over complete baseball players, no working plan to develop starting pitchers, etc. don't show he has much baseball intelligence. I think that if Angelos fires DD, he is replaced by Brady.
  3. Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    Tillman, Hellickson, and Colon. They were all good at one point.
  4. Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    Jay Bruce? It would make no sense with the number of OF prospects the O's have, but it would fit the pattern.
  5. Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    All of them were given up for marginal upgrades other that Ed Rod. At least trading Ed Rod made sense because the O's seemed to have a genuine chance to get to the World Series that year.
  6. Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    16-24. The O's starting pitching is just that bad. That would put the final record at 76-86. The O's have been around a .500 team since the trade deadline even with one of the highest scoring offenses since then. The offense is due for a return to average.
  7. Sign him.

    The O's have to do everything possible to sign him. What has the PR value of Ripken been to the O's since he's retired? Probably tens of millions, if not over a hundred million. Do you think Ripken would be present for all these O's promotions if the O's had let him go in free agency? Of course if he absolutely refuses to sign, the O's have to trade him. Of course I'm expecting the O's to do neither, its like the O's franchise is hurtling toward a cliff and ignoring signs everywhere.
  8. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I calculated that Davis has struck out in an incredible 42% of his at bats. If baseball is a game of adjustments, Davis is failing miserably. At this rate, he'll be striking out 50% of his at bats by 2020 if not before. Davis seems able to hit to all fields, as the last few games showed with some opposite field hits, but as soon as he starts having some success hitting to all fields, he goes back to trying to pull every pitch.
  9. Dylan Bundy 2017

    33 yr old Gonzalez and his 4.67 ERA might have had the O's leading for the 2nd wild card if he had been here since day one. Definitely would have preferred him to Miley or Ubaldo (no way to predict Tillman would be this bad.
  10. Name this season

    My name would be: 2017: The Quest for .500
  11. vs. MARINERS, 8/14

    I'm in my late 40's have a kid and watch SpongeBob. I would probably still watch it if I didn't have a kid.
  12. vs. MARINERS, 8/14

    I ask the same thing about Miley, Tillman & Ubaldo on a regular basis.
  13. vs. MARINERS, 8/14

    This year's starting pitching plus Gallardo would have to be one of the worst starting rotations of all time.
  14. O's lead the majors in runs since the All Star break

    I find it interesting that Houston has the worst ERA in the AL since the All Star break. It could be a quick playoff exit for them.
  15. My prediction: Buck will split time at SS between Hardy & Beckham. At this point, I think some of our posters could outhit Hardy. Buck loves his veterans.