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  1. OriolesMagic83

    Off-Season Trades

    Paxton has missed 3 weeks to 3 months the last 4 years. If he only pitches half a season, how valuable is he?
  2. OriolesMagic83

    Off-Season Trades

    6 years of a mid rotation starter for 2 years of a potential ace. That sounds pretty good to me. The Yankees wouldn't even discuss including Sheffield for Machado.
  3. OriolesMagic83

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    He probably communicated more with fans today than Duquette did in the last year.
  4. OriolesMagic83

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    I can't imagine these words ever coming out of Duquette's mouth. I love that he's hitting the ground running. No spending a month getting his bearings, no percolating.
  5. OriolesMagic83

    Random Drug Test

    Can the O's hire Tejada as Davis's personal trainer?
  6. OriolesMagic83

    Free agent trade predictions

    I entered the MLBTR free agent predictions contest. They are running it again after not running it for a couple of years. I have entered in the past and feel really stupid once free agents start signing. These are my picks for the top 25 free agents (per MLBTR). I only listed my top 25 due to space considerations. Markakis is 37th, Brach is 40th, and Jones is 44th. Anyone want to post their picks? Or take their guesses on this list? 1. Bryce Harper * Dodgers 2. Manny Machado * Phillies 3. Patrick Corbin * Yankees 4. Dallas Keuchel * Nationals 5. Craig Kimbrel * Braves 6. Yasmani Grandal * Nationals 7. Nathan Eovaldi * Red Sox 8. A.J. Pollock * Giants 9. J.A. Happ * Angels 10. Michael Brantley * Braves 11. Andrew McCutchen * Cardinals 12. Yusei Kikuchi * Giants 13. Josh Donaldson * Cardinals 14. Charlie Morton * Phillies 15. Wilson Ramos * Astros 16. Marwin Gonzalez * A's 17. Jeurys Familia * Twins 18. Zach Britton * Astros 19. David Robertson * Yankees 20. Adam Ottavino * Cardinals 21. Nelson Cruz * Rays 22. Jed Lowrie * A's 23. Andrew Miller * Cubs 24. Joe Kelly * Mets 25. Kelvin Herrera * Indians
  7. OriolesMagic83

    MASN Reality Show

    Definitely need some more original MASN broadcasting. How about "Baltimore Bar Crawl with Gary Thorne". "I Remember when" with Jim Palmer recounting his favorite baseball memories.
  8. OriolesMagic83


    Bless Brady's little heart.
  9. That's a lot better investment than the O's could get on a player. The O's could have signed Caleb Joseph and Joey Rickard with that money. Is there a clause in his contract that he can't leave the O's for another organization with a fancier executive title?
  10. I hope Elias's first move is firing Brady.
  11. Our "plan" is working perfectly. 1/3 of the way to a World Series. How bad can the O's be when they work at it?
  12. I don't think the poll worked the way it was intended. It calculated the percentage of total votes that a player received, not the percentage of voters that voted for a player. 77 of 81 voters voted for Jones which is close to 95%, but he only received 23% of the total votes, because people voted for other players.
  13. OriolesMagic83

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    I'm thinking McKenna has the ceiling of Brian Roberts type hitter. I could live with a center fielder with .360 OBP, 40 2B, 10 3B, and 10 HR. I have high hopes for him.
  14. OriolesMagic83

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    The next Dylan Bundy or Adam Loewen. I'm so excited!
  15. OriolesMagic83

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    I am personally throwing my support behind Can of Corn.