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  1. I think a way to increase Plus membership would be to have no ads for Plus Members. I don't mind the ads, the only ads I don't like are the popups.
  2. I can't believe the O's killed their bullpen trying to keep a career AAAA guy. Most teams have a couple guys like Gentry. Great outfield glove but can't hit their weight.
  3. Pitching so bad, Roy had to made 2 threads.
  4. If the O's package an international pick with him, they could get a team's 20th best prospect. Do the O's have any international picks left?
  5. Bourn and Gentry look like they fill the same role. If Bourn can prove he can hit, he might take Gentry's spot.
  6. http://www.testudotimes.com/maryland-terps-basketball/2017/4/20/15334812/duke-sean-obi-transfer Sean Obi transferring from Duke to Maryland for his senior year. 6'9" and 255. The Terps can really use someone his size.
  7. Sign Brach to a 3 or 4 year contract and try to trade Britton when he gets healthy. Probably not much trade value for Britton with an ailing arm. I can't see the O's paying Britton $15 mill next year to be mediocre.
  8. Ubaldo would probably try to throw at someone and the ball would end up over the middle of the plate.
  9. Sale should have been thrown out on the spot. It was so obvious he was throwing at Manny. Unless, you believe Boston pitchers just lose control of their pitches when Manny is batting. I saw the full interview with Manny. He was trying to curse Boston in so many ways he ran out of breath. If Manny is thrown at again in the next game, he's going to the mound.
  10. If only that popcorn was washed down with the tears of Yankee fans. I'll settle for the tears of Blue Jays fans.
  11. More Mancini! Call up a reliever. Looks like the O's are going to need a lot of fresh arms with this starting rotation.
  12. Call to the bullpen!
  13. Man, its good to see the Jays struggle like this. They'll get hot sometime soon, but hopefully they'll be 10 games back by then. Anyone think Bautista looks like he missed a couple of shipments of roids?
  14. You had meh at hello