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  1. Have to hold onto those marginal utility players, because they're never available on the waiver wire. 😄
  2. Late season surge. They can have the #1 pick when they pry it from O's cold, dead hands.
  3. Mets fans must still be livid about giving up on Melvin Mora.
  4. Carl Yastrzemski renamed as little Yaz and Mike Yastrzemski now called Big Yaz. I never thought he would be more than a AAAA player. Good for him. I don't think SF should plan their rebuild around him, but just enjoy an amazing story.
  5. I can't see the O's moving to Nashville. Charlotte would be a more likely destination. Baltimore is the 21st largest metro area, Charlotte is the 22nd largest metro area, and Nashville is the 36th largest metro area. Charlotte would draw from a large surrounding area, since there's no team between Atlanta and D.C. Charlotte is also growing very fast and will be large than Baltimore in a few years. I worked there for 3 months recently and half the city is a construction site. I can't see the O's moving before Tampa, Miami, or Oakland.
  6. Lew Ford is the mastermind behind a plan that will end up with Ford as GM and Davis as player manager. The ruckus in the dugout between Davis & Hyde was the first step.
  7. Lew Ford, the guy who dug holes in the parking lot for Ubaldo to step in. Pure evil or a team player, depending on your perspective. Also, a team with Ford and Matusz seems like a juggernaut. Match up with the Yankees in the World Series? Lew Ford puts himself in as a pinch hitter and wins the 7th game?
  8. Nothing but the truth. Its hard to find much positive to say about our pitching.
  9. What is Hyde expecting, max effort for a mere $23 mill/yr? I want to see Davis go after a baseball while hitting, the way he went after Hyde.
  10. It seems like 1/2 of the O's 40 man roster is made up of guys with the upside of Joey Rickard and T.J. McFarland. How many end of the bench and middle relievers do the O's need?
  11. It's almost like the only glove he should own is a batting glove.
  12. It will be impressive if this year's team finishes with a better record than last year's team when you consider they had Jones, and Machado, Schoop, and Gausman most the year.
  13. Don't rain on my parade 😋
  14. I would prefer to see real major league players, but it looks like that is at least 2 years away.
  15. If Law just says that any random O's pitching prospect won't be a successful major league starter he has a very high chance of being right and recent history is on his side. When the O's successes at developing starting pitching are two high 1st round picks Gausman and Bundy, it looks like Law is right more often than not. Especially when Gausman looks like an ace one start and AAAA pitcher the next (I assume that pattern has continued with Atlanta). Bundy looks a pitcher who has lost his stuff and struggles in just about every outing. He would already be in the bullpen for most major league teams.
  16. With the talent level on this team, I don't think they need any more help to get the #1 pick, unless you're talking about the 2021 pick.
  17. As long as there's an unnamed scout that "likes the way the ball comes out of his hand." Extra points if there name is highly unusual. Maybe the O's can corner the market on players like Yorkislandy.
  18. In a few years, one of these guys could be the next Jomar Reyes!
  19. Now Davis not only has a rock bottom average, OBP, SLG, etc, etc., he's a punchless singles hitter. I thought he would continue to hit for power even if he was hitting .150. I guess I was wrong.
  20. I hear the wine and dine section is a real doozy.
  21. The number of starting pitchers who regularly pitch 7 or more innings could be counted on 1 hand, or at most 2. Its just a different game today. There might need to be a new metric invented "O's quality start". This would be pitching 5 or more innings allowing 4 or less runs. I would bet that less than 1/2 of the O's starts would qualify.
  22. Question: Why was @mikeyaz18 never called up in any of his 6 years with the Orioles? Because Yaz is a AAAA prospect who's upside is Joey Rickard.
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