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  1. Sportrac has the Indians payroll at approximately $119 million, which is correct. I don’t know where Baseball Reference got $152 million from, but they spent the off-season slashing payroll by trading Gomes, Encarnacion, and Alonso, while letting Miller, Brantley, Allen, Chisenhall, and several others depart as free agents. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/cleveland-indians/payroll/
  2. Drew Jackson is approximately one year and nine months older than Richie Martin. Last year, both Drew Jackson and Richie Martin played AA. Both had a WRC+ of 121. Drew Jackson is approximately one year and three months older than Cedric Mullins. At Bowie last year, Mullins had a WRC+ of 141. At Norfolk, Mullins had a WRC+ of 113. Jackson will most likely not be claimed. The Orioles did not DFA a future all star. The Orioles DFA’d someone who is unlikely to be anything more than a utility player at the major league level, and probably not a great one. Ryan Flaherty was 24 at AA and had a WRC+ of 143. If Jackson becomes as good as Flaherty was, that would be a great outcome. That isn’t necessarily likely. If they trade for him, great. If they don’t, I don’t think it’s a big loss.
  3. Do you want Mullins to fail? He has significantly more range in center and will get to balls Hays simply will not. I’ve seen you mention the arm strength, but ignore that Mullins will take away hits if his defense is consistent with how he played in the minors. I hope that Mullins is in center, Hays in right, and Diaz in left at some point this season. That would be exciting and a great result if they all prove to be capable players.
  4. I’d also hope that the number one overall pick makes it to the majors before his age 25 season. If he is unable to do that, I’ll have serious questions as to whether he will be anything more than serviceable (I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that Rutschman is the pick, but if he is, I certainly hope he, like Posey, “graduates” by the time he is 23).
  5. One question I’ve always had, but never asked, and thought you might be able to answer given your scouting acumen is whether Buck or someone else convinced Sisco to alter his approach in AAA and the majors over the last couple of years to try to hit for more power? It would provide at least some explanation for the increased K rates. Is there anything you’ve seen or heard about this?
  6. I think if camp broke today with Mullins over Hays it would say that management isn’t going to place a disproportionate amount of weight on approximately 5 games worth of at bats in late February and early March when making decisions that are best for both the team and player development.
  7. If I am having a hard time with some of these threads. I see people saying that Sisco can’t catch and can’t hit and Mullins is a platoon player. We all know what the numbers say, but if there’s one advantage to being terrible, it’s that we have the opportunity to see if Sisco and Mullins can prove otherwise. Sisco has a legitimate pedigree as a former top 100 prospect and while Tony has explained why the odds may now be stacked against him, perhaps player development under Elias and Sig will result in improved performance. If it doesn’t result in improved performance, that’s okay too because the difference between losing 95 and 105 games is inconsequential and we’ll have a better understanding of what Sisco and Mullins are (or are not) as players.
  8. Why would you want Jackson or anyone to platoon with Mullins? It does not matter how many games the Orioles win. I understand that he has struggled against LHP (.662 OPS in 2018 at Norfolk and .604 in 2017 at Bowie), but shouldn’t we want to see if he can make adjustments and prove capable of playing against LHP this year rather than making him a platoon player at 24 years old?
  9. Sydnor

    Manny signs with Padres

    Unless I missed it, I’m surprised no one has complimented Machado on his foresight in this deal. Obviously, he has been closely following the rebuild in Baltimore and realizes that in 5 years the Orioles should be ready to win again. As a result, he made sure that his contract included an opt out after year 5, so he can exercise that opt out, return to Baltimore, lead the Orioles to a World Series, and become an even bigger legend.
  10. If you need a hint, it’s the amount of the signing bonus that was given to a player whose name rhymes with Hayden Meniere.
  11. I went to over 20 last year and I’ll go to over 20 this year as a 29 game plan holder. I’ll miss watching Machado play, but even bad Orioles baseball is better than no Orioles baseball. A question for other season ticket holders: My old rep left and I was assigned a new rep. My wife and I wanted to move our seats, and were even considering moving to a more expensive section. The new rep couldn’t have been less responsive. He wouldn’t answer his phone, wouldn’t return my calls, and the one time he actually did answer, he told me he was busy (even though I told him I wanted to renew and potentially move to a more expensive section) and that he was putting me on the calendar to call, which he never did. Has anyone else had rep issues? It turned me off to a point that I considered not renewing, but I will enjoy seeing what happens with the young guys and I enjoy it (even in losing seasons) too much to not renew because my new rep was so non-responsive.
  12. Keith Law ranked DL Hall number 63 overall. http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/25852941/keith-law-2019-top-prospects-nos-100-51 (paywall) In summary, he said Hall was topping out at 98, has an above average change up, and a curveball with big angle to it that varied from fringe-average to plus depending on when you saw him. Law added that Hall is a good athlete who should develop more consistency with his delivery, while already having the arm strength and feel to spin the curveball and turn over the change up. He noted that there is some reliever risk due to Hall’s inexperience and the need to develop a starter’s command and pitching plan, but stated that Hall possesses good mid-rotation upside.
  13. Sorry if I missed this somewhere or this isn’t the correct thread for this article (or if it warrants its own thread), but Fangraphs realeased its top 32 for the Orioles. DL Hall is number 1. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-32-prospects-baltimore-orioles/ Also, McDaniel called the system “interesting” and said it will be top half by the end of the year.
  14. I think that the Orioles are moving to an organizational approach where everyone is on the same page and the more important aspect of the manager’s job will be communicating the information he receives from the front office to the players and communicating his observations to the front office so they can use those observations together with the data. This approach, while different than under Showalter, is more in line with modern MLB organizations. So if the question is who makes out the lineup, the answer is Hyde with input from the front office and based upon his observations, but in my opinion the answer is that it doesn’t matter who sets the lineup because the Orioles are operating in an organizational framework.
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