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  1. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Brach hasn't been very good for quite some time now. This game is not over, no way.
  2. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Where was O'day at on that HR??
  3. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    This games about to be over.
  4. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    And... A's have the lead again.
  5. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Just can't produce with bases loaded no outs. We are lucky to get 1.
  6. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    That dumb guy almost interfered.
  7. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    We're going to need 8 or more runs to have a chance.
  8. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    1 might be plenty enough for the A's pitching.
  9. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    He looked safe.
  10. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    This guys going be tough to hit.
  11. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Wow a clean 1st!
  12. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    I just can't see us catching Angels or Twins who both are 4 games up on us. We would have to go on an absolute tear and they would have to fall into huge slumps.. It's not going to happen. Not to mention all the other teams in front of us. I'll be surprised if they win this A's series then they have to go up to Boston over the weekend, just isn't going to happen.
  13. vs Angels, 8/20

    Home or away this team finds ways to lose.
  14. vs Angels, 8/20

    Haha are you kidding? Of course there's baseball left but this team isn't getting the WC. They're a bad, bad team.
  15. vs Angels, 8/20

    I think they'll lose the series regardless. Os are one of the worst teams in baseball.