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  1. Wieters having a bad, bad night behind the plate. Poor guy.
  2. Acquiring four starters should be do-able, if DD does his usual dumpster diving for this position.
  3. Richie Bancells is retiring

    I'll miss seeing Richie in the dugout. Enjoy retirement, good sir!
  4. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    Depends if there are any HR hitters available in the offseason.
  5. Jones To Talk With Ownership In Offseason

    Pay Manny or trade him this offseason. Sorry Jonesy, us fans are still going to be fans after you retire and don't feel like waiting another 15-20 years to be relevant again.
  6. Santander Next Season

    Couldn’t you also say that Indians roster/system is so deep that they can afford to lose a solid prospect in the manner they lost Santander . I think he has potential to be legit a hitter.
  7. Oh yea, we could have been battling for the division. What a shame.
  8. Thank You, James Jerry Hardy

    JJ, thank you for being an O. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you put on clinics at SS, nothing flashy but just with ease. My most memorable moment is definitely the 2014 playoff run. On Delmon's double to put us ahead, it was JJ who had a beautiful slide around the tag at the plate to put us on top. As OFFNY said, you will definitely be missed.
  9. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    I don't see this team being much better next year still. The pitching is still going to be bad and the offense will be it's old inconsistent self. Trading Manny in the off season is the best thing for the organization long term.
  10. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Actually grand slam!
  11. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Could have possibly been a 3run HR. Thanks Dickerson.
  12. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    That’s one of the worst sends of the year, when you factor in the score and everything. Dickerson is atrocious.
  13. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Nice wasted inning. Man, this team sucks all around. STOP SENDING MANNY!
  14. I'd like to see us win another game tonight.
  15. If we win out, anyone think we have a chance to get in? Looking at the schedule for all other teams, it still might not be enough.