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  1. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    I wonder what DD and company do on a day to day basis right now.. do they discuss any of this stuff.
  2. Os requesting offers on Machado

    At least we’ll be average this year now with Machado still an oriole. I’m losing any kind of faith in this organization. Do they really think they’re going to get a better deal at the deadline?
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    What an atrocious offseason, can't say I'm surprised.
  4. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    Even if he does come back in July or August, how good will he actually be? I feel like for Zach to get back to true form and have that sinker diving, it's going to take him a while.
  5. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    I would still be open to trading Brach, unless they are planning on moving Castro into the rotation.
  6. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    How much would Britton cost now after not pitching a full season in two years?
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I did not expect this to escalate so quickly but good news. The sooner the better, IMO. It’ll be sad to see Manny go but it must be done and DD needs to make sure he gets the very best offer out there.
  8. If they move Manny to shortstop...

    It's kind of painful to listen to DD talk on TV. He just sounds so uncomfortable and out of place.
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I just can't see Manny wanting to sign a long term deal with the Phillies. Then again, if they offer something like 350mil.. you never know.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Lol alright, chill man. My fault. Didn't mean to offend you with the Chris Davis talk.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    What is everyone's opinion on what we could get in return from the Phillies and also, I wonder if we could throw Chris Davis in the deal to get rid of his contract. If that was the case, we obviously wouldn't get as good a return in prospects.
  12. Stanton to the Yankees

    So Yankees give up no prospects. Their headliner is Starling Castro who plays 2B followed by guys on the downsides of their careers. Just so happens their top prospect plays 2B, how convenient. Can anyone say collusion?? I hate baseball right now.
  13. Stanton to the Yankees

    Well just another reason we should begin the re-building process. We won’t be competing with the Yankees for a while until we have good starting pitching. Time to really start selling.
  14. Shohei Otani

    So is he considered the #1 prospect in baseball?
  15. Dan plays the waiting game again

    Ouch. While I wasn't a huge fan of going after him in the first place, that still has a bad look to it.