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  1. I’ll need to see more and I trust Tony too. He’s watched and analyzed more baseball than I have:
  2. Yeah a couple of examples of bad luck could be just that. I never saw him play for Milwaukee so I don’t know if he had plays like this for them frequently but agree with your take. He could be a decent player for us. I wouldn’t have him in the long term plans but definitely as someone who can contribute in the meantime and get a good return on at some point.
  3. How Henderson got nearly twice that in 1982. I wish teams would steal more. I know the analytics folks seem to frown on it due to risk accessment but I always thought it added a fun element to the game. Villar has holes in his game like all these guys but he seems to have less than not. If he’s another Melvin Mora, that’s great since Mora definitely was better for us than he wasn’t.
  4. Sucre sounds like the kind of guy who becomes a good coach. I’m sure he’d rather be with a contender but he wants to help these young and unproven arms get better.
  5. Yep if he can learn to hit, he’s going to be a nice piece.
  6. Wow Martin may not hit but he’s got a glove.
  7. We forget in our fandom that the other guys want to win too and have talent. If you’re going to serve up dingers. Make em solos with a comfy lead.
  8. Yep! Parmelee had a fun little week.
  9. Yeah I believe so. I also remember the 22-0 over the Braves in 1999. That was fun.
  10. Wright looks better out of the pen.
  11. I was 4 in 1991. I’ve also never seen a triple play at an O’s game. I was out with friends the last one. Was done by the Yankees I believe.
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