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  1. o NEW YORK METS Brandon Nimmo - LF Pete Alonso - 1B Robinson Jose Cano Mercedes - 2B Michael Conforto - RF Wilson Abraham Ramos Campos - C Jeff McNeil - 3B German Amed Valdez Rosario - SS Dominic Smith - DH Juan Lagares - CF Zachary Harrison Wheeler - RHP )) (12-7, 3.31 ERA) BALTIMORE O RIOLES Boyce Cedric Mullins - CF John Dwight Smith, Jr. - RF Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - 2B Trey Mancini - LF Rio Ruiz - 3B Chris Davis - 1B Renato Nunez - DH Pedro Severino De Leon -- C Richie Martin - SS Dylan Matthew Bundy - RHP )) (8-16, 5.45 ERA) ) * * )) Led the Major Leagues in Losses (16), and Home Runs Ceded (41) http://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  2. o Final bump ........ we have game threads for both contests. o
  3. o Jace Peterson was a late-scratch for the Pirates game. Peterson Scratched from Lineup (By Roch Kubatko) http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/03/peterson-scratched-from-lineup.html o
  4. o Jace Peterson was a late-scratch for the game. Peterson Scratched from Lineup (By Roch Kubatko) http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/03/peterson-scratched-from-lineup.html o
  5. o The Orioles' game vs. the Phillies will be televised (NBCSP.) The Birds' game vs. the Pirates will be on the Orioles Radio Network. Both games are scheduled to start at 1:05 PM. TELEVISION RADIO o
  6. o PITTSBURGH PIRATES Adam Frazier - 2B 강정호 - 3B McKenzie Corey Dickerson - DH Joshua Bell - 1B Melky Cabrera Astacio - RF Pablo Reyes - CF Jose Osuna - LF Erik Gonzalez - SS J.D. Stallings - C Trevor Anthony Williams - RHP )) (14-10, 3.11 ERA) ) * * )) Led the Major Leagues in Complete-Game Shutouts (1) BALTIMORE O RIOLES Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS Trey Mancini - LF Chris Davis - 1B Joey Rickard - CF John Dwight Smith, Jr. - RF Chance Sisco - DH Jesus Marcelo Sucre Medina - C Zachary Vincej - 2B Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 3B Andrew Burton Cashner - RHP )) (4-15, 5.29 ERA) http://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  7. o BALTIMORE O RIOLES Boyce Cedric Mullins - CF Rio Ruiz - 3B Renato Nunez - 1B Ryan Mountcastle - DH Drew Jackson - 2B Chance Sisco - C Richie Martin - SS Christopher Bostick - LF Carlos Eduardo Perez Alvarez - C Ryan McKenna - RF Paul Raymond Fry - LHP )) (1-2, 3.35 ERA) PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Andrew McCutchen - LF Jean Segura - SS Bryce Harper - RF Maikel Franco - 1B David Odubel Herrera - CF Cesar Hernandez - 2B Scott Kingery - 3B Aaron Altherr - DH Andrew Knapp - C Cole R. Irvin - LHP )) (14-4, 2.57 ERA) ) * * )) [AAA-Lehigh Valley] http://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  8. o My only concern is the possibility of a general setback for Cobb in terms of his conditioning/pitching ........ in hindsight, it appears highly likely that missing the entirety of Spring Training last year (2018) was a major factor in him pitching very badly early in the season before gradually settling in later. So, I'm not particularly concerned about the team losing the specific games if he needs to miss his first 2 or 3 starts, but rather that he doesn't regress too much because of the injury, and kind of fall back into mid-Spring Training mode (which would still be better than last season, when his first start of the season essentially began with him in early Spring Training mode.) I suspect that if Cobb does have to miss 2 or 3 starts, Hyde will be extremely conservative with him in his first few starts back until at least early May. o
  9. o In my rat's ass of an opinion, Mike Gminski did a really great thing as a color commentator several years back, during a 2014 NCAA tournament game between Gonzaga and Oklahoma. Play-by-play man Andrew Catalon made the now infamous "Hack a Pollock" comment in regard to the strategy of intentionally fouling Gonzaga center Przemek Karnowski, who is from Poland. Gminski (who happens to be of Polish descent himself) said, "Easy now," and both announcers laughed nervously while Catalon said, "Sorry Mike." Realizing what a tremendously ignorant thing that he said, Catalon apologized to the audience less than a minute later. Still feeling very anxious, and that his single apology might not be sufficient, Catalon again apologized about 3 minutes later, saying "I want to apologize PROFUSELY for the comment that I made a few minutes ago in regard to Przemek Karnowski, and to any and all people of Polish descent that I offended in saying what I did." Gminski, sensing that his partner was extremely agitated and nervous about the potential backlash for his comment, immediately did his best to comfort him ........ he said, "You're OK. I'll take care of you." To me, Gminski took the high road and instead of piling on Catalon for what he said. It would have been easy to act offended and annoyed with Catalon for the extremely stupid thing that he said. Instead, sensing the very deep waters that Catalon was in, Gminski threw a proverbial life raft to him. I believe that his "I'll take care of you" comment was Gminski's way of saying that he will vouch for Catalon in terms of his overall character, and that people ought to not necessarily condemn him outright for sticking his foot in his mouth at the worst possible time (on national television.) I don't have a personal stake in regard to Catalon's career one way or the other, but it did my heart good to see somebody like Gminski try to comfort the afflicted in what was an extremely stressful situation, in a society in which reactionary behavior is often what ensues. o
  10. o Duke related ........ Jack Labosky, a recent Duke graduate and current Tampa Bay D-Rays farmhand (a 22nd-Round draft pick from 2018), will live out of renovated school bus with his wife this season with his girlfriend. Thrifty Minor Leaguer to Live in School Bus During Season (By Jake Seiner) https://www.cdapress.com/article/20190323/AP/303239965 ooooooooo o
  11. o MINNESOTA T WINS Maximilian Kepler Rozycki - RF Ehire Enrique Adrianza Palma - SS Nelson Ramon Cruz Martinez - DH Eddie Rosario - LF Christopher john Cron - 1B Marwin Gonzalez - 3B Jonathan Rufino Jezus Schoop - 2B Jason Castro - C Byron Buxton - CF Jose Orlando Berrios - RHP )) (12-11, 3.84 ERA) BALTIMORE O RIOLES John Dwight Smith, Jr. - RF Trey Mancini - LF Chris Davis - 1B Rio Ruiz - 3B Renato Nunez - DH Chance Sisco - C D.H. Jackson - SS J.R. Peterson - 2B Yusniel Efrain Diaz Hechavarria - CF Alexander Miller Cobb - RHP )) (5-15, 4.90 ERA) http://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  12. o I remember when this happened. It was probably the most gruesome injury in the history of the NHL. I later learned that Malarchuk suffered from a mental illness in the form of OCD, and went through countless rituals just to get through each game that he played during his career. Malarchuk's Frightening On-Ice Injury (By Clint Malarchuk) http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/12000385/nhl-clint-malarchuk-remembers-frightening-ice-injury-cost-life o
  13. o You've acquired some Jim Palmeritis. o
  14. o Speaking of the Red Sox ........ Chris Sale, Red Sox Agree on 5-Year Extension (By Jason Mastrodonato) https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/03/22/reports-chris-sale-red-sox-nearing-deal/ o
  15. OFFNY

    2019 Boston Red Sox

    o Chris Sale, Red Sox Agree on 5-Year Extension (By Jason Mastrodonato) https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/03/22/reports-chris-sale-red-sox-nearing-deal/ o
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