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  1. OFFNY

    Texas Orioles Fans OD Hangout

    o I like this thread, even though it doesn't pertain to me. It is reminiscent of ........ o
  2. o Some sons bond with their fathers over football games ........ Tom Junod bonded with his over betting on them. The Family Vice (By Tom Junod) http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/25811841/inside-father-son-story-betting-super-bowl o
  3. OFFNY

    It's a rocking cover Friday!

    o In Portuguese ........ a Brasilian band, covering a song by the Cowsills. o
  4. OFFNY

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    o OK, thanks for that info. It is a Federal law now. https://alcoholpolicy.niaaa.nih.gov/the-1984-national-minimum-drinking-age-act o
  5. OFFNY

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    o Yes, he could have if had wanted to. In 1966, the Federal Law in regard to the age for legalized purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages was 18. It wasn't until 1984 through 1986 in which the age was increased to 21, by one-year increments (19 in 1984, 20 in 1985, and 21 in 1986.) o
  6. OFFNY

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    o I think that Palmer's most significant gap-bridge is that of from Cuellar/McNally and to Flanagan/McGregor. He has 2 additional significant distinctions, in addition to the one that you mentioned ........ 1) ) When he was only 20 years-old (9 days short of his 21st birthday), he set a record which still holds to this day ........ the youngest pitcher ever to throw a Complete Game-Shutout in a World Series game (October of 1966, against the Dodgers.) https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/LAN/LAN196610060.shtml 2) ) He is the only pitcher ever to have won at least 1 World Series game in 3 different decades (1966, 1970, 1971, and 1983.) https://www.infoplease.com/askeds/only-pitcher-win-world-series-game-three-different-decades o
  7. OFFNY

    The Yankees have spent some serious money

    o Even if they had won 3 or 4 World Championships since 2001, my larger point is that it isn't particularly difficult to put a contender on the field each and every year (which the Yankees have done) when there is no "risk-reward" factor in regard to your free agency/payroll decisions ........ for example, the Chris Davis contract has been looming over the Orioles' head like a black cloud for several years now, and (unless Davis completely turns it around and becomes the player that he once was) will continue to do so for at least 2 more years. And sinking a lot of money into a bad player isn't necessarily a singular/solitary problem, because it also affects other major decisions that need to be made. For example, there was no way in hell that the Orioles were going to keep Manny Machado by giving him a huge contract while the disastrous Chris Davis contract is/was also on their books. If the Orioles had not signed Davis and didn't have all of that money tied up in a player that had been a complete bust over the last 2 seasons, then keeping Machado (and/or Jonathan Schoop) via an expensive and long-term contract would at least have been a remote possibility. THAT is the price that mid-market and small-market teams pay when they make ONE major bad decision. If the Yankees were in the same exact situation and had Davis on their payroll for the same amount of money, it would be at worst a minor inconvenience to them. For them, it doesn't matter if they spend a lot of money on free agents that either completely bust and/or don't live up to the expectations that they had of them when they gave them all of that money (Carl Pavano, A. J. Burnett, Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, etc.) Or for that matter, Derek Jeter in the last few years of his career. Jeter wasn't a free agent signing, but he was a player that was making boatloads of money at that time ($16 Million a year over the final 5 years of his career between 2010 and 2014), and he was nowhere near that type of money player in his last 2 years with the team. But for the Yankees and their short-term and long-term budgets, no matter ....... they can keep spending, with little or no repercussions. So in my rat's ass of an opinion, teams like the Orioles, the Athletics, the Pirates, the D-Rays, etc have hard, tough decisions to make that cash-cows like the Yankees simply flick aside like an annoying fly/flea/gnat when they don't work out ........ which is not to say that the Orioles don't deserve criticism when they make bad decisions, but rather that I'm not particularly awed when teams like the Yankees remain in the conversation as a serious contender year in and year out like they do. o
  8. OFFNY

    The Yankees have spent some serious money

    o As you alluded out, the Yankees also haven't had a season in which they weren't at least in the top-5 in payroll (and quite often, they have had the highest payroll in the Majors) in the last quarter of a Century. As one Oriole fan said a long time ago when comparing the GM jobs of these 2 respective teams ....... You give me $200 Million-Plus year in and year out, and I'll put a winning, competitive team on the field year in and year out. You give me the restrictions that Andy MacPhail (and later Dan Duquette) have, and they'll hang me outside of OPACY. So considering the surrounding circumstances, it's not all that overly impressive that the Yankees have been able to win a bare minimum of 85 - 88 wins year in and year out as they have. o
  9. OFFNY

    Anyone Following Manny?

    o Maybe Adam Jones will sign with his childhood hometown team, and they can have a reunion of sorts. o
  10. OFFNY

    Anyone Following Manny?

    o The Bullets/Wizards. o
  11. OFFNY

    Drake DFA

    o The Rays wanted to make your post coincide with the OP's original thread title from March of 2017 ........ that was nice of them. o
  12. OFFNY

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    o Redman and Kam Mickolio were the only ones who took the time to give me their autograph at Durham Bulls Stadium in 2008. Little things like that go a long way with me. o
  13. OFFNY

    It's a rocking cover Friday!

    o o
  14. OFFNY

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    o I was at this game (my late mother's birthday.) September 28th, 2007: ) The Yankees led us 9-6 going into the bottom of the 9th. They brought in Mariano Rivera in. Game over, right ??? Wrong !!! We loaded the bases with 2 outs. It looked like curtains, except ......... Jay Payton drilled a bases-clearing triple into the gap in right-centerfield to tie the game !!! ) A lot of Yankee fans that were sitting near me were angrily screaming "choke" at their beloved team. ) In the top of the 10th the Yanks hit a lead-off double, and it looked like our storybook ending would go down in flames. Not on this night. We managed to get out of the inning without being scored upon. In the bottom of the 10th, we again had the bases loaded and 2 outs. On the first pitch Melvin Mora laid down a bunt, taking the Yankees by surprise. Tike Redman raced home, and the Orioles all mobbed each other on the field. With that win, the Orioles eliminated the Yankees from the A.L. East division title. They still got the wild-card ...... but good enough. ) http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL200709280.shtml o
  15. o After starting the season at 1-5, the Colts' dream season came to an end in Kansas City, in the divisional playoffs. In said game, the Chiefs exorcised 2 major demons ........ they won a Divisional playoff game at home (of which they had been 0-5 since winning the Super Bowl in 1969), and they did so against the Colts (whom they were 0-4 against in the postseason all-time.) o