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  1. big_sparxx

    Taking the year off...

    Last week I traveled to Lahey Clinic in Boston (my first ever trip to Beantown), and on Thursday night I found myself sitting at Fenway Park with friends, and for the first time in many many years, I couldn't care less about baseball. For the past 40 plus years, baseball, and the O's have been a constant. yes, even during th lean years after our last World Championship in '83 I have lived with this idea that it's never over until you're mathematically eliminated. It's always been depressing when the season came to an end, but I have come to realize that the O's, no matter how much we rant and rave on here about everything from how bad they are, to whether or not we can even be competitive. Lahey kinda gave me a perspective about my baseball addiction. It kinda told me that going to a game might be the single best thing you can do on a hot summer night. That nothing tastes better than an ice cold beer and a brat with onions and peppers. Nothing sounds better than a ball hitting the sweet spot, nothing feels better than watching the O's win. The group therapy session that is the Orioles Hangout, never seems to help us, but a dose of reality always will. Life is far too short to worry about the apparent lunacy that happens in the warehouse. It's obvious they have no damn idea what they are doing... so for us, we should all just sit back and have a beer and a brat. I don't know when and if the O's are going to begin the rebuild. I don't know when or how they'll address the coaching/ gm positions going forward for 2019.... but at some point I just need to be there. I need to be at OPACY, and having a beer and a brat is fine thank you very much. A little part of me loved being an Oriole in the Red Sox yard, having been there when their "nation" invaded OPACY. A little part of me walked away with smug satisfaction that they lost that night, and even though I was in pain from my surgery, I couldn't help but give my SAWX buddy a "now you know what I feel like" grin. I returned home on Saturday and debated whether or not to pull up the O's game on KODI. I even thought about subscribing to MLBTV. Nope, I'm not going to give in to it. I'm going to enjoy it for what it is.... a moment in time in which I can feed the addiction, or simply say... see you next year.
  2. big_sparxx

    Say One Nice Thing About this Season

    the fat lady is on the DL with a really bad sore throat.
  3. big_sparxx

    Random Thought Thread

    So in a random conversation with a buddy of mine who lives in Boston, I accidentally told him that I was coming up to Lahey for surgery, ten minutes later he calls me and yells me he's git us Red Sox tix for Thursday June 7th against Detroit. Never been to Fenway... wasn't even close to my bucket list. Anyone have a Tigers hat I can use for the night?
  4. big_sparxx

    Why you are feeling so down about the Orioles

    The plan runs out at the end of the season. Making wholesale changes now doesn't do anything for this season. If we can't fix what's broken, and it show no sign of working... we gotta salvage what we can and move on. That said... it's April. I'm not about to write us off at this point. Can these guys figure it out? Absolutely. Will they? It doesn't make a difference. The outlook for this team next season is probably worse than it is this year. The problem was building the house on Chris Davis. Every decision in and around that sucks. Somehow we gotta live with that, or cut our losses. We've been all in on a pair of twos for 3 years now. We're not bluffing anyone.
  5. big_sparxx

    Chris Davis

    The time to deal with it is now. Continuing to "hope" he figures it out is demoralizing to the team. You cannot look at any part of his game and say... yeah.... that's something we can work with. Being a good GM/Manager means making the tough call. As I mentioned before... you need to talk to him, send him down and get back to basics...but to continue this any longer is an error of epic proportions. Especially if it means by keeping him that you make a decision to lose someone who is producing....
  6. big_sparxx

    Davis last night

    There's an old saying... if you're not helping you're hindering. It's beyond time to have the heart to heart. DD needs to do whats in the best interest of the team... not whats in the best interest of a wallet. Chris isn't getting paid to strike out, he knows this. People aren't coming to watch him strike out either, and ultimately it sends a horrible message to the team... that you can be over-paid, and completely out of your depth and it's ok.... it's not. He needs to be sent down. You gotta be up front with him and let him know that we can not afford for him to struggle, and he needs to find whatever it is he's lost. Personally I think it's his confidence. He has none, and needs to be put in a position where he can work without any undue pressure. The money is what it is, but moving forward, keeping him in the lineup does nothing. He's getting paid... over-paid. Yes, it's a lot of money to not be here, but in all reality... he's not here anyway. Talk to him about it, it's not about ego now... he's gotta be embarrassed and sickened by his own dysfunction. if it was ANYONE else... they would have been long gone. Time to save this investment, Time for Chris (no longer "CRUSH") to take one for the team.
  7. big_sparxx


    It seems like we've been waiting forever for Sisco.... how close is he to being who we hoped he'd be? Whatever that is....
  8. big_sparxx

    Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I've decided to take the time to finally figure out what the hell Baseball Analytics are and why if they are relevant, they aren't more readily used in television broadcasts. I never have apathy for the O's. Call it being a sucker for punishment, but I will remain forever hopeful, until such time as my breath leaves my body for good. I can understand being underwhelmed, but I forever live in hope that our stars will align and the universe will give us a championship. The reality is what it is. We are Orioles fans, forever to be cast in the shadows of those who choose to print their own money. Do I despise them... absolutely. Do I begrudge us for having to live that way? never. We are the good guys... we don't need that level of expectation or angst.
  9. big_sparxx

    Will Girardi replace Buck?

    How would Girardi sign knowing that we'll probably be looking for a GM as well? He'll end up in Miami....
  10. big_sparxx

    So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    Anyone looking at this problem without trying to trade Manny? That's what we should be doing. The rotation problem will still be here come the end of Feb. Wonder what we'd get for Schoop....
  11. big_sparxx

    Longoria... to the Giants

    That's not the fans problem. MLB gave Tampa a franchise that could have gone anywhere. They approved the franchise playing in THAT location, which is BIZARRE and nowhere near the city center. It's the worst baseball atmosphere since the Metrodome/Astrodome, and like I said... they should PAY you to come and watch a damn game there.
  12. big_sparxx

    Longoria... to the Giants

    Oakland drew on average 3000 more fans a game. Tampa Bay had the worst attendance in MLB the past 2 seasons (probably worse than that, but I only found the past 2 years. Disheartening playing in a city where the team isn't appreciated... at all. and with the Giants drawing 40k a game...
  13. big_sparxx

    Longoria... to the Giants

    The only thing they have done right, is draft players, but they want out ASAP. Playing in front of 5-10 fans a night sucks.
  14. big_sparxx

    Longoria... to the Giants

    Have you been to a game there? When you play in that place, they should pay you to come to a game... horrific. Reminds me of the New York Islanders playing in Nassau Colliseum. At least the Isles fans turned up. Tampa's stadium is the WORST in MLB.
  15. big_sparxx

    Longoria... to the Giants

    yeah but Longoria ain't no utility player. Not sure how many utility players win Gold Gloves. In all it's a bad call by the Rays. The organization as a whole needs a facelift.