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  1. Apologies if this has been addressed...

    you think so... so it must be true. All the others are failing, and it's all because they had a bad day. what's the point?
  2. Apologies if this has been addressed...

    Well last night was evidence enough for me. He started the season out ok, but there was no sign of life last night.
  3. ...and I know it has in a round about way. The loss of Wallace and Chiti seems apparent now. Whatever they brought to the table, McDowell and Mills are not replicating it. Not entirely sure if we're going to take the article pointing fingers at Brady as factual, but for our fall-off to be so complete and so thorough, it would go a long way to showing how good Wallace and Chiti were. Maybe we might have one guy have a bad start, but this is significant. This is clearly connected to our coaching, and while I'm not going to discount injury, there is absolutely no reasons for the drop-off of Bundy and Gausman. Someone needs to make the point that McDowell and Mills need to be held accountable for this.
  4. You might not want to project him as such.... but he is very comparable to Dustin Pedroia.
  5. Adam Hall started playing baseball here in Bermuda and I was his first LL coach. He was always going to be a player. Had batting cage in his back yard, pitching machine and was one of those kids who would show up early and stay late. Great kid, and we won our local LL title here with him as our anchor. Also represented bermuda in the region. Great kid and I am so proud.
  6. Most BB, worst ERA in the American League

    Betcha Ubaldo's sayin.... "What'd I do?"
  7. There is a train of thought that says long term planning is only important if I am a part of it. There is only so much blood we can ghet out of this rock, and while we might like to think we are contenders (and that hasn't been proven wrong yet) I don't think anyone sees this picture in 3 years and wonders what happened. Angelos will flog this horse until it has no miles left on it, for that you can be certain. I also think the "Brady" factor is going to come into play. No one has mentioned it, but I would not be surprised to see him take over for Dan, and I think Buck will stay as long as he thinks he can be competitive. If theres a chance we are closer to 100 losses than 100 wins, he might bid a fond farewell.
  8. What if...

    Does Buck and Dan (or is it Dan and Buck) have the stomach to simply "blow it up"? I think with both of their contracts uncertain, they are more likely to stand pat. I would think that for them to do that they'd sign extensions.
  9. If Zach is out,,,weve got problems folks...

    I agree... if anyone has more of a closer's psyche it has to be O'Day. He may be off a bit with his stuff at the moment, but he's proven. I'd go with an O'Day/Hart combo. Also, Givens has no need to be in consideration. He's a good guy to help get to the 8th-9th inning.... but I wouldn't dream of putting him in a closing role (including setup)
  10. If Zach is out,,,weve got problems folks...

    Important note... none of those guys would be able to do anything else.
  11. If Zach is out,,,weve got problems folks...

    I think the proof is in the pudding as they say. Werth's AB last night.... 11 pitches created the doubt in Brach's mind. Would Bundy have cracked? Who knows? But there is a definite psychology that goes into the role. If all closers were stone cold, they's be as effective as Zach. They are creatures of their own making. I don't think its a job anyone can just do.
  12. If Zach is out,,,weve got problems folks...

    A lot of this is down to "square-peg/round hole" syndrome. The closer's mentality is one that is developed with experience. I don't believe for a second that anyone imagined that Brach would be in this position, including him. He's doing a yeoman's job out there and we need to recognize that he is not Zach Britton and wasn't meant to be. Same goes with Givens and O'day. These guys are setup guys meant to get to the 9th. No one will complain once Zach is back healthy. Its a rough patch that we have to navigate. We're not in any danger of dropping out of the race at this point, and we need to get behind Brad or whoever else is trying to do a very difficult job.
  13. Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    Seriously... the only thing they have that's close to a viable rivalry is the Mets, so if they want to hate us, let them stew on it, I still call them the Expos anyway.
  14. Any concern about Hardy?

    There's an assumption that they will manage his AB's to ensure he doesn't reach 600, to ensure the contract clause isn't automatically engaged. Its a business decision now....
  15. 37 seconds....

    The unfortunate part for me living outside the US is that I can't get MASN feed for every game. Watching NESN is often the pain I suffer with when we play Boston, and their incessant hatred of Manny has now taken an even more sick twist. They've timed his home run trot, noting that on Wednesdayy night it was a whopping... 37 seconds. last night was close 30 something.... They want this rivalry.... badly.