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  1. Catchers

    It seems like we've been waiting forever for Sisco.... how close is he to being who we hoped he'd be? Whatever that is....
  2. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I've decided to take the time to finally figure out what the hell Baseball Analytics are and why if they are relevant, they aren't more readily used in television broadcasts. I never have apathy for the O's. Call it being a sucker for punishment, but I will remain forever hopeful, until such time as my breath leaves my body for good. I can understand being underwhelmed, but I forever live in hope that our stars will align and the universe will give us a championship. The reality is what it is. We are Orioles fans, forever to be cast in the shadows of those who choose to print their own money. Do I despise them... absolutely. Do I begrudge us for having to live that way? never. We are the good guys... we don't need that level of expectation or angst.
  3. Will Girardi replace Buck?

    How would Girardi sign knowing that we'll probably be looking for a GM as well? He'll end up in Miami....
  4. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    Anyone looking at this problem without trying to trade Manny? That's what we should be doing. The rotation problem will still be here come the end of Feb. Wonder what we'd get for Schoop....
  5. Longoria... to the Giants

    That's not the fans problem. MLB gave Tampa a franchise that could have gone anywhere. They approved the franchise playing in THAT location, which is BIZARRE and nowhere near the city center. It's the worst baseball atmosphere since the Metrodome/Astrodome, and like I said... they should PAY you to come and watch a damn game there.
  6. Longoria... to the Giants

    Oakland drew on average 3000 more fans a game. Tampa Bay had the worst attendance in MLB the past 2 seasons (probably worse than that, but I only found the past 2 years. Disheartening playing in a city where the team isn't appreciated... at all. and with the Giants drawing 40k a game...
  7. Longoria... to the Giants

    The only thing they have done right, is draft players, but they want out ASAP. Playing in front of 5-10 fans a night sucks.
  8. Longoria... to the Giants

    Have you been to a game there? When you play in that place, they should pay you to come to a game... horrific. Reminds me of the New York Islanders playing in Nassau Colliseum. At least the Isles fans turned up. Tampa's stadium is the WORST in MLB.
  9. Longoria... to the Giants

    yeah but Longoria ain't no utility player. Not sure how many utility players win Gold Gloves. In all it's a bad call by the Rays. The organization as a whole needs a facelift.
  10. Longoria... to the Giants

    Longoria won a gold glove this year..... declining? Depends on who you talk to.
  11. Longoria... to the Giants

    yeah... he was always one of those guys you liked competing against. Brought it to the park every day. There are a lot of other things the Rays can be criticized for, but this may be the icing on the cake. I think if some serious owner wanted to relieve them of a franchise, it wouldn't take much convincing.
  12. Longoria... to the Giants

    Gotta just post this... I'm stunned the Rays traded him. I thought he was a lifer....
  13. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    are you sure swearing isn't permitted on this board? Can we apply for a license?
  14. Pantient Rebuilt - Aggressive Reload

    It's our job to panic thank you very much. Roch needs to recognize that if he's not helping, he's only making us even more neurotic than normal. Thee just isn't enough beer....
  15. you either compete, or you don't. You either believe that Manny is an MVP caliber player and you move whatever mountain you can to re-sign him. Not every trade will be an Erik Bedard deal, not many teams will get raped like that again, and now Manny's trade value is at an all time low... and getting lower. No one will give us anything near his worth with one year left on his contract. Manny puts butts in seats. He's not the only one obviously, but I don't think there's any other player in MLB who can do what he can, and when he's at his best, he is the best. Plain and simple. With him we are a better team. Regardless of how bad we were last year, and anyone who tries to imply that our season sucked because of him is nuts. This isn't even up for debate. Lose him and you are losing a once in a generation type of player. Not since Brooks have we had anyone close at that position, and when you have to replace him with the likes of a Flaherty or reasonable facsimile, you are looking at YEARS mediocrity. Manny gives us a chance. Signing him sends a message to other players that B'more is an ok place to play and that we want to compete. Not so much if he's gone. I understand the variables in play, I understand that Angelos has to make it happen and that he's not proven to be anything close to reliable. If he's a business man, he's gonna do the right thing. A half-empty Camden Yards, or a stadium invaded by Sawx fans or MFY fans isn't a place I want to go. Bigger picture, CD was a bad investment, but there was every idea that he was going to be considering how many offers he had. You think Manny will be on the market long? If he stays healthy, he's a star, and there's no price you can put on that. Be careful what you ask for.