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  1. I know it may be silly, but I like to look at it like this. If they swapped positions, who'd be better at it? I don't think there is ANY comparison.
  2. The guy bleeds O's orange. The only problem is in the eyes of those who want to have a problem. If any coach doesn't appreciate the work he does with players, it's up to them to voice the issue at the point. To do so once you are in another organization is petty stuff and should be ignored.
  3. wow... are we that hard up for him that he needs to be ready now? I think he knows what he needs to work on. I'm fairly sure that Castillo's signing means that the O's aren't going to rush him. Move on.
  4. If Earl walks in the door let me know.
  5. great point. we've been pathetic in that dept. Who wouldn't mind a little more hit and run? Also puts to bed those silly AJ at leadoff ideas. Also a point to note... everyone on the team has been serious on improving the team d in the OF. Bourn does that at least.
  6. well that's one thing. I'm failing to see your logic though. More expensive less tools. over less expensive more tools. Can you compare any of them with Bourn (again we don't know about Gentry) defensively?
  7. yeah and, while I think Gentry is an unknown, we can easily say that none of the others compares with Bourn on an all around basis.
  8. and we're platooning with Rickard, Smith Gentry and Kim.
  9. If I bring tools to the table and you want someone(s) with less tools for more money... you bet I'll walk. Guaranteed someone will knock on my door.
  10. I bet he'd take that option too.
  11. but, if I understand it properly, if Bourn isn't on the 40 by the end of March he can opt out.
  12. Kim or Bourn?
  13. Or what about if Bourn doesn't make the 40 man? Can you justify keeping Kim over Bourn? Why? Doesn't Bourn offer us more defensively? We could ask millions of "what if's" and the point of the matter is the thread is about Kim. Kinda off topic to bring up Smith, but I see it as a body that can do a job. I'm more impressed with the fact that we were able to unload Gallardo, which I think is the more important factor. If wecould get a bag of balls for Jimenez, I'd make that deal too. We have Kim for one more season. Lets enjoy him and his 300 AB's.
  14. woulda coulda shoulda... we'll never know. He turned out to be a pleasant surprise for sure. All I'm saying is that he costs a whole lot of $ for riding the pine against lefties. Great if you can afford that type of platoon player... which we can't.
  15. amazing really... I'm not going back in the OH archives to find it, but I think there were more than a few critical of the fact that he didn't have an option last year, and that he looked horrible in ST. #justsayin