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  1. Definitely needs to hit for a higher average, but everything else looks good... getting a lot of walks and hitting for a ton of power. Hopefully he can close out the rest of the season that way and get the average up.
  2. The Astros are also overflowing with talent and the Orioles aren't. Not hard to understand.
  3. He's improved each month this year even if he's been unimpressive. I'll be happy if his July/August/September OPS is .800+
  4. Are you really picking out the 14 starts in AAA vs every other year he was in the minors? Even with injury issues, his K/9 was ALWAYS superior to any of Hanifee's years, even in the lower minors. I feel like half of the posters on OH turned into trolls in my absence the last couple of years.
  5. Pretty decent, I'd say.
  6. Also Givens wouldn't have qualified as decent by your standard in 2013 or 2014 (too old for where he was, not good enough stats) so you really are just all over the place.
  7. Again, pretty much every single writeup on Lowther disputes what you're saying. Are you a troll or what?
  8. Great outing by non-prospect / not decent Lowther (atomic's words, not mine). Hopefully he'll get his control issues locked in soon.
  9. Pretty much every writeup of Lowther has him as an MLB quality pitcher. I guess you know better from your random dismissal of him. Wells isn't a rock star but he's a guy who will likely find his way into a decent MLB career as a back of the rotation starter or mid-relief guy. 'Decent' is a low bar. So maybe you should just choose your words more carefully.
  10. There's no "decent" pitchers at Bowie? Are you touched in the head?
  11. 0 for 5 tonight - let's cut him.
  12. Good to see. He strikes out way too much though, hopefully he can figure that out.
  13. sdmarkakis

    Adam Hall 2019

    He had a .679 OPS at Bowie last year, maybe there's more to it then trying to crush the ball. 🙄
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