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  1. ACDC27

    Camden Depot: Bundy's Second Half

    I’m starting to think he’s going to be better as a late inning reliever.
  2. ACDC27

    Interesting comment by Beckham just now

    As soon as I heard that my ears perked up.
  3. ACDC27

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    6 man pen so we can hold fringe players on the roster.
  4. Did we really think Gentry would get claimed? Every team has these fringe guys on the roster already. Insane we were so scared to lose a guy like Gentry we carry a 6 man pen.
  5. ACDC27

    Log jam in the outfield - Kim on the hot seat

    What a good problem to have we actually have to many good players.
  6. ACDC27

    vs. RED SOX, 4/22

    Even thou this team is very similar to last years team, I really think they are better and deeper than last year.
  7. ACDC27

    vs. RED SOX, 4/22

    Only way for these guys to show they can preform in these situations is be given the chance.
  8. ACDC27

    Baldy saved our season!

    Clock struck midnight and Cinderella tuned into a pumpkin.
  9. ACDC27

    Baldy saved our season!

    Another good one, a lot of unsung heroes on this team.
  10. ACDC27

    Baldy saved our season!

    When Tillman went on the DL the outlook was bleak. Baldy came in and saved our season, say he should've pitched better before this etc... None of that matters sometimes there's nothing better than a good old fashioned redemption story.
  11. ACDC27

    vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    Walks will always kill you.
  12. ACDC27

    vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    That one too.
  13. ACDC27

    vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    Plenty of arms in the pen and can easily add more fresh ones.
  14. ACDC27

    vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    Needed that strikeout.
  15. ACDC27

    Can we avoid 4th place?

    Felt good to win today, streak starts with 1 right?