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  1. Duquette Future

    I can 't speak for the others but I can pretty much guarantee you McLeod wouldn't join the Orioles. He's already had chances to join other teams and turned them down. Those opportunities also didn't involve dealing with a hands on owner that wont let him spend internationally. As a new GM you basically get one chance; no top notch Asst GM is going to use their one and only shot on a team they can't even run their own way.
  2. Verlander is he worth a claim

    It's an image thing and Avila refuses to be the guy who dumped Verlander to save his club money. The only way he can justify it is if he gets a haul back, which wont happen.
  3. Astonishingly bad contract for Miguel Cabrera

    We're overreacting just a tad here don't you think? Yeah Miggy hasn't been great so far this year, but it's only been 93 games. Last year he put up a .316/.393/.563 line good for a wRC+ of 152 and 4.9fWAR. I'd put money on a rebound year in 2018.
  4. That's fine, if you want to go for it this year and next, but don't expect the market to be any crazier next year either.
  5. You do know that the Cubs still got a very good reliever right? He doesn't have to be greatest reliever in the world because frankly it's very doubtful he difference between the two matters at all in a playoff series.
  6. Stop making assumptions. Franklin Perez is not hurt, he was hurt, he's been pitching just fine since. Acting like he's some damaged goods now is all in your head. If he was hurt they wouldn't have promoted him to AA a couple weeks ago.
  7. Verlander is he worth a claim

    That's pretty much my point, don't bother claiming him. Detroit isn't willing to tell their fans that they dumped their marquee player to save money. Instead they have to make it look like they got a great return when that's not possible unless they eat a ton of cash.
  8. You guys are making a lot of assumptions. Fact is, no one has more ammo than the Cubs to get anyone deal done. Will it have to come from the MLB roster? Yeah, but some of these guys are barely getting ABs as it is. So while it's not as likely, to write it off entirely is a mistake.
  9. Verlander is he worth a claim

    The Tigers aren't giving up Verlander for free. When the Cubs were all over Verlander, the Tigers were asking for one of Ian Happ/Javy Baez plus a couple other prospects and they were only willing to eat 10M of Verlander's contract.
  10. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Cubs definitely have something going. Jeimer Candelario and Mark Zagunis not in their AAA line up and A baller Isaac Paredes pulled from the game.
  11. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    This trade deadline is killing me. After all these talks for weeks and months it's looking more and more like Britton and Darvish are going nowhere, Verlander is going nowhere and neither the Dodgers nor the Yankees are willing to give up their top prospects so Gray may not be going anywhere either.
  12. Trade Deadline Pool

    Texas will be using Ronald Guzman next year. He's had a very nice year in AAA. No ta huge ceiling but could be a decent 1B.
  13. The top 8 prospects in baseball are international signees

    Exactly. Baseball is already the hardest sport in the world to reach the actual pro level. In the NFL if you get drafted you're playing in the pros. In baseball you're likely spending the next 6 to 7 years in the minors working your way up to eventually have a shot. It's already started to happen in America where the best athletes are going to the NFL and NBA.
  14. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    They very well might, but as I see it for Dodgers/Astros/Yankees and maybe even Cubs/Nats, Gray is target A. Once he's gone the other 4 have got to decide lesser starter or high quality reliever and that's when a whole bunch of other markets open up. I'm super interested in what Darvish's market will be. He got destroyed last night and just has not been good at all lately. I can't imagine anyone part with major pieces, so are the Rangers just going to let him go via FA and take their pick?
  15. The top 8 prospects in baseball are international signees

    Exactly, let's not screw the international talent out of even more money It's bad enough what they did with this cap system.