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  1. The kids in the minors badly need to form their own union. There should never be a case where people are represented by those who are working for other's best interest in not your own.
  2. I think you're kidding yourself if you think the handlers are just going to disappear. The kids still need some place to practice, access to gear, exposure to MLB scouts. The handlers can provide all of that.
  3. Yup the owners really needed more money and at the cost of the kids who almost definitely wont ever sniff even 1% of the owner's wealth. Anything and every to make sure the free market system doesn't exist in any form.
  4. That would be a haul and I honestly don't expect it to be that much. Allen by himself is a very nice piece top 100 guy(73 on most recent BA list) and MLB ready.
  5. Not really. Feldman had a 3.46ERA 3.93FIP 3.83xFIP when the Cubs traded him to the Orioles. Cashner has a 3.83ERA 4.25FIP 4.88xFIP.
  6. Frankly it's a really really bad idea as the hit rate on J2 talent is even worse than the rule 4 draft. When you're in talent acquisition phase you don't worry about where the talent comes from or what position they play.
  7. Definitely is. While I don't think he brings back a guy sniffing the top 100, he should at least bring back a somewhat intriguing guy.
  8. Moving prospects before you have an answer at that position in the majors is usually not a good idea. Just stock pile the heck out of the minors and if one of them comes up to MLB and then performs, then you consider dealing the depth.
  9. There's a pretty drastic difference in their peripherals. FIP: Means 3.93 Boyd 3.56 xFIP: Means 5.14 Boyd 3.33 SIERA Means 4.67 Boyd 3.17 K/9: Means 7.51 Boyd 11.94 BB/9 Means 2.40 Boyd 1.68 Boyd's peripherals make his performance look a lot more sustainable
  10. I think it's pretty silly to think that all of this sudden just now in 2019 did all these players collectively started taking PEDs. AAA is all the proof I need to know it's the ball.
  11. It's not just the stats that are the issue. The game is just boring to watch now. Homeruns were special things, but now you see 3 or 4 just about every game. If I remember right the Phillies/Mets had something crazy like 13 in a game earlier this year.
  12. I'm really not sure what the Cubs would do with Mancini. Sure the offense would improve but then they would have perhaps the single worst OF defensively in baseball. Schwarber is at best just average. Heyward is great in RF but below average in CF and Mancini is certainly lacking in RF. Lester would have an aneurysm.
  13. Verlander has been ridiculously lucky so far. A 90.7LOB% is more than 15% over his career average and his .181babip isn't even remotely sustainable, his career number is .281.
  14. Granted half a season of defensive metrics hasn't stabilized yet, but a -10 DRS through 394.2IP in RF is pretty awful. He's only -1 with 210.0IP at 1B which is tolerable.
  15. No, the balls are 100% juiced. The numbers in A,A+ and AA haven't changed, but the numbers in AAA have gone crazy. The only thing different in AAA this year is they switched to the same ball as MLB.
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