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  1. Lance Lynn Signs with the Twins (One-Year Deal)

    There's absolutely no way this FO can possibly say with a straight face that they are actively trying to win. There has never been a more friendly market for acquiring pitching and still nothing but flops.
  2. Does adding Moustakas alter the balance of power in AL East?

    He's 29, that's pretty much the average age most players hit FA
  3. How good do you expect Manny to be at SS in 2018?

    I know he's not in Andrelton's league and I suspect he wont be in Lindor's either. Could he be top 5? Maybe, but I'd be a bit surprised. I expect him to be better than average, but not elite. My biggest concern is that I think SS is going to put a ton of wear and tear on his body this year and it's going to be reflected in his bat. SS is a very physically demanding position.
  4. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Jason Kipnis does not have negative value, you are not going to get better prospects by absorbing his contract. The man is one year off of back to back 5fWAR seasons. His contractb, 13.5M in '18, 14.5M in '19 and 16.5M in '20 with a 2.5M buyout., is reasonable.
  5. Let's Help Dan

    Likely more. Remember you're talking about 6 years of a guy with top of the rotation stuff who is MLB ready right now. I don't think 1 year of Brach would do it. My guess from the Cubs that would be a piece that Astros would want and that made sense for the Cubs to deal was CJ Edwards. For the Orioles their version of that would be Mychal Givens. Honestly I think Martes could do just as good a job as either of those two out of the pen starting today, but he comes with the bonus that he could work as a starter too.
  6. Let's Help Dan

    I can't believe I've forgotten this name for so long, but how is no one all over landing Francis Martes from the Astros? Guy is a year removed from being a top 30 spec, he has front of the rotation stuff, but the Astros have filled up the rotation with Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Even then, Forrest Whitley is now in the wings as he's established himself one of the top arms in the minors. Martes will likely be wasted in Houston's pen again this year. Get him into AAA let him get his control back to 2016 and before levels and you may have a rotation anchor for the next half decade.
  7. Let's Help Dan

    My understanding is that Miami is no longer looking for financial help in their deals. They've already reach the 90ish M in payroll they were hoping to get to. Now it's just about getting the best return they can get, so taking on the Prados and Castros isn't going to help you anymore.
  8. Let's Help Dan

    The Dodgers want to move Kemp badly so they can open up some cap space. Orioles send Trumbo(26/2) for Kemp(2/43) and Ryu(1/7). Dodgers save 24M, Baltimore gets a significant upgrade at DH in Kemp and they get to roll the dice on Ryu who was at very least a very good #3 if not more when his arm was healthy. Jon Lackey on a 1/10 deal up to 1/12. The rotation needs an innings eater and if Lackey can do one thing very well it's that.
  9. Compensation

    The reason it went so well in Chicago is that Theo was very open with the fans. He told us from day one, this is going to take 3,4 or 5 seasons. He also made sure to be honest when FA came around each year. He never got the hopes up and the organization kept the fans extremely educated with the guys coming up on the farm. Prospects are usually for the super fans, but Theo made it so that even the common fan knew who our good prospects were. So rather than worry about the state of the team, people got more and more excited about watching the prospects grow and mature as they made their way to the majors.
  10. Vastly improved plate discipline. He lowed his K rate at AAA from 28% to 21.6% and raised his BB% from 6.5% to 11.6%.
  11. Rookie status is lost after 130ABs, 50IP, or 60 days on the roster. If Frazier were still a rookie I'd put him, using BA's last, somewhere between 13 and 18
  12. Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects (2018)

    Brinson has plus defense in CF and has a massive 30HR/25SB ceiling. While he hasn't achieved those numbers just yet, remember that scouting report is half of the reason for a ranking.
  13. Yes his value is much higher than any of them and outside of maybe Hays, who he still exceeds in value. Brach isn't enough and with them set in the OF and looking to add Manny next year I don't think they'd be interested in any of the aforementioned.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    The Cubs were talking to the Orioles about acquiring Britton during last year's deadline, but with a few hours to go until the deadline was over, the Orioles apparently went completely silent and stopped responding. So the Cubs went with their back up plan, Justin Wilson, because they were afraid they weren't going to hear anything at all.
  15. Os requesting offers on Machado

    So, between last deadline where Houston claimed they had a deal done for Britton and then the Orioles pulled him off the table without telling them,the Cubs had a similar experience, and this Manny fiasco where it looks questionable whether or not he was ever even actually available. At what point do you worry about other teams starting to avoid or simply being unwilling to deal with the Orioles?