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  1. Mike Maddux for pitching coach?

    A pretty shocking move for most of here in Chicago. I suspect it was more about him talking about other teams than performance related. He had a bit of a tendency late to say things he probably shouldn't to the media.
  2. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    KC certainly would not. They're not going to gamble away a very good mlb pitcher on a kid who hasn't been healthy for a decent stretch in years. If you want Duffy you're likely looking at Mountcastle or Hayes as your main piece, and then adding 2 of Hall,Scott,Mullins,Reyes,Sedlock.
  3. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Well, My Cubs escaped elimination. I'll hold off any excitement until/if they manage to take game 5 from Kershaw.
  4. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    KC is definitely rebuilding and by the time they're relevant Duffy's contract will be over. He's a bit of an injury concern but when he's healthy he's very good pitcher.
  5. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I'll go with trades that help the Orioles compete, since that seems to be the way 2018 is headed. Avila 1/6 Pick up Miley's 1/12 Danny Duffy(4/60 left) for Mountcastle,Scott,Reyes Dinelson Lamet(6 Years) for DL Hall and Sedlock C:Joseph/Avila platoon 1B:Davis 2B:Schoop SS:Beckham 3B:Machado LF:Mancini CF:Jones/Hayes RF: Jones/Hayes DH: Trumbo SP:Duffy,Gausman,Bundy,Miley,Lamet Lots of years of control outside of Miley, lots of upside, no can't miss prospects given up.
  6. Tell me again why we didn't claim Verlander

    Daz wasn't even the best prospect they gave up. They also gave up 19 year old Franklin Perez who put up a 3.09ERA in AA. Baseball America listed him as the midseason #32 prospect in baseball.
  7. Projected contracts for FA starters

    Arrieta's proposed contract value is only about 100M less than he's going to get. This is an exceptionally poor list.
  8. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    I'm curious to know what non Cub fans think about Kyle Hendricks. In 3 of the last 4 years his ERA has been 3.03 or lower, including 2.13 last year and his career post season ERA is now 1.98 in a 9 game sample. Is he an ace even though his FB averages 85.8MPH?
  9. What will $40-50M get you?

    The Orioles aren't the only ones with tons of money to spend nor SP needs. If they landed even just 1 of Arrieta/Darvish/Lynn/Cobb I'd consider that a huge success, two just isn't going to happen.
  10. I'd consider it a fluke more than anything. The Cubs played the first half at two games under .500 and played the 2nd half at 24 games over .500. So yes, all it took was a fluke half to make the Cub prediction correct. As far as the Astros go, kudos on that, I didn't think they had the pitching to put up as many wins as they did.
  11. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    These contracts are way way too low. Lynn and Cobb will be closer to 5/100 than 3/45.
  12. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    Please stop falling into the same trap that people who are newly familiar to babip always fall into. Yes .300 is league average, but that does not mean that a player with a .340 babip is lucky or that another player with a .265babip is unlucky. There are 3 types of babip outcomes, line drives, flyballs and ground balls. In order of most likely to become a hit is line drive,ground ball and flyball. Therefore someone who naturally hits a ton of flyballs,Jose Bautista, 40-45%+ is naturally going to have a very low babip because they hit a much higher percentage of flyballs. On the other hand you have Freddie Freeman. He hits an insane number of line drives and regularly posts babips in excess of .340 which does not make him lucky. There's also other variables when deciding if babip is luck or reasonable. Quality of contact%(SOFT,MED,HARD), player speed and right handed vs left handed batters.
  13. Assuming we trade Manny, who's our target for 3B?

    According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Orioles have "no intention" of shopping Manny Machado. But it also seems highly doubtful that the O's will be able to lock up the 25-year-old third baseman to a contract extension with free agency looming after the 2018 season. Heyman hears club ownership was "within $8 million or $9 million" of making it happen a few years back. Machado has been on fire in the second half of 2017 and is up to 32 home runs and 92 RBI through 147 total games this year. He's also played his usual brand of excellent defense. Source: FanRag Sports Sep 21 - 12:20 PM
  14. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    Find a catcher with a cannon and let the pitchers worry about handling the batters. Despite Arrieta's very slow time to plate and Lester's inability to throw to 1st, teams don't run all over either of them thanks to Contreras.
  15. Assuming we trade Manny, who's our target for 3B?

    With Devers absolutely killing it from day 1, I kind of doubt they're looking to pay a big prospect haul to send him to the bench.