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  1. As far as I know Pineda tore his Labrum.A very major surgery for sure, but not quite the same. Supposedly Urias' labrum and rotator cuff are fine, he's having surgery to repair his left anterior capsule.
  2. Not sure I'd go that far. He's outperforming Manny pretty soundly this year and did the last half of 2016 as well.
  3. I don't think most people realize how serious this surgery is. This is the same one that pretty much put an end to Mark Prior, Johan Santana, Chein-Ming Want, Danny Hultzen, etc. This is not TJS where odds are stacked in his favor. I can't think of any major league pitcher who had this surgery and came back to even sniff their previous success.
  4. Yes. Bogaerts has 2.5 years vs Manny's 1.5, is much cheaper and will be much much cheaper to extend. Production wise they're similar. Since the start of 2016 Manny 8.2fWAR vs Bogaerts 7.5fWAR and Bogaerts is trending in a much better direction.
  5. These are always fun. Let's give it a go. To do it in one year I'm going to have to hope for some best case scenarios though. Buyout Hardy +2M Britton is dealt to WSH for Fedde and Kieboom Pickup Miley's 2018 option @ 12M Sign Zack Cozart 3/48 or 4/64 (Gives Kieboom time to get ready) +16M Trade Trumbo to LAA along with 10M for Grayson Long -7M Machado and Brach to STL for Jack Flaherty(#2 upside, less than a year away),Luke Weaver(#3 type and MLB ready),Carson Kelly(Best catching prospect in the game and MLB ready), and Magneuris Sierra(Superior athlete whose tools can carry him until he learns to hit for more pop) Sign Mike Moustakas 6/120 +20M Total salary added per year 31M, Salary coming off books 31.5M C:C.Kelly(MLB and best catching prospect in the game) 1B:C.Davis 2B:Schoop 3B:M.Moustakas SS:Cozart RF:Jones CF:Sierra LF: Kim/(Mullins/Hays) DH:Mancini SP: Bundy,Gausman,Miley,Fedde,Weaver(Flaherty/Grayson both ready mid to late 2018 and replace Miley in 2019) RP:Not super concerned with this, bullpens are pretty easy to rebuild on the fly
  6. I meant hitters. Look at guys like Starlin Castro who has never exceeded 2.8fWAR/117wRC+, but he's in line for 4.0fWAR/130wRC+, Matt Holliday with his highest wRC+ in since 2013, Gardner with the highest wRC+ of his career, Didi Gregorious the highest wRC+ of his career, Aaron Hicks far and away the highest wRC+ of his career, etc etc. Then you have two prospects in Sanchez and Judge who suddenly hit the majors and put up numbers there that dwarf any numbers they ever put up in the years they spent at the minors. I find it very strange that such a large amount of guys on one team are all having these career years. Stadium, juiced ball, something else, I haven't a clue but it's definitely odd.
  7. It's better not to analyze the Yankees because right now as they may be the greatest statistical anomaly I've ever seen in any sport. I mean literaly 75% of the roster is having the best year of their career or a resurgence where they've gone back in time 5 years to when they were relevant. I'm not sure there's a single hitter for them performing at or below projection. While on the other hand you have the Cubs who have one or two guys exceeding projections and that's it.
  8. Cobb is a FA next year.
  9. I know Ross hasn't been great this year, but he was good last year and has upside. He also is under control for 5.5 more years versus 1.5 years.
  10. I think Britton for Erik Fedde(SP) and Carter Kieboom(SS) makes a lot of sense. Fedde can go immediately into the rotation while Kieboom's stock is rising fast and he should spend the second half of this year in A+. ETA mid 2019.
  11. You're not being reasonable with your package. No one is paying a top 10 prospect in the game who is major league ready right now, a young starter with #2 upside who is already in the show and sporting a 3.54ERA and then the #12 overall pick from the 2016 draft. Remember, Machado is not even on pace to hit 4.0fWAR right now and is only under control for a year and half. When Miguel Cabrera was traded he was coming off a .320/.401/.565 line, and had 2 full years of control, while Machado's current line is .218/.294/.428 and he has 1.5 years. Machado is still going to fetch very good things, just not what he would have fetched last June.
  12. Sadly all the Cub funds/assets will have to go to SP which is currently just god awful.
  13. Do you understand how hugely different the value of these two packages you just suggested are?
  14. Yeah I"m sure the Orioles know what his number is. They can't afford to not sign him and throw away their 1st round pool. That just destroys your draft.
  15. He's definitely going to cost more than slot. How much more we don't know yet.