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  1. Do we have one of these up yet? Don’t think we do. He deserves one though.
  2. Our team is a lot different from last year...
  3. Yikes. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Buck Showalter is it?
  4. Bad trade. I see people going the "well Cashner wasn't that good anyway" route on here but they're trying to convince themselves more than anything. Cashner was a decent pitcher who had a bad year last year but appears to have righted things this year. The trade would have been fine as a salary dump, but if the O's really are paying most of his salary, then the trade makes no sense at all.
  5. Dumb just like all of Manboob and company’s ideas.
  6. I thought Cobb and Straily would be half decent. Boy was I wrong.
  7. Thought Bundy should have been given one or two more batters.
  8. 2015: 5.40 ERA 2016: 3.76 2017: 4.26 2018: 4.12 2019: 9.82 He's not very good, but there was no reason for his total implosion this year.
  9. LocoChris


    Gotta love the hangout. One thread asking if we’re the worst team of all time, another wondering if this team is going to start suddenly winning a bunch of games, all within three days of each other.
  10. Didn't have much in the way of expectations for Straily but even so he managed to be a massive disappointment.
  11. I've been surprised by how bad Straily has been. His last few years were at least serviceable and at the time of his release from MIA I thought it was a no brainer to sign him for filler and I know others on here agreed. Everyone knew this team was going to be bad from day one and yet these threads still keep popping up. Get comfortable because this is how it's going to be from here on out for another couple of years.
  12. Yeah we thought Bud Selig was the pits... wrong.
  13. Gilmartin is one guy I'm not sorry to see shit the bed.
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