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  1. Didn’t Cobb say it was something he could have played through in a regular season game?
  2. I know people are saying he'll last the whole year no matter what but he's already been given a ton of leash. Unless he turns things around they'll pull the plug mid-season.
  3. What would you consider exceeding expectations this year? Most national writers don’t expect us to win 60, but what about you? Would winning 60 games exceed your expectations? What about 65? Personally I’d never be so thrilled with winning 70 games as I would this year, even if it knocks us down the draft order a few slots, as it would mean our young players are developing well.
  4. Same. I gotta say, it's embarrassing when your A team gets beat by a B team. Even if it's ST and you know you're gonna suck. It's still embarrassing.
  5. Some calling for Elias’s head already? This place never changes.
  6. LocoChris

    2019 Boston Red Sox

    Seems stupid for a knuckleballer to be doing this.
  7. So he's got a special place in his Hart?
  8. Yeah, that’s what I meant haha
  9. Who wouldn't at this point? Flacco is overrated as it gets.
  10. Yet our player development leaves something to be desired to put it mildly.
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