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  1. At least Palmer was doing the game. The games are watchable when he’s on.
  2. LocoChris

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Givens was leg tin waaaay too long, 33 pitches tonight after throwing 2 innings last night. ????
  3. LocoChris

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/22

    Buck pisses away another.
  4. LocoChris

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/22

    This stadium is a dump.
  5. LocoChris

    Buck Has Seen Enough

    I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but he waited too long to yank Gausman.
  6. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Yeah, not saying he can't or won't improve, just saying so far, I've been kind of disappointed.
  7. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Career .9 HR/9, highest of his career was 1.3, and last year was 0.8. Suddenly it’s 2.0 this year. Just frustrating that every Orioles signing, at least in terms of starting pitchers, turns to you know what.
  8. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    I'm saying at the beginning of the season he was expected to be #2, maybe #3 since Cobb was out. Obviously KG has exceeded expectations and moved up, but given Cashner's numbers last year, it's hard not to be disappointed so far.
  9. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    He pitched the second game of the season.
  10. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    4.83 ERA and 1.5 WHIP is what you expected from you #2 starter? Mkay.
  11. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    He's a better pitcher than that. He's also giving up more homers than he has in the past. Hopefully it improves.
  12. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    He was all over the place today. ERA is almost 5 now.
  13. LocoChris

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Cashner needs to be better.
  14. LocoChris

    vs. PHILLIES, 5/16 (12:05 PM Start)

    Anyone know when yesterday's game is getting made up?
  15. LocoChris

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/13

    There’s literally nothing on the radar. I think we’re fine.