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  1. Don't know much about Loverro except that he wrote a book called Orioles Magic that I bought at the library's clearance sale for a buck. I'm not sure it was worth a dollar. It was poorly written with a very clunky prose style and contained scant insight. I haven't really sought out any of his writing since.
  2. Not sure if this goes here, but that was an absolutely awesome display of pure power by Vlad Jr. in the home run derby.
  3. Means is the best thing by far that has happened to the team this year. I was skeptical at first, but I'm a believer now.
  4. Right. There's a game tonight that they might just lose...
  5. It's easy to forget this move amongst all of Angelos' other transgressions. Oates was a very good manager and an even better human being.
  6. That doesn't include 2-4 from last night, if that helps. Just trying to find something positive over here.
  7. .250/.333/.556 since coming back to Bowie June 5th. Link to Sun article
  8. I think that pitch Cisco missed might have been a strike.
  9. Cisco battled Cole to 3-2, fouled a couple pitches off, and then hit a hanging, outside slider over the fence down the left field line. It was a fine at bat.
  10. Cisco was blocking the plate without the ball. Guy should have been safe regardless.
  11. It makes more sense on strike three to me than at other times for some reason. The proper play would have been for Cisco to drop the ball intentionally.
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