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  1. Well, you have several players trying to establish themselves like Nunez, Severino, Alberto, and Santander. They're all making good cases to stick at the ML level, which would be life-changing for them. You know they'll be playing hard every night. And Mancini is a couple good seasons away from being set for life. This and next season could be the difference between wealth and who knows what for a lot of these guys. You have to let them go for it. 1st pick, 6th pick... whatever. Earlier in this thread I said this year's team was clearly worse than last year's. I'm not so sure anymore. They're more entertaining, that's for sure, and easier to root for. And if they finish with more than 47 wins, which looks likely, I guess they are better.
  2. Frank Thomas was his toughest match up. Boy, he wasn't kidding about that.
  3. Anybody notice that Luke's top choice for the last Rule 5 draft, Josh Van Meter, is on fire? In his last 3 games he's gone 8-for-11 with a HR in each game to raise his season slash line to .313/.403/.552/.955. This after slashing .328/.449/.629/1.097 in Louisville before his May call-up. Good call, Luke. 29 MLB teams passed on this guy.
  4. Martin has got to get an out there. The lead runner really doesn't matter.
  5. Before last season, the only thing close to a tear down was 2000. That wasn't a total rebuild because we hung on to Mussina (for some odd reason considering the final outcome) and Cal and Albert Belle. That one could have worked, but you've got to do better than Charles Johnson, B.J. Surhoff, Mike Bordick, Will Clark, Harold Baines, and Mike Timlin for Melvin Mora.
  6. Ugh. No. This is why people believe fake news.
  7. Ah, not to beat a dead horse, but I can't help myself. Perhaps, Ruiz misread Wojo's game score as 94 instead of 84? Jim Palmer had 12 starts with a game score higher than 84 from 1973 to 1976.
  8. Yeah, that's weird because Wojciechowski's game log has yesterday's outing as a game score of 84. Link That was a great performance, but 9th all time while only going 7 1/3 just doesn't sound right to me.
  9. Really? That's incredible considering all the complete games pitchers got in the 70s. Where did you discover this fact?
  10. Don't know much about Loverro except that he wrote a book called Orioles Magic that I bought at the library's clearance sale for a buck. I'm not sure it was worth a dollar. It was poorly written with a very clunky prose style and contained scant insight. I haven't really sought out any of his writing since.
  11. Not sure if this goes here, but that was an absolutely awesome display of pure power by Vlad Jr. in the home run derby.
  12. Means is the best thing by far that has happened to the team this year. I was skeptical at first, but I'm a believer now.
  13. Right. There's a game tonight that they might just lose...
  14. It's easy to forget this move amongst all of Angelos' other transgressions. Oates was a very good manager and an even better human being.
  15. That doesn't include 2-4 from last night, if that helps. Just trying to find something positive over here.
  16. .250/.333/.556 since coming back to Bowie June 5th. Link to Sun article
  17. I think that pitch Cisco missed might have been a strike.
  18. Cisco battled Cole to 3-2, fouled a couple pitches off, and then hit a hanging, outside slider over the fence down the left field line. It was a fine at bat.
  19. Cisco was blocking the plate without the ball. Guy should have been safe regardless.
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