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  1. Which is the only part of this story I actually care about. Hope it wasn't anything major.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, they can tank to their heart's content. There is ZERO practical difference between winning 55 games in a season, and winning 75. The results are the same (you didn't have a winning year, nor did you make the playoffs, and no one will even remember the exact record three years from now), but you get a much better draft pick with the terrible record. If we're following Houston's rebuild path as closely as possible, get ready for more of this next year too (they tanked three seasons in a row, and then had a better but still sub-500 year before they started winning again).
  3. Hey, we're back in first (draft pick) place. Can't make any moves that win us extra meaningless games and jeopardize that.
  4. Plot twist: We've spent the last week and a half converting Straily into a left-handed knuckleball pitcher, because we realized that it couldn't possibly be any more ineffective than what he is currently doing... and at this point, hey, we may as well have fun with it.
  5. I guess they had to cut it off at eight guys. Otherwise, the Sally League All Star team would have just been the Shorebirds.
  6. Pretty sure the board rules say something somewhere about manipulation of the spacetime continuum being a no-no.
  7. #1 and #2 on every draft board on planet Earth went #1 and #2. Trying not to be stunned here.
  8. We're going to have to put Gary through a three hour long training class before he has to start pronouncing it. Otherwise the first time he says it on the air, he'll say "York Island-y Alvarez".
  9. It's straight off the major league standings page. Which says the O's have played 38 games against sub-500 teams with a 9-29 record. I think their stat is "Teams that were sub .500 at the time we played them," not "Teams that are still sub-500 today." https://www.mlb.com/orioles/standings EDIT: This made me realize that I needed to make the text bigger on my screen. I totally misread a greater than sign as a less than sign.
  10. I misread the title of this post as "Thorne to teach play-by-play chess at Arizona State" and spent a few moments terribly confused.
  11. My friend, this team has the worst record in the MLB and has played 75% of its games against sub-500 teams. I'll just leave and let that little factoid sink in for you, and you'll feel so much better.
  12. Yeah. Ideally he's a guy you play in the outfield maybe 3-4 games a year for roster flexibility reasons.
  13. Old record: 258. Season total on this pace: 337.
  14. We gave up another homer? No way!
  15. If it's more than four, he's reinventing geometry and needs to be stopped immediately.
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