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  1. Morgan423

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    To this effect, I found a tool online that uses historic data from 1957 - 2017 to calculate win probability and leverage, it's one of my favorites. Just thought I'd share since it fits right in with what you are saying here. https://gregstoll.dyndns.org/~gregstoll/baseball/stats.html#H.
  2. Morgan423

    Clay Davenport projects Orioles at 62-100

    Sounds like about what I was thinking, plus or minus 3 or 4 games.
  3. Morgan423

    Adam Jones returning? Unlikely, but would it be bad?

    Besides what others have said in this thread, I really like AJ and would be super happy to see him be able to chase further success and possibly a ring. For the next three seasons (at a minimum), we are not the team to do that with.
  4. Keep in mind that for baseball players, 20/20 vision is "bad vision." Many pro-level players have better vision than that, in the 20/16 to 20/12 range.
  5. Morgan423

    So the Orioles are interested in Matt Davidson?

    Interesting skill set on this guy for sure. Why not have a reliever who can be a back up infielder on days he's not available to pitch? No harm in trying it out... it's not like it's going to be the one thing that makes us miss the playoffs next season.
  6. If anyone claims him. I'm not totally sure anyone will.
  7. Morgan423

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    Having the Braves as your second team must be interesting nowadays. They're pretty much the Southern Orioles at this point.
  8. Morgan423

    Will Dickerson or Kirby Be Brought Back?

    I like Kirby and Dickerson, but normally with a new managerial regime comes new coaches.
  9. Morgan423

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    Hey, I've heard people refer to the pitcher's spot in an NL lineup that way, and Davis hits better than the average pitcher in the NL. Barely.
  10. Morgan423

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    More like Living La Vida Pájaro!
  11. Morgan423

    Connolly: Chris Holt to be hired from Astros

    That's fair, considering that by last season Atlanta had transformed into the Bravorioles.
  12. Morgan423

    Araujo Back to Cubs?

    We were 40 - 45 games back of the wild card. I can't imagine there was a pressing need to shove him into Ubaldo's pothole.
  13. Makes sense to me. We have quite a few players who are nowhere near their maximum value potential right now. Unless someone blows us out of the water for them (for some unfathomable reason) we may as well let them play and see if they can do better to build more trade value.
  14. Morgan423

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    Doesn't look like he had enough time to answer a ton of questions, but this opening of extra communication is encouraging. I'm trying to imagine DD doing a Reddit AMA and it's not a picture that comes easily to mind.
  15. Morgan423

    Winter Trade Value

    I'm very much looking forward to the fresh sets of eyes looking over our current guys. How many players have we let go recently, only to have another team's coaching staff make minor adjustments, and suddenly those players are having success again...?