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  1. Anyone else hoping we go up by ten runs in this one so that Schoop can hit a couple of meaningless stat-padding homers?
  2. Every batted ball given up by Hess is a rocket so far tonight.
  3. We will lead the universe in dingers allowed this season.
  4. According to his stats, tonight will be the first career MLB start at first base for Renato Núñez. Also, he has had only approximately 60 minor / winter league games there, spread over three years. This should be fun.
  5. According to that graph, Houston hasn't had any problems!
  6. Oh, go back to the bench and grab your pacifier, ya big baby.
  7. Today ties it. Sixteen.
  8. Not sure why we were lined up that way against Betts. He's not an all or nothing pull hitter.
  9. By the book, going to second on a fly ball to be ready to go if it falls is standard... I'm wondering if fields with a 420 foot well to center might be the exception. Of course, if you don't play there commonly, you're probably not going to think of it on the fly.
  10. The glove is great. He needs to smarten up that throwing arm.
  11. What is up with all these wild pitches today?
  12. Thank you for swinging, Mr. Betts.
  13. Someone should have been up. This is about as far as Cashner ever goes, and he was sitting forever while we were having our inning.
  14. Why were the Red Sox shifted like that? I get shifting on Davis at any other time, but not in situations where you're taking a double play away from yourself. Whatever, we'll take it!
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