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  1. Morgan423

    Adam Jones Trade Expectations

    I hope so. I would love if we gave him the gift of chasing a ring this year.
  2. Morgan423

    Finding a market for Valencia

    Because he has been used in the field and has played a lot. But the fact remains that even though he's a one trick pony, he's still been good at his one trick, hitting lefties. If we can find a team that needs a platoon DH against lefties, then Valencia would have value to them. Would I expect a ton back? Of course not. But we should be able to get something minor back.
  3. Morgan423

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    I know the home team scorer called it a "hit," but Beckham messing up a throw earlier in the inning (hurrying and throwing off balance to get a slow runner) was the only reason the inning was still going on. The last play of the game everyone is debating about should never have even have happened... we should have been up hitting instead. So yes, totally and undebatably, that run that lost the game was Beckham's fault
  4. Morgan423

    We have the Trifecta.

    No, we just lose more one and two run games. Like last night.
  5. Morgan423

    We have the Trifecta.

    I know. When they came storming back into the game last night, I had the thought, "Watch them play .750 baseball the second half and ruin any chance at a good draft pick," because that would be a true Orioles meta-fail.
  6. Morgan423

    Tillman DFA

    I feel bad for him... his arm just broke down. Unless he can learn to pitch left handed, or learn a super-quality knuckleball, or morph into Jamie Moyer... he's probably done. 🙁
  7. Morgan423

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    We know what he is capable of. If his performance this season lowers his asking price, then extend him. If we can't get a reasonable price on the extension, try to line up a trade during a time he's performing well. It really depends on what he's willing to sign for.
  8. Morgan423

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    Or the Dodgers equipment manager was like, "I've got one jersey prepared, kid, and you're getting it." Who knows?
  9. Exactly. Unless you're hoarding a time machine that the rest of us don't know about, I'll take this trade as making the best of a bad situation.
  10. Morgan423

    Big time talk from Dan

    I think everything hinges on whether we really execute this, and actually remove the obstacles that have held this team back for so long. Will our baseball people finally be allowed to do their jobs, full force, without being held back by the disjointed politics at the top of the hierarchy? Here's hoping that it's true. If this horrible season was the thing that finally snapped us out of our fingers-in-our-ears-and-eyes-closed approach regarding the path to success... then it might be one of the most important seasons in our history, despite us struggling to win 50 games.
  11. Morgan423

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    Also a defense problem. I wouldn't be surprised if the ERA of the entire pitching staff would be a run per game lower if they had a decent defense instead of this thing they've cobbled together this season.
  12. Morgan423

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I think he meant drawl.
  13. Morgan423

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Back to the original poll, I'd say the return was solid.