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  1. Morgan423

    On the record: What I want is...

    I could go 50/50 for DD, or a fresh lead. The #1 consideration for me is that whether it's DD, or a new leader, that they actually be given full autonomy, that no other power factions compete with the GM, and that ownership stays out of the way and lets said GM rebuild this organization without obstruction.
  2. Morgan423

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Rule 5.11 says no. But kudos for creative solution-searching.
  3. Morgan423

    Who to "thank" for our 1st pick in 2019

    I'm not even factoring Santander in. Our season was over and unrecoverable at the three-week-in point. No reason to not let his Rule 5 time finish up.
  4. Morgan423

    Rosenthal: Orioles are in a state of confusion

    Considering that the Orioles are not even on pace to win the amount of games that an average AAA would be expected to win if they were transplanted into MLB... the Norfolk Orioles would actually be an improvement.
  5. Morgan423

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    Oh, yeah... owned that chump. 😂
  6. Morgan423

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Off topic, but cricket certainly wouldn't have an issue finding players if it ever expands in the US. Plenty of minor leaguers wash out all the time with applicable skill sets for that sport.
  7. Morgan423

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    Since Chris Davis doesn't throw left-handed... I don't think you want to make him a LOOGY. 🤣
  8. Morgan423

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    Indeed. The only pressure on Davis to take a buyout would be to free him up from his contract to pursue employment with another team... and no one is chomping at the bit to sign Chris Davis.
  9. Morgan423

    Hot in August

    Like you said, it doesn't matter. We're going to be bad during all of Gausman's remaining arbitration / team control years. We've simply traded away having to pay him during that time in exchange for what will likely be something like having a 96 loss season instead of a 94 loss season the next couple of years. In the big picture, it means nothing, and we save back extra funds to apply elsewhere later, when it has meaning.
  10. Now that there are results back, this poll falls right where I thought it might... most folks feel 3-4 years, with an outside shot at two.
  11. Are there two Jack Zoellners, and DD traded for the wrong one? I'm not seeing it.
  12. Morgan423

    New SP Tomorrow

    I hope not... he'll collapse before the second inning.
  13. Morgan423

    Will the Orioles win 45 games

    The general consensus I see in discussion is that a decent Triple-A team moved into the major leagues would be expected to win between 45 to 52 games, depending on the strength of the team... so... yeah, there's that.
  14. Morgan423

    What’s happened to Miguel Castro?

    Maybe we can obtain his 180° Opposite World counterpart, Llewodcm Regor. We'll be set if we get the exact opposite results.
  15. Morgan423


    Not really a similar comparison. Matt Wieters had .8 WAR the season before we offered it, yes... but he also only played about half a season, so he was on pace for about 1.6 to 1.8 WAR over a full season. Then, Matt Wieters almost made the QO worth it... the value of the QO is usually somewhere around the league average pay for 2.5 WAR, give or take a hair, and he put up just under 2 in 2016. Adam is on pace for right around 1 WAR this season, give or take a bit. I don't see him even coming near approaching QO value next year... and if we offered it to him, I bet he'd take it without hesitation. Much like Wieters 2017, the team would only offer it once... but it would give him and his family a whole year to get everything wrapped up and ready for the next move. Looking at his motivations, we definitely should not offer it.