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  1. I think White goes early, early. Maybe first 10 picks. I think Bush goes to 16 when a team interested in Bush loses out.
  2. The Phillies will be good really soon IMO. I think Harper wants to be on the left coast and not play for a dud. The Dodgers are probably where his market would be awesome, but I want to see him shock the world and sign with a team nobody could have predicted.
  3. He thinks there is collusion? I really think the payroll tax hurts some players. Maybe owners are getting smarter on best ways to spend money. At what point do teams look at the Harpers and Machado's of the world and think 4 separate $75M total contracts worth of improvement or one of those guys?
  4. I hear people talking about the on field product this year and I am not sure that Elias cares this season or the next. I think the man is taking his time putting personnel in place instead of signing quality free agents because one or two quality free agents do nothing for a winning season in Baltimore over the next 2-3 years. At the more pitiful we are the better players we get the opportunity to select to help us down the road. I look forward to the Orioles signing young players out of option everywhere else. Keep the operating cost low, keep the expectation low and when the times comes tag some shots at the real prize. To be somewhere in-between is just a foolish goal and a waste of resources IMO.
  5. Who knows if they are all really his demands. I take some of these reports with a grain of salt until something comes from it. If I were negotiating and wanted to get the best offer from my current team I might ask for something I know they will not give me so I can get what I want in another area. It is clear to me that Baltimore will need to pay him as a top coach. Tomlin's deal pays him about what John makes. Reid ($7.5M), Rivera ($7.75M), Peyton ($9M), Carroll ($9M), Gruden ($10M) and Belichick ($10.5M+) all make more than John. If I am his agent I think $9M-$10M is a nice number thanks to the Raiders making a real dumb decision with Gruden. Coaches may not have all the say when it comes to personnel, but I bet that the guys near and around Harbaugh's success have more insight than what most think or hear about. Look at the "not John's type of guys" cuts from a while back (Pollard, Boldin, McGahee) and you would think that he has even more power now as his contract will expire soon. But if you entertain dealing Harbaugh for picks you best hit on them and find a capable coaching replacement. I can think of a ton of teams that bombed consecutive years worth of high first round picks. The Jaguars, Jets and Ravens come to mind when looking at first round picks dating back to 2010.
  6. Any team could just keep the picks, wait a year and offer Harbaugh a ton. The same problem with Flacco' deal will be the problem with Harbaugh. Walk years and success equal huge pay days. It seems that 50% of teams are looking for coaching upgrades. If we move Harbaugh who is our replacement?
  7. I just have no idea what people are talking about. Trading Harbaugh? Why?
  8. The goal might be to field a cheaper team and net another high draft pick next year. If you are going to be terrible why not do it for as cheap as possible?
  9. It is mechanics. If they feel they can fix something in a delivery or swing they could take a risk.
  10. To me the Orioles turnaround was always going to be tied to moving our everyday players and subsequently the ROI. Once the Orioles gave Gausman to the Braves to eat O'Day's contract I knew that we were in trouble. The Orioles goal was getting cheaper as quickly as possible and I suppose they accomplished that on the surface. They didn't restock a below average farm system and they didn't fix what was broken in the international market. If they were always going to go down this route then why not deal players away at the deadline prior to this year's deadline? I think the Orioles are one of the biggest jokes in sports, not just baseball. I had the O's in the same class as the Brown's, but I feel that the O's just passed the Brown's in futility. In a town full of love for their sports teams the O's are going to go on another dormant stretch of below average baseball. There is no Machado level talent to save our future and the only big money they gave to a player is now the disaster that is Chris Davis' deal. The way the Orioles ownership has handled two decades of mostly poor baseball hasn't ruined the game for me yet. But I am not sure that I have another 4-7+ year run of poor team performances in me.
  11. Yep... I get that the cost of the Mesa Brothers would be the same as the price for two high first round draft picks, but who cares? If you are going to over by tens of millions on Chris Davis, why overpay two quality prospects by a total of $2M? If either work out the results are impactful. The Gausman deal headline should be "Gausman sold to the Braves".
  12. I lived in the city from birth until 18 (1979 through 1997) and again from 22-27. I never felt more at risk in Baltimore although I did see the risk around me. Not one incident happened to me except when a white cop pulled a gun on my cousin and I because they were looking for 2 men who just robbed a bar. The cop happened to be white and so was I. I followed the orders very carefully because there was a gun drawn on me. I was 15 and my cousin was 14. Cops are a fun topic for a lot of folks. Baltimore can't seem to keep cops and it is easy to see why. There are much safer places that need cops. There are places that need cops where they are more likely to be called Sir than Pig. One of my best friends is a BCPD cop and he happens to be Puerto Rican. He says "Yeah it is awesome being a cop. You work long dangerous hours in dangerous neighborhoods that have a predetermined idea of who you are based on your uniform. You take drug users off the street and to central booking. A few days later they are back on the street and people blame cops. On top of that I am Puerto Rican which makes me another white man in the city. If a guy comes at me and I defend myself I will be labeled racist even though I am not racist." The problem with the city is simple. Some eople stopped holding life and basic decency in high regard. I think most people are a product of their environment. Neighborhoods used to police themselves. Now everyone expects other people to police their fellow neighbor. Cops usually do not directly stop crime. They respond to it. Baltimore can be tough, but most big cities are dangerous. Look at New York, Chicago, LA, Tulsa and Boston. If you really want see danger look where Baltimore ranks in violent crime in the world. If all these terrible places just had better cops... (sarcasm)
  13. Sounds that way to be honest. If a player is willing to be sold by a team for international funds, what does that say about the player you are acquiring? It isn't even actual money.
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