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  1. Manny Machado walked a total of just 49 times in about 1000 plate appearances in 2013 and 2014. Adam Jones has very low walk numbers in his career. Trying to preach plate discipline is great, but it is not like the Orioles have a lot of that on the major league roster. I think challenging guys is motivation and Buck identified what he wanted the kid to work on, but if he can't play defense he will not be in Buck's everyday lineup. I think the defense is a more glaring factor than his walks.
  2. GoldGlove21

    O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    Right... the Orioles couldn't make that deal with including Mancini IMO. Even then Harvey, Lee and another quality prospect would need to be going back in the deal. The Orioles seem to want pitching without giving up much for it. Asking for two quality young controlled arms for one year of Manny is a joke. You should look for the best package for Manny that included one pitcher. Then look to deal someone like Brach for the other arm from a different team IMO. I think the Yankees would give up Frazier and Addams for Machado. We could flip Frazier to another team for the other arm too if need be. They could make two or three moves and get what they want.
  3. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Davis was always signed to be the guy that they pointed at when Manny walked. If you couldn't afford both guys then you couldn't compete with both guys on your team. If that is the case why did you sign Davis to way more than he deserved and why are you just now entertaining the thought of moving Manny? The Orioles direction makes very little sense to me.
  4. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Once the 72 hour window comes out Manny's number will be public if he doesn't extend. From there every team will know that he want (let's say $375M with a walkout after 3 years) and his value could slip. Why should a team be forced to give up top prospects and $375M when they could keep their young players and give Manny his deal on the open market. I think the Orioles should take the Yankees offer as I have a crazy feeling that he will end up there anyhow.
  5. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Some of Davis' money is differed so it shouldn't be any more than $50M. Most of the guys you named do not seem ready and might not ever be ready. The Orioles knew they were going to lose Manny and they are now trying to do something about it. If they make Manny available last year they get a whole lot more for him.
  6. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    I never understood the "worth more at the deadline" position. If you get him for the entire year he can help for 162 games and if you falter with Manny then you can deal him for some return value. I think his value is no worse than the same as it would be at the deadline. The fact that Manny is going to be a free agent in a year and Angelos will not consider a trade to the Yankees is laughable. I want to weaken their system of quality prospects while strengthening my own system. The Orioles still cannot figure how to operate in the mode of their choosing.
  7. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    If people do not think Manny is an amazing talent then why is the 10 year $300M+ contract talks being thrown around everywhere? If Manny was a free agent right this moment and asked for 10/300M there would be 3-6 teams prepared to make him that offer.
  8. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Manny is a top player; he is about as overhyped as Bryce Harper. Anyone who knows baseball can see Manny is talented. How many guys with a Platinum glove are capable of hitting 40+ homeruns a season? Also, MVP's usually play for winning teams so that award is relative.
  9. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Manny is the guy you should have made more affordable by dealing guys like O'Day, Britton and letting Davis walk. You don't have $30M a year for Manny, but you have $40M for the group I mentioned? Make sense, lol. I really do think that the O's could have landed a good haul for O'Day and Britton if they traded them at the right time. Manny might still net a good return, but they would have got a much better return if they traded him after the 2016 season.
  10. GoldGlove21

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    It doesn't matter the quantity as I think even Angelos understands the rare talent that Manny is. With that said, I think he also gets the number required to extend him. I think that Angelos would prefer to not deal with the Yankees, but if the O's trade him to the White Sox and the White Sox flip him to the Yankees that would be terrible. Why the Orioles would not want to deal with the very best minor league systems is beyond my understanding. That is especially true with the Yankees as they could watch Manny walk from his 2018 team and still sign him. The Orioles have so many needs long term that I think you take the very best package of players for Manny. That package should not need to be major league ready since that can minimize your long term value. Ruling out anyone is also very shortsighted as playing team A off of team B can be a valuable negotiation tactic. When it comes to prospects I like the Yankees and White Sox.
  11. GoldGlove21

    Trading Manny Machado - Buster Olney Article

    The issue for me is that the Orioles approach would not have made much sense if they deal Machado and Jones. Why give Davis a long deal and lose a pick only to deal Machado and Jones? If you want to deal Britton for a really good package of players you probably should have done so by now given the high price and demand on the closer market.
  12. GoldGlove21


    You can't keep guys like Davis and Trumbo and preach something other than hitting the ball as hard and as far as possible IMO. I like a lot of our players as people, but I would have traded them away to get younger. I know we talk about windows, but ours will decline year after year as we keep extending our players to huge deals. We will get as expensive as Boston except we will not have the next wave of young guys to supplement the vets.
  13. The Yankees are just 2.5 games back of the wild card. I wouldn't count them out just yet. What the Yankees did do is get younger and the trades that made really helped. They will be better than the O's from this point forward.
  14. GoldGlove21

    O's are making the playoffs

    Enjoy your crabs...
  15. GoldGlove21

    O's not making the playoffs

    We win 3 of the next 4 and we get the Blue Jays for 4. I think that Detroit looks like a team that will sneak in.