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  2. GoldGlove21

    Orioles Top 50 Prospects - Midseason Edition

    $120M will be 23rd or 24th in MLB come 2020. The MASN dispute will eventually hurt the team too.
  3. GoldGlove21

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    There is just no way. VVM is more than 1 year away. Tate is more than a year away. I think starting many prospects service time in 2019 would be a big mistake.
  4. GoldGlove21

    Is Dez Bryant still an NFL player?

    Got to imagine that he goes patriots first and foremost to show that he "got a ring" and the Cowboys didn't. Brady's ring would certainly show up the Cowboys, lol.
  5. Diaz and Mountcastle are top 100 and I would bet one more sneaks onto next years list not counting a possible VVM signing and top draft pick selection.
  6. GoldGlove21

    Are You Happy

    How is that value determined? Does the prospect have value without ever making it to the majors?
  7. GoldGlove21

    Are You Happy

    Gausman's deal felt a lot like a salary dump. To put Schoop in perspective, if he were a free agent this offseason I think he would get a $100M+ deal. He is an All-Star level talent and even thought he return was decent I think the issue here is that he is actually way undervalued. To be honest, I expected more. I fully thought that trading those two guys would have brought us 2-3 of (Ortiz, Peralta, Burnes, Anderson, Riley, Gohara, Toussant) and at least one other top prospect. If the Orioles use international money and lock up Gaston and VVM I will feel a lot better of dealing for international money. But why are we taking less of a return to eat O'Day' salary?
  8. As a Marine was 218 pounds and 5- 11" and not as muscular (or fat) as you might think. Body builds are a funny thing.
  9. Honestly.... I don't know why teams pay so much for mediocre and slightly above average arms out of the pen. My failed starters would be my reliever pool. There needs to be a balance of well established major leaguers and prospects. The Orioles will deplete the farm system trying to find future established major leaguers and not have the system to repopulate prospects unless they throw heavy money into the amateur and international markets. I don't want to lose sight on the Orioles possibly getting VVM and a top 2 pick in the MLB draft. If you factor that in the Orioles turned their minors around a good bit in 2018, but the on the filed product is so empty.
  10. I am sure that MLB wants that....
  11. I think VVM COULD be one of those prospects and Ortiz is a solid prospect, but I would have expected one of the Braves top minor league arms and another quality prospect. I kind of feel like the Orioles felt obligated to make these deals for some reason. Must be pressure from the board to cut payroll.
  12. Wouldn't passing the team over to the healthy children solve the issue?
  13. They would have got a better prospect return. This trade gets in the way of the next 2-3 years IMO.
  14. They had like 9 players in the top #100 and we couldn't get one BECAUSE...... we offloaded O'Day' money.