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  1. Trading Manny Machado - Buster Olney Article

    The issue for me is that the Orioles approach would not have made much sense if they deal Machado and Jones. Why give Davis a long deal and lose a pick only to deal Machado and Jones? If you want to deal Britton for a really good package of players you probably should have done so by now given the high price and demand on the closer market.
  2. Accountability

    You can't keep guys like Davis and Trumbo and preach something other than hitting the ball as hard and as far as possible IMO. I like a lot of our players as people, but I would have traded them away to get younger. I know we talk about windows, but ours will decline year after year as we keep extending our players to huge deals. We will get as expensive as Boston except we will not have the next wave of young guys to supplement the vets.
  3. The Yankees are just 2.5 games back of the wild card. I wouldn't count them out just yet. What the Yankees did do is get younger and the trades that made really helped. They will be better than the O's from this point forward.
  4. O's are making the playoffs

    Enjoy your crabs...
  5. O's not making the playoffs

    We win 3 of the next 4 and we get the Blue Jays for 4. I think that Detroit looks like a team that will sneak in.
  6. What Boston has that we dont...

    They have a TON of young talent. They are not just winning due to payroll.
  7. 2016 O's Payroll

    Thanks so much for that.... I look at those numbers and start looking at next year. We may save $15.8M for letting Matt walk, but how much of that $15.8M are Machado, Britton and Tillman going to eat up. If Trumbo and his ~9M walk then who are we getting as a replacement at Catcher and DH to come close to what we gave up? The Orioles look like they will need to spend significantly more just to field a similar team to this years squad IMO.
  8. Manny has more career hits than Harper

    Boston Yankees Mets Giants Dodgers White Sox Blue Jays Nationals I think there are a bunch of teams that could afford $30M+ a year for a player like Manny.
  9. Manny has more career hits than Harper

    I really like Manny, but I do not see us signing him unless he REALLY wants to stay in Baltimore more than he either wants to play on the West Coast, play for a bigger media market or get paid the max deal. In other words, I think the kid is gone. The list of teams who could afford him and need him is likely 5-6, but those teams are the big boys. If you were to trade him you would rob a good farm system IMO.
  10. The Orioles would build a better team if they sold

    I think this is what happens as well, but IF you cannot extend Manny without an opt out early in the deal, then I would recommend moving him. Machado and Britton could net the Orioles a bunch of top young talent. I would rather see them lock up Manny long term than let him walk, but he is going to get possibly the biggest contract in baseball.
  11. The Orioles would build a better team if they sold

    I would rather move a closer sooner rather than later.
  12. My issue with a relief pitcher winning the award is that the contest isn't a who performed best at a given position. It is who was the MVP on a team. If you can't make a case that Britton is more important to the Orioles than Machado or Chris Tillman then you can't make a case for Britton being the MVP. I honestly have always felt that the MVP should be used on everyday players. If you deviate from that then I think it should be the best guy who went out there every fifth day. I like Britton; I think he should be reliever of the year and deserves are the accolades he has got thus far. With that said I do not think he should be MVP.
  13. The Orioles would build a better team if they sold

    You will not get more for him the earlier that a team gets control of him. The top prospect depends on what the team's top prospect is. I would want a top 25 type prospect and a top 50-75 prospect and another high upside prospect or two in lower levels.
  14. The Orioles would build a better team if they sold

    For the record, I would have traded Britton. Just not a fan of closers making $15M a year and Britton can easily get that. Plus he would have got a return of at least what Chapman/Miller got for the Yankees.