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  1. August Schedule is Ripe for a Run

    West Coast trip will not be easy.
  2. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    lol teams know exactly who to call in this scenario. Get some international $$ for your troubles.
  3. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Hope Hellickson fails the physical.
  4. Why worry?

    Thanks for the optimism. My general feeling after an ugly loss is that I'll feel A LOT better if they win the next game. Then I can put it behind me. But if last night's game starts a losing streak, it irritates me to no end.
  5. Who gets sent down tomorrow for Tillman?

    If it's a pitcher, the Orioles will be going with a 6 man pen. Don't see that happening. They've been delaying this decision for a month now, but it's time to cut bait with one of Rickard, Mancini (to AAA) or Gentry (DFA) or, gasp, Kim (trade/DFA).
  6. Manny furious after the game

    Gotta say I'm pretty confused by this: First of all, I didn't think it was the Sandoval slide that caused Schoop's injury. And secondly, Ubaldo got ejected from a game in that series for throwing at Sandoval's shoulder...
  7. Who starts tomorrow? Mancini or Gentry?

    Just because Buck made a selection, does not mean it was an obvious selection. As evidenced by the poll results. Anyway, glad this could help kill time between game 1 and 2.
  8. Who starts tomorrow? Mancini or Gentry?

    Remember last Friday when you were talking about a 90 percent chance of Opening Day being rained out? Did we ever consolidate a bet on that one? If not, can you ban yourself anyway?
  9. Assuming Rickard gets the other corner and likely leads off.
  10. O's acquire Alec Asher - RHP

    not exactly a strikeout machine.
  11. O's acquire Alec Asher - RHP

    My guess is an outfielder.
  12. One week to go, who are the Opening Day 25?

    Honest question: Do you think Buck/Dan are adjusting the roster based on the results of a single spring training game? I personally hope not.
  13. Assuming (for now) the base lineup includes Kim/Smith in OF and Trumbo DH, and that Joseph and Flaherty are penciled in, who are your other two bench players? Rickard, Mancini, Rule 5 OFs, and Free agents to choose from. You can still add someone like Pagan, and I'd support that, but it almost assuredly sends Rickard to AAA. Which I doubt Buck wants to do. Mancini seems destined for AAA given Trumbo news. If one of the Rule 5s shows anything, I bet Buck keeps that player & either Rickard/FA.
  14. Update: O's sign Trumbo to 3yr/$37 mil deal

    Multiple reports saying less than $40 mil. Makes him an interesting trade chip if nothing else.
  15. Mike Napoli?

    Issue must be that too many Orioles right handers can't mash lefties.