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  1. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    anything on cobb or lynn?
  2. Cashner signing

    what is his WAOR? Wins above oriole replacement. 20 WOAR?
  3. Cashner signing

    incentives ahoy
  4. I love the Orioles no matter what

    At some level, being a fan is blindly supporting the team. The Orioles are completely mismanaged and appear to have a terrible off-season strategy, but to your narrow point, yes, we will all still be fans.
  5. 2 x 250

    I am in favor of home runs being hit.
  6. The Wildcard Race

    Somewhat pedantic, but if the Os are 3 games out after the upcoming road trip, playoff hopes are pretty much shot. I think we're at the point where 5-5 is not good enough, especially with the schedule the Twins have.
  7. Tale of two catchers

    Letting Beef walk seems prudent, assuming he can get 3/30 from someone else.
  8. Gentry hurt and out

    get ready for more rickard *shudders*
  9. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Wonder if we'll see Seth Smith pinch hit for Trumbo late in the game vs a RHP.
  10. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    I would get a kick out of seeing Joseph ejected. Although not if Castillo is DHing that day.
  11. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    .719 OPS in August, .664 in July. I'd use him as a DH against lefties, and that's about it. (Although in the past 3 years he actually has better numbers vs right handers...)
  12. So this game tonight might not happen....

    Forecast looks fine tonight after 7pm or so. I'd say there's a one hour delay and then the game gets in fine. If for some reason there is a cancellation, would seem the only option is to play a doubleheader tomorrow. Not feasible to bring Seattle back here.
  13. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    No Trumbo today. Smith DH. Gotta say I love this from Buck. Does anyone feel better with Trumbo up at the plate compared to Smith?
  14. The Wildcard Race

    Twins remaining schedule is full of poor teams.