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  1. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  2. Or he just hated the entire charade of free agency and never wants to do it again. No temptations. I'm done with this. I'm sure it was a very very long, uncomfortable free agency period. For both he and Manny.
  3. Yeah, I saw and read about all of that. It's certainly a possibility too. But, again, we'll never truly know.
  4. And we'll never really know. Find the right people, pay the right price, and we all know you can get away with it.
  5. Has Davis been hurt enough to not be able to work out? He hasn't been on the DL much as far as I can remember?
  6. I'm not one to throw blanket accusations typically, but, I really do believe Davis was juicing. It could just be laziness and lack of effort once he scored his big, guaranteed contract. But the sheer suckitude, plus weight loss (how many former juicers lost mass after stopping? See: Jay Gibbons), and decline of almost every skill at 30 makes me believe he was. And there's just no way he'd risk losing guaranteed money by going back on the sauce, even with how low and depressed he his with himself. It's a pipe dream to think he'll ever be respectable at baseball again in my opinion.
  7. You can tell exactly who he's looking at. That grin right there says it all. I will forever miss those 2 as Orioles together. Hope the baby birds have as good a chemistry and are as likeable as this last bunch.
  8. Manny looks like he's wearing a lunch ladies hairnet
  9. I missed the beginning of the game. What did Manny do?
  10. Same for me. Weird website redirections. I don't use an iPhone either. I support this site in whatever fashion, but I agree with the sentiment; I visited a lot more when it was compatible with tapatalk. Probably not in all cases, but certainly in mine, the revenue hit from that site still probably net higher.
  11. Coco is a winner. He seems to end up on winning teams and produces when it counts. Kinda like Delmon Young but with D. I wouldn't complain.
  12. You also have to think that alcohol doesn't metabolize anymore. It's still in the stomach, the bloodstream, etc. Not real pleasant when you start thinking about it. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  13. See? They think too hard about these mini record breakers. Hopefully they bounce back and crush em in September. I just think they buy too hard into these things and it messes up their approach. You remember the only homerun (and I believe the only run? Too lazy to look it up. My apologies) on June 30th was by the only player not trying to hit a home run...Kim. Everyone else was swinging out of their shoes for way beyond the fences. Messed them up for 2 months. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  14. No beers? Should have stood in the DD line. 2 free sodas and other things I believe. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
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