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  1. Sorry to rain on wildcard's parade, but they don't need a 5th starter until the 3rd time through (April 11). Those 5ish straight days are bookend by off days. So, to keep the top 4 guys on somewhat normal rest you can skip SP5 twice. March 28th SP1, 29th Off day, 30th SP2, 31st SP3, April 1st SP4, 2nd SP1, 3rd SP2, 4th SP3, 5th Off day, 6th SP4, 7th SP1, 8th SP2, 9th SP3, 10th SP4, 11th SP5. Or am I somehow wrong like the 3 reporters.
  2. If we're all going to use Astro's past few years as examples, then I could see them using Harvey in the Chris Devenski role. The multi inning reliever which is also how Milwaukee used Josh Hader (gasp). In 2016, Devenski had over 100 innings, I don't expect Harvey to near that any time soon.
  3. Looks better and can definitely get even more from the lower half. I said this in my top 20, but I think he's going to have a huge breakout next year due to these changes and mainly from that boost in confidence from being in the launch pad that is Frederick.
  4. He had a bad year, but let's be patient. Catcher is hard and takes longer to adjust. Over the last 15 years, there have only been 25 rookie catchers (also 25 & younger) to have more than 1 war and about 10 over 1.5 war. And those were the mauers and poseys who were much more highly rated. Sisco has a 0.1 war for the year and something weird definitely happened mid season. After being bad to start his demotion, his last 50 AAA at bats got better with a wrc+ of 135. So hopefully he can continue to figure it out and have a fresh start next year.
  5. Here we go: 1. Diaz 2. Mountcastle 3. DL Hall 4. Hays 5. G Rodriguez 6. McKenna 7. Kremer 8. Ortiz 9. Akin 10. Lowther 11. A Hall 12. JC Encarnacion 13. Tate 14. Cumberland 15. Hanifee 16. Carmona 17. Bannon 18. Harvey 19. Wells 20. Rom Things I’m curious/excited to see next year: Baumman: Can he figure out High A to begin the year? Cumberland & Bannon: How will they produce at Bowie now that they will be settled and have had a little seasoning at AA? Greiner & Knight: How will they produce in their first full milb season? Hopefully they are fresher. Rom & maybe Zebron: Curious to see who jumps from GCL to full season. JCE: I think he’s going to benefit greatly from the launch pad that is Fredrick (continue the pattern of break outs starting there like Mancini, DJ Stewart, Mountcastle, and McKenna) Curran: I still like him and is still young. I can see him gaining lots of confidence at Fredrick – see above. Reyes: Can he keep it together after finishing strong? AA is a whole new world with more opportunities to punch walls or something.
  6. No need to add him to this list because Baseball America already has him as the O's top prospect.
  7. Due to Norfolk resuming a game from earlier in the year, it looked like Mullins hit a home run for Baltimore and Norfolk last night.
  8. Over the last month Hall has looked better (July 12 - Aug 12): 77 PAs, .292 Avg, .382 OBP, .400 SLG, 134 wRC+, 5% BB, 10% K. This is encouraging. Not showing a lot of power still, but making good contact. Which might be fine with his speed.
  9. With the addition of Diaz to a somewhat already crowded potential outfield (that may also include Mountcastle), the orioles should see if McKenna has some positional flexibility. It's definitely harder to go from OF to INF than the other way around, but I think it's worth a shot. I can't even think of any successes in this type of transition so this post might be dumb. However, I think he has the build and athleticism of a second basemen. I don't know about his arm, but I think I remember reading he was clocked at 90mph from the outfield, but I could be way off - but that would work in the infield as well. This flexibility could also help him as a bench player if he doesn't develop to be a regular. His speed and positional flexibility (and ability to play CF) would be a solid bench piece.
  10. Ryan McKenna (also a cold weather guy) had only slightly better numbers than Hall has now at Aberdeen at the same age (19). Stats at Aberdeen: Hall - 123 PA - .236/.303/.291 - 81wRC+ - 26K% McKenna - 252 PA - .241/.320/.309 - 94wRC+ - 23K% No reason to give up on him yet. A few decent weeks from Hall and he could catch up.
  11. McKenna is kind of being overshadowed by Mountcastle at the moment, but he's heating up over his last 50 ABs and has been really hot since July 1. .808 OPS over last 50 ABs, .916 OPS since July 1, and .737 OPS overall at AA. Still striking out a lot at every interval, but that will lower with more exposure to this level (see Mountcastle's progress). PS - For some reason I never put it together that they both are named Ryan and initials are RM (and, for extra fun, their birthdays are only 4 days apart).
  12. There was also Andrew Triggs who had a hot start in Oakland that people lamented about, but has now disappeared.
  13. Maybe they think pitchers get better results with Caleb at catcher and this will boost their trade value. Also, it's exactly 45 days to July 31 which someone said is how much to get the extra year.
  14. Slow-motion of Cadyn Greiner's swing during batting practice at the College World Series: https://twitter.com/jjcoop36/status/1007634384260878338 I'm no expert, but I've seen some say his swing is garbage and I don't see that. I think this swing that is posted is a good foundation. He's not "pushing" and gets some use of the lower half. It's a little long in the back, but stays in the zone decently. I have noticed he does get fooled and off-balance in games, but this swing is a good place to start going forward. Here is Nick Madrigal's (4th overall) in slow motion: https://twitter.com/jjcoop36/status/1007710229310603265 He is much quicker to the zone and stays in longer, but clearly taught similar things.
  15. Thanks. I think my timing is just off because the draft was a week earlier this year.
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