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  1. oceanicvoyage

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    Maybe they think pitchers get better results with Caleb at catcher and this will boost their trade value. Also, it's exactly 45 days to July 31 which someone said is how much to get the extra year.
  2. Slow-motion of Cadyn Greiner's swing during batting practice at the College World Series: https://twitter.com/jjcoop36/status/1007634384260878338 I'm no expert, but I've seen some say his swing is garbage and I don't see that. I think this swing that is posted is a good foundation. He's not "pushing" and gets some use of the lower half. It's a little long in the back, but stays in the zone decently. I have noticed he does get fooled and off-balance in games, but this swing is a good place to start going forward. Here is Nick Madrigal's (4th overall) in slow motion: https://twitter.com/jjcoop36/status/1007710229310603265 He is much quicker to the zone and stays in longer, but clearly taught similar things.
  3. oceanicvoyage

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    Thanks. I think my timing is just off because the draft was a week earlier this year.
  4. oceanicvoyage

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    Is it taking longer to announce the signings than usual? I know there are a few still in the college world series, but short season starts this weekend and we haven't heard much.
  5. oceanicvoyage

    Seamus Curran

    There's still lots of room for growth. Plus, he's missed some development time with injuries the last few years. And he's from a cold weather state and isn't he the guy who was a hockey recruit too and missed his whole junior summer with mono. With all that considered, his production is encouraging and should hopefully continue to improve with reps.
  6. I'm kind of surprised you like Hoerner's swing better at the moment. I think Greiner does a much better job of consistently "turning the barrell" than pushing. Hoerner absolutely looks stronger and has the higher ceiling but watching his swing now it is consistently pushing through before his body. I'm pretty sure that is what Stanford teaches, but if he changes that you can absolutely see him coming into his power. I'm not a huge fan of this pick, but i like the glove and he's been a winner. So maybe he'll be a good presence for other guys.
  7. oceanicvoyage

    Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft

    I was just reading about some guys who might be available at 87. Garrett Wade caught my eye. He's a left handed HS pitcher who throws low 90s, has good spin rates, and also appears to be athletic as he plays centerfield on days where he isn't pitching.
  8. oceanicvoyage

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    Dear Kevin Plank, I've been playing the powerball lately and if I win, do you want to go halfsies on the Orioles?
  9. Just looked at his numbers from the past calendar year (May 21, 2017 to May 21, 2018) and he is hitting: .185 AVG /.267 OBP /.349 SLG / .616 OPS / 61 wRC+ over 525 plate appearances. In comparison, Adam Dunn had a 60 wRC+ in the 2011 season people have cited as the worst ever.
  10. oceanicvoyage

    Brenan Hanifee 2018

    His delivery, results, and draft pedigree kind of remind me of zach britton (especially when he was working as a starter in the minors). He hasn't got quite as many ground balls because his fastball (sinker maybe) isn't as dominant and he is right handed which i think impacts somehow. However, I think his other pitches have more potential to keep him as a starter.
  11. oceanicvoyage

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I think India is a slight reach, but it's safe. College infielders usually have higher success rates. Plus, there is a need for infielders in the minors and reports I've seen say he could play 2nd or 3rd well and SS in a pinch. Also his approach could lead to better obp than compared to hays and Mountcastle. Hopefully he could move quickly and only be a year or so behind hays, harvey, mountcastle, etc. The more I write, the more I like the idea of years of the middle of the order being India, hays, mountcastle.
  12. oceanicvoyage

    Nico Hoerner - Upside target at #37

    Do you like him better than Jeremy Eierman? It seems like his stock is falling (based on recent rankings and mocks) and might be available at 37.
  13. oceanicvoyage

    2018 A - Delmarva Shorebirds

    Who is Will Robertson?
  14. oceanicvoyage

    Baseball America Top Ten

    Is it just me or does that 2021 team look pretty good - especially considering ages (or do all fans feel that way about these lists - it's probably this). Plus the O's have 3 (?) picks in the top 50 this year's draft and one of those picks could pull a Austin Hays and be on that team. There is a lot of work to do, but I'm optimistic. I was just looking over mlb's top 50 draft prospects. It's early but, I think the O's should go college infield bat (madrigal/eierman) with top pick (could quickly fill a Manny sized hole in the infield of that 2021 team) and then go pitching in supplemental and 2nd because it looks like HS pitching is deep this year.
  15. I have a feeling that the O's will sign Anibal Sanchez to a small 1-year deal. I think he could do well in the Alec Asher role. The occasional spot start and the 6-7th inning guy when the starter only goes 5. He still has a pretty good strikeout rate that should help in the middle relief role. This is the Freddy Garcia style signing, but a little better. He also seems like a decent guy and could provide some veteran knowledge to younger guys.