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  1. Baseball America Top Ten

    Is it just me or does that 2021 team look pretty good - especially considering ages (or do all fans feel that way about these lists - it's probably this). Plus the O's have 3 (?) picks in the top 50 this year's draft and one of those picks could pull a Austin Hays and be on that team. There is a lot of work to do, but I'm optimistic. I was just looking over mlb's top 50 draft prospects. It's early but, I think the O's should go college infield bat (madrigal/eierman) with top pick (could quickly fill a Manny sized hole in the infield of that 2021 team) and then go pitching in supplemental and 2nd because it looks like HS pitching is deep this year.
  2. I have a feeling that the O's will sign Anibal Sanchez to a small 1-year deal. I think he could do well in the Alec Asher role. The occasional spot start and the 6-7th inning guy when the starter only goes 5. He still has a pretty good strikeout rate that should help in the middle relief role. This is the Freddy Garcia style signing, but a little better. He also seems like a decent guy and could provide some veteran knowledge to younger guys.
  3. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Steve Wilkerson continues to impress. I wasn't too high on Wilkerson and I'm always skeptical of fall league numbers, but the fact that he is consistently hitting second or third in the lineup is making me question myself. Someone must think something is there to warrant those spots and the additional at-bats.
  4. Gausman posts, then deletes, cryptic tweet

    The tweet was from yesterday around the time that the Louie CK article was released. Maybe he was upset about that. "This industry" meaning showing business/entertainment. But, who knows, I just like playing detective.
  5. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I think the Mets might spring for Britton. I don't really know who but maybe like: Britton (& possibly some money) for Seth Lugo (SP), Luis Guillerme (SS prospect), and some other prospects - hopefully good ones. Why it fits for the Mets: 1. They aren't the best managed team and like to make odd moves like this. It's better they have Britton than the Nats. 2. Their bullpen was horrible. 3. They have the starting pitching and young position players to think that they can contend. Guillerme is blocked by the superior Rosario. Why it fits for the Orioles: 1. Addresses one of the starting pitching spots (Lugo had similar numbers - maybe better numbers - than Bundy and Gausman) 2. Guillerme can be a middle infield replacement if Manny leaves after next season and there is some infield shuffling. Or is a cheap utility option. 3. Lowers payroll and they get younger.
  6. 5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    I like this list. I would also add Yelin Rodriguez and the Camerons - Ming and Bishop. Ming might just be another Muckenhirn, but Bishop has the big body and velocity from the left side that could easily lead to a big jump up lists with good results. Rodriguez had good numbers, is left handed, and will play all of next year at 19.
  7. Hitting Prospects in Norfolk

    Just doing some quick math, I found that the Norfolk hitters on average have an OPS of .100 smaller at home than away. This is a slightly flawed stat. I took all Norfolk hitters with over 150 ABs, then found the difference in OPS for home and away for each player, and then averaged those numbers.
  8. 2016 #3 Prospect: Chance Sisco - C

    Also since June 1, he is hitting approximately 300/355/410 which is 13% better than league average. Plus he still has to hit in Norfolk half the time which is definitely suppressing stats a little. He just needed a month or so to adjust.
  9. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I didn't love the trade, but its growing on me. If you take this season and last, he has played the equivalent as a full-time starter. With those stats, he has 2.3 WAR which would rank him the 16th SS by WAR. I'll take that especially as he currently has a salary under $1M. Probably weren't going to find anything better on the market and if you did it would cost a lot more. This means they are going for it in 2018 as well. Frees up some money to get free agent starting pitching.
  10. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I'm bored so here are my predictions for the trade deadline (I'm sure I don't know what I'm doing): Brach to Dback for Domingo Leyba (2B), Taylor Clarke (P), and Jose Almonte (P) Seth Smith to Brewers for Corbin Burnes (P) and some random player no one will have ever heard of. Wellington Catillo to Rockies for Sam Howard (P) and Peter Lambert (P) Britton to Dodgers for Calhoun (2B), Stewart (P), White (P) Dustin May (P), & Oneil Cruz (SS/3B) They kind of settle on Britton, less star power and more quantity. A good mix of guys pretty much MLB ready and other projectable guys. Let Calhoun play an infield position in 2018. If he can't, flip him to someone looking for an affordable OF/DH for more pitching or something more in need. The quantity allows the O's to be in a good spot if Manny stays or goes.
  11. I want to know more about Lucas Long

    I've also noticed that he has been very pitch efficient this year. He averages 13 pitches an inning. That's the best in all of AA by over a pitch (I set the min at 60 IP). The infield fly balls definitely help, but its interesting that he also ranks highly in swinging strikes.
  12. Minors Musings

    Does anyone know more about Carlos Baez in the GCL? Is he worth following? He is 19 and is a SS/3B hitting 5th in GCL lineup. Seems interesting. Didn't have good results in the DSL but made the jump to GCL while still a good age to be a prospect.
  13. BP Midseason Top 50

    Am I reading the Baseball America Midseason Top 100 right? Sisco at 29. Hays at 99. No Mountcastle. I look forward to many more pages of heated discussions. Probably will get its own thread though.
  14. Top Prospect showdown Austin Hays vs Ryan Mountcastle

    Due to the shift, I don't think second basemen need to be that good defensively. That gives me hope for Mountcastle. Maybe like a Daniel Murphy type.
  15. Austin Hays 2017

    I mentioned previously that Starling Marte has a similar profile. He was in A/AA at age 21-22 and had 4% BB rate and 20% K rate with a .320 batting average and .180 ISO. Then got a cup of coffee with the pirates the next year. Then boom, a 5 WAR season. Some of that was defense but he had a .280/.343/441 line over 566 PAs. Hays at A/AA at 21-22 has a 4% BB rate and 15% K rate with over .320 average and .250 ISO (!!). Next year cup of coffee, then boom a 5 WAR season, hopefully. Note these numbers are eyeballed averaged stats over different leagues and years.